Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: Pundits leak Trish Regan
  • Reliable Sources: Media misinformation; Baier blunder; CNN controversies.
  • Hogue: Tucker Carlson’s last day.  Video: F&F runs Tucker’s
  • Kelly File video: and Noah Rothman on escalating media bias.
  • Videos: Juan Williams, Varney over Brazile; reacts.
  • Today’s boycott demand.  Purple: Why I hate CNN.   Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Election coverage overview.  Schedules: Fox NewsFBN.  Info: CNNMSNBC.
  • Arwa Damon under fire. CNN branding is tops. MSNBC’s Split Second Decision.
  • Your Buzz videos: and
  • Q&A: Megyn Kelly on books.  Megyn: Hillary ‘too chicken‘ to come on my show.

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  1. ‘Hillary ‘too chicken‘ to come on my show.’
    Because the core of Hillary’s problems is that she is too chicken to be honest.

  2. Our current president on Bill Maher, in his own words:

    “The problem is we’ve got all these filters. Look, if I watched Fox News, I wouldn’t vote for me either because you’ve got this screen—this funhouse mirror—through which people are receiving information. How to break through that is a big challenge,” he said. “This whole conversation that’s been had lately in the aftermath of the rise of Trump, this notion that part of what’s happened is both Republican and Democratic elites have neglected the white working class, the truth of the matter is that every policy I’ve put forward would make a huge difference with the white working class—and the black working class, and the Latino working class.”

    • “….the truth of the matter is that every policy I’ve put forward…”
      and the policies are?
      please do not respond. i can’t handle the vacuous talking point that are completely contradictory to all financial analysis.

      it has been mentioned but the implications never discussed. ok, so close to 500k net leaves MONTHLY in the labor force. note the entries number is subtracted for net leaves. yippie lowest unemployment number ever…. big dung,big big dung. the entries are debt ridden fools that spend hours discussing the need to stop using toilet paper and little else. only a small % of the leaves retire. we know only 10k per month turn 65, kinda puts the lie to “its the retirement” argument.

      ok, so pretty big dung pile, but if i was Larry i would know there must be a pony in there somewhere. hmmmm the rest of the world calls it “informal employment”, we call it the underground economy and pay trillions to squash and jail them. big govs everywhere hate it because they think the collective has a moral duty to fund the state. you know respect for the law and all that dung i have no belief in. so it seems if there really is a pony, it surely will be criminal. when the “rule of law” transform into “law and order”, you know you are in a totalitarian state. what is the name of the cartel guy that escaped via a tunnel….. pronounced tunel in español…..? i would vote for him over these two.

  3. fyi, tomorrow is election day. the votes are tallied from every corner of the country.at midnight, the official announcement that Comandante Orterga and his wife Rosario Murrillio will have won with a 70+% of the vote count. as building things that explode is in no way illegal, in fact encouraged, with all the needed ingredients for sale. no home without a mortar. nice campaign slogan.we have again 4+% growth in GDP and a continuing decline of the Cordaba at 29.08 to $1 dollar. beginning this month the rains will stop and the fruit will grow. in the meantime USA divisions festor and i worry about my dividends. i am hoping for only party reorganization but you guys are not looking okie dokie.

      • ty
        first correction
        “On Sunday, Mr. Ortega is seeking his second consecutive re-election, with his wife, Rosario Murillo, as the vice-presidential candidate. ”
        this is his 4th election THIRD consecutive re-election/06/11/16
        read the rest in the morning. tired.

        • What do you expect? It’s the New York Times. That said, why bother to rig a sure thing? But then, most despots are paranoid as hell, otherwise they wouldn’t be despots.

          • ok, so finished. first i know some in the Chamorro family and the Bolaños family. he preceded Daniel’s return. in each of the 3 elections since 06 cheating, fraud etc were done in different ways for different reasons and it is all very complicated. J$ would not put up with the hundreds of events being posted that have been done.
            to say there is one party, or even one family does not mean there is no division. just ask the Saudis.
            different groups of individuals support Ortega and Rosario. Rosario runs the domestic government. all of it. daniel is responsible for the balancing act which is difficult as he has invaded costa rica,joined ALBA, sided with nasty actors in the UN while at the same time liberalizing economic foreign investment and generous residency for retirees who because of the extremely low crime rate don’t care that it is a police state. they do not bother me.
            so why engineer further consolidation? 3 main reasons are discussed on the street;
            the canal fail.
            the colonistas and chinos grabbing land.
            the ALBA has greatly reduced foreign gifts from Venezuela that propped up his first 2 terms.

            i would add, the illegal migration waves of arabs, haitians, africans and cubans have put a lot more soldiers out on the public highways and people are getting tired of it.

            that is the worms eye view, along with while the political and regular police and army were all over the place yesterday but it looked to me like no one was voting.
            remember i live in the south in Rivas were the canal is not popular as it is in the north. many people actually believed it was real not a scam, when it goes to pot and the land is gone he will need, or actually she, will need the power to control the out come. i think daniel will not be in power much longer. that is my fear, i would prefer he live on, but i don’t think she wants him around anymore.

          • Ah, the Black Widow solution. Then, after he’s gone, people will rally around the brave widow.

  4. “”The IRS said that last year revenue was up 1 percent and, in the last quarter, it was down 4 percent,” explained Stockman. “And, in the five months since May, payroll withholding was barely keeping even with wage inflations. That means the work hours aren’t happening.”
    this is what happens when govt discusses what they will give you. not how you can go self employed and create wealth. giving goods and service is how we care for our animals.

    first truthful blurb from a politico this year.
    Obama on Voting For Clinton: “Not Everything Is Supposed To Be Inspiring”

  6. Trish Reagan did a terrific job on MediaBuzz explaining why it was so hypocritical of Hillary to be seen with a misogynist like Jay Z.

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