Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: FNC, CNN share honors for election coverage.
  • Concha: Trump defeats Hillary, mainstream media elites hardest hit.
  • Video: Live, with Kelly Ripa, Naomi Watts, et al.
  • F&F videos: Election reactions from and
  • Election night behind the scenes at MSNBC, Fox Business, with Shep,
  • Murdoch: We set the gold standard.    20/20 books Gretchen Carlson.
  • Tucker: CNN like a ‘sad trombone‘ compared to Fox/MSNBC coverage.
  • Wemple: Election day is cable news coverage at its nadir.  Today’s oops.
  • Swift: Megyn and Bret upstaged by ‘Chandy’.  Twitter zings Wolf Blitzer.
  • Somerby: How blindingly stupid are clowns like O’Donnell and Maddow?
  • Zurawik: The most engaging election coverage…the one with Megyn Kelly.

65 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Well……I would like to point out to the people here…..and the disgraced racist stooges….who made fun of me and told how stupid I was…………seems I was right about all those un-polled Trump voters like my roommate.

    Wonder if they will take the time to find out how the margin of error works in polls? Maybe right after they figure out that OPINIONS show give OPINIONS.

    IMHO the loser is the American people….most dont know it yet.

        • u know i said it last night and still have not heard anyone or seen comment on the moment of turn. everything looked correct especially tight still in fla, and ahead in NC by a good margin. then Charlotte and other more rural returns came in and blew her out of NC. that was her moscow to me. i was not one moment in denial as the posts show, after NC turned it was clear the need for upset was no longer chump but hrc.

          so has anyone posited that elsewhere that i have missed. everyone i have read or heard is talking fla fla fla. she could have lost fla and ohio, but a win in NC would have signalled what would happened in wisc, pa and mich would not have happened as it did. the NC turn was the indicator to my view.

    • If you always believe the polls, there would have been a President Romney in 2012. I remember Facebook yesterday, there were posts about a Hillary landslide or a Trump landslide. That didn’t happen either. I would like to see the actual turnout.

  2. As usual in all things MSNBC is last to project Trump the winner….Fox Beat CNN…….by a few mins….Clinton’s conceded and MSNBC still has NOT admitted defeat.


      • Agree everybody was being cautious…..but to not call a race till after HRC concided and more than halfway into Trumps victory speech seems more than just late.

        Politico really did a bad job updating their map last night…….they hadn’t called Wis more than a hour after news networks did,


    • The election guide thing that DirecTV had gave Trump about 276 about 1:30ish Central time before he came to speak and before anyone else called the race.

      • i went to bed, so i do not know, i am sure you are correct. but i think they were projections. i did not see DTV. but 538 and RCP both posted nimbers projecting a Trump win without a formal statement calling the race over.. maybe DTVs number was a current return projection.
        i was awake and checking returns from states and there were very late state calls by the nets.

    • Instead, that weasel Podesta came out to give a big FU to the voters. Shortly afterward, Madame called Trump to concede. I suspect that Bubba was behind the call. “Are you sure this is how you want to be remembered?”

  3. The fat lady sang.
    I’m back. Happy my candidate won? Nope. Glad his opponent lost? Yep. Glad I voted? Damn straight. Making the best out of a bad situation is part of life. Sadly, a big part.
    The election was a repudiation not only of the political establishment and Clinton, but it was also of the media. A bright spot in the shade of the aftermath.

  4. “Barry Diller Says He’ll Leave the Country If Donald Trump Wins the White House

    The media executive blames the influence of reality TV for poisoning politics.”

    i agree and would add public education and vid games to reality tv. the dumbing of America.

  5. Worked the polls today in WI. We were overwhelmed with absentee ballots. Worked only on those for 5 hours and maybe got through 25% of the ones in my ward. What people don’t realize is we, as poll workers, have to open each freaking envelope, after checking the outside for correct ward, signatures,and even proper sealing of the envelope. Because the ballot has been folded trying to run each one through the tabulator which rejects ballots sometimes because of the folds and you have to try again and again to get the ballot read.
    Then, because our city ran out of the correct ballots on the correct paper, they copied ballots on regular copy paper. Each one of those ballots need to be remade by 2 poll workers since we need to have verification of the correct remake. What a time wasting nightmare!
    From this experience-I DETEST EARLY VOTING! Let’s just give everyone the day off so they can stop bitc**ng!
    My personal opinion.

    But, because of my napping, I woke up in the middle of the night and turned on the TV. The FOX folks were the only channel having any fun. CNN and MSNBC was amazing to watch. Chris Matthews was for once very quiet, while Maddow was off the rails. Tapper was reasonable. Dana Bash was on and off good.

    But, mostly came away with Hillary is a poor loser. Did news organizations hold off calling PA because she was losing there? My goodness 97% of the vote was in and NO news organization would call PA? Did they do this so she could say we’re not ready to concede? Then Podesta tells everyone to go home and then- Voila! PA is called and she’s still awake to make a concession phone call?

    Lastly, in a very long post I am a happy camper because Ron Johnson beat Russ Feingold (of McCain-Feingold fame) to represent me as a Senator!

    Thanks for letting me comment at length!

    • If pundits, reporters or watchdogs criticize a media outlet over some issue, they must make mention of Fox being as bad or worse in order to assure their audience that they aren’t ambling off the ranch into heathen territory.

      Praise of one Fox entity requires the criticism of at least two other Fox people in order not to illicit dark suspicions of from fellow media members and Twitter followers alike.

      It’s a media rule.

        • I told Stelter the other day that a Trump win would be the salvation of journalism.

          Suddenly, the American media might be breaking stories on government perfidy and speaking truth to the power at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, etc.

          Today, Stelter retweeted just that admonition from another journalist.

          Who knows…maybe Sharyl Attkisson and Lisa Myers could get a job with the mainstream media again.

  6. I’m wondering today if Obama’s 56% favorable rating is as phony as the polling data? I didn’t see a lot of love for the outgoing POTUS yesterday.

    • When you tell people they’re dumb violent hicks if they’re Trump supporters, and that they’re racists if they’re Obama critics, don’t be surprised when they’re less than truthful about their feelings.

    • Every other poll was wrong-the turnout polls, the exit polls. Why the dickens would approval ratings polls be the only ones that are correct.

      • actually not all the polls were wrong and stirewalt makes the argument in his podcast that the aggregate of errors on this years polling is smaller than the aggregate of errors in 2012. the link to the podcast is above

  7. What won’t sink in?
    Late night comedians won’t even consider that they alienate 50% of their potential audience every time their show starts.

    • except 50% of the potential audience did not support trump. very low turnout. i have not seen a % of voting age population that voted trump so i will just say it is smaller than 50% by a lot. stirewalt is still waiting to see if the popular vote for trump exceeds McCain’s popular vote.

          • Can’t help you got a bur under your saddle. I meant liberal comedians ignore half a potential audience that aren’t liberal. That’s all I meant. Nothing cutesy about it. You call out my intentions as if you know them. Screw that.

          • sure it was larry. come on call it straight. there is no 50% there is a 40% that did not even vote. so cons, or trumpers it is incorrect.

        • gee larry i hate to be logical, you can hide behind not using the word but the intent is clear.
          maxim: late night comedy is generally left
          minor premise: “Late night comedians won’t even consider that they alienate 50% of their potential audience”
          conclusion: the 50% you refer to is not the other left, but the other candidate of which there was one.

          if you truncate a syllogism by omitting the major premise it is called an Enthymeme, just for reference.

          no matter what 50% you refer to it is wrong, but the inference you make is as clear as a basic syllogism. obscure word games or clear statements, add up the same. i try to be brutally honest with me, try it. there is no other there there.

  8. Concha’s poetic description of the State of the Media wins my COTW:
    Self-importance is prevalent in this business. Self-awareness, not so much.

  9. Today’s most popular links:
    5 blindingly stupid
    4 zings Wolf Blitzer
    3 with Megyn Kelly
    2 upstaged by ‘Chandy’
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Tucker: Cann like a ‘sad trombone’ compared to Fox/MSNBC coverage.

  10. OK, the old lady in me in coming out! What the dickens is Megyn Kelly wearing tonight? These spaghetti strap dresses are inappropriate for TV. Put a cardigan on! Is that old lady enough for you?

  11. You had to hear Lawrence O’Donnell’s monologue to believe how ridiculous it was.

    Junior high girls are less infantile and demanding of their own way.

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