‘Why Isn’t There Any Kind of Reprimand?’

J$P Video! Joe Concha on shameful behavior by some media organizations:

From On the Record 14 October 2016

4 thoughts on “‘Why Isn’t There Any Kind of Reprimand?’”

  1. Weak Tucker, very weak.

    Apparently Mr. Carlson is not reading J$P — at least not daily.

    Saying Harwood giving campaign advice (a la Sean Hannity & Mr. Bill) was “just about the most embarrassing thing a ‘reporter’ can do.” Huh? Your own colleagues do it in prime time.

    This is where his argument was weak because it’s so easy to rebutt because Harwood appeared on many shows as an opinionator.

    As I explained he was no worse or better than Jake Tapper who also appears on opinion shows.

    If he had consulted J$P the stronger (more legitimate argument) put forth by regular commenter Cecelia. Namely,

    When they are chosen as moderators for a debate and then give tips to
    the Trump campaign on how best to present the candidate during the
    debate, let us know.

    I applaud Cece — but what Tucker said was embarrassing to watch,

    • OTOH, to try to show a little balance — Joe Concha makes a legitimate point when he wonders out loud why Harwood hasn’t been reprimanded.

      Finally, I would caution Media Buzz and other weekend shows from falling in the trap of exaggerating political bias when in point of fact much of the recent criticism of Trump (even the 11 stories in the NYT) are character based and not politically based an important distinction.

      As further evidence the NY Post, Washington Times, David Zurawik, WSJ and the National Review are all covering this bizarre story of Trump’s behavior toward women.

      Or “pilling on” as some of the “anti Trump criticism” commenters here at J$P are likely to claim.

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