Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Press cozying up
  • Reliable Sources videos: ‘Rigged‘ elections; hyping Trump TVAT&T deal.
  • Yesterday’s Wemple O’Whine triggers today’s Martin Dugard response.
  • Fox & Friends video: Segment with starts civil, turns rowdy.
  • Engulf & Devour: AT&T pays $85 million for Time Warner…including CNN.
  • Nancy Grace mystery movie debuts this weekend.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Somerby: Maddow’s reporting on Christie is ‘propagandistic, Hannityesque‘.
  • YourBuzz videos: the media press
  • Audio: Behind the scenes with Chris Wallace.  Maria Bartiromo moonlighting.
  • Black Christian sues CNN for discrimination.  ‘Pussy’ prattle perturbs parents.

55 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Watched Harris fill in for Shep yesterday and interview Chris Wallace. He said something that tickled her, my goodness, that full smile could have melted an iceberg.

  2. O’Reilly: You finish writing MY book
    Dugard: yep, just finished
    O’Reilly: about time….get to work writing the next one

    • yeah BOR’s hypocrisy is outrageous. particularly with the literal genius compositions written solely in their own hand by American greats like Odummy, HRC, al gore, and the rest of America’s intellectual left wing geniuses. yo, JJ time to wake up.

      • Bill gives credit to Martin. They’re like Rodgers and Hammerstein; they work in concert. No one is a credit hog.

        By the way, I enjoyed Dugard’s reply to Erik Wemplemann.

        • i had not bothered with the reply as i have not read the book. i like the 600 page versions. so i read it and agree with was well written and the points are clearly made. it is now up to the post to refute. i will follow that when it occurs.

  3. AT&T buying Time-Warner? Does that include AOL? Is there still an AOL? If not, what do I do with all those old CDs?

    • A few sticks, a little fishing line, and you could make a mobile. I made a coaster from an old Compuserve CD. It’s lasted longer Compuserve.

      • We used to use CompuServe, where I was trained at their Columbus headquarters, as our company location’s source of computer time-sharing back in the pre-PC days of the 70’s, to augment our own mainframe center. I remember going into a meeting in the president’s office requesting a budget increase from ten thousand dollars a month to thirty-five. Lot of money back then. Fist pounded desk. Ashtray flew into the air, and “over my dead body” echoed through the room. I changed my plans.

    • bought T on friday on its way down due M&A talk and the pass of the 10/5 exdiv date. i don’t care what it does i sit on it for almost $2 a share div income, if on the earn call next tues it goes up again the forward return drops. no matter what as long as i have it it will pay me 5% and in these times that is better than most people earn with low risk. MLPs and BDCs pay a lot more because there is more risk. too bad Romney did not try to explain that. he woulda won and we would not have a dummy that can’t read a budget for another 4 years. hell obama cannot balance a checkbook. yet all the political discussion is woman hating, and Putin and Isis and no trade …. freaking country of idiots anymore. T is in the comm/info biz. that it’s fingers are in every type of comm/info is security. you can get rich on a guess, but most guesses make you lose. ill and grouchy, lo siento.

      • I bought Smith & Wesson when it was about broke and GE at ten bucks a share. Both much better than some of my other moves. Selling NETFLIX before they got in the streaming business one of my worst. People like me should just ride the funds and not guess at stuff.

        • the buy was due to T dropping below the lower three sigma line; every time this has happened in the last 5 years or so it’s been a bottom and T has been a good buy. The drop also makes the dividend return % a little higher. the reasoning is really BS though because govt and central banks can and do step in and make things happen that would not happen. the bottom line game for us old people is div security. generally the higher the dividend the lower the security and T is pretty secure for 5%. the fund thing means you gain or lose like everybody. as people age more are looking for income. i certainly am. guessing at divs is the sames as guessing a stock, bad thing. Vanguard has some div funds. you might read about them. i own some very risky BDC and MLP stocks and have not been wiped by them. PSEC, a BDC with bad press has paid me 13% of the price i purchased it at since i bought it 3 or 4 years ago. i don’t care if it goes up or down because if it pays a $1 a share that is all i want the kids can decide it is stupid or not after i die. if you do not have the cash or emotional ability to lose big you should just have cash.

          • I’m a guy that likes things steady. When I retired I rolled over 3/4 of my 401-K into a fixed annuity. Pension + Social Secuity + Met. LIfe annuity = a regular paycheck every month.

          • your met life broker loves you. not only did he make more on the annuity than you, he got a fat bonus for you being a smoker. bet he not tell that as a smoker u should get an extra monthly amount.

          • did you smoke when you signed the annuity? honestly. if you remember the number you rolled into the annuity i would be interested in the answer. i stopped using brokers over 30 years ago coinciding with me going self employed and getting real “pinche”, cheap. i do not know the answer. i just assume you would have done better, but i do not know that. we know the efficacy of “assume”. of course you are just 1 data point. but i would guess you actions were replicated by a lot of people.

          • No, I wasn’t a smoker at the time. You’ll have to wait until the devil brings you a ice cream cone. I won’t even do the calculation. Why would I?

          • for me, because maybe i have been a dumbazz. you are fine, i get that. you have no idea how few people at our age have that. it is good info.

          • I don’t want to know. What’s done is done. I did do some due diligence at the time. Got a proposal from my bank represented by the company with the whales, had a guy come up from Columbus with a fixed-variable annuity hybrid to allow funds to prosper. When all was said and done I decided I wanted a fixed income that I basically couldn’t touch as I got looney-tunes in old age. Now on top of that I rolled the 1/4 balance into a Deutsche Asset Management IRA fund that allows me a huge variety of investments with which to play. I also had a hunk of cash and stocks that I kept separate for liquidity. Finally, the freezer-vault with valuable pizza.

          • What can I say, I’m living very comfortably with no stress and can afford to buy pizza from New York.

    “Four score and some odd years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. The fact that they didn’t mention women, well, that’s huge!”

  5. Given what Hillary Clinton did with her private server and the list of lies that she told the public for over year, her continued fixation on “Bridgegate” which was wrong but nothing more than a childish closure of a lane of traffic is laughable. She can pretend all she wants that she is a principled pundit but all she does is carry water for the Democrats.

  6. Really liked the MEDIABUZZ segments with Howie’s post debate Chris Wallace interview and Ed Henry comments on WIkileak revelations. ED’s takes were fair and reasonable — glad he’s back.

  7. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 perturbs parents
    4 sues CNN
    3 O’Whine
    2 moonlighting
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Today’s Martin Dugard response.

  8. just watched stelter’s T rap. laughed out loud all the way through. they are going to treat cnn like romney would have treated the budget.

  9. I remember when “Goldfinger” was released. People raised holy hell over the pilot’s name, “Pussy Galore.”

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