Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Anderson Cooper-Hannity-Bill O’Reilly 1-2-3.
  • Concha: Stelter handwaves media collusion as ‘ludicrous’ conspiracy.
  • Soup’s on: Mrs Chris Wallace is a New York Times best-selling author.
  • Late Show videos: Bill O’Reilly with Stephen Colbert
  • Young guns jump from BuzzFeed to CNN’s K-File. Where Sara Murray eats.
  • Sunday showdown: Reliable Sources bests Media Buzz.   Weekend numbers.
  • When swells gathered at Todd’s place to hobnob with Hillary campaign exec.
  • Unimpressive visuals on Banfield debut (via CNNC).  MSNBC hires Ali Velshi.
  • Hod: The rise and fall and rise of Ashleigh Banfield.   Millennials flock to CNN.
  • Kelly File video: on Patrick Kennedy’s ‘bribe’ offer to the FBI.
  • Flood: Attorneys argue Andrea Tantaros wants to turn courtroom into a circus.

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  1. I have been sick for two days with some sort of GI gastroeurpiupagus, eating toast and chicken broth.

    I need a Mrs. Wallace right now.

    • well i am not sure what the heck you are speaking of or what you call ill. since drugs are all sold over the counter here and an average 12 year old knows more about health than a Cuban trained doctor i use a reverse practice here. i buy a drug, if it works, it tells me what i had. you could walk two blocks and for less than $3.00 buy 3 days of parasite kill pills. they kill everything cellular so you will need to repopulate your gut with good flora and fauna but the principle by product of almost everything in your gut bad for you is: a. bacterial and b. produces acid. acid causes a variety of effects not the least of is 15 second sonic gas passing events. hope that helps. my guess is your vet will sell you the same dang thing for peanuts.
      now, if condition persists after 12 hours you have ruled out bacteria producing toxins and acids. cuz dey all be dead. a chug of milk of magnesia can give you a quick flush. the regimen for repopulating your tummy with good stuff involves copious amounts of citrus and piña.

      • btw, gringo doctors know this. indeed the diagnosis of many conditions are confirmed with a drug administration. example: if you exhibit the symptoms of Migraine Cluster headaches you will be given a self injector of Imitrex. if you feel a headache coming on you inject yourself, if the headache melts away the diagnosis is positive.

  2. the leading english paper in Costa Rica is AMCosta Rica. .. and Ok the principle founder editor says he retired but i recognize his writing hand is a buddy. age 73 by now i am sure. so disclosed but i would think this sort of endorsement is only going to become more common as we near the election.

    An A.M. Costa Rica presidential endorsement
    Neither major candidate is worthy of your vote

    A.M. Costa Rica cannot endorse either of the leading candidates for the U.S. presidency. Both appear to be inept, irresponsible and dangerous.

    Hillary Clinton has demonstrated she is a schemer who uses government positions for personal gain. She also is a liar on important issues.

    Donald Trump is an egotist who happened to touch key areas of public unhappiness in his rise to the nomination. But he has shown a lack of focus and an extraordinary lack of good manners and respect for others. He is at least a liar.

    This newspaper urges Trump to step aside and allow the vice presidential nominee, Mike Pence, to assume the nomination and win office. But that will never happen.

    There is a third option, and this newspaper endorses Gary Johnson, the nominee of the Libertarian Party. He is unlikely to win, but if the party receives enough votes, it will be recognized in the future.

    “Achieving just 5 percent of the popular vote nationwide will achieve ‘major party’ status for a third party for the first time ever,” his campaign notes.

    The Johnson campaign also notes that if he manages to win the electoral votes in just one key state, both Trump and Mrs. Clinton
    Acceptable candidates:
    Pence and Johnson

    will be denied election and the House of Representatives will select the president from the top three electoral vote getters.

    That means Johnson will become president because the Republican-dominated House is unlikely to pick Trump.

    Johnson would make a better president than either Mrs. Clinton or Trump. So would any number of individuals picked randomly off the street.

    Consider a vote for Johnson an investment in the future and not an empty action. And please cast your vote for the Republican candidates for U.S. House and Senate to protect us from more Obamacares and probably Mrs. Clinton.

    • Johnson is addle-brained. He is often confused, and couldn’t name one foreign leader. He also wants to cut defense even further, a brilliant idea in a dangerous world. In other words, Stoner Logic. Even a ticket of Gilbert Gottfried and Lindsay Lohan would make more sense. Gilbert might even tell The Aristocrats joke at the inagural.

  3. Stelter can’t entertain for a second that, despite the email revelations, and the words of people in the media making explicit arguments against objective treatment of Trump, that the media has cast away any pretense that they are not advocates for Clinton saving the country from the Huns.

    As lazy and none too bright a bunch as the American Media Party has become, it defies logic how they can focus on Billy Bush and Hiward Stern and ignore that a State Dept official offered the FBI a quid pro quo deal that would have benefitted Mrs. Clinton.

    However, Brian Stelter has no difficulty imagining mass violence as dumb conservative hillbillies rampage in the aftermath of a Trump defeat.

    Concerns over media collusion and bias are overwrought nonsense, Trump whipping up his odious KKK minions is a cynical threat to the republic.

    Stelter’s keeping his fingers and toes crossed. Be assured that there is one way where all Stelter’s glib assurances that fears of “rigging” are a ginned-up assault upon truth, justice, and the American Way would come to a screeching halt. That is if Trump squeaked in with a victory.

    • anyone thinking agencies have ever not proffered these sorts of trade offs is incorrect. it may be somehow illegal, but it the only way countries, any country, gets anything done. “doing the right thing because it is the right thing” is jack in the bean stock stuff. you know, the main political talking points. magic beans.

      • It wasn’t a simple political trade off, it was an attempt to bribe in an attempt to obstruct justice. The documents were under subpoena, altering evidence is a crime.

        • it is what govt does. it legalizes theft and other crime. you gonna do a clinton dos and pull your hair out for as long as she lives? Mrs Madam President Clinton. get used to it.

          • it doesn’t make it right. And cops and DA’s that knowingly lie should be charged with perjury. And, if it results in an innocent being convicted, they should have to serve the sentence.

          • there are laws everywhere. we learn to break and get around stupid ones and if people vote in law breakers we put on our big boy pants and live on.

          • It doesn’t mean that we have to learn to like it. I generally have no use for criminals, elected or not. However, there are too damn many laws and jails. But, I guess that I’m bitter that I can’t scalp people who deserve it, due to the damn White Man’s law.

          • it is important to follow laws that are sensible and to break all the others if you can do so without a penalty greater than you wish to pay. the its the law meme to me is just collectivist rot. i do not need a law to know what is reasonable or not.

  4. I see Trapper and CNN “reporters’ repeating HRC talking points and calling wikileaks story “stolen” emails…..Ive NEVER heard anyone in the press call them stolen before they affected the HRC race.

    We have had wikileaks stuff for years…..does anyone remember the press calling the leaks stolen over and over before?

      • As it turns out….MOE’s puppet thinks I’m a coward for hiding and commenting on a publicly available international Blog and not downloading some app so i can respond to a disgraced racist “writer”……a dry drunk and a puppet where they want me to …….what strange minds they have.

        • I guess that his puppet finally decided to stop pestering us here, so he could devote more time to Stormfront and the like.

          • Whoever was feeling sorry for him because they figured he was mentally ill, stop that. Save your pity for somebody you can reach out and touch.

        • If you joined Twitter and started responding to them it would be about an hour before they high-handedly made a show of blocking you for the good of their serenity…vast superiority …Twitter followers…timeline…something.

          Don’t bother.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 media collusion
    4 best-selling author
    3 at Todd’s place
    2 of Ashleigh Banfield
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Flood: Attorneys argue Andrea Tantaros wants to turn courtroom into a circus.

  6. CBS THIS MORNING isn’t all anti-Trump. They reported today that by the end of her term as Secretary of State Hillary was so hated by her security detail that superiors had a hard time getting replacements for those that bugged out.

  7. NOT to imitate Chris….but dang cant BO find out how to say the Gov of a huge state name before he tries to say it?

    Yes he got it wrong. I doubt they have met…..but come on staff……….look it up!

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