Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: OBJECTified, O’Bolling Factor, Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: Hamilton treatment of Pence was a
  • Report: Trump scorches CNN ‘liars’, Zucker, Tur et al at newser summit.
  • Summit up: Prez-elect Trump convenes meeting with cablenews execs.
  • Harvey Levin Trump special gets boffo Friday night ratings on Fox News.
  • Greg Gutfeld Show video: When hate crimes turn out to be
  • Don Lemon: ‘I have to bite my tongue‘ so I don’t give my opinions on air.
  • What’s next for MSNBC?  ‘Ripped from the headlines’ weekend originals.
  • ABC considering a 24-hour digital news channel.  Dylan Ratigan resurfaces.

38 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. If Lemon wants to see someone who is “fast and loose with the facts,” the fool only needs to look in the mirror. Remember the speculation on the missing airliner disappearing into a black hole or being a victim of space aliens? Most networks would have went to a commercial and yanked him off the air. But not CNN.

  2. I dont know how you can be distinguished when you get crushed in the rating by ALL the other networks…..that decision show lost to every show on both networks by huge numbers last Sat.

  3. What the MSM barely whispers:
    5.6 million Americans paid a tax penalty rather than buy health insurance in 2015. #Obamacare

  4. The idiot half of Halperin & Idiot was on CBS THIS MORNING still spouting the Trump-disorganized-chaotic-transition mime. Interestingly, none of the hosts seemed to be buying it.
    P.S. I bought their book in 2008. Will buy the 2016 one when it comes out. I love happy endings.

  5. Via a Tammy Bruce tweet, Herr Olbermann used the “f” word to describe Kellyanne Conway: fascist. He loves to cry “fascist,” as he once did in a Special Comment directed at our previous Republican president.

  6. obamacare announce to be first legislation today:
    there is a lot of international health insurance available. they speak of buying across state lines. if they want real competition you should be allowed to buy from other countries, be allowed to split up your coverage like you do for cars, one for teeth, one for care w/out the medi, one for expensive accidents or disease, some people might want a cover everything and meds too. then providers. i bet you could negotiate for low cost cash maintenance locally and carry a policy that covers serious accident or disease care in different countries for different costs. people today fly to India, Costa Rica, Mexico for operations all the time. go online line and type what you want done and where it is best or cheapest and it will blow you away what comes back. a buffet of options giving the consumer the most choice is the only way to pressure cost down. international policies i have seen list the countries and hospitals they work with up front. you make the choices according to need, ability, whether you travel a lot, whether you live near the mexican border for example. the real nut to crack is to have enough competition to control costs so that there is enough left over to cover the indigent and the repeatedly or chronically ill with special coverage pools without breaking the govt bank. HSAs can provide a long term foundation, but since you can get new eyes, teeth fixed, etc cheap in other countries they should be in the mix for real competition and we will need low cost options before millennials can build up HSA accounts that hold enough for them to feel secure. the more you have saved in an HSA the more you adjust the additional policy to fit YOU.

    • I would prefer to have my surgeries locally. That way, if the doctors screwed up, my relatives could settle the problem. Think of the ending of “The Godfather, ” but with indians.

      • all josh aside, i understand that you might want to pay more. i also have known people needing dental work that have paid for their vacations to costa rica with the difference their local dentist would have charged. here in rivas a dentist has the latest digital radiography, no more lead aprons or everyone leaving the room but you, a root canal and custom made porcelain tooth is $240. the dentist guarantees it and has to unless he takes off and leaves the country. but i do not argue what you should do. i am saying if we want to control costs we need as many options as possible and that is not a joke.
        for example carry a disaster policy in the usa and put the diff in cash in a shoebox and pay your own reg maintenance. i have for years. much cheaper than insurance. but the point is options, and the party discussion on both sides is not talking much about how to get costs down low enough to be able to care for the expensive cases we do not want to see untreated. if it was ez, it would have been done. so they need to have to creative thinking. besides which, if you want acceptance, political acceptance it has to have lots of options, be voluntary and not leave anyone untreated. big job. not gonna be done using the usual govt methods. you got other ideas? because i pay mine, and you pay yours is fine with me, but it would never pass.

  7. When CNN’s Chris Cuomo argues that some extremist right-wing groups have supported Trump, therefore Trump and all his supporters are extremists, I wish someone would counter with an example like this:

    When the left power base has gone to an extreme, it only makes sense that the opposite extreme would back the more modulated position of the importance of having regulated borders and of adhering to existing immigration law (until it is changed via the democratic process).

    It’s only logical that the extreme right will back that position (over the left’s extreme one) even if they think this stance doesn’t go far enough.

  8. Susan Page of the Washington Post (on Special Report sans Bret Baier right now) has had the most stunningly successful makeover I have ever seen.

    She’s lost a ton of weight and had at least two plastic surgeries without ending up looking like an alien or a different person.

    You have to google her before and after images to believe it.

  9. Today’s most popular links:
    5 convenes meeting
    4 hoax crimes
    3 bite my tongue
    2 resurfaces
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Harvey Levin Trump special gets boffo Friday night ratings on Fox News.

    • Hey J$….last summer you linked to a post about Fox inline for their best ratings year ever……..any idea if that’s still the case?

    • It just shows you how being on TV makes crazy “fans” react crazily, add in a lawyer who wants to make a name for themselves & voila! A potential disaster. Glad Tucker was able to get out of that situation.

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