Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Videos: Dana Perino talks about politics and Jasper and The View.
  • Concha: ‘Trump TV‘…what would it be, where would it be, would it work?
  • Coop set to do ‘uncensored’ stage show with producer of Real Housewives.
  • Media Buzz edges Reliable.  Weekend numbers.  CNN tops demo for month.
  • CNN’s new set until election day; Fox News’s new set beginning election day.
  • Chilly reaction to Time/Warner deal as execs try to preserve CNN’s integrity.
  • Kelly File video: on where recent FBI leaks are coming from.
  • Factor video: Mr Bill to back up her criticisms of The Factor.
  • Stiles: CNN Trumpsession nets them an extra $100 million.  Q&A: Ana Navarro.
  • Somerby: The ‘basic fact‘ Maddow didn’t tell viewers.  Hannity the propagandist.

77 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

    • so i know a Public school teacher in Ohio, her hubby at the time public employee. hated Walker, hated kasich, won’t repeat the foul names used. told her they should move illinois where all the things they wanted for public employees were happening. illinois is firing public employees today. Ohio, just fine.

      Chilly reaction to Time/Warner deal as execs try to preserve CNN’s integrity.

      NYTs and CNN use the word integrity to mean nothing changes unless it is more of the same. any person that has ever worked somewhere and M&A occurs, or loans from a BDC are taken on the condition that they supply management does not like the changes, but they have nothing to do with “integrity” and everything to do with “viability”.

      we are watching T form a bottom. do not try to time. buy buy buy for the div. ETN and PH suppliers of everything a factory needs have same long div history as but pay much less for you to own. when a company with a long history has a share value that puts the div over 5% buy before it becomes a fad and the share price rises reducing your effective div return. 101 modern day survival.
      as an aside, i have no idea what cramer’s thoughts on this are and i do not care. he is multi motivated. i write only to impress you! lol.

  1. Hannity the propagandist.
    the general may be light on the clinton crime machine but he is spot on Hannity and the trumpettes. trump is a pig, a dirty self serving lying pig. now that does nothing to make clinton better, but FNS would be well served to demand Hannity start backing up his views because they are not supportable.

    • That’s for his viewers to decide. Hands off popular pundit particulars even if pungent, short of fireable practices.

      • oh really? i thought it was for FNS to decide. pretty quickly they are going to be on the receiving end of the downside. despite the liberal press FNS has/had a pretty good rep in the news game. do you think Hannity is helping that? because i don’t. i like the guy personally, but he and bolling are an embarrassment. firing him and Bolling with high numbers could be just the boost FNS needs. have a stable full of replacements. let the trumpettes go watch the blaze or breitbart or some other nonsense and they can crumble with the mental defectives on the right like MSLSD suffered with the lefty mental defectives. does it help MSLSD that madcow is a liar and a shill? you want trumper shills on the air after the debacle on the 8th? think his numbers persist? i blow em both out today. great press. great new faces, more women. FNS wins. note anyone missing the old on the record face? not me. blowing people out are soon forgotten. anything and everything associated with the trumpettes will soon be in the dumpster. why would anyone watch hannity after dumbtrump ruins the republicans? read the tea leaves.

        • He’s a pundit, not in the news group, with a big audience. Just a voice the rest of the network can play off if they choose… and they do. Often look good at his expense to the chagrin of his fans, and there are many of those on TV, radio, and in person.

          • …. and you have a right to be wrong. i guess you will just need to be shocked. were you in denial of previous waves as they formed?

          • dittomundo, i knew romney was a goner, odummycare was forever etc etc. now we are gonna watch a bad dream no one thought possible pass into reality….. and because of a bunch of bollings, hannitys and other populist deadenders we will have Madam president Criminal Clinton until she dies. there will be retribution. believe different you are doing the Egyptian.

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          • Agreed. Dayside is news for the most part and prime is opinion. People get the difference and Hannity’s transparency on openly supporting Trump is actually refreshing compared to, say, John Harwood, who still fancies himself as a Chief Washington Correspondent.

          • speaking strictly of hannity and bolling.they chose the win or return on their shield position. pundit is no protection. seems to me if we have a debacle they are gone. been wrong before but both seem equally whacked as Beck.

          • What the Harwood deal shows anyone paying close attention is that the bigwigs at Comcast/NBC Universal actually really support what he did.

    • My question is would they have a problem with Hannity starting his show with a story from the National Esquire ?

        • That’s what I meant…. that’s defiantly what he did last night , I was wondering if that would be a line crossed for the uppers.

      • It could be worse. It could be the Weekly World News, which I think is where CNN gets their stuff.

      • NE did bring down John Edwards.

        I’m not recommending NE, just saying that I don’t think the future of journalism lies in the mainstream outlets.

        They are a political pac aligned with the DNC.

        • Remember all the MSM knew about Edwards affair and who the woman was AND that she was pregnant/had a child. They did no stories until the Enquirer did the story. They were in the tank then and they are in the tank now.

          • Not that they would have done it for a conservative, but I wish that story had stayed buried.

            The political PR show the Edwards had put on about their marriage turned Elizabeth Edward from media Mother Teresa to untouchable…avert your eyes…when the news got out.

            She did not fare as HRC fared to say the least.

            Suffering from cancer and abandoned by her husband and former avid admirers …all the way around.

          • either that or they didn’t care about John Edwards … since they had an Obama and Clinton to keep their looks at.

          • no. John was a chosen one until he wasn’t. then they ate him like the road kill his wife said he was. there is not always justice, but when there is it is sweet.

    • “Hannity the propagandist.”

      Isn’t that pretty much what he’s paid to do? If he does not give his opinions…….he’s not doing his job.

      I dislike the guy and wish he would be shown the door………but while his show is a hit……he won’t be.

      • if you want to give propagandist have a wide definition, i am ok with that. however, then you must be a good propagandist and being wrong in every respect equals bad propagandist. don’t cry, bye bye. it is big boy games.

      • True, he won’t be out unless his contract is up and how the Murdochs feel about him or , he chooses himself (either early buy out or when contract is up) unless he has breached a standard they have.

  2. so you know i am no big BOR fan, particularly the last year. however he had Rubin dead to rights. she was not prepared with the quotes. she is so used to being allowed uncorroborated assertions to her amen crowd she over looked argumentation 101. note her eye movements left to right, not up and down as we normally write, she was using a flow chart for refutation. it contained everything but numbers in colored ink telling her which text card held which quote. if she had the quotes stacked 1 to a card with a number for her to easily refer to she would have smoked him. she clearly failed debate 101.

        • I’m surprised Ms. Rubin has been writing these things about Trump/FOX. I usually like her columns. She’s fairly conservative and that’s not an easy thing to be at The Washington Post.

          • debate 101/ she knew the questions in advance as did everybody. all she needed to do was bring index cards with the quotes and date and coordinate them with her flow chart. she failed 101 debate.
            you know, i am not even speaking to what is right or wrong except in the sense of why show up? make charges, and leave the support at home? come now.

  3. When hate takes over logic…….


    “Trump walks away from local reporters & refuses to do an interview unless the questions are given in advance yet is talking to Fox.”

    Now just how dumb must you be to not figure out that if Trump didnt talk to local reporters and instead went on a the #1 News Network…..that isnt a bad thing for him????? The more eyes he gets the better for him.

    anything to bash Fox News

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 propagandist
    4 Judge Napolitano
    3 beginning election day
    2 asks Jennifer Rubin
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Somerby: The ‘basic fact’ Maddow didn’t tell viewers.

  5. Bret Braier should get retroactive Pulitzer and Peabody Awards for his 2010 Obama interview. The tape needs to go to the Smithsonian and the Newseum. Where it won’t go? Obama Presidential Library, of course. You will find the John Harwood interview there in which Obama wows him by catching a fly.

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