Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tucker Carlson video: CEO with Trump supporters.
  • Tuesday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-O’Bolling Factor-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Rothstein: Brian Stelter smears Daily Caller, then lifts one of our stories!
  • Concha: CNN’s Amanpour epitomizes anti-Trump tripling down by MSM.
  • Zucker play: CNN honcho gives stamp of approval to ‘tenacious’ Amanpour.
  • Amazon nixes anti-Megyn review spam.   Fox News Sunday gets Pence bump.
  • Hannity video: Sean with BuzzFeed reporter Rosie Gray.
  • Nolan: Time Warner, AT&T, Trump, and what’s about to happen to CNN.
  • Viser: What happened when CNN portrayed me as an ‘alt-right founder’.
  • Van Jones in Canada. Q&A: Lawrence O’Donnell. Megyn doesn’t fit the mold.

22 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Constant drumbeat of anti-trump media continues as if no one but FAKE NEWS duped crackers elected the guy. None more constant, though pleasant-toned, than PBS and — in particular — NPR who paraded ex-Bush administration folks to trash him this morning. How do we tell our children half the Seseme Street muppets will be deported? #defund

    • I saw a tweet the other day that made a good point.

      If media is so distressed about fake news (when it doesn’t come from them) then their online media sites shouldn’t feature clickbait.

  2. Yesterday I couldn’t spell “alt-right” and now I are one… though my definition varies. Hillary is pretty much alt-ctrl-del.

    • i know no one to the right of me in an American definition of conservative. i oppose public ed, SSI, medicare, want the dept of energy, education and HUD shut down, want USDA to eliminate food stamps. you name it, i hate it. not once have i heard anything from anyone about pro white, i have never read the words alt right anywhere except in liberal articles. i hate nationalism, i hate populism, i hate trump. so what is this BS of lumping conservatives with white nationalists? nationalism, populism and racism have never been American conservative. the basic truth is, socialists and communists have tried to take over the dems, and populists, America first ant farmers have tried to take over the repubs. there is exactly zero correlation between racism, anti-immigration, America first, border walls, anti-free trade views and conservatism. if you favor what trump proposes, you are not a conservative except in a euro fascist definition. so if you are a populist and support this stuff just understand that xenophobia is a part of it and you cannot scrape that off your shoes. the declaration is clear, it says “all men”, meaning all of mankind, not just Americans. the downside of populism is identity politics just like the libs, but with different identities in mind. so be careful with what you want, you might not like it after it is in your pants.

  3. too funny. hannity demands that he be separated from identity politics, that he is not racist, not anti any of the stuff they are accused of. ask him about islam, american exceptionalism, immigration, trade, oooops. i guess he is no con after all.

  4. from FNS half time digital editor Stirewalt today. discussing the difference between a republic and a democracy.
    “What set our experiment apart from all of human history before it, as well as almost all that has followed, is the primacy of the law. In a pure democracy, people could vote to enslave their neighbors, confiscate others’ property, deny rights to minority groups and outlaw unpopular positions. Those things are not possible here because our system values liberty over popularity.”

    but dems do vote other people’s property away from them, and many current repubs do support elimination of rights to move where you wish, sell or buy from who you wish without penalty, limit what businesses may do without penalty. that is why i recommended reading of the debate in the Demos of Athens had in deciding to go to war or not. in this republic govt is not supposed to do much of what people on both sides want. so we have lost a lot of republicanism and have added a lot of democracy as people vote on what other people have the right to do and not do with themselves, their money and their possessions. FACTA anyone?

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 fit the mold
    4 crosses swords
    3 Amanpour epitomizes
    2 portrayed me
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Nolan: Time Warmer, AT&T, Trump, and what’s about to happen to CNN.

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