Friday Links and Open Thread

  • The View video: on debate prep, the campaign, and more.
  • Conspiracy theorists erupt as Fox News and CNN vanish from DirecTV.
  • Concha: Cable news channels prep for post-partisan ratings depression.
  • MSNBC anchor halts talk of ‘unverified’ report MSNBC already reported.
  • Wemple: How is Bret Baier like Hannity? Both are Trump propagandists!
  • Video: confirms and clarifies Fox reports on Clinton Foundation.
  • Geraldo lists upper east side crib: $7.2 million.  FNC signs Dem Mo Elliethee.
  • Zurawik: CNN’s actions in leak scandal show why media are year’s big losers.
  • Cable Game: The most busted name in news.  Bauder: CNN on the defensive.
  • Factor video: on how the POTUS nominees deal with press.
  • Q&A: John BermanJeffrey LordNicolle Wallace, Rachel Maddow, Hallie Jackson.

21 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

    • It was an HD problem. There was no broadcast after 5am CT for FNC, CNN, NBCSN, Ovatiion, and Comedy Central. Fusion and BBC World News were affected later. An election mix channel will be in the old Al Jazeera slot at channel 347. What was worse was that I was without internet from 6pm Thursday until 6am Friday. CenturyLink had an outage in Grand Island, NE.

    • Zurawik use to be a frequent Kurtz guest.

      Kurtz is none too bright, but it would have been much more commiserate with Zurawik’s well-founded beef on the media if he had stayed there.

      The content of Stelter’s show is particularly one-sided. His show and his Twitter feed is almost nothing but assumption laden memes and high horse oratory, made all the more insufferable by the glib and blinkered way he ignores that CNN could be Exhibit A for his own indictments.

  1. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Mo Elliethee
    4 Geraldo lists
    3 vanish from DirecTV
    2 most busted
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 MSNBC anchor halts talk of ‘unverified’ report MSNBC already reported.

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