Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: Trump resumes transition
  • Reliable Sources videos: Trump…enemy of the press, authoritarian, and liar.
  • Video: the NY Times public editor.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Yahoo review: Tucker a pious, ‘plu-perfect preppy‘ who sandbags his guests.
  • Enlighten Us scheduled for Saturday airing.  CNN’s Great Big Story gets bigger.
  • ICN: Why Megyn signing with CNN would be a bad move…for both of them.
  • Battaglio: Why execs are not seeing a bidding war for Megyn Kelly’s services.
  • Jeffrey Lord re-ups with CNN…Erik Wemple hardest hit.  Soledad resurfaces.
  • Your Buzz videos: Hillary’s Colin rescinding
  • Fox News Latino is expanding its reach.  College claims it didn’t cave to O’Reilly.

59 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

    • the word “solidarity” is something every left winger uses. it stands for forced collectivism. my guess is her parents felt “solidarity” with the oppressed prisoners.

      • Maria de la Solidad is common in Latin countries. It is usually shortened to Marisol. But Solidad? Her parents must’ve been as big a loons as their daughter.

        • you have no real appreciation how many Maria’s exist here, men take it on as a family name. Jose Maria Vado .a hefty % start with Maria… de lo santos, de los ángeles, Jesus, mean it is endless. need to witness it to get it. every Maria is Marisol when you are trying to …. well never mind.

      • fitting you would use a dead culture and it’s dead language to speak lovingly of a dead murderer espousing a dead ideology..

          • dead, buried gone. i know what language it is and what it means you sick loser. sycophant for a man that used firing squads to kill thousands of civilians including women and children.

          • there are many french and canadians from quebec in expat areas, in fact they outnumber gringos. guess why. they generally despise each other’s use of French. of my 2 close Quebec friends one has a bad alcohol problem and is married to a Miskito with a bad alcohol problem, when not drinking they make babies. my other Quebec friend just has an alcohol problem. he is also the only person i know that speaks Spanish with a French accent.

          • Quebecois say that those speaking European French sound like chickens talking out of their posteriors. I AM NOT MAKING THAT UP.

          • i have heard that before so i know it is true and we had a french guy that owned a bakery where i lived in Costa Rica and he disowned quebecers entirely as the unwashed. i will say they sure can speak a lot of languages for as little as they do. watching the kids play is a kick as they just mix and use whatever fits easiest at the moment. french, english, spanish. but not a lot of economic activity.

  1. yahoo review, someone needs out their “news” division as the posers they are. however it is fair to be critical of tuck. he seems to book and play in a Jerry Springer mode. it gets repetitive fast. Springer lasted a long while with his gig, but the audience does not rotate. you get the same people that like that sort sans informational format. beating up the past instead reporting what is currently developing.

  2. too few clips like this. FNS or FBN could produce a daily show on this topic posting department accounting on the net for people to read and online work sheets they could fill in with ideas in regards to choices being made. i would be fascinated to know in detail Americans think of the Feds line by line. hosted correctly it could be wildly popular. before Beck went nuts on air he hosted all sorts of Economists, Historians and malcontents including ex-fed employees and people would gather daily in bars and form groups to follow the show and act on how they felt the topics should be dealt with. we quickly forgot that and indeed they raking in cash with the reality tv shallow content. However a single daily hour would work if Hosted correctly and was supported correctly in production with emphasis on research, connections, and guest booking. The Federal Budget, Debt and Unfunded Liability Show. surely this is a sellable product in the vast wasteland of cable.
    oh well, i guess bloomberg will need to do it, but then only a few would understand it. alas. it was great when Beck would book Thomas Sowell.

  3. MSNBC “news” Anchor just said thanks to Trump there are many more people reading twitter in China and Taiwan………1 Big problem…….Twitter is BANNED in China. MSNBC the place for Fake facts.


  4. I find her hosting style by turns refreshingly frank and off-putting, but Soledad sure still is nice to look at. Wow.

    • Yeah, but she still “loves Warren.” But what would you expect from the daughter of Woody Woodpecker.

    • yeah she should shut up like Mika said and let chump prove how ignorant and stupid he is as regards Macroeconomics. he is no different than odummy, he is not going to grow anything, just pick different winners and losers.

      • Hope your prediction record remains intact. For the good of the country and all the children of the world.

          • Ebenezer enriched himself at the expense of the poor, chump knows better, he gave goodies he did not pay for to people who will still have their job eliminated. $30 an hour for production line work is a fail. so people watching know they should work the whine now because there is no need to learn an un-outsourceable skill. he plays a cruel joke on people and you dis me for pointing it out. go on, you and the other thin skinned fool calling me evil for pointing out reality. economics is not the science of jobs, the left, the rich or cute puppies, it is the science of wealth creation or the lack of. chump plays the lack of card and wants brownie points. we have a jerk for a president and you are thrilled because is not the same jerk we just had. got it.

          • You are right about me being thrilled. Kind of a leg tingle thing. The wall will have nice doors if you want to come back for a visit. The highest-paid Indianapolis Carrier employees can earn more than $70,000 a year with overtime,” the Indy Star reported Wednesday. The production floor looked pretty sophisticated compared to the old style production line in the videos I saw. The promise by Carrier to invest a minimum 16 million dollars in plant has some local benefit I would think. Uncle Biff Kelly who runs the bar and grill down the street next to the union hall is thrilled too.

          • back in the day, this was known as “Jaw boning”. You should be old enough to remember. the continuing fixes ranged from threats to wage and price controls ultimately to stagflation. remember Jerry Fords WIN pins, whip inflation now. yeah, its all about jobs.

  5. This weekend’s most popular links:
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    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Yahoo review: Tucker a pious ‘pluperfect preppy’ who sandbags his guests.

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