Monday Links and Open Thread

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  1. Congratulations to Janice Dean the Weather Machine, who is replacing Maria Molina on F&F and F&FF. Really the only choice Fox could have made.

    • this should not be hard to verify if media joined forces to investigate like they did after FLA 2000. without verification and consensus by investigators it just divides along the usual lines. all this activism gets in the way of living.

      • Brian Stelter is pushing the hate crime narrative with all his might too.

        It’s the essence of the absurdity of our alt left media that they will focus on nebulous statements of people being afraid and upon unconfirmed social media stories of hate crimes, but say nothing condemnatory of the communities and businesses that are being undeniably harmed by riots every night.

        I regret that Trump took Leslie Stahl’s bait by denouncing something he said he had no knowledge of.

        Now these apocryphal concerns of Stelter and company are foregone conclusions.

        Conversely there is no demand that Clinton or Pres. Obama condemn the nightly assaults on communities and call for peace.

        Why? Because the media is all for this behavior. It suits their political ends.

    • Yeah, you pooh pooh verifiable things like paid protesters and focus on utterly nebulous things like people’s feelings…fears….etc.

      The media are idiots.

    • So Drew what’s his name talked w/7 protesters on CNN tonight. He asked if they were paid professional protesters because DT has said there are paid protesters. They said no. So….in his mind the case is settled. There are no paid protesters. Yeah 7 kids from 1 city, when these protests are in what? 10+ cities across the country but these 7 have settled the issue for the whole country. The media has not changed. And CNN thinks we can’t see through their BS!

      • The are in denial of how despised they are and how transparent. If the think they can take down Trump, we’ll, they had their best chance, gave it their best shot, and fired blanks.

  2. Gwen Ifil has passed at the way too young age of 61 after fighting breast cancer. She was part of my regular evening news habit for quite a few years. As I regular, I did not know Gwen was sick, but looking back on it, there had been a lot of, “Gwen is off tonight” abscences recently. I had a few quality back and forths with her on Twitter. I will miss her as Gwen strived to be fair which is getting rare these days.

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