Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: O’Bolling-Sean Hannity-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • Tucker’s bang-up start: beating MSNBCNN combined in all demos.
  • CNBC skeds reality show with cutting-edge concept: flipping houses!
  • Tucker Carlson’s one-time rape accuser now admits: ‘I was delusional.’
  • Wemple: TV newsers have learned nothing about how to coverTrump.
  • Jake Tapper rips CNN for a chyron on his own show.  Q&A: Richard Lui.
  • Kelly File video:  You haven’t seen the last of Studio F.
  • Sunday Showdown: Media Buzz tops Reliable Sources.  Weekend numbers.

38 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. This thing with the chyron shown on The Lead is confusing.

    I read the above link last night and thought that it made no sense.

    Why would Jake Tapper be angry over a chyron that repeats what alt right leader Richard Spencer said about Jews?

    Does Tapper think this awful remark was so insulting that it shouldn’t have been reported via an attention grabbing chyron? That’s a bit squeamish for a journalist.

    Now I hear today that Spencer’s remark was made about tv talking-heads, which makes me think that by using the term “golem”, Spencer was pulling out the great Zionist Media Conspiracy canard.

    In which case…again…why would Tapper object to a chyron quoting that?

    Does Tapper think that all Trump supporters, who he’s so ardently been linking to antisemitism, might read the chyron and be triggered into attacking Jews forthwith or something?…

    I’m being facetious…I think… I’m certainly not understanding what went down in today’s outrage.

  2. Dick Morris was live on his Facebook “like” page a short time ago to lament Trump’s decision not to charge Hillary. He loathes the Clintons, so his frustration is understandable.

  3. Hhmmm, everybody that was anybody but Megyn and Hannity at Trump’s media off-the-record powwow yesterday. Just executives from FNC, other networks also brought talent.

    Explains Ms Kelly being grumpy with Kellyanne.

  4. I would think FNC /and FBN would start using Studio F soon, you don’t spend that kind of money and not use it.

  5. Another question I have: Was the Trump meeting with our media overlords like an ‘effing firing squad’ or not?

    Why the hell cant I get a goddamn consistent word of anything now?

    • we expect it thurs evening here in rivas. east side, and costa rican south pacific getting banged twice in one week. 90 here. in the pool. no probs.

        • tropical storm, hurricane, this far south and on the west side it is mostly just enormous amounts of rain that we get anyway. this late blow should be the last for the year. when i was in Coco costa rica it rained over 13 inches one day and sunk 3 boats, wiped out the bridge to bar vida loca and washed caymans out to sea where they came back up the beach and scared tourists. that was just rain, not even a tropical depression. if you kept my wife’s FB page there are several vids of tropical rain in my yard. i’ll vid this one too when it comes through. like a hurricane, which i have experienced, tropical rain is so loud you cannot even hear someone talk in the house. really wild. i built both places here and in coco, WHICH IS FOR SALE, when you build them you plain for being able to dispose immense amounts of water and erosion. in coco i drained a 2500 sq foot roof into giant gutters with 6 inch tube down spots that emptied into concrete box’s that drained into 2 giant holes i dug with a back hoe, filled with cinder block and covered with plastic net and buried. in the 10 years i lived there my neighbor’s property lost as much as 10 inches on the down hill side. the property is almost flat, AND JUST UNDER 2 ACRES 400 METERS FROM THE BEACH, but with some smart planting and accounting for water accumulated by the roof i have lost nothing. likely gained from some up hill neighbors

        • wind just picking up, i hear the bananas rustling. not supposed be here until thurs. the bands start tonight. thiis close the the EQ they go very slow.

      • He didn’t mean you. There’s another that occasionally pops in. He doesn’t like Megyn either.
        I found her book at Goodwill for $2.99. Not a bad read. She’s actually a redhead, which explains the temper. Irish redheads make the best friends – and the worst enemies. People need to remember to choose wisely.

  6. President Obama awarded the Medal Of Freedom today to Lorne Michaels. In January, President Trump will have him buried with it.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 flipping houses
    4 learned nothing
    3 Studio F
    2 rips CNN
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Tucker Carlson’s one-time rape accuser now admits: ‘I was delusional’.

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