Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • CNN’s Inside the Middle East will be sponsored by a Saudi foundation.
  • ‘Kelly may jump?’ Drudge hypes unsourced rumor CNN wooing Megyn.
  • Q&A: Alisyn Camerota on a ‘fact-free’ election that was a ‘wake-up call’.
  • Treacher: Olby still sitting at his Ikea table, yelling.   Dial it down, Rachel.
  • Factor video: talks Trump and coverage of hate crimes.
  • Stelter: The two candidates were not equal; it’s a reporters duty to say so.
  • November 2016 cable news program ranker: Fox News holds top 14 slots.