Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday numbers: Megyn Kelly-Sean Hannity-Bill O’Reilly  1-2-3.
  • Don Lemon wants to host a show like Bill Maher’s.   Q&A: Jeff Zucker.
  • Concha: CNN et al dinged by ABC ‘exclusive’ hype.  Up late with Hannity.
  • On the Record video: on Trump’s ‘attack the media’ strategy.
  • Zurawik: Megyn Kelly is in the vanguard of the war against male privilege.
  • Flint: Megyn Kelly is seeking more than $20 million in FNC contract talks.
  • Rupert wants to keep Megyn and Bill at Fox: ‘We’re not changing direction.’
  • Wemple: Eight reasons Donald Trump is the ultimate cable news candidate.

25 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Attack the media strategy seems to be working for Trump as he is making a surge in the polls an gotten into the Florida and Ohio battleground state leads.

    • I live in a very diverse area. My husband went to vote yesterday and said it was wall-to-wall crackers.

      Trump is not going to win, but I think the last debate did energize his campaign.

      Nevertheless, Trump is too narcissistic to stay on issues as Chris Wallace did, but kept harping on groping accusations.

      Goodness knows corporatists have given the media a green light tribal imperative to come out of the ideologue closet (which they have joyously… middle fingers up), however, Trump is his own worst enemy.

      • My normal solid Democrat county of Monroe in Ohio has so far offered me one HILLARY sign to see as I drive around. Plenty of TRUMP-PENCE signs. Even saw one nice hand-painted sign that was, as the candidate says, “HUGE”.

  2. Great moment on CBS THIS MORNING:
    Charlie Rose, “We’ll get back to the ratings later (laughter)… I mean polls.”
    John Heilman, “Calling Doctor Freud.”

  3. Today’s most popular links:
    5 more than $20 million
    4 Up late
    3 dinged by ABC
    2 wants to keep
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Zurawik: Megyn Kelly is in the vanguard of the war against male privilege.

  4. Well….it was nice….but very surprising to see MK do a interview with Micheal Moore and really talk about his movie this time……(reason I tuned in)………wonder if that’s why it was taped?

    Its that angry population that scares the hell out of me….people do foolish things when they are that angry.

    • It was probably taped because Moore has a tendency to say, as the Irish call them, “the bold words.” He probably wouldn’t agree to a tape delay.

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