Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-Coop-Bill O’Reilly 1-2-3.
  • Concha: The numbers show Trump’s media criticisms make a valid point.
  • Wikileaks: Another CNBC debate mod secretly cozy with Hillary’s camp.
  • Extreme makeover: Schwab branch office now a high-tech Fox News studio.
  • Ariens: Rupert Murdoch helps Fox Business celebrate its ninth anniversary.
  • Videos: on Trump’s troubles; eyes the timing.
  • Zurawik: Megyn Kelly’s debate question foreshadowed the Presidential race.
  • Impartial CNN reporter: Trump’s response to charges ‘paranoid…dangerous‘.
  • Wemple: Jake Tapper blasts leak of town hall question.  ICN: Why, CNN, why?
  • Craig Melvin defends John Harwood.  Chuck Todd moonlighting.  Lou is sorry.

143 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Trump decries the accusations made against him and likens it to the Wikileaks revelations of collusion by saying these claims are part of a campaign strategy between the Hillary camp and the corporate media.

    Brian Stelter then calls that a dog whistle for violent post-election protests in the aftermath of a Clinton victory.

    Where was he when Trump supporters were being spat upon and assaulted outside of Trump rallies over rhetoric that likens complying with current immigration law to fascism?

    Oh, that violence was just fine and deserved, but Stelter is decrying what he says is Trump’s motivation for stirring up we rightwing shite-kickers.

    This is what they tell themselves they’re saving the country from as they blur every ethical line within their own industry to protect the country from you.

    • its ok cc. saying president trump or president clinton outloud puts the insanity out front where it belongs.
      after all becoming isolationist is favored both party candidates. opposing TPP is opposing trade with Asia not China. opposing NAFTA is opposing any sort of GDP growth other than government and that is paid for by the highest tax take in history along with mo’ debt. what could go wrong. uhhhhh
      honestly, it is time to channel Swift and have a redux of his modest populist proposal.
      maybe re-write the old Stones tune. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhbaby, its just a vote away. just a vote away.
      all you multigenerational gringos just have not been close enough to the degeneration of the human condition into “Mad Max”. in that regard i have been lucky. all my grandparents were born out of the country so i got stories. oh man. my whole life was stories. Nix, my mother’s father was born and raised until a teen on Nisyros in the Dodekanisa. he did come speaking greek, turk, russian and french however not much else positive could be said. Old timers here whisper in English to me tenemos comidas con presidente Luis . After the war (2), then the Greek civil war, my father’s Mother and sister returned to the plains of Sparta and could not find a single member of their family left. i see the young Sandinistas here today who have no memory of the 2 wars fought here recently. the human condition seems to purge these horrors or reduce them to intellectual exercises with pictures and film. the USA suffers. it is forgotten how quickly total deprivation can arrive. so it is easy for gringos to spout how trade ruins their lives. we don’t need no stinking integration with that screwed up world. “i’ll tell you what.” it is not the hate addressed to the USA from every direction you need to worry about. you need to worry about not being needed. because once you are not needed, you are thrown away without a thought.
      that’s my story and i’m sticking to it.

      • You know absolutely nothing of my family’s background and lineage, so stop it with your usual assuming of things.

        • that is true which is why i was careful to qualify with “all you multigenerational gringos”. i replied to you about my thoughts as to why the electorate is so disconnected from the reality of what is happening to the usa. so disconnected that we have these 2 candidates. maybe i am wrong, after all first and 2nd generation voters seem to be going along with the insanity. it just appears to me no one is worried about becoming a failed state, i proffered my guess as to why. so you tell me. why is the USA seem so intent on destroying itself? maybe someone can find the dummy light before the engine freezes up

          • The same old utopian vision. The same ole self-congratulating “intellectual” and beneficent ruling class wielding benefits as they champion beholden factions.

            Nothing new.

            BTW- I resent your implication that multigenerational gringoes never faced the challenges of prejudice and tribalism, they only meted that stuff out.

          • “Nothing new.”
            so since our 1st president we have been slowly committing suicide collectively? no more proximate cause? nothing new? so maybe my thesis is wrong, but i don’t think yours holds up to the common sense test. the acceleration of self destruction is not real? i am just crazy? pols really are debating serious issues that matter? sorry. i don’t think so.

          • Where did I suggest that your idea that we are destroying ourselves is “not real” or even the slightest bit off base?

          • I didn’t post “alternate reasoning”, I posted my reasoning in reply to a question you asked me.

            If my idea of how this destruction is taking place differs from yours, it does not follow that I have rejected your basic premise that it is happening.

          • you posted alternate reasoning to mine. sorry for lack of specificity. you said “nothing new” and you are saying we are indeed self destructing? i only asked if nothing is new, have we always been doing it? to me the end seems a lot closer than it used to.
            you are to used to others twisting your intention. i am not in that basket. i would love to be wrong. i am just trying to understand why we seem hell bent on killing the USA? maybe chris wallace can ask “since everything you are both proposing has historically ended in societal suicide why are you both proposing it?”

          • I meant that the means for our undoing is nothing new.

            An appeal to an alternate heaven as fashioned by ruling class deity (whether a corrupt aristocracy or a politburo).

          • i do not understand. sure there has always been bad government that screws people. this mutually assure destruction we have embarked in is not unique? seems to me central banking is not that old.

        • Damn Cece. You go girl!!

          Your willingness to take a stand against another commenter — especially one as rude and disrespectful as “Mr. Negativity” gcblues, is commendable.

          Heretofore this has been rather uncommon at J$P’s “echo chamber” unless it comes from me or previous non-conservative commenters that no longer post.

          Must be the target. I find him loathsome even if you won’t go that far.

          I change my mind. Have a beautiful day — contrary to what I wished you earlier.

          • Maybe once a week at best do the exchanges get that blunt and shrill unless the target is a non conservative.

          • Good point.

            Please take notice ALL:

            Michael T. says we never fail to treat his challenges as low hanging fruit via by being so unreasonable as to defend Fox or otherwise not agree with him.

            I think we can remedy that situation handily by not responding to a troll who truly harbors nothing but contempt for us.

          • “Michael T. says we never fail to treat his challenges as low hanging fruit.”

            Did you just wake from a nap? That is not what I said. In fact, it’s almost the opposite.

            I noted three commenters who IMO have some of the poorest rebuttal skills — often resorting to name calling because they can’t keep up.

            That’s just my OPINION. I don’t expect anyone at such a monolithic site to agree. But I do expect smart people like you to stick to the facts.

            Low hanging fruit (for the record):

          • I case of a bad overnight frost the answer would be YES.

            Cover your fruit is what your friendly weather person always advises.

            Sorry Gatxer, but your setup was too good to resist. A hanging curveball right over the plate.

          • “But can’t resist playing devil’s advocate and trying to provoke discussion — or even debate.”

            The very definition of a internet troll I believe.

          • Isn’t that what MT…aka…gatxer avenger….aka Tom….aka Avenger does?

            He comes here to argue…..far as I can tell he’s the only one who does that here on a regular basis.

          • no we all argue. it is a good thing when it is substantive and a bad thing when it is circular nonsense about unimportant stuff.

          • Obviously you do not know the difference between conversation starters and playing devil’s advocate vs. sowing discord — which you do by your childish “racist stooges” in so many comments.

            Do a little research about the definition — “troll” in this case — before you comment next time.

          • I did… try to “provoke” things….that’s what trolls do.

            You come here to start arguments….nothing more………..Calling the disgraced racist stooges what they are isnt provoking anything……you can tell because they rarely come here ……so who am I provoking…..their puppet?

          • Not true.

            Examples please — and I am referring to OPs and not arguments that ensued.

            Raising the issue of “10+ accusers of Trump” is being discusses on all three cable channels. Yet I suspect this is what you call provoking. That’s more on you and the Fox News bubble, dude. Take your blinders off.

            You’re confusing what was argued about downthread (with my 1/2 dozen protagonists, always ready to pounce) with what was said in my OP.

            My only other OP in the last two days where I posed questions like was John Harwood any different from Jake Tapper. I later told Cecelia that I concede her point. What WikiLeaks exposed was indeed damaging.

            Almost forgot, I also had a positive OP about the airing of Mr. Bill’s movie “Killing Reagan” on Sunday night I believe.

  2. I’m getting tired of people calling each other ‘loathsome’ or ‘dummies’ or some other bit of name-calling, which you might notice just happens to be against the J$P Compiled Rules of Commenting, Rev 2a. I’m having a very busy, annoying day, but not so busy or annoying that I won’t eventually see or learn about everything that gets posted here.

    • so talk to us. tell us what is going on in your life. we could use a good distraction from this insane election. considering the facts on the ground, it is fair to say it is difficult to find neutral descriptive verbiage.

    • Well said.

      I would also hope you would subscribe to the notion that every comment (providing it meets the ‘Compiled Rules of Commenting’ guildelines) should be respected and not denigrated by calling it a “yawner” or “stupid” or “the dumbest post ever.”

      My philosophy is tell me what I said in my comment is “stupid” and explain why. But don’t suggest my comment is not worthy of being posted here. That crosses a line IMO. And AFAIK only one person does this.

      Just my two cents.

      Hopefully your day gets less annoying. My Chargers finally held a lead in the 4th quarter last night — so I’m on cloud nine today.

    • I am getting to leave for the afternoon. But, it would be nice to see no threats of violence (real or not) and no woman called a “biatch.”

  3. now this really illustrates danger to me.
    ” Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said Friday that the slow recovery from the Great Recession has surprised economists, confounding long-held beliefs about growth and inflation. Her remarks could help explain why the Fed has been reluctant to raise U.S. interest rates.”–finance.html
    if you read the article she goes on to say economists are confounded by anormal lack of inflation etc etc. read it yourself. i find it false in it’s entirety.
    1. many economists, all of them that i read, are not surprised by the result of helicopter Ben’s actions.
    2. she is an economist, yet she uses a non-economists definition of inflation. she intends to say “CPI inflation” which is a ginned up political number much like LBS’s unemployment numbers.
    3. inflation = increase of money supply that exceeds demand. you can have an increase of M1 supply that exceeds demand and a crash in commodity prices. i.e. the bag of measured goods and services can be priced the same and or lower and inflation can still exist. it happens when the world competes in devaluing it’s currency and the govt vacuums up all the excess currency and spends it on non productive, or low productive services.
    4. the entire idea of monetarism, Keynesian economics, is to use monetary policy to limit the effects of economic downturn.
    5. an economic downturn by definition is a “repricing”. we suddenly find everything is overvalued. it crashes until a bottom is found. a rebound occurs to a new trading range so all can agree on the value of all things, goods services, currency, labor, etc.
    5. the goal of monetarism then is to avoid a bottom. to minimize the pain. no bottom, no pain, no bounce, no one has an idea what anything is really worth.

    we are there. she does not get it. so we all ride on the only thing saving us, mo’ money, no interest. how can you expect investors to invest in anything real when no one knows what the value of anything really is? another good chris wallace question.

  4. Expect Obama’s brothers, sisters, Aunts, and Uncles are all looking forward to some quality time. About as likely as Bill Clinton and his boy.

  5. It took two years for the press corps to stop addoring Obama. It will take two seconds for the next POTUS.

          • she likes hearing it. it confirms her views of the voters. no one has mentioned this but it is fairly obvious the president, HRC and chump trump hate the electorate. HATE! the only person onboard right now with a modicum of respect for people is Biden, and he is a serial groping clown. also, in case no one noticed the chairman of the Fed today announced their policy has failed, but they can’t undo it and they have no idea what to do next, sorry about buying back our own bonds, but you still have to pay for them whether it worked or not. the last time something this momentous happened was in 38 in FDRs 2nd term when the sec of Treasury testified before congress admitting that all their attempts at using money and programs were failures and did not prevent unemployment from going back up to over 18%. no prob, FDR went around the people he had total disdain for and made it impossible to stay out of ww2. that fixed unemployment however the depression as measured by incomes, home ownership and family savings did not return to pre-FDR levels until the early 50’s. nice eh? he hated the constitution just like odummy, clinton and Chrump. lucky i am not 14.

          • I am reading a book “The Year of Indecision. 1946” about the immediate post war years. Things were grim, and Truman was in far over his head. You are right, things didn’t improve until the early 50’s.

          • economists were sure if they cut budgets the country would go back into recession and depression. the only thing supporting the economy was government spending. that was the argument. ike slashed, the economy boomed. duh. this past year the several candidates promising to eliminate whole agencies were laughed at and we got two big time spenders ready to bring us to world war again. glad i am not 14.

          • of course it also helped that we helped bombed out every industrial base in the world except ours. surprise when the rest of the world could make stuff again and paying middle class wages for putting a nut on a bolt turned out to be an economy sinker. so i guess if you think we could have the same outcome you might favor this lead up into world conflagration. whats 20 or 30 million lives when we are talking about saving govt programs.

          • more like termites and trash can dogs, but either analogy can work. bees at least have a good byproduct, i doubt anyone in the political class which includes the media and business depending on govt think the electorate has any value at all. just something to use and abuse.

  6. Over 10 accusers so far. Whoa!

    Months ago on a different blog I suggested that Frank Luntz often uses the screening application for his focus groups to manipulate the participants.

    But someone — call him John’ — said there has never been any proof that this actually happens. Fair enough…got me there.

    Now I’m going to flip the script about Trump’s latest accuser using ‘John’s’ technique against anyone diminishing the presentation just delivered by one of DT’s latest accusers because Gloria Allred (hated by many on the Right and some on the Left) is her attorney.

    Thus my question: “Has any woman Ms. Allred defended ever rescinded or was discredited?”

      • Deflect much?

        Of course what Clinton did with Monica Lewnski was indefensible.

        Actually you were one of the very commenters I was targeting. People whose extreme partisanship would likely send them right into denial mode.

        As I said earlier, “Low hanging fruit.”

          • Absolutely not when it comes to HRC and DJT I’m in the camp that only half jokingly states that I wish Obama and Romney were on the ballot instead. I may seem more partisan than I am because of devoting so much to mocking Trump and those who blindly support such a loathsome individual.

            It’s such bad fate that all these ethical lapses weren’t exposed earlier. Kiss the Supreme Court becoming conservative again goodbye. Plus conservative media ratings usually fall (at least for a period of time) after a McCain, Romney

          • Well I guess I look forward to you after the election….because of the regular posters here……..since you showed up…..3 screen names ago…….IMHO you are in the top 3 most partisan people here post wise.

            You have just said that you wouldn’t correct a lie about Trump because you dont like him………doesn’t become much more partisan than that.

          • Like I’ve said.

            “Low hanging fruit” which is actually worse than a “racist stooge.”

            Your illogical fact-free conclusion is based on the fact that the hostility here has chased other moderates away. So you’re left with me alone to try to suggest mainstream thought over far right proselytizing.

          • Who has been chased away from here?

            Name names???

            Which Moderates have left???

            You really think you are mainstream and I’m far right???? SEEK HELP…..dial 9-11 NOW!!!!

            What far right views do I hold??????

            If you are the mainstream saviour here…….were doomed.

          • Actually, the only comment ever made by Mike re this is for Gatxer to “please dial back” (Mike is always so polite) his posts about comments made by tweets on other forums. Or a similar sentiment. I can’t remember the exact quote.

          • “other than the always target rich Hannity — I find it laughable who you’re pointing fingers at.”

            I just showed you a post this week where I criticized at least 4 Fox News people in ONE post……I find it laughable that you still show you face here after that.

          • An old trick my friend.

            Picking an isolated example to suggest you don’t come here daily defending Fox News shows, Trumpkins and attacking those who criticize Trump along with Clinton and CNN.

            You’re indisputably firmly planted inside the conservative Fox News bubble.

            Own it. Wear it with pride,

          • Drink on my friend……… clearly dont bother to read what I post……let me guess you get your GATXER clips from MOE?

            Its fri….you clearly want to fight…..well do it with the voices in your head…….i’m going to watch a movie.

            Only a stooge can be proved….not just wrong….but completely wrong….and then claim it doesn’t matter.

          • “Since Ive been watching MSNBC all day…”

            Rachel’s kickin’ some tail in the ratings, isn’t she?

            Of course as soon as these ‘riveting’ accusations about Trump start to subside (How many more victims can there be) I predict her ratings will return to ‘normal.’

        • you do not even read. hillary is a criminal. the evidence is there. what the heck does that have to do with monica?

    • I have no problem entertaining the possibly that Trump groped one or more women.

      By the same token, I have no problem entertaining the possibility that this is a coordinated, long planned political assault.

      Which issue should come first in the minds of journalists as they report this? What sort of caveats should they be issuing to the public when reporting this?

      Should they have treated these accusations as they did those from the boy who claims to be Clinton’s son, which was never to report it because there was no proof and the timing of the accusation comported with an election?

      This has been handled in the “nonaligned” media in way that never would happened with anyone else.

      • “I have no problem entertaining the possibly that Trump groped one or more women.

        By the same token, I have no problem entertaining the possibility that this is a coordinated, long planned political assault.”

        Wow!! Jaw drop.

      • not only do they both suck, MT is even worse. nice political discussion, who lies, who enables a predator, who grabs azz. yellen made an announcement today admitting failure of policy. i write a good post translating it into english, post a left wing link. ths effects every aspect of the last 8 years and will cause a 2nd, maybe a 3rd lost decade. think Japan. response, crickets.

  7. Now this guy’s supposed to be a reporter……

    Trucker says there’s nothing on the WP front page just now about email………reporters says yes there is…..only look at the fine print…… was posted just 6min before he took the screenshot… when Trucker said it wasn’t there……….it wasn’t………that’s how the haters do things.

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Fox News studio
    4 is sorry
    3 Jake Tapper blasts
    2 Why, CNN
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Wikileaks: Another CNBC debate mod secretly cozy with Hillary’s camp.

  9. Not only is Megyn Kelly being smoked by Sean Hannity, now she is being beaten by Rachel Maddow of MSNBC! How low can you go?

    • How she got in such a high post is beyond me. But then again, most Fed Chairmen are simply clueless puppets.

      • there was a discussion here the other day about how little presidents effect individuals. others spoke of congress. don’t think scotus was brought up. as far as effecting you, the Fed, as our currency is 100% fiat, can effect individuals arguably more than any institution, agency, biz, person. or anything else you can come up with and not mentioned. well maybe tomi, but that is about it.

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