Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: Bannon, transition, and more.
  • Concha: Media again show their hands in flap over Trump’s ‘press pool’.
  • Keith Olbermann resurfaces.  Audio: talks to Howard Stern.
  • Q&A: Meghan McCain.   Hannity’s $29 million a year tops NYC’s ‘rich list’.
  • Calderone: End of Bloomberg’s WADR will leave a gap in MSNBC schedule.
  • Ellefson to MSNBC: Don’t go middle-of-the road; ICN: That’s just nonsense.
  • How CNN pulled off 18 months of election coverage.  About CNN’s chatbots.
  • The View videos: Megyn Kelly on Trump, O’Reilly, and more
  • Battaglio: Organized campaign trying to damage sales of Megyn Kelly’s book.
  • Post-election, MSNBC trails The Hallmark Channel.  Gretchen talks to 20/20.
  • Videos: Tucker Carlson debates Coop talks with Megyn.

65 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

    • Enough to feed the cat while he indulges himself according to Politico:

      KEITH OLBERMANN’S STICKING AROUND — The former MSNBC, ESPN and Current TV anchor’s return to broadcasting in the form of a GQ web series was supposed to last through the election. But like so many other things, it appears Trump’s victory smashed that timeline. Olbermann is now following up his initial video series, “The Closer,” with a new one called “The Resistance, in which he will “continue the conversation with viewers,” according to GQ, “about the President elect,” and “warn against complacency, fascism, and the dangers of brushing over the ‘populists’ instead of identifying them for what they are, ‘white supremacists.’

        • and you will be here with mea culpas each time Trump does something insane because of his personality disorder. NOT. i am loving sinfully the dem pain. i hope everything Chump does is excellent. that in no way means i am gonna b a trump bot. he needs to do it, he does not need my or anyone’s else’s help from a blog. of course i could just be a stupid broken clock and rarely correct. does not negate that he still has the power to end the world. he is the most powerful man in the world as was obama. a little hope, but no glee. as for hannity. bahhhh.

  1. 20/20 is still on the air? Remember when it used to be good with Hugh Downs, Barbara Walters and John Stossel? Remember when Nightline used to be good? I had heard that ABC NEWS was good, but it sucks worse than the other two.

    • it was 20/20 that made me a news junkie big time…..I miss those days when it was good. Last time I watched it was just bad.

        • Thanks, Hugh.
          I even remember the first episode of 20/20 where two guys whose name began with H were the co-anchors, and Geraldo was one of the regular contributors. It even had a theme song, something about rose-colored glasses vs 20/20 vision.

          • I remember Geraldo running through traffic in the streets of my beloved Akron screaming at our fleeing infamous, panty-wearing judge.

  2. i feel like i am cluttering up the board with long Zika articles, but the stuff published in Costa Rica seems more complete than what i see in the USA, or at least published faster. AMCOSTARICA is an online paper so the url starts on page one. you can go to today’s interesting article about the occurrence of multiple viruses in single bites being transmitted. yesterday ir was announce that we now have vaccines that block 98% of the HIV strains, so viral medical advances are on the rise, if someone expresses an interest i will search and find the article. for the Zika article use the url and go to page 2, bottom article on page.

    • HIV will be a thing of the past, just like smallpox, in a very few years. Many cancers will be preventable or easily treated as well. I am in an optimistic mood tonight. However, after the dentist tomorrow….

    • Go to the middle, zag to the left, juke to the right… there is no play that will put MSNBC on the scoreboard save the emergence of a superstar or two.

  3. FAKE NEWS… all of a sudden I’m hearing about FAKE NEWS. Reason is doublefold: 1) Trump elected illegitimately because of false news stories. 2) Trump voters ignorant fools. As someone who got his news the last decade from the Daily Show and Colbert Report, I resent this slur on me as a Trump voter.

  4. We need a compromise for sanctuary cities — a Logan’s Run kind of thing where everyone steps behind the magic curtain when they turn 25 and are released outside the city limits with full citizenship. They are also give a feral cat to accompany them. Beats the Taco Bell Soylent Green el Grande solution.

  5. As an old fan of MSNBC , before they leaned forward, and welcome their de-leaning , I really don’t think they need to lean anymore. And Spud is right and his three points are all right as well .

    • I think what people miss about MSNBC is……….they dont care about ratings of their shows………….they dont care if they are in 3rd place and more people watch Fox news then them and CNN combined. I think it’s fair to say that Maddow is the biggest star………..before the election……….repeats of lockup which had been shown 20 times and were 10 years old were getting more viewers than she was…………ANY other network would have made major changes if they gave a darn.

      • All In is a good example of that, but that could be a good thing as well, where being on focused on ratings makes them go off the rails like CNN has.

    • was interesting when they were not campaigning so hard. they had good catches and Halprin is smart whether i agree or not.

    • That show would have been much better if the had a conservative journalist to balance off Mark Halprin, not the guy Heileman who is just his boring echo.

    horrible trump the chump
    trump betrays those that elected him

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 MSNBC trails
    4 nonsense
    3 resurfaces
    2 to damage sales
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Hannity’s $29 million a year tops NYC’s ‘rich list’.

  8. Obama seems to be talking daily with the media about the incoming Trump administration. Why do I think this is a sign of things to come. GWB had the class to exit the stage.


    Bad News: Signals from the Trump appointments have caused Russia to bomb Syria.

    Worse News: Trump backing away from the Paris Climate Change Accords and dismantling Obama’s EPA will in four years guarantee the destruction of the planet.

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