Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Trump promises,
  • Reliable Sources videos: Trump tweets; fake news; more hateful rhetoric.
  • The Five video: Panelists’ Maria Bartiromo gives back.
  • Q&A: Eboni K Williams talks about Trump, the press, Fox News, and more.
  • Bourdain pre-empted by hardcore porn. Or was he? And then there’s this.
  • Your Buzz videos: frenzy over protective who
  • Soledad rips CNN…because Jeffrey Lord.  Joanne Nosuchinsky resurfaces.
  • Was poll coverage a waste of time?  Today’s lawsuit.  Sunday talkers: preview.

33 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Thought Soledud was going to make documentaries about saving the planet or being black in each of the 50 states, or such, but I suppose somebody has to fight the Nazis.

  2. i recall bwill ripping halprin a new one for even thinking chump had a chance, let alone voicing it publicly. u would think someone would be replaying that somewhere. has anyone seen any news on how shallow and uninformed bwill is?

  3. Castro is dead!

    Here’s to you my brilliant late great Uncle Jorge Padron!

    Here’s to my lovely aunt and my beautiful cousins!

    • Hell, no.

      Brian Stelter who worked himself into a lather over Trump shredding the fabric of the nation….etc…etc…etc…by Trump saying he wouldn’t automatically accept the election results without question, has spent every day since Nov 6 spinning arguments and accusations meant to undermine the validity of the election.

  4. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 gives back
    4 Eboni K Williams
    3 turkeys of the year
    2 rips CNN
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Joanna Nosuchinsky resurfaces.

    • You ought to hear her now. Her yabbering is no longer mildly annoying, it’s unhinged.

      In her case, I think that college faculty, family, friends, and later employers have kissed her diversity all her life, so you can rather understand her angst and pique that her own unquestionably righteous druthers did not prevail.

      It’s the anger of less loftily credentialed liberals that you wonder about. How is it that stumblebums of my own caliber, albeit liberals, are obscenity spewing angry maniacs after the election? How is it they arent long inured to disappointment and self reflection via the hand of even their own side, let alone the other?

      It sort of shows you how much smugness has filtered down all the way to the bottom ranks when it comes to liberalism.

      A sort of entitlement and self congratulation that, despite their characterizations, hasn’t been the assumption of any white male conservative since Reagan.

    • Yes. Me and doog always flee the chaos. My partner’s wife (the third partner) and wrestler son will travel to Lakewood, Ohio, for a meet at St. Edwards H.S. St. Ed.’s is currently ranked third in the nation. I enjoy my jaunts back to civilization, and doog enjoys seeing her original owners.

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