Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • CNN’s Inside the Middle East will be sponsored by a Saudi foundation.
  • ‘Kelly may jump?’ Drudge hypes unsourced rumor CNN wooing Megyn.
  • Q&A: Alisyn Camerota on a ‘fact-free’ election that was a ‘wake-up call’.
  • Treacher: Olby still sitting at his Ikea table, yelling.   Dial it down, Rachel.
  • Factor video: talks Trump and coverage of hate crimes.
  • Stelter: The two candidates were not equal; it’s a reporters duty to say so.
  • November 2016 cable news program ranker: Fox News holds top 14 slots.

95 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

    • Wow! That was a thing of beauty! Obviously happened a while ago but better late than never to see it! I will never tire of seeing Toobin put in his place.

      • We have a media “expert” and a legal “expert” yacking away as political commentators. Why not bring up the studio janitor as long as he’s a talkative Democrat.

  1. Obama blames FNC for his failure to sell everyone his wonderfulness. Bret Baier mockingly, “We are the number one network, but we are not God.”

    • The smile on Bret’s face when he made that comment was one of the biggest I have ever seen him have on air.

  2. POLITICO — AND THE NEXT TRUMP INTERVIEW GOES TO… Sean Hannity, whose program this evening will feature Donald Trump and Mike Pence in a joint sit-down out of Cincinnati.

        • clicked off the posts last nite. jerry springer like gingrich, gorka, 1000 repeat of same carrier employee, interview more of the same boot licking and feel good repetition. rah rah rah. Amway

          • I’ll watch them once tonight to learn what they are. Trump has done few interviews since being elected. 60 MINUTES, WSJ, NYT.

          • $68,000,000 payroll. Neighborhood businesses, tax collections, unemployment funds, food pantries, church collection plates… lots of happy.

          • be sure to catch all the follow up articles citing the employee lie, ooops overstatement, the promise of government buys of their product, tax benefits going to debt, and other misstatements made by all parties in this phony dog and pony show. come on larry, if hillary had come out and said she made this deal you would not believe it for 1 minute would you?

          • if hillary and bill had done it you would be sure it was phony, yet you buy into this chump deal? come on man. really? things are gonna get better with donald chump? don’t you even get the slightest tingle that you are being charlie browned by lucy?
            by the way as markets are also emotional and do not contort with reality anymore i sold almost all dividend plays first thing in the morning and bought 5 fee free funds. small cap/div/energy/financial/reit. stupid me, i did not see that i should have made a dow, or “big” cap play. the operators are back in town. but i save files of sold funds and equities and the funds i bought have beaten what was sold to date. to date. to date. see. i need to remind me too.

          • I’m having too much fun right now. Will try to kick the football after the game starts. My new NRA lifetime membership hat arrived. Got to go.

          • until they realize they were lied to. carrier will still produce in mexico and every time they discuss it the amount of employees not let go gets smaller. then they realize the tax savings were used for automation and eliminating jobs.the idea that there are good paying factory jobs that will continue is a lie. just like chump and the fools that believe in him.i am sure hannity had a good rime with his village idiot audience last night that believes this crap. thre is a new sucker born every minute. chump and barnum in the same business.

          • paying factory skill base labor at $30 a hour plus costs is a long term solution how? oh never mind. i know i am stupid. i just replaced all the carrier splits with LGs. better made, use 40% less electricity, and i paid $660 p/unit US for 12,000 BTUs that cost over a grand when i put in Carriers in 08.

          • I guess instead of Mexico, they should’ve moved to that worker’s paradise called Nicaragua. Mabye they could use political prisoners that failed to turn out for parades or some such police state crap. Nothing cheaper than slave labor.

          • slave labor was expensive, it was beginning to phase out on it’s own because of economic reasons, it was the culture that was hard to purge. labor displacement is a basic econometric law, just like water seeking a level. any artificial containment causes a use of energy for non-productive purpose hence less efficiency. whether Nicaragua or China, state run business is Nationalism them first economics. since patriotism comes before economics it eventually runs out of money. would think running at a negative this long we would get a clue. anyway, i would change my mind and agree w/ everything you post forever if it helped your mom. sorry about that.

          • Slave labor was cheap the way Hitler and Stalin did it. They worked them to death, and did the same with their replacements.

            Thank you for your good wishes about my mom. I don’t expect you to agree with everything I write. Remember, I am simply a deranged turtle.

  3. IKEA???? seriously? how can an “intellectual better” be classless, clueless and that crass. Ikea? what type of furniture sales share do you think Ikea has in fly over country? ESPN has been losing millions of subs btw. Sure you can find an Ikea trail of pressed wood crumbs from ESPN straight to Olb’s Manhattan hideout.

  4. Megyn Kelly will not leave Fox to battle O’reilly head to head. Why fight him in the ratings, when you can make a very good living off his coattails with the best lead in in cable news?

  5. Alisyn Camerata says “she said that while the media undoubtedly leans left, it’s only because the goals of journalism — namely, to be extremely transparent and fact-based — align with a lot of liberal thinking”. So, she’s dissing Republicans saying we don’t like transparency and/or facts! Is that ALL of them,some,just the low information ones? Well, screw you Alisyn, you jerk. What a dishonest, asinine thing to say.

    • If our media overlords were that smart they could make an argument that wasn’t entirely self referential.

    • it really is unfair. there is no evidence that people stupid enough to vote for Hillary were any smarter than the idiots that voted for chump,

      • Everybody that voted for Hillary is stupid and everybody that voted for Trump is an idiot. The wonderfulness of you.

        • as i was replying to a specific statement your assessment is a tad out of context. as you know i have posted many times that virtually no one voted for trump or for hillary but against the other. now if you voted for trump because you thought he was great, or for hillary because she was great, yes that stupid applies.

          • you are not stupid. you don’t agree with me not voting, and you think voting for trump was the right idea. if we stick to the actual disagreement and did not try to score points with posts we would be happier i believe.
            my comment above was a sarcastic reply about cameratarota saying indirectly it is smart to be liberal. i replied with fact that there is no evidence that trump or hillary voters had higher IQs than the other, mixed with my sarcasm that they were all stupid, duped is likely a better word choice, and you took it as a point you could jab at me. so you did. and i countered. whoopee.
            i am a cynic. i did not vote because i believe both candidates would be terrible. i think the carrier deal shows the new direction corruption will take is not a benefit for the town unless you think picking out a poor place and giving 600 of the 6000 local residents a temporary good income at taxpayer expense is good economics. more direct clash of ideas is the root to sanity and calm.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 holds top 14 slots
    4 may jump
    3 still sitting
    2 dial it down
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Stelter: The two candidates were not equal; it’s a reporter’s duty to say so.

  7. Put on your jammies and prepare for bed. When you awake tomorrow, Megyn will be still at FOX, Trump on his victory tour, CNN demeaning it, Obama packing boxes, holiday music playing in the stores, and the comet racing toward Earth yet undetected.

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