Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Media coverage
  • Reliable Sources: Media blind spotstargeting media; normalizing Trump.
  • Hate tweets targeting Adam Housley and his wife trigger epic response.
  • Video: Doug Schoen analyzes with Hillary’s campaign.
  • Williams: The nonexistent threat of ‘TrumpTV’ is now really nonexistent.
  • Kimberly Guilfoyle moonlighting.   Corey quits.   Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Lisa Bloom has the sadz.  Fox News nominated for FanSided Fandom 250.
  • D’Addario: Because Trump won, Megyn Kelly has no viewership base…?!?
  • Video: Howard Kurtz asks if the media are with Trump’s win.

32 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

      • People are crazy!

        That doesn’t scratch the surface of the hateful lunacy among us. And I suspect that were Adam Housley working for anyone but FNC, the mad fools would have no problem with him. But, since he does, they have to drag his wife into it.

      • He is a white reporter for Fox News. His wife is black. Which, according to the convoluted logic of the lunatic fringe, makes him a racist.

  1. Next week on MSNBC: “Election 2016: What’s wrong with the Republican Party? What they need to fix?” Also, “The FBI is broken.” Finally, “Analysis of the failed Trump Administration.”

  2. Bubba: Knock-Knock.
    Q: Who’s there?
    Bubba: Ivana.
    Q: Ivana who?
    Bubba: Ivana just want to go home to Arkansas with Monica.

  3. Love Kellyanne sticking to to the skunk Sherman:

    She announced on Thursday that she was joining the Trump administration after a tweet from journalist Gabriel Sherman suggested she was reluctant to do so because she didn’t want to give up her lucrative polling business.

    “False,” Conway tweeted. “Could it be those ‘sources’ want the WH job I’ve been offered?”
    She says she felt compelled to reply.

    “I just thought it was an obnoxious tweet to put out there,” she explained. “What are your sources? I can be your source about me.”

    • Chris Wallace tried to get under her skin today & she responded with the appropriate amount of anger. She’s very good. I knew about her before this election but like her the more I see her.

      • Glad she is going to be in his administration. Very pleased with his pick for chief of staff as Trump is prioritizing relationships with Congress. One of the things Obama blew when he had a majority there.

        • I met Kellyanne in the summer of 2004 on a street in Manhattan. We were both waiting for the light to turn green so we could cross the street. I recognized her right away and told her I loved seeing her on TV. I asked her about President Bush’s chances of being re-elected and she seemed a little worried to me. She said it was by no means a sure thing and she urged me to vote and not take anything for granted. Anyway, I thought it was nice of her to take a few minutes to speak with me.

  4. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 quits
    4 has the sadz
    3 no viewership base
    2 moonlighting
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Hate tweets targeting Adam Housley and his wife trigger epic response.

      • She did her best to slice him while smiling, but didn’t draw blood. Never will forget her trying to do that in a Margret Thatcher interview about Reagan and getting taken apart with a, “and isn’t that wonderful.”

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