Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Women Wikileaks
  • Reliable Sources: Trump’s dangerous talkdangerous vitrioldangerous threats.
  • The Cable Game: Donna who? CNN’s on-air blackout of Brazile controversy.
  • Hogue: It’s all but official…Abby Huntsman is the new F&F Weekend co-host.
  • Kelly File video: on Trump charges of a media conspiracy.
  • CNN defends coverage, admits it may go ‘slightly overboard’.  Sunday talkers.
  • Q&A: W Kamau Bell, Erica Hill.  Richard Grenell and Katy Tur in a twitter spat.

93 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. I don´t swear often, but when I do, I prefer the nastiest of words. Stay vulgar my friends.

        • I only got spanked once in my life when I was five. Learned swear words from some older boys and tried them out when mom had the minister over for supper. She latter told me she was sorry when she tucked me in for bed. We kids had worse punishment than spanking. It was a four letter word: W O R K.

          • my mom regularly spanked me with those old woolworth card board bottom shoes with little half moon wooden heel. she said the half moon marks she left helped her feel better. i really ticked her off once as she broke her best wooden spoon over my head. oh those crazy greeks.

          • Yeah. That was our usual punishment too, and it was on top of our routine chores.

            I was, however, hit more than once on the backside with a wooden spoon by the lady who (along with her husband) took care of us while my father was at work or elsewhere.

            I’m a big advocate of child labor, myself.

            It teaches to kids to be a part of the household. To invest in it.

            There’s tons of stuff they can do too, from loading a dishwasher to pouring tired mama a glass of wine.

      • My father personified the terms affable and laid back.

        He started teaching us to drive on back roads as soon as we could see over the steering wheel.

        He’d doze off with a twelve year old behind the wheel and two kids in the backseat arguing over who got to go next.

        Worse we ever heard from him was “damnit to hell!”, but on the rare occasion we heard it we disappeared because if he saw us something was going to go down that involved our reroofing the house or something.

        • My dad was an Army sergeant before becoming a warrant officer. All things considered, we rarely heard him say anything stronger than sh*t and g*ddamn. He very rarely dropped the F-bomb, and that was in traffic. Mom would grab him by the ear. My great-uncle taught me to swear in myaamia. A language can never die, as long as its profanity lives. .

          • I never heard or saw written the f-word until the kid in the desk in front of me said it in sixth grade.

            We were backwoods.

          • My fifth grade teacher and her husband were followers of George Lincoln Rockwell and his American Nazi Party. She took particular delight in harassing two Jewish girls in our class. She also said that me and my type were “mudpeople.” I was expelled for calling her the C-word. She was later fired, along with the principal. It turned out that she was cheating on her stormtrooper with him.

          • i am not old enough to remember pre war2 stuff. born in 54. however the majority of the electorate for a while wanted no part of the euro war. many supported hitler, and almost all of latin america did, but do you know y? joe stalin was godless and the communists in Mexico were seen as a bigger threat than adolf. godlessness was their key issue being fairly serious Catholic. Patton felt the same way. so did a few popes. saw it on cable i think.

          • Summer after my sophomore year in college I worked in a factory and picked up the jargon big time. I slipped out an f-bomb as I requested Sunday’s mashed potatoes be passed and somehow lived to regret it.

          • since i never use punctuation paragraphs or stay on topic i will tell you 2 stories. 1. when my oldest was 6 she was on the waiting list for st paul and going on the bus to pschool being taught by an award winning lesbian teacher that spelled boutique, bootique and it was not halloween. boys fighting on the bus got under the drivers skin he threatened to pull over and grab the next kid that caused trouble. antigone had no part in it but the boys took the challenge, the driver screeched to a halt ran back grabbed the wrong kid and was politely informed by tig that it was another boy. the bus driver told her to shut up and proceeded with the incorrect boy when he was informed by my darling “well that not effing fair”. she was suspended from the bus, and i told the driver he needed to ef himself as well. i am no friend of public employees. 2. here in nicaville the lights go out a lot and each time they wipe out whatever i am doing on the puter and i always scream sh*tF**kd**it. sofia being 3.5 at the time watched babys tv on channel 86, note cable, and the tv would go out as well. we had bought her a little wood rocking chair and she was so serious and intent w/ babies tv she would follow all the instructions and i would need to hookie pookie every time they played it. hard work i tell you. she took to saying sh**tF**kd**it everytime the lights went out and val and i thought that was so precious. until one day she was home watching her baby tv with gmama and the lights went out and she well. fill in the blank. ++

          • I hope gmama hit you over the head with a wooden spoon for teaching her that.

            BTW: Antigone is a such a wonderful name and admire your utter lack of superstition in naming her that.

            Not me. Superstition R us.

          • i gave tomi antigonia on her kindle in español. she got it straight away. everyone dies except the person that started the problem. the basis of every Novela since.

          • we have a family tradition, wherever the ear goes the child goes, my mother was much more foul than dad. if your life is hard enough the pretensions are ^&$^&$%^#*

  2. Gotta say Tur as a “reporter” is truly awful. She thinks living out of a suitcase in a 1st world country is a big deal? Ask those reporters who have covered wars for months on end what being a reporter is really all about. That’s when you really learn to be a reporter. Her Twitter feed is truly biased and her on air reporting “live” is even more so.

    • The hilarious thing was people leaping on Grenell’s mention of dating Olbermann as ‘sexist’. It may have been (eye of the beholder) but one of the people who joined that bandwagon and parroted the charge was our favorite newshounds writer. Yes the newshounds, who famously, and repeatedly, claimed that Megyn Kelly was hired by Fox News because she slept with Brit Hume. Gee, could that be just a tad bit sexist? Ya think?

    • It seems like most media reporters are people her age, of a certain socioeconomic background, and who don’t know shite from shinola.

  3. Stelter and Brazile went up a hill,
    to fetch a pail of bias.
    Donna fell in, though you can’t tell by him,
    exposing pretty much what that guy is.

  4. SUBJECT: Has Donald Trump all but abandoned the idea of winning and instead begun to pursue other objectives?

    A nice juicy conspiracy theory goes well with my morning oatmeal.

    Exhibit A
    There are reports that campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has been MIA fueling continuing speculation that new people (e.g., Breitbart’s Steve Bannon) are having more influence with what some are calling a new ‘burn it down’ strategy.

    Exhibit B
    Comments on the Kelly File that Trump’s ‘scorced earth’ speech on Thursday was, “Right out of the alt-right playbook with racist undertones and anti-Semitic themes.”

    First it was WaPo’s Chris Cillizza and talk of Trump TV or a similar media pursuit. Now from the other side of the isle we have former Breitbart editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro making a similar suggestion. Anyone else buying into these theories as at least possible and not unreasonible? I find them intriguing.

    Basically, what Harvard Law School grad Ben Shapiro said to Megyn Kelly on Thursday was,

    “This is no longer about winning an election. This is about rallying a certain group of supporters in order to believe that Donald Trump is being destroyrd by some evil consiracy that stabbed him in the back. He’s creating a “stabbed in the back mentality” so if he losed he can go back to those people and MARKET OFF THEM.

    Does Ben include the possibility of a media company among Trump’s ‘market off them’ goals? Sure sounds like he’s suggesting the same (possible) outcome as Chris Celizza did before him.

    Megyn’s interview with Shapiro

  5. Talk Dirty to Me
    Billy Bush expected to get $10 million settlement from NBC

    Sources exclusively tell Page Six a settlement will involve a large lump payment said to be the full value of his three-year contract.

    • Interesting.

      So if the report is true, that’s 5X what Andrea Tantaros was reported to have been offered by Fox News (or perhaps I should say by 21st Century Fox) .

      I find some of the parallels in the two storylines have some striking similarities including ‘rumors’ neither of them were liked by some of the people they worked with on camera.

  6. Megyn had a nice tribute to her late 101-year-old grandma last night (or was it Thursday night?). In any case, it was very touching.

  7. Today’s “Say what, Willis?!” Moment?

    ?Poll: Clinton holds four-point lead in aftermath of Trump tape?

    Hillary Clinton leads 47-43 percent among likely voters in a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, only a slight change from a survey taken before the first debate. The poll was conducted during one of the most tumultuous periods of Trump’s candidacy, after the release of a video in which the GOP nominee spoke of taking sexual advantage of women and when numerous women have accused him of sexual misconduct.

    • She’s such a poor candidate and a person who corrupts everything she touches.

      I’m not sure though that with the disappointment and anger Republicans feel toward their establishment pols, that anyone besides Trump could beat her either.

    • Stephen Hayes is a great writer. He has followed this issue along with the Osama bin Laden raid.
      He digs deep into details but shares the story in a very understandable way.
      Love it when he is on the Special Report panel.

  8. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 Kurtz and Stirewalt
    4 slightly overboard
    3 twitter spat
    2 on-air blackout
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Hogue: It’s all but official…Abby Huntsman is the new F&F Weekend co-host.

    After keeping it secret for more than a year, the city Department of Education has finally revealed it employs at least 114 bureaucrats and “coaches” — making a combined $12.7 million a year and rising — to run Mayor de Blasio’s stumbling Renewal program to fix failing schools.

    Nothing says liberalism to me than something like that. Coach put me in. ?? I’m ready to play.

    • Nice to see that his obsession with you continues. And Chucky’s bride even chimed in to offer her pointless view of the world.

      • You know I remember when reading someone’s timeline after blocking was considered “creepy stalker” behavior. Oh well, if it wasn’t for double standards some people wouldn’t have any standards at all.

        I’m not even sure why creepy stalker addressed his tweet to Stelter. What did Brian do to get creepy stalker to pester him?

        • I guess that the creepy stalker thought that since Stelter was on CNN, he must hate all things Fox. It probably never crossed his mind that few actual broadcast professionals would have that level of obsession.

        • Seems pretty weird that the stooges cult was defending a media host…….isnt that cult like???? mostly because when one of them hadn’t even watched his show yet. Why is it disgraced people always talk about shows they dont watch????

          The stooge racist Cult keeps checking your Blog then going to twitter to complain about comments. Obsessed much?

        • I suppose countering Brian Stelter on Twitter is somehow unreasonable though he certainly does that with other people at times.

          In my book the best thing about Twitter is that journos are engaged by their readers (although I know some helpful company has created some software that can sheild them from that).

          They all seem to write and talk only to and for each other. It’s good thing for them to get pushback.

          I like the way Concha is always ready for a bare-knuckled brawl with anyone when defending his thinking. He listens.

          It’s about valuing ideas rather solely being ambitious.

          We shouldn’t feel that these guys have to be protected. They need outside exposure and they need challenging.

          • Jake Tapper was one that was constantly engaging on Twitter. He once wrote a ten part tweet at my request of what he did as a producer of a reporting segment. No so much anymore.

        • Imagine the difference if the story Stelter was not talking about was an email from Cory Lewandowski to Kellyanne Conway saying “Sometimes I get questions in advance”.

    • Clicked on this out of curiosity. Joe Remi, a guy who would Tweet at me perioidically, called me a hack. That’s fine (albeit a bit unoriginal)… all part of the contract and Twitter isn’t sunshine and roses. What’s disappointing is that I’ve always treated Joe professionally and with civility. Oh well.

        • It’s always some sort of accusation of cheering for the wrong team.

          You’re a fox fanatic…you’re a Trumpster.

          The only appropriate and in-kind reply to stuff like that is “I know you are, but what what am I…”

          • These people are certifiable. Lunatic newshounds writer calling Kennedy, a libertarian who has ripped Trump since forever, a “Trumpkin” (juvenile third-grade name-calling is his specialty). Credulous morons who don’t know any better believe him. It’s like having a window onto Bizarro Planet.

    • You must of really rubbed his rhubarb. Congrats. The bald head with gleaming teeth has become a troll with a show.

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