Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday numbers: Debate/FNC-Deb/CNN-PostDeb/FNC 1-2-3.
  • FNC tops broadcast and cable nets for 3rd debate, also wins demo.
  • Video: Outnumbered debates on electoral process.
  • Deja Vu: Dem ticket stiffs Fox News.  MSNBC moves into studio 3C.
  • ICN: CNN slam of Morning Joe compromised by a lack of clean hands.
  • Byers: Chris Wallace focused on substance in a ‘sterling performance’.
  • Concha: ‘Masterful’ Chris Wallace revived pride in the debate process.
  • Grynbaum: Subtle, yet firm, Chris Wallace elevated the election season.
  • Rieder: Chris Wallace clear winner of debate.  Riddell: What Rieder said.
  • Katz: Will CNN purchase and air Gabriel Sherman’s Roger Ailes tv movie?
  • Kelly File video: Asked about leaked questions Donna Brazile
  • Guthrie: Bret Baier talks about politics, Megyn Kelly, Roger Ailes, and more.

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28 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. I wish Mike Wallace were still alive to see Chris receive so much praise from all corners of the media. Even though Mike had no love for FOX I’m sure he would have been so proud of his son today.

  2. Oh, I expect the Sherman movie to be featured in the premier of CNN’s STELTER AT THE MOVIES in which the smoking-jacket clad host will present a film with commentary afterwards by guest celebrities. First guest, Alec Baldwin.

  3. An astute Spud in short: “Not that Byers should be the one squawking here. CNN’s hands are much more dirty than Morning Joe’s when it comes to their coverage of Trump. Byers knows this, of course…yet he throws darts at Morning Joe anyways. Lame…”

    • No matter who is elected it’s safe to say you should store popcorn and beverages for the mass media bloodletting in the election aftermath.

      The toadying, finger-pointing, opportunism, accusations, smugness, and stricken soul-searching within the media will go on for six months.

    • It is indeed. He knew they’d erect it when he said it.

      That first little running guy looks like Brian Stelter.

  4. Spud is right …. none of the cable morning shows (well besides Morning Express, and the former Your World This Morning) can’t throw stones on their coverage of Trump.

  5. Maybe I’ll just write in Chris Wallace for President. He did the best job of the year by far.

    While I think HRC would do the less damage in the next FOUR long years……..I’m still not voting for that damage.

    I will be very interested in the undervote count on election night.

    • The woman blurted out how long it takes to launch missiles. That alone disqualifies her for office. Are there any other nuclear secrets that Ethel would like to share with our enemies?

      • Trump should be disqualified for being a rasict, bigot, misogynist, sexual abuser, insulting a Gold Star family, women, minorities, stiffing honest, hard-working people who did work on his buildings, failing to pay his taxes and refusing to accept the results of the election. Need I go on?

        • Most of that is fair opinion. Some is false, notably ‘failing to pay his taxes’. If that were the case he’d be in jail. Everyone is obligated to pay his or her taxes. However if they owe no taxes there are none to pay. Nobody is obligated to pay taxes they don’t owe, and in real life very few do so.

  6. Wallace used the words “the peaceful transition of power” in regards to Trump accepting the results of the election. Question-doesn’t that phrase usually apply to the day of the inauguration when one guy is leaving and another one coming in? Not election results? Trump doesn’t really have any “power” to give up, right?

    • Yeah, the transition of power is what Obama will be doing on the 20th of January giving it to (insert person here) , the question that works more should be including : accepting the results and conceding and telling your supporters to accept the results not the transition of power part.

      • And who has sued the DNC over the results of the primary– Sanders supporters.

        Why isn’t Brian Stelter calling them a threat to the republic? Because half the DNC resigned or was fired in the aftermath of the leaks about their primary rigging….and Stelter wouldn’t want to offend them.

        He wants as many as possible of them to vote for her.

  7. “As I noted earlier this morning, last night’s debate brought a refreshing change to the public discussion of this election. Some of you may have fainted from shock and missed a bunch of it, but there was actual policy discussion taking place. This came as a surprise to those of us who assumed there simply wouldn’t be time amidst all the questions about criminal offenses, sexual assaults, hidden brain damage and the grabbing of genitals. And one topic which made it onto the stage was the deficit and the national debt.”

    • as an aside. government accounting is actual and yearly. GWB had the deficit down to the lowest point of the decade when the subprime crisis hit. his legislation was TARP, Obama did the stimulus. the TARP expense was booked in GWB’s last year, and the 80+% payback was booked as income in Obama’s first 2 years without which his deficits would have been cumulatively an additional 800 million higher, mas o menos. we got nothing back from the stimulus. just so you know how the ducks are arranged because Clinton will surely get no income from the Obama years. indeed, it looks like liabilities are taking a flying leap with no end in sight.

  8. Today’s most popular links:
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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Deva Vu: Dem ticket stiffs Fox News.

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