Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-O’Reilly-Anderson Cooper 1-2-3.
  • Concha: Accountability demands full investigation of Brazile’s actions.
  • Brazile’s defense: ‘The Russians are doing it, the Russians are doing it!’
  • Hill’s shills? Wikileaks revelations implicate MSNBCNBCNN personnel.
  • On the Record videos: Email leaks analysis:
  • Grace under fire, walks out on radio interview. Today’s Wemple O’Whine.
  • Ellison: Murdoch brothers pulling out all the stops to keep Megyn at FNC.
  • Concha: Daily Caller flies false flag with bum rap against CNN focus group.

133 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Copied from my son’s Facebook page…

    SNL’s Colin Jost on Weekend Update…

    “At first Trump tried to brush it off as just ‘locker room talk’. Which locker room, Penn State?”

    • every locker room male and female. when did you get neutered? now picture in your mind…asking a lot but try…… the women’s Stanford team alone celebrating the NCAA finals win…. oh hold it u do not. …..never mind.

          • You read so I don’t have to.
            You speak so I don’t have to.
            You make my life easy.
            I’d have another cup of Starbucks Nicaraguan, but I drank it all.

          • after the coffee experience mabey u should learn spanish and you and doge can marry an illegal and bring her family in. lord knows someone sane has to work around here. solamente necesito cuida con los cuchillos fina.

          • do your toes need clipping? i finished the garden and pool and just have not been hungry today at all. depressing. politics, market, grandkids 2nd bday i am not there. i was just told that when i am hungry, tell me so i can make it for you. not all bad. just all bad there! lololol

    • That criticism really bugged me. It was just so misinformed. Plenty to criticize yesterday. That situation wasn’t it.

      • Lovin’ your article, but hatin’ your Cubbies Joe.

        Can’t believe Bochy’s relievers were that bad last night. Now (with maternal family roots in Illinois) both feet are firmly planted on the Chicago Cubs bandwagon.

        Seventy-one years since their last World Series is long enough. (Well duh!!)

  2. Just came across this list.

    (Fox News) Journalists And Pundits Attacked By Trump:

    Bernard Goldberg (Fox News)
    Stephen Hayes (The Weekly Standard, Fox News)
    Brit Hume (Fox News)
    Megyn Kelly (Fox News)
    Bill O’Reilly (Fox News)
    Shepard Smith (Fox News)
    Chris Stirewalt (Fox News)
    Marc Theissen (Fox News)

    Hey, at least they’re mostly men. [shrug]

    Media Matters has links to examples (not liberal opinion) for each of these (as part of a larger list)…some examples being tweets by @realDonaldTrump

    “The Guide To Donald Trump’s War On The Press (So Far)”

    • Couple of things………first that list isnt complete (its media matters so no surprise)…….I can think of one right now……..and a big one…charles K for one……….2nd how is what Trumps doing any worse than what the Obama admin tired to do to Fox News? Seems to me both were VERY wrong……….yet the media for the “most” part only cared about one of them.

      3rd………if Fox News is the Trump 24-7 channel like the haters tell us…..why on earth would Trump attack ANY Fox news person…..seems kinda weird……you dont suppose the disgraced racist Newshounds are wrong do you?

      Oh and you missed Karl Rove.

        • I wouldn’t care if the daily caller posted it… they haven’t claimed to be at war with Fox News as media matters has.

          I was just pointing out that as usual MM didnt do a very good Job when it came to something concerning Fox News…….nothing more.

          If they missed that ONE…..and it was a big one… many small ones did they miss? Can’t have Fox news look like its not in the bag for Trump now can they.

          • I had forgotten the axiom about red and blue blogs. Forgive me — I guess.

            BLUE BLOGS — Mention the Breitbart website and expect some knee jerk reactions regardless of content or video clip.

            RED BLOGS — Mention the MMFA website and expect some knee jerk reactions regardless of content or video clip.

          • Well………….my big problem with MM is that they said they were at WAR with Fox News……..I tend not to get my news about places from other places who claim to be at war with them.

            But….hey that’s just me.

          • Fair enough.

            I like to think if a Google hit takes me to a very conservative website with something to say about the issue I am searching for, I will usually click on the link knowing I am usually savvy enough to spot whether what they are saying is true.

            In many instances whether it’s Breitbart, MMFA, Newshounds, HuffPo or Newsbusters and they have an unedited video (which they often do) I see no issues with checking it. Although I might follow-up on Twitter to see if anyone’s taking issue with it.

            To borrow your phrase…”hey that’s just me.”

          • I’m impressed you were able to find an earlier cached version of a Media Matters web page which you said has now been changed.

            As a retired software engineer I love these kind of ‘tricks’.

            Please tell us in as much detail as you can how you did that.


          • “I would have questioned why the disgraced racist newshounds call a news network trumpTV 24-7″

            Popular Slogans (especially on Twitter):
            CNN is the Clinton News Network
            Fox News is all Trump all the time or 24/7

            Haven’t you heard? These two inaccurate phrases are all over the Internet.

            Bill O’Reilly acuses sites like Yahoo! and Mediaite of being left or far left with no proof. He also once called NBC News the most “anti-military news operation in the country,”

            If you are going to start naming everyone who was ‘technically’ inaccurate because they were engaging in hyperbole to make their argument, you have quite a long list to create my friend.

          • I see you typing again……….but it has nothing to do with my point.

            All I did was point out that the disgraced racist newshounds call Fox News TrumpTV 24-7 and yet Trump and quite a few of his followers seem to very much dislike Fox News…..which seems funny……..if they are in the bag for Trump.

          • Looks like my point went over your head.

            I gave you examples of where people use exagerations and/or hyperbole to make a point.

            “FNC is all Trump all the time” — even though Trump has taken some of their people to task.

            “CNN is the Clinton News Network” — even though CNN has a number of Republicans among their on-air talent.

            “Bill O’Reilly accuses Mediaite of being left or far left” — even though they have plenty of articles from the right and also supporting Fox News and its ratings.

            Does it make sense now?

      • “if Fox News is the Trump 24-7 channel like the haters tell us. You dont suppose the disgraced racist Newshounds are wrong do you?”

        Be careful with your (unfounded) accusations. There is no proof that Joe, Ice or Laura — or even myself — ever made such a claim.

        Remember you’re the one who claims you want to call out lies said about Donald Trump of all people. So don’t let yourself be caught in one.

          • Are you saying that none of them have called Fox News Trump-TV?… this like one of those times where you can’t remember me criticizing people on Fox…..even though I did it in a conversation with you just 1 month before and criticized like 4 of them in one post?

            BTW: I didnt edit what I said………… yes I would guess everyone does.

          • “Are you saying that none of them have called Fox News Trump-TV?”

            There you go again moving the goal post.

            Demerits : 2

            Try to stick to the original debate topic. Your original assertion that haters like the stooges said “Fox News is the Trump 24-7 channel.”

            Yet you offer no proof this was ever said…because it wasn’t.

          • In what post did I say ” haters like the stooges said “Fox News is the Trump 24-7 channel.”

            I said haters……you dont think the stooges are the only Fox Haters do you? Or that the stooges are the only Disgraced racist Newshounds………stop trying to have me say what you want…………read what i wrote…..not what you WANT me to written.

            You need to stop moving the field.

          • Wow. Those were some impressive verbal gymnastics pal.

            Doesn’t it get tiring lifting that heavy goal post and moving it once again?

            Everyone knows you meant the “stooges.” Notice that no one is defending your backpedaling?

          • Is everyone just you again?

            This has to be the dumbest complain you have made about me…..and thats saying a lot.

            Funny how you KNOW what I mean….if if I type something else.

            If I mean the disgraced racist stooges…..I usually have NO PROBLEM saying so…….Im done with this…….I said what I meant…….get over it.

            Going to bed……rant on inside you head.

  3. so i posted the yoko ono thing i came across in UK media and i have seen no dispute, no denial, i have no idea if it is true or not. did ono really say what she is quoted as saying? not that it matters or makes a diff but i want to know if it is false or not.
    so we are down about to the point that hillary has to die for trump to win, and even then he could still lose. that being the case … good lord, the implications. just too horrible to contemplate. every enemy in the world is licking their chops over these 2 idiots running. how anyone can support either is beyond my ability to contemplate. the entire country is messing it’s diaper.

  4. This is another example of people who have stopped thinking in this election.

    Giuliani: Don’t remember seeing Hilłary on 9/11

    Fact: She was in DC on 9/11, flew to NYC on 9/12-as soon as flights resumed-toured the site

    Ummm…..if she didnt get to NYC till 9-12……….then wasn’t Rudy be correct in saying he didnt remember seeing her on 9-11??????

    IMHO Rudy talks about 9-11 to much………but based on this….he seems right……but i can’t find a story on where he said this.

    • the USA is collectively nuts. i talk to non-Americans every day. the spectacle you all are creating is insane. every side is guilty so quit trying to add up data points like the sum makes a difference. just how insane one or the other is hardly makes a difference. nuts is nuts. you wanna verify something. try to verify the USA’s unfunded liability.

        • not what i am speaking of. the world’s greatest greek philosopher after Aristotle told me insanity is contagious. i have never seen clearer proof. it is pandemic.

      • You know…..I was thinking about why everybody seems to have lost it…….it occurred to me that Obama hasn’t really done one thing that has really affected my life personally…..nor did Bush for that matter really………yes they both signed bills that affected me… those came from congress.

        My congress critters affect my life greatly…..the guy or gal in the WH,…..not so much………yet If I ask 10 people on the street who our representative is in the congress……… 9 wont know……..I did that test once while registering people @ 5 years ago……not one person knew the man’s name.

        • if GWB had not proposed and signed legislation that dropped long term cap gains to 15% literally millions of assets would not have changed hands and i would not have been able to retire. because of Obama’s increase in cap gains tax he pushed through under threat of government shut down, millions of assets including some of mine, become sale proof. remember that when you pass unused or under used properties. of course if not for odummy i would still have health insurance. one party single handedly eliminated my policy and replaced it with garbage. every person here can relate how they were personally effected by bad presidents. so thank you for pointing out something so fallacious it causes us all to think of the consequences we, the insane electorate, have wrought. or should that be spelled rot.

          • I was only talking about ME personally……….remember the person in the WH can do almost nothing without congress.

            I’m not affected by Obamacare or cap gains…..for as a example….I’m aware that many are.

          • how is it possible to not be effected by cap gain taxes and odummycare? cap gains is double taxation that removes money from the economy and effects every property, business and service. the only way i know of to not be subject to odummycare as an is to be a resident of another country. dems often state cons are so stupid they are poor and vote against their own interest because they benefit from the rainmaking dems gimmedats. the last irrelevant president i recall is the last 6 years of clinton.

          • Well….im retired and was already on medicare…….so Obama care hasn’t affected my life in anyway that I know of. It was also passed by Congress.

            As for Cap gain….fair point……on it affecting other things….again I would point out that CONGRESS however changed that law with Bush support YES.

            My main point still stands………people are going absolutely crazy about the WH race when its congress which really affect their lives and most couldnt pick their representative out of a line up.


            I asked my roommate today whos 26……He can’t name anybody in the congress or senate that represents us……not one cabinet member and didnt know who was our governor was even after I told him his name…….let alone mayor or local officials………….the only ones he got right were Obama and Biden. That frankly scares me…….and yes he’s voting……..try polling him.

          • nothing discussed was possible w/out the executive. i would guess the decline in doctors will effect you eventually

        • “It occurred to me that Obama hasn’t really done one thing that has really affected my life personally….nor did Bush for that matter really.”

          I mostly agree with that sentiment and also what you said about bills coming from congress.

          I think Hillary is cold, calculating and untrustworthy but not as flawed as Trump’s bad character and bigotry. But having said that I am not sure in the final analysis my life as a retiree will be any different a year from now than it is today.

          I do worry about the environment though.

    • He talks about it so much because, not only was he Mayor, but a native New Yorker. This probably was the single event that made the biggest impact in his life. He took the deaths, especially those of the fire and police, along with personal friends murdered very personally.

      • i know people that were in Manhattan at the time and they are traumatized still. when i think of how many funerals he attended i do not know how he kept it together. i guess it is like when your kid is really hurt. you do what you have to do and break down later. what i cannot understand is how HRC is not equally traumatized. she did go there. she did speak to victims. now it is just a political event to her.

        • She doesn’t appear to have average human emotions. Nor does she care about anyone other than herself.

    • “Then wasn’t Rudy correct in saying he didn’t remember seeing her on 9-11?”

      Yes, but I am surprised you don’t see this as deliberately misleading given there is photo evidence of her standing next to him the very next day. How could he forget? I suppose people like you will make excuses for him.

      Seems he would have remembered — especially now that he is apologizing.

      “I made a mistake. I’m wrong and I apologize,” Giuliani told The Associated Press.

      Lots of things are said that are factually and technically correct — yet misleading. Usually on many cable news shows almost nightly.

      • “Yes, but I am surprised you don’t see this as deliberately misleading given there is photo evidence of her standing next to him the next.”

        But the photo in the tweet was NOT from 9-11 but 9-12….I based what i said on that………as I said in the OP I couldnt find a story where Rudy had said this.

        I would suggest you look at the tweet…… tried to imply she WAS in NYC on 9-11…… read the ABC story……thats not why he apologized…..he said he was sorry for saying she said she was in NYC on 9-11 when HRC never claimed to be there but in DC instead.

        You do see that right?

        • “But the photo in the tweet was NOT from 9-11 but 9-12..”

          Yep, check my comment.

          I wrote, “there is photo evidence of her standing next to him the very next day.”

          It’s very late. I suppose now that we’re both missing things we should call it a night.

          Good on Rudy for apologizing.

  5. I agree with Mr. Concha, and its totally on the merits and not because Brazile once tweeted I should stop taking my nasty pills.

    • I don’t what’s happened to grownups.

      When we were elementary school the words my brothers and I most often heard from our caretakers were “get out of the house”.

      Often this was accompanied by the latching of the screen door (you didn’t dare enter through the front door until you were in third year of high school).

      You pretty much were burning tons of calories via terrorizing the neighborhood, when not at school.

      I’ll add that this changed for me in adolescence in a way that was not the case for my brothers. Then it became…where are you going?…who with?…who will be there?…how are you getting home?…when?…, etc…etc…etc…etc…

      • Parents have went from living their lives to living their lives through their kids. Kids don’t vie for their parent’s affection. That’s been stood on its head.

        • My father was a widower, but he gave us plenty of attention.

          He played all sorts of board games and card games with us and beat us mercilessly till we were able to beat him.

          We had discussion at the dinner table, in the car, wherever he was…in which he would bring up a subject, ask our opinions, and then eviscerate our arguments.

          We didn’t have to vie for his affection, we didn’t compete for his attention. We did, most certainly, seek his respect.

          • My mom and dad grew up with 8 siblings each. You were expected to earn your keep and at eighteen make your place in life — somewhere else. A collection that included farmer, lawyer, nuclear engineer, teacher, factory worker and Washington D.C. beuracrat. Some finished college. Some never finished high school. They all stayed pretty close as they all felt part of something to which they contributed.

      • We had to do the Presidential Fitness test in school. Does anyone else remember that?
        Plus, we lived with either corn or beans in the field right behind our house. Hide and seek in the corn was great! Life was good.

        • Weren’t allow to watch TV during the day. Lots of activity. None of it organized. Most not supervised. My world did not seem dangerous. We never locked the house unless we were gone on vacation.

          • We never locked the house either until the day my sister got married. Dad decided to lock the door but the key ring had no house key on it. Had to take my mom home between the church and reception and by golly, no way to get in the house. So, I hiked up my bridesmaid dress (a big, ugly, poofy thing!) and crawled through the dog door to get in. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

        • I remember that test very well, especially that joke called the “sit and reach.” I always felt sorry for the kids who did poorly. It wasn’t their fault that they had shorter arms or legs. The only thing that it accomplished was humiliating the kids.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 walks out
    4 full investigation
    3 flies false flag
    2 to keep Megyn
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Hill’s shills? Wikileaks revelations implicate MSNBCNBCNN personnel.

  7. ny slimes calling trump a groper tomorrow. reminds me of accusing McCain of having a mistress. the left is based on lies.

    • A month ago (or sooner) you were among the strongest anti Trump critics here.

      What happened to you? You and Gatxer seem to jump at the chance to take on Trump critics and/or take on those who criticize Trump supporters/sycophants/fans appearing on Fox News, Fox Business and elsewhere.

          • Weird to be defending a cable news channel and weird to be defending someone so horrible as to deserve anything any campaign might do to him.
            I don’t know why you bother…

          • There are plenty of people out there (especially at J$P) who are all too eager to defend that loathsome candidate.

            Why should I bother? Why should GC bother? Why should Gatxer bother?

            Especially since there is no evidence yet that the NY Times is about to publish lies about the “short-fingered vulgarian.”

          • You can decry campaign tactics and media bias without being pro-Trump.
            I am pro-Trump supporter though I don’t like him. I rarely make snide remarks about the supporters of any candidate of either party. Trump supporters are Republicans and when I see media tactics I get my back up for them (and for everyone.)

          • Gaxter, GC, and I bother because our side is most often the beneficiary of biased media treatment, either reflexively or intentionally.
            It matters to us.

            You’re here to keep your enemies closer.

      • Well….some people still believe you defend people from lies……others think it doesn’t matter what the truth is as long as it hurts the other side…….as Ive said before…….you can defend someone……doesn’t mean you support them.

        • “You can defend someone……doesn’t mean you support them.”
          A fair point I suppose.

          We just have a disconnect it appears. Too often it looks like you are simply siding with Fox News. Something me and the ‘stooges” have never understood — not that we’re right.

          I can see defending a host — but to defend a TV channel like it was a religion strikes me as really strange. I used to be a huge fan of MSNBC bak in their heyday.

          But it would have never crossed my mind to waste time on someone who attacked the channel as opposed to the talent. Oh well. We just differ on this which is okay.

          I can never fathom (even with a gun to my head — or maybe a water pistol) going out of my way to take the time and effort to correct anything written about Donald Trump.

          Why bother — especially if you are not going to apply the same standard to Hillary Clinton — based on your admirable aspiration to “defend people from lies.”

          • Get to the point please.

            What you refer to is 600-700 words.

            It is puzzling why you have chosen to be evasive.

          • See…now that wasn’t so hard was it?

            Why you play these silly ‘hide and seek’ games is beyond me.

            Joe Concha likes to do similarly. When the debate or discussion is not going his way == instead of rebutting the previous tweet — he will often pose some silly obscure question that does nothing to move the discussion along.

            But it gives him power (or so he thinks) because only he knows the answer to his verbal Rubik’s Cube. He once did that with both Joe Remi and me on Twitter. Neither of us had any idea what the eff he was talking about.

          • Color me silly, but I somehow expected you to see the words “the truth about Fox News” and then understand how your little snipe to Gaxter on not understanding why people defend cable channels makes no sense in light of where you have parked your butt.

            But NNoooo….

          • “…understand how your little snipe to Gaxter on not understanding why people defend cable channels makes no sense in light of where you have parked your butt.”

            Houston, we have a problem.

            This thread grew so long before you finally made sense I can no longer find the part of this thread that you are referencing.

            A lesson learned. Next time just ‘spit it out’ in plain English. You’re dealing with a math major here — not a philosophy or linguistics major. I need black and white clarity. I don’t do well with puzzles.

          • “Too often it looks like you are simply siding with and/or defending Fox News.”

            Well look again.

            ” Something me and the ‘stooges” have never understood — not that we have a monopoly on the truth.”

            Yet you think its perfectly normal to watch a news channel you admit you hate most of the day and and then spend most of the day talking about it????

            “I can see defending a host — but to defend a TV channel like it was a religion strikes me as really strange.”

            vision check time again………If Fox news is my religion am I not going to helI for criticizing Fox News hosts and employees?

            Seems to me hating Fox News has become a religion for the weak minded basement dwellers.

            “I can never fathom (even with a gun to my head — or maybe a water pistol) going out of my way to take the time and effort to correct anything written about Donald Trump.”

            Well the truth doesn’t matter to some……If I see something that the media says about Trump that not true…..just as I have about other candidates and people in the past………..Its kinda what we do here……..I might talk about it here….hardly going out of my way……like I said the truth to some only matters for their side……….when’s the last time the disgraced racist stooges called HRC out for a lie……..has she told none??????

            “Why bother — especially if you are not going to apply the same standard to Hillary Clinton — based on your admirable aspiration to “defend people from lies.”

            Well I done both… have admitted no matter the lie about Trump you wouldn’t correct it so sorry you cant say the same.

          • Nice try.

            Just admit it.

            You come here to get attention for your comments and opinions.

            There’s nothing wrong with that even though at times you seem to be pandering for positive feedback with seemingly inconsistent or contradictory opinions mixed in with a few fabrications.

          • What are you talking about? Attention???? I come here to talk about cable news and have for @ a decade I think now.

            What the heck is wrong with you???

          • So, lies about people, whether it be Trump or Clinton presented by the media are A OK with you? I hate the lies no matter who they are about because it makes those folks who have limited time to absorb all the “news” that is out there to make a good decision for our country less informed.
            Your comment about taking time and effort to correct anything written about Trump says more about your standards than any other pontificating you do.

          • Not okay Pam.

            My point is it’s rare (at least on other blogs) to find anyone taking the time and effort to correct the record (as they see it) for a candidate they do not like or support.

          • Let me give you an example that might explain it to you…

            There were many Republicans who were angered during the 2008 primary when the supposedly unaligned media (in the tank for Obama) labeled Hillary Clinton as being at best racially insensitive in her statements about Obama, and labeledcGeraldine Ferraro as an outright racist.

            They didn’t plan to vote on either of them.

          • Sorry. Not persuasive. HRC, BHO and Ferraro are all Dems.

            Find me an example here at this blog (or in the conservative media) where the person being lied about in the media is a Dem while their opponent is a Repub — not an example like yours where one Dem is being defended over another Dem.

          • Well, if you want to suggest the media is all democrats since they’re the ones who went after Ferraro and Hillary Clinton, then who am I to argue…

            I’m not going to go back and look, but I’ve defended Democrats from idiotic interpretations of their comments by the media and Republicans many times.

            I called foul when E.D. Hill made the ridiculous fist-bump remark, and decried the way Michelle Obama was being portrayed by the conservative press in the same way way Dems treated Nancy Reagan.

            I did the same for Keith Olbermann (not exactly my favorite person) when he was being called a woman-hating sexist by both conservatives and liberals. K.O. Is an equal opportunity hater.

            After her comments on the Romney’s black grandkid, I defended Melissa Harris Perry from the villagers with torches who persisted in going at her AFTER she had issued the most heartfelt and sincere apology that I have ever heard from a public person.

            Larry has defended Rachel Maddow from ad hominem and from ginned-up outrage over some statement or another.

            gc routinely decries the focus on ginned-up outrages that have nothing to do with issues and you voiced a desire to assault him yesterday for some baloney or another.

            This is the last time I’m going to respond to one of your little bullshite honesty tests. By all means feel free to think and to say that I’m Trump’s biggest supporter slavering to vote for him.

            And again Michael…stick it where the sun don’t shine.

          • for me, i got no prob with it. it just reveals how messed up he is. i was sympathetic at first because it is clear he has gone sideways somehow in his personal life. but there comes a point where enough is enough. threats make him look bad. there is no possibility he could hurt me. he is just hurting himself. he needs a referral. as long as he makes threats impossible to follow up on i see no actual danger to anyone but himself. i doubt anyone has ever hit him in his life or he would not say stuff like that. my beef is where is the beef? this cycle is just devoid of any discussion of anything that matters. people treating this like a sport while the USA is in acute danger domestically and internationally is what should not go unnoticed.

          • It shows that he has no respect for Johnny, the posters or the blog. The rules mean zero to him.

          • I said it was voiced “figuratively.”

            She conveniently left that out.

            If people would stick to attacking the comment instead of the commenter we wouldn’t have these poblems.

          • “And again Michael…stick it where the sun don’t shine.”

            Ah, ha.

            Someone woke up and decided today’s my day to be a biatch again.

            You have yourself a very gloomy and boring day as you continue to attack people who don’t share your politics or your professed bigotry — instead of the content of their comments.

            “Love me some alt-right folks and those knuckle dragging Trump supporters (at lest 20% anyway).” Right Cece?

          • How did you go so long down the road of life thinking that you should be able to erect rhetorical hoops for people to jump through and prove themselves to you, and then have them say “thanks”?

  8. Re: “Hill’s shills? Wikileaks revelations implicate MSNBCNBCNN personnel.”

    What John Harwood is accused of doing (e.g., offering support, cheerleading, etc.) sounds an awful lot like what Hannity, Bolling and O’Reilly do. But these Fox News folks are more upfront about it.

    Am I wrong? (Been busy and haven’t checked the reaction from both sides on Twitter.)

      • Why is that so hard for people to understand?

        I actually seen people say Hannity gives opinions and NOT news……i’m like hello…..that’s what he gets paid to do.

        • “Why is that so hard for people to understand?”

          That’s an easy one.

          What kind of threw me off is I know John Harwood has been on shows like Washington Week (a public affairs program on PBS), as well as NBC’s Meet the Press and MSNBC’s Morning Joe offering his opinions.

          I just simply see him as less of a straight news guy than you do — or so it seems.

          • FYI: my comment wasn’t really about you …….but Fox Haters…….like your disgraced friends.

            BTW: If Fox News announced that Hanitty was doing a debate… would be hearing from me loud and clear……..what Harwood did was wrong……but its a NBC person and so not much will happen……I predict NOTHING at all.

      • Okay…I had forgotten about that,

        It makes more sense now.

        Glad you recognized that my question was an honest one and not a hidden agenda to attack Fox News. Your feedback/criticism/rebuttals seem to almost always come from a good place.

    • Yes, you are wrong. None of the Fox people either by Fox or themselves tell people they are REPORTERS! John Harwood bills himself and NBC/CNBC promote him as a REPORTER. Big, big difference.

      • And CNN does similarly with Jake Tapper — which is why I used him as an example down thread.

        I don’t watch much daytime TV on FNC or FBN.

        But I watch enough to wonder what ‘Fox’ calls Maria Bartiromo, Harris Faulkner, Trish Regan and Melissa Francis who both ‘anchor’ or ‘act as reporters’ and also offer political opinions and tweets.

        • When they are chosen as moderators for a debate and then give tips to the Trump campaign on how best to present the candidate during the debate, let us know.

          • Sometimes when you play devil’s advocate at a blog with mostly (echo chamber) conservative thought just to shake things up a little you are going to lose the debate.

            Unfortunately for me this was one of those times. I can defend opinionators like Harwood, Kelly and Tapper hosting a debate. But I acn’t defend what WikiLeakes exposed.

            You win this one Cece.

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