Tuesday Links and Open Thread

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        • note you make the same assumption as i. with cause. repubs earned the title the stupid party just as dems did in the 70s and 80s. nothing like self inflicted pain to confuse the pleasure portions of your brain.

          • the self inflicted pain is allowing a puke to be nominated that was the sole candidate other than cruz that clinton could have beat. it was obvious they were both unelectable and i have pounded that from the beginning. so stating the obvious is causing pain? for the record i have no idea if you are included in the “we”. the “we” i see is that his republican credentials were not questioned and his candidacy rejected by the party. if not the party officials, then the voters being aware enough to not nominate a Kardashian equivalent. but noooooooooooooooo ..,…

          • according to exit polling i am with the majority of inpats. so stop the pouting and admit the complete failure of American politics. we banged da pooch big time and everybody will pay but the political class feeding off the carcass of the electorate.

  1. Today’s most popular links:
    5 resurfaces
    4 their scandal
    3 grace the studio
    2 further question leaking
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Chernoff: Donna Brazile tried to pull a fast one on CNN…eight years ago.

  2. all the chat FLA when it looks like exits and early returns are making chump a loser in NC, making the other swing states irrelevant.

  3. official 538 bot

    The presidential race in Michigan is too close to call. Our model now gives Clinton a 55 percent chance of winning; Trump now has a 44 percent chance.

    market futures are all a tease to give trumpettes a rush

  4. President
    51 % Chance
    Clinton wins
    48 % Chance
    Trump wins
    1 % Chance of no Electoral College victory

  5. President
    55 % Chance
    Trump wins
    44 % Chance
    Clinton wins
    1 % Chance of no Electoral College victory
    note times lololol

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