‘They Simply Do Not Get It’

J$P Video! Joe Concha talks with Neil Cavuto about media that just can’t quit the bias game:

From Your World  16 November 2016

6 thoughts on “‘They Simply Do Not Get It’”

  1. It’s not that the media do not get it, they refuse to get it. They still think that they can destroy all who disagree with their little world wiew. They see it as impossible that it is they who are wrong.

    • I wish someone he hasn’t muted would ask Brian Stelter how it is that he and various media members were issuing dire warnings that Trump’s position of not immediately conceding to an unfavorable election result, sans examination, was a threat to the very republic, but mobs not accepting the result AND busting up shite in communities is not worth an appeal for peace from the president or Mrs. Clinton.

  2. wish i watched this last night, i could not sleep all night. 1:44, going down for peaceful refreshing sleep, ty joey.

    • Hopefully dreams of the unemployed telling their families the holidays will be miserable were in the offing. LOL!

      • glad i can return the favor. bet money this christmas will be one the people who were laid off will look back on as a great positive change in their lives, no lol at all.

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