Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Oct numbers: Fox tops, Megyn is #1; CNN, MSNBC grow; FBN tops CNBC.
  • Sunday showdown: Media Buzz tops Reliable Sources.  Weekend numbers.
  • ‘Handle your scandal’: CNN on-air blackout of latest Donna Brazile news?
  • Wemple: Eight questions for CNN on Donna Brazile and the leak scandal.
  • Outnumbered video: on how Wikileaks got her phone number.
  • Loufbourow: Megyn Kelly symbolizes ascendance of ‘conservative women’.
  • O’Reilly honored by Marine Corps University Foundation.  TWC visits HLN.
  • Lapointe: State of the Union is Sunday’s state of the art.  Q&A: Bakari Sellers.
  • Zurawik:  CNN leak scandal shows perils of mixing politicos with journalists.
  • Videos: Ed Henry , and on CNN leak scandal.

56 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

    • From the article:

      Tantaros, who sued Fox News in August for $49…

      I know that they left out the million, but the concept of $49 is hilarious.

  1. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-31/doj-tells-congress-it-will-work-expeditiously-review-abedin-emails-there-just-one-pr
    so this is crazy right?
    the idea that we are breaking new ground is silly. the political class, the entire political infrastructure will continue to absorb more and more of everything. it’s prime directive is to grow. it has infiltrated into every human activity. well, i guess you can still play cards with friends and not need a permit, so i exaggerated. a very small exaggeration.

  2. I cannot believe that those sons-of-bitches in the media are not clamoring to find out who gave a debate question to Donna Brazile.

    How is it that we’ve gotten to the point that doing something like this on behalf of a democrat is a bit like the Bible story of David eating the tabernacle bread and giving it to his troops,…e.g. an act that would normally be sacrilege, but allowable with David because he was doing God’s work…

    CNN milktoast honchos characterized themselves as being “completely uncomfortable” with what is the equivalent of a felony in journalism. They should be outraged, livid, and zealous to get to the bottom of it.

    Thanks for the clarity you provide in making the point that this matters, Mr. Concha. Sorry none of your peers give a damn.

    • Frankly, the argument that the media is asking for trouble when they hire politically aligned professionals as talking heads, is the equivalent of yelling “squirrel!”.

      However, it doesn’t just distract from the fact that our political class/elites and journos are corrupt, it excuses that fact with a “meh…”

    • As was passionately and artfully pointed out last night by a Special Report panel member, it is journalism’s equivalent of insider trading.

    • Must be so frustrating for reporters with ethics to see how low so many of their “colleagues” are willing to go.
      Thanks for a great rant!

  3. The Chicago Tribune was uncomfortable with the St. Valentineday’s massacre.
    Mrs. O’Leary was uncomfortable leaving cow and candle in the same room.
    Mrs. Gasey was uncomfortable with hubby’s clown outfit.
    The unibomber was uncomfortable with his living arrangements.
    I’m uncomfortable with this election.

      • Trump will lose. It is rigged, you know. Hannity won’t be going anywhere. Just because you don’t like him seems to be your rational, you best give some better rational. He’s a big draw. He will have a solid platform ranting against Madam President.

        • There is always that small chance that Herself will lose. Remember, Nemesis was ever the handmaiden of Hubris.

        • no, actually i do like him. he seems very nice. when trump either wins or loses and the reality of how horrible he is causes him lower than GWB numbers everyone associated with pumping him up will pay a price. as hannity has become a 1 trick pony i think, call it hope, he will be gone. been wrong before. i thought the repubs would grow a brain and nominate a governor, i was terribly wrong. the person, persons, i don’t like are in this order, anyone that voted trump. trump then HRC. i don’t like any of them an hope karma kills them all. hope that helps:)

    • Wonderous defense of the guy defending Donna Brazile: “She isn’t running for office.”

      Mister, did you teach your kids that it’s okay to lie and cheat and bring disrepute upon your employers and coworkers, as long as they aren’t running for something?

      • I would have responded, “You’re right. No story here. After all, she’s only the head of the Democratic National Committee who helped rig a primary to help secure the nomination for the person running for office.”

  4. BIG Z: CNN president Jeff Zucker on Tuesday slammed former network contributor Donna Brazile’s controversial dealings with the Clinton campaign as “unethical” and “disgusting,” the Huffington Post reported.

    She’s fired.
    Um, she quit two weeks ago.
    So can’t we fire her anyway?

  5. WEMPLE Questions to CNN
    8) What message has CNN management sent to its corps of non-politically-affiliated journalists in the aftermath of the Brazile episode?

    Could hold that meeting in an Atlanta broom closet.

  6. The Korean War Battle of Chosin on PBS American Experience tonight. Had a conversation with a guy who survived the battle by playing dead twenty-five years ago. Said he could only talk about it when he was drunk. He was. Left me chilled to the bone. Give it a watch.

  7. Re FBN: I really do think they are helped by the fact they do more politics than business which also has helped their ratings go up, since biz news is niche.

    • Well….doesnt politics affect Business in a very big way? Obamacare anyone?

      I dont watch FBN but I’d rather watch news about business and politics than a dog show or tonight great CNBC lineup of shark tank or jay leno’s garage.

      I dont see how you discuss business news and the stock market without talking about the race for the WH.

      • I mean CNBC and Bloomberg (With All Due Respect in it’s own category) do cover the US election ,not saying the shouldn’t because it’s all conncted but FBN covers it more so in favor of business news.

        • as i told my girls, P is for putting potty in it’d proper place. if i want to watch goof ball Americans commit suicide i can turn on any channel. heck create a total work market page. no talking please. page. cnbc and bloom are loaded with spam.

    • does fbn live stream? i invest and am active daily i have not seen anything that serves my interest, i have owned MIC for about 18 most and calculated div+share price rise divided by initial cost. fun division. wish they all did that

  8. If you’ve watched Outnumbered recently, you know that FNC definitely needs to get Andrea Tantaros back on. I’ve had to stop watching the show altogether. Melissa Francis is a poor substitute.

  9. Today’s most popular links:
    5 plus Joe Concha
    4 Eight questions
    3 Megyn Kelly
    2 perils of mixing
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 ‘Handle your scandal’: CNN on-air blackout of latest Donna Brazile news.

  10. I have a question and would love for someone in the know at FNC/FBN to respond. Am watching Kennedy on FBN and she commented that she is on Obamacare. Fox is a multi billion dollar media company with a large number of employees I would think. Why would Kennedy or anyone else at FNC or FBN have to be on Obamacare instead of receiving a company health insurance plan? Love both channels but am very curious.

  11. I do not understand Julie Roginsky’s ‘logic’ regarding Donna Brazile leaking debate/town hall questions to Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. She’s saying the Wikileaks disclosure of the leak won’t affect the election-“voters don’t care”-while ignoring the motive behind Brazile leaking questions to the Clinton campaign, i.e. to affect the election.
    In other words, “Yeah, we cheated, but we got caught, so it doesn’t matter. No harm, no foul.”

    • It’s the same boneheaded logic and horrifying ethical tone deafness that we saw from liberals when it came out that a state dept official had proffered a quid pro quo to the FBI if they declassified Clinton emails after the fact of the info being on her private server.

      Their reasoning was that since the FBI didn’t bite…(to quote an infamous remark from HRC) “What difference, at this point, does it make!”

      It’s stunning.

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