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    • Of course Wemple would ask FOX who the participants were so he could say they wouldn’t talk. He fails then to mention whether he approached the AAJA for the names. Heaven help us if THEY also refused to name the participants. Then FOX wouldn’t look bad.

  1. SE has become much more liberal since joining CNN. Funny that in the Q&A MSNBC was mentioned but no mention of all the years SE spent at FOX.

    • She never worked for Fox… she did appear as a guest but never was a paid by Fox person ,(except when ever she filled in for Greg Gutfield) She did work for Beck’s channel , then MSNBC, then CNN. She’s always seemed a little more libertarian in her thoughts than just straight conservative , plus as HLN labels her : Republican stratgiest, doesn’t support Trump.

  2. Megyn is on her way out. This FOX contract talk is BS. She’s behaving the way she is because she is doing her FU to FOX now. She needs to build the chat about how she tows no FOX line so when she jumps ship she has people in the MSM singing her praises.

    • Perhaps, but maybe the Murdoch sons are cheering her on. They are probably even more liberal than she is.

    • She will find out how soon those in the MSM will turn on her should she deviate from the script. She needs to stop believing her press clippings, and go back to being the old Megyn.

  3. Today’s most popular links:
    5 makes book
    4 O’Whine
    3 fines hiked
    2 with Newt Gingrich
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Today’s (predictable) firing demand.

  4. Latest FNC poll — on their honesty — or lack thereof: a record-low 30 percent of likely voters think Clinton is honest and trustworthy, while 34 percent say Trump is. In my opinion, the reelection of Obama confirmed the importance of honesty to voters was overrated.

  5. FIle this under: Don’t let the screen door hit ya.
    Megyn Kelly Seeks Salary North of $20 Million in Contract Talks With Fox News— WSJ

    • Rupert Murdoch has come out and saying he hopes that she re -signs with the network , Murdoch’s want her to stay.
      I kind of think she’ll stay..but what do I know?

      And if speculating anything, MSNBC would love to have her…..

      • She’s gone, baby, gone. She is making enemies left and right at FNC. MSM loves her contempt for Trump and has strange new respect for MK.

        She has done all she can at Fox News. TIme for bigger and better things elsewhere.

    • You really think Fox News would let their #2 Primetime host go for a 5 milion dollar raise?

      Id say her rating have improved more than enough for a raise that size…..I’m surprised she not asking for much more.

      Gretas problem IMHO was you dont get a raise for lower ratings except at MSNBC……….If she wants to stay she will.

      She IMHO won’t go to MSNBC or CNN… she stays unless the big 3 offer her something so she could spend more time at home.

      • Yeah I don’t see her leaving, if she does it was her decision…the Murdoch’s know her value to the network. That’s why Rupert has even publicly said he wants her to stay , that never happens so… that means something.

        Going to another channel would again …only be if it was her decision.

          • Heck I am one of them, I’ll watch Shep, or Happening Now ,Special Report more than any of the op-ed shows.

          • As Ive said here before…….I rarely watch any of the op-ed shows. I watch Fox News because I will see both sides of most issues……….you won’t find that on other channels most of the day.

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