Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: O’Bolling FactorThe Five-Sandra Smith 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: Is Hillary’s campaign as their pawn?
  • AdWeek Hotlist Q&A: Megyn Kelly talks Trump, O’Reilly, Fox, and more.
  • Video: Howard Kurtz for ugly personal attacks.
  • CNN’s Pamela Brown is planing for a wedding at her old Kentucky home.
  • Frank Sesno: How to cover Trump.  CNN aims to Beme aboard millennials.
  • Crowley, Ingraham considered for WH post; McFarland hired, Grenell not.
  • Fox News rules primetime in November.  Joe Scarborough in a twitter spat.

28 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. I’m not a Kurtz fan, but good for Howie!

    Leave it to Keith Olbermann to make a man fomenting violence via baseball bats seem less hyperbolic than he is.

  2. I think Pat Buchanan would know a term coined during the Watergate Era (double secret triangulation?) for what Kellyanne Conway is doing to Romney, no doubt at the behest of her boss, but that is only going to be surmised by avid political junkies.

    Everyone else is going to see it as Joe Scarborough puts it…though he knows better….and is counting on your not knowing better… cause he and Mika don’t like Rudy.

  3. NPR is really indignate at Trumps “I won the popular vote too” tweets, giving all kinds of reasons for doing such a dastardly thing, but I know the real reason: recount hacked him off.

  4. Ask yourself what sources Las Vegas oddsmakers have that anyone with cable TV and Internet would not and you can answer the question of why they predicted the election result as poorly as the pollsters and pundits. Should stick with horse racing.

  5. I like Rick Grenell. I follow him on Twitter and read most things he writes and/or links to. It gives you a feel for the man and his leanings. I hope that he will still find a way to be in this administration.

  6. Everyone on Megyn’s book blitz is making a big deal about Roger Ailes sexually harassing her early on, glossing over the fact that he stopped and they were on platonic, friendly terms thereafter.

    Settle for More is an interesting book, which I’ve been listening to on Audible for over a week. I’m halfway through and still not up to the salacious part that the media pounced on. I finished the chapter wherein she married Doug, officiated by Kelly Wright.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 considered
    4 planning for a wedding
    3 not
    2 skewers Olbermann et al
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Joe Scarborough in a twitter spat.

  8. Watching our former Attorney General with Bill Maher talking about how the Republicans will find themselves on the “wrong side of history” it struck me that the left doesn’t just think we are wrong, but that we are immoral. That pretty much opens the door for them to use any and all tactics to defeat us. What you call your epiphany.

    • You just now getting that?

      When you endow every issue from taxation to speed limits with the coinage of every transcendent moral stance, from fighting Nazis to the Civil Rughts Era, you you make compromise impossible.

      That’s what so many on the left do. It’s why they can’t fathom allowing Dinesh DeSousa or Milo being allowed to speak anywhere in polite (impolite in their case) society.

      • Its not the whole left…………it’s the very far left….win no matter what.

        Remember when the mentally damaged stooge said if he saw something about Trump that he knew was a lie….it would never occur to him to correct it………….its people like that.

          • Hope you are right. I do distinguish Democrats and liberals from “the left”, but I’d assumed Holder was more mainstream than he showed himself to be now that he can speak freely.

          • labels are tough because they mean different things to different and are applied differently at different times and place. add that to the fact that you are one person in perspective and you get a lot of mislabeling. see tweet with photo explanation.

      • It really hadn’t sunk in until I saw someone of Eric Holder’s prominence and power for so many years. Now he wants to abolish the electoral college. For a “comedy show” it was frightening.

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