Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Video: Joe Concha asks ‘How does John Harwood right now?’
  • Special Report video: All-star panel on from Wikileaks.
  • A banner year for Fox News.  Frank Luntz home includes Oval Office replica.
  • ICN: After CNN’s Zakaria whitewash, don’t expect an investigation of Brazile.
  • Meet the inspiring girls of We Will Rise.  Somerby: Is Maddow out of her mind?
  • Ryle: Is inflammatory CNN Money report trying to make oil investors nervous?

83 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

      • Mine will be a trick or treater. Never had one in twenty days years at the cabin at the end of the road.

        • I should say that I am surprised to read that I had referenced some anti-Trump piece in the NYT.

          Except I’m not.

          • Yeah, kill that messenger.

            Often the only rebuttal those on the right have, unfortunately. It’s so very sad. Tears are pouring from my face onto my keyboard as I type.

          • Who snarled the NYT for reporting news? I never read the piece until you linked it, so I’m not sure how I referenced it.

            I made an ironic reply to your comment.

          • Remember the old Bush drunk driving October surprise. Bush league by today’s standards — or lack of such.

          • That is tame stuff now.

            My sense with Donald J. is that if you’re going to live by the sword, be prepared to die by it.

            The media is something else altogether. We’ve reached the point where colluding with democrats over campaign strategy is a career enhancement.

          • hardly new or even more extreme than in the past. i lived in DC during the nixon years. the town was crazy. the rest of the country had views and not one person changed them.

          • I graduated from HS in ’70 and it was still there. I think that it was closed a couple of years later.

          • You really are hyper partisan, aren’t you with all your “defending Trump and stuff” by belittling criticism of him while claiming you’re not a Trumpkin.

            Yeah, right!!

          • Belittling media attacks on him is NOT defending him?

            Oh. I see. I had forgotten you live in a parallel universe.

          • no it is not. the media and dummies like you only worried about silly stuff in no way is support for a puke like trump or clinton. the media is all about things absolutely unimportant. you spend hours spinning in circles like a dumb azz over stupid useless issues when you have 2 candidates that want nothing but to continue destruction of the country. the problem is you. people like you. media like you. you think it is all a game where points are scored. you, that thinks grab azz constitutes news. useless moron. you threaten me punk from a distance only because you knew if you came anywhere near me i would play you like a basketball. nothing but an ignorant lonely bitter loser.

            oh and good morning. see a doctor already.

          • they print republican scandals before every election. the stupids just eat it up. it is the only way they can get themselves mentioned.

    • true, partly true, not true at all…. i do not care. people can cover this stupid crap after they cover actual news. stupid is as stupid does. people chasing this crap on clinton or trump are wasting my time.

      • How come you commented differently for Anthony Wiener and Bill Cosby — or on some days were strangely silent?

        But f it’s about Trump somehow it’s “stupid crap.”

        Be consistent man.

        • i have not commented on any of them except in passing jokes. my hate for trump has nothing to do with grab azz, i hate the continuing coverage over meaningless stupid baloney when the country is going down the tubes financially. apparently reading is not your strong point.

    • that you and dummies like you care is the problem. clinton and trump are just symptoms of a sick electorate. deal with it. try zoloft or something. maybe your family would stop hating you.

  1. Susan Page was a panelist on CBS THIS MORNING and then SPECIAL REPORT in the evening. Busy day for her.

  2. NYT Today’s Headlines: Some in G.O.P. Who Deserted Donald Trump Over Lewd Tape Are Returning.

    My party if it’s nothing is stalwart.

    • They realized that if correctly viewed, everything is lewd. I could tell you things about Peter Pan. And the Wizard of Oz, there’s a dirty old man.

    • oddly my experience is only weird people correctly measure the public. they know no one shares their views and and seem to me to be more apt to question people and report the responses more accurately. people have tried to stick an agenda to him and it always fails.

  3. Devastating Concha interview with Cavuto.

    Lord help Matt Lauer for not conducting an interview in a way that was deemed fair toward HRC.

    Emails showing direct collusion between reporters (one a debate moderator!) and the Clinton campaign, as well as possible internal collusion within CNN proper…


  4. Re: “Joe Concha asks ‘How does John Harwood have a job right now?'”


    I’m not seeing a significant difference between what John Harwood did and what Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity do…offering support, cheerleading, etc.

    Some try to make him out to be a pure reporter and newsman like Bret Baier and Lester Holt.

    But is he really? Or, is that somewhat misleading so people like Joe Concha can advance their criticism?

    As I commented earlier:

    I know John Harwood has been on shows like Washington Week (a public affairs program on PBS), as well as NBC’s Meet the Press and MSNBC’s Morning Joe offering his opinions.

    I just simply see him as less of a straight news guy than some others do — or so it seems. Eye of the beholder I guess.

    For me Mr. Harwood is often more like a Jake Tapper who also hosted a debate and will anchor a CNN show and then be a frequent guest on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show where he offers opinions — seemingly agreeing with Mr. Hewitt more than he disagrees.”

    • I don’t know about “pure reporter”, but I do know tharpt the chief news correspondent for CNBC would prefer to be defended by someone with more sense than you’re exhibiting right now.

        • don’t be stupid they are completely different in their political views. stupid stupid stupid. hear what BOR has to say about big oil? insurance companies? you really that deaf and blind. the drum circles ruin your hearing.

  5. ABC’s Jonathan Karl Is Moderating the First Senate Debates in Florida and North Carolina
    A tip o’ the Kelly hat to a good guy.

  6. “Why does John Harwood have a job at CNBC now?”

    Joe, hopefully you understand that John Harwood is doing exactly what NBC Management wants him to be doing. Fire him? Hell, he will probably be getting a raise.

    I wonder if NBC brass are aware of the nasty things SNL and Seth Meyers are saying about Trump? Nah, no way.

      • the dumbest post ever. cnbc has exactly 1 con. rick santeli. every other on cam person is farrrrrrrrrrrrr left. only a crazy person would think differently if they watched.

        • People here can decide whether to believe a far right radical contrarian ‘king of snide’ commenter living out of the country w/o full access to American television — or Andrew Tyndall who hs been been reporting on television for over 20 years.

          • hollywood reporter or 40 year investor. hint cnbc like bloomfield streams on the net. dumb dumb dumb. people here know you are clueless. have you not gotten the hint? i tried to be nice. i tried to help, you just kept it up. so get used to it. don’t you have a drum circle that misses you?

          • Tequila night? Your hate is not becoming.

            You seemed to totally miss I was using information from a web page.

            Not expressing my personal opinion. I rarely watch the business channels.

            If you are going to continue being rude please try to at least pay attention.

          • i cited your source. it was stupid. i watch and read hours of financial news every day, yahoo, bloomfield, cnbc is all far far left. FBN needs to clean out the politics and put some actual financial news on it. maybe the populace would not be so stupid. hollywood reporter ….lololol. now i never ever read that. lolololol. i will be ruder and ruder and ruder until you stop posting crazy stuff. i would pay you a Cordoba, let alone attention.

          • I’d love to fly to Nicaragua and slap the sh*t out of you Mr. Obnoxious ornery expat. (Figuratively speaking of course.)

            For now I’ll just FLAG your comment as inappropriate.

            So you say mine was inappropritae as well.

            I say deal with it a*shole.

            I’m done with you.

      • They have quite a few liberals there. Carl Quintanella and Steve Liesman come to mind. Becky Quick and Sorkin as well in the morning.

        • Thanks Mitch.

          I really do try to keep my comments ‘honest’ as best I can.

          It’s feedback like yours that furthers that objective. I think a lot of us who are not regular viewers just assumed people like Joe Kernen and Rick Santelli were the face of CNBC.

          BTW, I think I also read that one of CNBC’s senior VPs has served in the Obama administration.

          • Jim Kramer is on one morning show plus he has his own show while Joe Kernan is 1 conservative with 2 liberals on 1 show and Rick Santelli is on only occasionally as a guest and you think they are the face of CNBC?
            Good golly! You really need to educate yourself before you spout off on something you know nothing about.

          • All I am saying is in the clips I’ve seen at various websites it invariably featured something controversial pr outrageous about Santelli or Kernan much more so than others.

            If you are so anxious to critizize that you have issues with that it really says more about your “eagerness to pounce.”

          • My previous comment was garbled so I am replacing it with this one. (Some will no doubt suggest it is garbled as well. LOL.)

            All I am saying is in the clips I’ve seen at various websites, it invariably featured something controversial or outrageous about Santelli or Kernan much more so than the others. So naturally — based on an admittedly small sample size — I assumed that they were the face of a TV channel that was right of center.

            If you have issues with that it really says more about your ‘eagerness to pounce’ than it does about a legitimate criticism.

          • Yes, the sure way to judge what any channel decides is to look at clips someone else wants you to see, and close your eyes to the other 95% of their programming that ‘various websites’ don’t want you to see.

            That way it’s so much easier to form an opinion. Rather than have one of your own, you can have an instant opinion of someone else’s opinion. Extremely handy to avoid upsetting those pesky preconceived notions.

            I’d say the above has exhausted my daily reserve of sarcasm but to be honest, that reservoir is never going to run dry.

          • Same retort as last time Johnny.

            You may need a shot of caffeine to keep from dozing off from sheer boredom.

            I can pretty much conclude which way shows with Lou Dobbs, Out# women, The View, Morning Joe, Chris Matthews, Hannity, Limbaugh and Fox & Friends lean politically from the numerous video clips without reading what others think of them. I don’t have to watch even one full show — or many full shows. Just a little reasoning and common sense, LOL.

            Once in awhile — like many others — I will get one wrong or even an entire channel. But I conceded that point in my OP by stating that I don’t watch CNBC, but based on clips of two anchors prominently referenced on various blogs and Twitter accounts I assumed they might represent the entire channel.

    • I don’t believe that. Problem is that management doesn’t care. No suspension, no apology means tacitly endorsing a Chief Washington Correspndent consistently advising a presidential campaign.

      • Well, they don’t want him to be caught with his hand in the cookie jar, but they most definitely like his pro-Democrat slant. Job One: Get Hillary Elected. They can always regain their “integrity ” after the election.

        Comcast CEO Brian Roberts plays golf with Obama and Bill Clinton, by the way.

      • Oh, come now. If management in an industry that is predicated on fairness and truth doesn’t care if it’s reporters tip the scale, it isn’t just a sort of backhanded tacit endorsement when this is tolerated, or a face-saving attempt to bury the matter as Spud suggests.

        It is what Mitch Allen says it is.

        It’s a full-on imperative that is communicated from the top down.

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  8. re: cnn blows it on oil. no investor listens to nets, they all pay for newsletters which are even more off the mark.

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