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  1. Concha is right. However, the media won’t learn anything, simply because they don’t want to. I am certain that CNN knows how Brazile got the questions, they are simply blowing smoke with their “investigation.”

  2. I can’t get on board with this argument that CNN was naive or somewhat culpable in Brazile’s dishonesty in hiring a politically aligned professional as a talking head…because…what do you expect?…

    You ought to be able to expect integrity from these people without being considered a simpleton or partisan facilator when you do.

    A Brazile and a Lewandiwski can add a lot to a panel via an insider look into a campaign. They do it in the way they express the issues, tendency toward particular themes or talking points, personality (aggressive…relaxed…cordial…artificial…), and stories they may drop.

    People who make the case that you aren’t getting much more than partisan cant from these people need only to watch the facial expressions of resignment, shrugs, sighs, and relentless affective modulation of Kellyanne Conway to get confirmation on what is that camoaign’s biggest obstacle.

    I don’t think we should give this avenue of enlightenment up by telling ourselves we can’t expect honesty from these folks and that it’s sophistry to argue otherwise.

    We are already in a cycle where we have often seen this same type of argumentation from journalists defending a lack of objectivity in their own work via tropes about the simplistic thinking of “moral equivalence”, etc.

    Capitulate to these calls to surrender over an expectation of honesty and fairness in our elites and we’ll find ourselves utterly servile and endlessly waving a white flag.

  3. Re: CNN producer a person of interest

    “Though CNN is not conducting an investigation of whether a leak came from within…”


  4. that drugs are illegal has made them a funding source for communists and terrorists world wide. almost all latin cartels have a political connection to the left. there is an error. the T-72’s have not yet been delivered and will not be paid for in cash. other than that is there a US news sources reporting this southern command report?
    Russia’s renewed emphasis here worries U.S. military
    By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

    On top of complex criminal networks that may, among other dangers, move terrorists into the United States, U.S. military planners are worried about increased Russian activity in Latin America.

    Russia is reinvesting a significant amount in historical relationships it has had in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, Navy Adm. Kurt W. Tidd said.

    He was responding to a question about Russian operations in the region at the Center for Strategic and International Studies during a discussion on maritime security.

    “I think we can’t afford to ignore their presence,” he said. “You look at Russia and you look at what are their vital national interests. It’s difficult to imagine that they have any vital national interest here in the Western Hemisphere.”

    He said he finds it troubling Russia has engaged in an aggressive propaganda campaign to spread the narrative that the United States is not a reliable partner in Latin America. Russia is engaged in a “competition for influence,” he said.

    Tidd, the commander of U.S. Southern Command, was quoted in U.S. Department of Defense article.

    He also expressed concern about sophisticated criminal networks that move money, drugs, arms and other material through and around Central America.

    “. . . it’s the amorphous, adaptable and networked threats enabling these illicit flows that keep me up at night,” he said. “Transregional and transnational threat networks — and not the commodities that they move — are the real threat to our nation’s security and the region’s stability.”

    He said the Southern Command is changing its focus from drug trafficking to a networking view of the security environment.

    Whether extremist, criminal or even state-sponsored, the networked threats are a “significant challenge facing every nation in the Western Hemisphere,” he said.

    Some networks, for example, smuggle small arms via maritime conveyances or traffic cocaine, while violent extremist networks spread influence, and move money, weapons and people, he was quoted as saying. Human
    Russian Ministry of Defense Photo via U.S. Naval Institute
    Russian T-72B main battle tank

    trafficking networks smuggle desperate people from all over the world into the United States who are seeking employment or trying to escape conflict, he said, adding: “while other networks specialize at moving individuals with questionable backgrounds, worrisome intentions, and possible ties to terrorism into the United States via a long and circuitous route, sometimes starting in South America, up through Central America and Mexico, and into the United States.”

    U.S. and Costa Rican officials have expressed their unhappiness that Nicaragua purchased 50 military surplus tanks from Russia for $80 million.

    U.S. Defense sources have outlined a steady flow of military equipment going into Nicaragua from Russia, and no one outside of the tight circle around Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega can say why.

    Russia also is putting in a satellite tracking station on Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast.

    Another friend of Russia in the hemisphere, Venezuela, seems preoccupied with internal politics and financial problems to be a continuing market for Russian equipment.

    Perhaps an indication of the Southern Command’s change of focus is the plan to build a clinic in the high Talamancas and some $30 million in other types of aid the United States has lavished on Costa Rica this year.

    In addition to patrol boats, Washington also is investing in internal checkpoints to control motor traffic. Some medical personnel arrived Monday to provide health services in the Talamancas for a short period.

    Despite these efforts, the U.S. government also seems to be a willing partner in using Costa Rica as a staging area for Third World migration into the States. Observers at the southern border report as many as 12 bus loads of migrants entering Costa Rica in a single day.

    • ironic, page 6 mathews blurb mentions the great JFK, whose missile crisis deal is responsible for the weaponry in Latin America. anti commie in rhetoric only.

      • Who damn near got us all blown to hell, because of perceived weakness. Forerunner of the pussyfooting of our present pansy.

        • we kept nukes out of our hemisphere, except ours, in exchange for several billion ak47s distributed from chile to guatemala. what could go wrong?
          u get trumped and he will do his border thing and we will go to war against all of latin american and half the usa population. what could go wrong?

  5. What next for news nets?
    funny you all think Hannity is secure while FNS for the first time since it’s inception is losing share to CNN. no connection, no connection what so ever.right? trump is a cancer.

          • everybody? i seem to be with the everybody, 60+% that think these 2 are pukes. now why should it not be reasonable to suppose that puke supporters will pay a price?

          • because there are plenty in the 40% of them to give terrific ratings. In case you never noticed, 2-3 million a night is a niche audience. WALKING DEAD premiere the other week got 20 million. A cable show about zombies.

          • actually the remaining 40% that do trust HRC or chump and are split into many sub groups, likely the biggest group is non voters, but that is a guess. every person that supported GWB got 2016, trumpettes will pay.

          • As I recall, Trump got more voters in the Republican Primaries than anyone in history. His supporters are very enthusiastic. Hillary’s are meh.

          • i wasn’t calling you a liar, i was saying you must be joking. he got more votes in a primary. his enthusiastic support is very small. so surely you must be joking. whatta ya think? 80 or 90% of his vote anti clinton?

    • October 2016 was the most-watched month for Fox News in prime time since October 2012. The network also set a new record as the most-watched basic cable network for the fifth month this year, both in prime time and in total day. FNC was up 74 percent in total prime-time viewers and up 126 percent in the 25-54 demo vs. the same month last year, marking its top month in both measurements since October 2012. (TVNewser)

      • all news is up in this cycle. FNS share in decline. no tvnewser glance required. whether trump wins or loses, trumpettes will pay the price for spraying the country with insanity.

    • I heard a news report w/Obama saying stuff like the first day Trump is on office he will:Stop Medicaid checks by making it a block grant program. He will cut funding to traditional black colleges. He will lower taxes on the very rich. Plus a bunch of other garbage lies. The man has zero morals and he can’t be gone soon enough for me.

  6. Re: Sacramento Bee

    Re: Concha: Leak mystery person

    See, you don’t have to have aligned political professionals as paid tv contributors to have media malfeasance.

    You only need an environment where the media has become so partisan and tribal that they don’t bother to even pretend otherwise or to hold anyone on their side accountable. What’s fairness in the face of their version of “truth” and “accuracy”. Why feign objectivity or hold back in helping those on the side of the angels?

    So it takes foreign hackers, and online news services to gather information, and in the case of Concha and TDC’s Chuck Ross, to connect the dots.

  7. Major Garret, who follows the Trump campaign for CBS, appears to have one rule: end every Trump recap report with something negative about Trump, no matter if Trump had a good or bad day. Today: KKK indorses Trump. Campaign disavows. Trump doesn’t mention on Twitter.

  8. In which National Review makes the case that the reason for the private server was to hide the pay-for-play racket going on with the Clinton Foundation. The exposure of classified documents was just collateral damage.

    And what has been limited at every turn by a cast of Clinton characters– an investigation of the Clinton Foundation.

    Read it and marvel.

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