Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Q&A: Megyn Kelly gets candid about Ailes, Trump, feminism, and more.
  • Video: Megyn about childhood bullying, attacks by Trump.
  • Concha: Media erupt when not invited to Trump family dinner.  Flashback.
  • Stelter slams ‘fake news’, while relying on sources notorious for fake news.
  • Videos: Megyn Kelly on CBS This Morning, with Savannah Guthrie on Today.
  • Q&A: Megyn Kelly on Trump’s ‘relentless campaign‘ targeting her and FNC.
  • Concha: Breitbart preps media lawsuit;  O’Brien: Could the target be CNN?
  • Kelly File video: Trump’s digital guru says they would win.
  • TMZ’s Harvey Levin to host special OBJECTified: Donald Trump on Fox News.
  • Q&A: Howard Kurtz on how he foresaw Trump win.  Alex Wagner resurfaces.
  • Somerby: Lawrence O’Donnell tops cable for ‘crazily bogus prognostications‘.
  • What Wemple has in common with Media Matters, Vox, etc; today’s O’Whine.
  • Factor video: O’Reilly uses to defend loyalty to Fox; Imus update.

72 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Re: “Videos: Megyn Kelly on CBS This Morning …”: I hope Gayle King’s wish (“you’re leaving Fox when?”) doesn’t come true. I also hope that Megyn and Bill patch things up.

    Erik Wemple won’t stop his Olbermannian obsession. Every day, he has a new gripe.

      • I think Brian Stelter and Ron Fournier muted me long ago, but I keep yabbering at their disingenuousness anyway.

        • I am sure I am muted by Ron Fournier. I am blocked by his brother because I dared to challenge teachers unions with him. He commented initially about how poorly minorities were doing in Detroit schools & I said the failure rate was even worse in Madison. Then I quoted how the union shut down the idea of some special programs for minorities because teachers would have to spend more hours per week with these students. And, that wasn’t even able to be discussed. So, back to screw the kids, unions rule!

          • Yeah, it’s always curious when people take a position on an issue in their Twitter feed and then block or mute civil counters.

    • I wish someone would ask Megyn Kelly a hard question like why the hell she kept her mouth shut until the Murdoch boys came in and enthusiastically set up a blinking green light for “spill!”

      She lauds her helpful reality-check pragmatism in answering “You’re not” to a complaint from a peer of not feeling valued at the network, isn’t it high time that someone challenges Kelly’s compromises?

  2. down here in America Central our long frigid winter is finally ended which means our “high” season begins. not heard any reports from Costa Rica yet bet have personally seen a flood of visitors from around the world including UK, Sweden, Australia, Ukraine, Canada and USA in just the last week. much is centered around our world famous surfing opportunities meaning backpackers and tattoos not families. subjective view but interesting if you invest in anything related to travel which is just about every stock you can buy. lot of confusion in the Zika deal. this because viruses are tough. i watch the news you get, but i doubt you have heard of this so here you go. anytime you don’t want it here J$ can nuke. i try to only post stuff i think you will not see even though it happens where you live. go figure.
    p.s. in the last week i know of 2 more mexican american weddings. i hope ruffles all your ethnocentric feathers roughly.

    Hardy zika virus reported to be able to survive for hours on hard surfaces
    By the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientist news staff

    The zika virus is most commonly transmitted in humans as the result of a bite from an infected mosquito or from an infected human to another human. What is not well known is that the virus also can be transmitted via the environment if an individual is pricked with an infected needle or has an open cut and comes in contact with the live virus.

    While there are no known cases to date of the general public being infected with the zika virus through the environment, there has been at least one documented case of laboratory acquired zika virus infection.

    Research being presented at the 2016 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientist Annual Meeting and Exposition, in Denver, Colorado, found that under certain conditions, the zika virus can live for several hours on hard non-porous surfaces and still be highly contagious, but that some commonly used disinfectants are extremely effective in killing the virus.

    The research may have important infection control implications for both consumers and those who work in healthcare or lab settings.

    The study looked at isopropyl alcohol, diluted bleach, quaternary ammonium/alcohol, peracetic acid, and pH 4 or pH 10 solutions, which are commonly used in clinical, laboratory and industrial settings.

    Findings showed that when the virus was in an environment
    without blood, these methods of inactivating zika, except pH 4 and pH 10, were largely effective, but in environments where virus was associated with blood, the results were dramatically different.

    “Zika can survive on hard, non-porous surfaces for as long as eight hours, possibly longer when the environment contains blood, which is more likely to occur in the real world,” said the study’s lead researcher S. Steve Zhou. “The good news is that we found that disinfectants such as isopropyl alcohol and quaternary ammonium/alcohol are generally effective in killing the virus in this type of environment and can do so in a little as 15 seconds.”

    Zhou, who is the director of virology and molecular biology for Microbac Laboratories, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, said the study did not yet look at the survivability of zika on hard non-porous surfaces beyond eight hours.

    Microbac’s research also found that bleach and peracetic acid were not as effective in killing zika virus when the virus is associated with blood.

    “The data were important to know especially for healthcare providers and researchers,” said Zhou. “One must bear the organic load of the environment such as blood, in mind, before reaching a conclusion about the zika virus inactivation efficacy by a particular product.”

    The next stage of the research will be to take a more in-depth look at how long zika survives on hard non-porous surfaces in the heat and how best to inactivate the virus.

  3. Watching ABC NEWS last night quote the Southern Poverty Law Center last night as if they were an unimpeachable source was enough to send me back to NBC as my one nightly newscast source. That and having watched Martha Raddish interview Newt:

    • i did not lose friends in this election but i may boot one supporting this anti electoral baloney and support for harry reid. while thousands are in the streets burning places SPLC and friends like mine are talking the KKK and other crazy cr@p of fake racist acts. bastante.

      • I didn’t lose friends either because I kept my mouth shut before and after the election with liberal friends and kept politics out of FACEBOOK. None of my friends use TWITTER.

        • I didn’t lose any liberal friends or have discord with liberal family members because I don’t Have a beef with voters harboring a point of view.

          I think the media and many politicians care about little but themselves at best, are corrupt at worse, but I don’t rail against the Joes in half the country.

          That’s tyrannical infantilism at its worst.

    ? Trump transition in disarray
    ? Violence and hate against everybody but Trump supporters
    ? Any and all deveations from protocol
    ? Anti-Trump protests
    ? How Trump can’t or won’t do what he promised in the campaign

    Any change of heart or tactics since the election? No. Doubling down.

    Trump transition team filled with lobbyists (the phony sack of ?)

    …. La de da… weekend… Vice President-elect Pence is purging lobbyists from official roles in President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team, in one of the first decisions made by Pence in his role overseeing the construction of a Trump administration.

    Trump transition in disarray (the incompetent sack of ?)

          • That’s nice. I have friends at Univision. It’s tough living around here given the cost of living. But you find it funny. Have fun with that.

          • there was nothing funny about it, or insensitive. it is in fact how your friends would be best off looking at it. time to dust off the resume and up the skills and rise. most people do you know. so tranquillo carmelo.

          • best things that have ever happened to me involved being fired. hung out my shingle and the guy that fired me contracted my company for more money. getting fired is how u get ahead.

          • I had a cousin who was fired because the owner’s girlfriend’s son needed a job. Said son was on parole, and I guess the parole officer was putting the arm on him.

          • It was a crap job, but he needed the money. It was his first job right out of high school. He ended up joining the Army. After he got out, he was a cop in St. Petersburg, FL until he retired.

          • i was not trying to be cruel to concha’s buds. it is true, usually for good people it works out for the best. now if you are a nothingburger, oh well.

          • He ended up happy. Met his wife when they raided a cathouse. OK, I made that up. She was working as a pharmacy tech at Eckerds.

          • What wasn’t funny? The Eckerds part? It was a good drugstore. I even remember the lunch counters.

          • Had a guy that worked in our factory doing the same manual labor job for 30 years. When the factory moved to S. Carolina, he went home and never ventured out of his house again.

          • My boss took me out to lunch, “Got some bad news, the company is letting you go… Got some worse news, they are letting me go too”. I wound up getting hired by a sister division sixty miles away and worked for the company another twenty-five years.

          • if you are a qualified person you always have something to do. i am grateful i worked menial during and directly after the Univ and vowed to never ever work for a salary or by the hour again. went straight commission on everything till i soloed. it is not unusual.

          • Company I worked for all my career was founded in the 1880’s (working with Thomas Edison) and when hired was still family run. At the time I started their unspoken motto was still, “we don’t pay for crap, but you got a job for life and we’ll hire your kids”. I saw the transition that with the power of our union they were forced to do layoffs — but always in the springtime or fall, never around the holidays. By 1980 we got bought by a Fortune 500 Company, and by the time I retired, all you could count on was a paycheck for last week’s work. I survived all that time with an attitude of never expecting I was owed anything but.

          • i always am perplexed by people saying they want the security of salary not commission, or security of a job, not self employed. what security should there be? i wanna know because i have a lot of losses i maybe could go back and sue for if profit is the law.

  6. I have to say, I agree with the “O’Whine” today.

    Bill famously says he’s “looking out for you.” I guess the caveat is, “unless it makes my network look bad.”

    That’s the same mentality that let’s politicians get away with harassment because it might make the party look bad.

    Poor form, O’Reilly. You’re better than that.

    • Because of the timing of O’Reilly’s and Kelly’s books, Bill finds himself in the unenviable position of having to relive the Ailes scandal though Ailes has been fired and the place is under a new regime.

      Best he could do is to repeat that fact and to say that he deeply regrets any distress to the female employees of Fox who he respects very much.

      But he’s O’Reilly. He’s going to get hot and bothered and make things worse.

  7. I hope that Concha is right about the Breitbart lawsuit. It was CNN and the comment was made by that unwashed chicken egg Stelter. Mabye his mouth will cause them to fall like Gawker. Or at least sting enough so that they will shake the place up and go back to being an actual news channel.

  8. I read something earlier today that I can’t find now that is about embedded journalists going into the wilds of hinterland in order to get out of their bubble and hobnob with white blue-collar workers.

    The piece makes statements about how other attempts at this have been condescending and bubblesque because they had the flavor of anthropological forays, and then defends the natives by arguing that they are just simple peeps dumb enough to vote for what they think are their own interests as duped by Trump.

    That this sound marginally less disdainful and soul searching than most pieces of this sort is an indication of media mindset in itself, but it manages to.

    However, the pictures of the working class folks that accompany this story are straight out of central casting. They are people who make the characters in the movie Deliverance look like Brooks Brothers shoppers.

    I don’t know who our media overlords pictured as doing
    skilled jobs such as building cars in Detroit and working with molten metal in steel mills, but it wasn’t hillbilly teenagers working a drive-through. It wasn’t their fine arses either as these job required hand-eye coordination and mechanical thinking that not everyone possesses.

    Gone are the days when blue collared workers were respectable and industrious people doing difficult jobs that required mental and physical industriousness. Moms and dads putting food on their tables and coaching little league in their spare time.

    Now we are all Confederate flag waving, filthy shirted stumblebums, because that suits their political narrative.

    I have no respect for these jerks. None. You are safer swimming with alligators than trusting them.


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