Monday Links and Open Thread

  • FNC/Nancy Grace ‘scoop’ a fabrication.  Maria Bartiromo honored.
  • Hogue: CNN’s mantra ‘p*ssy…p*ssy…p*ssy’ a startling wake-up call.
  • Concha: Coop, Raddatz best moderators so far; Cillizza cries ‘sexism‘.
  • Freaky Friday numbers: Don Lemon-Anderson Cooper-Maddow 1-2-3.
  • Krinsky: Bret Baier on Ailes, Special Report, and the future of Fox News.
  • Video: O’Reilly says some media orgs told employees
  • Video: Luntz’s rates the debate.   Today’s Wemple O’Whine.
  • Fox News Sunday video: on media bias, Chinatown, and more.
  • Multiple ‘friendly’ cable newsers identified by name in leaked Clinton docs.
  • Somerby: Cable channel turns into The Kellyanne Show…and it wasn’t Fox.

106 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

    • i have been in a lot of locker rooms and a lot of bands and i have heard that and much worse repeatedly. heck i have heard lyrics worse than that. get over it.

      • It’s a astounding.

        When in the room with women who have accused Bill Clinton of actual sexual assault, the media looked like it had found itself in a ward with psychotic patients capable of eating insects and of acts of bestiality in the town square.

        Yet when people, rightfully aghast at their machinations in taking boorish braggadocio as Trump having committed actual sexual, while ignoring Bill’s accusers, they reply that this is moot because Bill isn’t running. As though Hillary staying with an actual sexual predator is insignificant to her mentality!

        Mika went into spasms this morning about how this question should be laid to rest because Hill did it for “the good of the country and for her family”.

        Yes, we can suspend credulity and link Trump’s talk about actresses and models falling at his tv star feet, but we can’t ponder the fact that it was in Hillary Clinton’s professional interests to stay with a weasel. That the DNC and likely the media wouldn’t have given her the time of day ever again if she had kicked ole Bill in the nuts and taken herself and what dignity he had left her right out of his life.

        No we can never ever ask what does this say about her and them.

        They are absurd. Could our elites be more ridiculous or more corrupt?

        • while what i posted above is true, it is also contextual. when you are in a band people expect you to say to strange women “show me your ______s ” and they would. locker rooms have perverse stuff. when in prof mode, for example, advertising, where on average women earn more from the bottom grip to managers and we all have interns rolling through not once have i seen or even heard about anything except professional behavior. it is why the Ailes thing to is so dissonant to me. not so much the actions but the context. it is counterproductive to do what he was accused of. how stupid. however, if it is midnite and the bar is loaded with drunk people and you scream “show us your ___s” you will see a majority agree and a good % comply. my good younger catholic school girl daughter carried the nick name “flash” for a few years. now if i tell her child about that she would skin me alive. all context. in no context is rape or physical force ever in context.

          • The problem the partisans have with such things is that due to the lackness is our popular culture the context of two morons talking p*ssy on a bus, might not be enough to preclude you from the presidency.

            They have to lard it with accusations of actions now considered to be the most heinous sort of violent criminality …Republicans saying something bad concerning women, gays, or people of color.

            That is the only context worth a hoot to them.

          • not changing a single vote, just eyeball and click bait for the media and voter suppression for each party. not a man alive and doubtful you can find a dozen women that have not used the P word. my mother cursed “like a sailor”. unfunded liability is the dirtiest word ever.

          • Talk of trying to commit adultery — as Trump did — would have been an automatic disqualifier years ago for a job that is supposed to be occupied by our best.

          • many many many years ago maybe…..but i would remind you that Bill C didnt just talk about committing adultery……he did it more than once……still got elected twice.

        • Dignity? She wants to be at the apex of power. Look what the two of them dragged Bubba’s victims thru. At least he kept his paws off of Chelsea…..I think.

          • Hillary and Bill have led separate lives for years. She didn’t go after those women because she was jealous, she went after them because they were impediments to Clinton ambition.

          • Well that’s certainly the meme the conservative media has been pushing for years.

            No one knows for sure what was in her mind or heart. What you said could have been part of it. Or maybe not.

  1. Frank Luntz tweets:
    I may have made a mistake in writing off Trump.
    After talking with voters tonight, he’s back in this race. #Debate2016

    • not a chance. the media is saying that because they shed viewers like a dog sheds hair in heat. while we have a vast menu to choose our info from, they must have our eyeballs or starve. hence they lie a lot! Trump has never been close, his chance is the same as it has been from the beginning. it relies on an event of some sort. as almost every thing has been tried it would now likely require a stroke or death to change the outcome.

        • CASCADES, forget the year, forget the key, went something like this.
          Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain,
          Telling me just what a fool I’ve been.
          I wish that it would go and let me cry in vain,
          And let me be alone again.

          Now the only girl I’ve ever loved has gone away.
          Looking for a brand new start!
          But little does she know that when she left that day.
          Along with her she took my heart.

          Rain, please tell me, now does that seem fair
          For her to steal my heart away when she don’t care
          I can’t love another, when my heart’s somewhere far away.

          Rain, won’t you tell her that I love her so
          Please ask the sun to set her heart aglow
          Rain in her heart and let the love we knew start to grow.

          who knew it was a blues tune …. eh?

          • bugs henderson’s version of the Elvis tune “Love me” is the example i use. all American music comes from Celtic or black roots. since Celtic is basic base circular folk music blacks are responsible for the majority of American musical structure. then came ruining vinyl and puter rap which is not music at all. it is degeneration of sound performed by those with minimal tech ability and people that can not even read chord charts let alone scored music.

          • As an Irishman whose family didn’t appear on American soil until long after the Civil War I often claim I never benefited from slavey. Truth is most times I listen to the stereo or chow down, I make a liar of myself.

          • well it is true that Africans provided the basics for musics in many parts of the world.significantly in Brazilian jazz, Samba and Latin Salsa and Merengue. only in the USA did they sing the Blues. as a second generation Greek all my grandparents were not from America and only my parents and sister lived their entire lives there. rather than a benefit from slavery allow me my illusion of it as personal gift of art to me i can love and adore.

      • “Would now likely require a stroke or death to change the outcome.”

        With all the venom toward Hillary (and Trump too BTW) my fear is some ‘hater’ will try to circumvent the Secret Service a la George Wallace’s attacker — or Bobby Kennedy’s.

        November 8th can’t get here fast enough.

    • I suspect there are an increasing number of voters who share the view of Cheri Jacobus.

      Bring on Romney or Mike Spence or Paul Ryan or Pee-wee Herman.

      ABT..anybody but Donald J. Trump.

      • Well I was talking about the photo……you didnt notice what in his hand?

        BTW: she deleted it after complaints about the di*k pic.

        • Yeah, I blew it…totally overlooked the photo.

          That was gross. I’m surprised you saw fit to post it here.

          • Well that’s why I put the NSFW warring…….people are losing their minds this year and the reporters are going crazy also.

    • NBC, which led the broadcast networks (I think) last time around, didn’t air this debate because there was a big football game. So that kind of renders comparisons flawed at best.

      • Good point.

        Although I suppose those contrarians among us would argue that EVEN IF NBC had televised the debate would the distribution of the 63.6 million be the only significant difference.

        This does not diminish your assertion, “So that kind of renders comparisons flawed at best” as a totally legitimate qualifier.

  2. I think Raddatz and Cooper did a good job at moderating .. trying to keep what ever that was last night in order . I give them a B+ , it’s very hard to get an A on my grading scale so..

  3. Scoreboard
    Florida voters: 1
    Florida governor: 0

    “Florida Federal Judge Orders Extension For Voter Registration Deadline”

    Why Republican Gov. Rick Scott opposed this is mystifying. After all, he’s the one who urged 1.5 million Florida residents to evacuate last week as Hurricane Matthew approached the U.S. coastline.

    South Carolina, also a target of the storm, extended its mail-in voter registration deadline without such opposition.

      • Well, I give you credit for a rather unique argument as to why we should not accommodate potential voters encumbered by a hurricane.

          • I’m calling you my “Twenty Percent Man.”

            Most of what you comment about here at J$P falls way short of majority opinion. I am estimating less than 20% of the U.S. population agrees with your unique, unconventional and bizarre views.

            Although you do get high marks for creativity — if not for empathy and compassion.

          • I’m no longer strongly opposed unless the state legislatures overreach and the new voter ID laws are ruled unconstitutional as they were in North Carolina, Wisconsin and Kansas — to name a few.

            Given your track record (assuming it’s authentic) of defending African Americans appearing on Fox News I am a little surprised you wouldn’t oppose voter ID laws which unduly burden black voters.

            In a perfect world we would all vote by mail like we already do in over 30 states. California has had no significant problems AFAIK.

          • Well i’m with the 80% of the country that backs voter id laws which includes quite a few African Americans BTW.

            Im biased being a poll worker I guess…….I guess I think african Americans are smart enough to find their ID in their wallet…..given your track record of defending known disgraced racists…..i’m not surprised that you dont.

            I have never figured out how you have to have a ID to register to vote but somehow can’t find it on election day. The states should work with the very few who for some reason can’t find the ID they had to register with.

            Why is it you think everybody of color agrees with each other…..they all look a like if they wear cowboy hats to right?


          • “I have never figured out how you have to have a ID to register to vote but somehow can’t find it on election day.”

            That would be a valid point if it were true in all states.

            In many states — e.g., Florida — the law states, “Provide your Florida driver’s license or Florida ID card number. If you don’t have one, provide the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.”

            There’s your answer pal.

          • Once again one of your replies has no relationship to my comment which cited Florida laws pertaining to voter registration.

            Yet you chose to ramble on about VOTING not REGISTRATION.

          • yeah Oregon does vote by mail. everyone would sign and drop of ballots at my house. i filled in dozens and dropped em off. voter fraud has always existed and fraud is more dangerous than letting illiterate trash vote. black, brown, and white trash don’t vote? good. voting other people’s incomes away is all voting in the usa is anymore. ban that and we could talk about voting expansion. i prefer letting no one vote unless they pay federal income tax. eitc, no votie, only pay FICA no votie. no file returns, no votie. if we are going to vote to remove income from others, people w/out sufficient income should be banned from voting.

          • i bet if i talk to your kids if any and exes i could get a consensus. i am a minority pure capitalist libertarian. i hate governments. less than 20% agree with me. so i am sure i am right. as for you. talk to me when you come up with working knowledge of what constitutes and supports the parts of a syllogism.

    • How would you like it if someone here referred to you using the slur for gay men that rhymes with maggot?

      Calling someone racist over and over again is pretty reprehensible in the absence of convincing evidence. No one else here at J$P has lowered themself to such charges of racism.

      Stick to fact-based criticism without the name calling and I will have nothing else to
      say or criticize. Stalk all you want if that’s your thing.

      • I see you typing…..but you dont seem to have typed anything about the subject….so I can’t respond.

        Calling an award winning journalist a biased Trump supporter with ZERO evidence is pretty reprehensible in the .absence of any evidence.

        • Deflect much?

          All I ask is to refrain from the baseless charges of racism which no one else is making.

          That is much worse than listing all the Trump fans on FNC and FBN.

          • All I ask is to refrain from the targeting of people of color on Fox News…..I’d say you have as much of a chance as I do..

          • But there has been no more targeting (if there ever was) based on race as opposed to politics. So why can’t you stop as well?

            Let’s not relitigate this. It bothers other commenters.

            Why can’t you just stop? I showed you the courtesy of no longer referring to your Twitter account. Why be a jerk about it?

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 best moderators
    4 startling wake-up call
    3 O’Whine
    2 focus group
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Bret Baier on Ailes, Special Report, and the future of Fox News.

  5. Looks like the fickle Joe Scarborough and perhaps Mika are back in the pro Trump camp based on the first segment of MJ, which is all I could bear to watch.

        • so you watched what @13 min of tv and have now decided that they have completely changed who they are voting for based on that?

          I saw that you watched the first segment……I know I base everything i think on watching 13 min of a 3 hour show…..doesn’t everyone? LOL!

          Can you THINK???????


          • we attack because you do not understand anything about rhetoric including dialogic such as illustrated in “The Crito”.when there is no basis for argument and you have never once made that bed, how does one enter into something not driven your emotional needs? can’t do it. u r simply unable.

          • You were discussing/arguing/disputing a claim that I had reached some conclusion which I had not.

            People can follow the thread at the link below to see why the advice you were giving was just an excuse to argue and had nothing to do with the comment I had just made.

            You’re a smart guy compared to Nixon and Gatxer. But you do have this tendency to veer off into La La Land occasionally.

          • it was to point out your inability to argue coherently. while i was taught “order is proof”, you lack the basic instruction in induction and deduction that allows you to get off the merry go round to even begin to use to advance dialogue.

          • Then you know that Joe and Mika are mid-right neo-neoconservative progressive libertarians once removed with Venus rising.

            Until they aren’t.

          • It was the “Lucky 13.” GATXER, you can’t argue with an idiot, I stopped trying. I simply ignore him.

          • Ah ha, the third memeber of the “low hanging fruit” three amigos — Nixon, GC and Gatxer — as weighed in with another inane comment and the ever-present childish name calling.


          • at least we mature and ripen, someone took you out to the trash long ago. wife? kids? family? go ahead and tell us we won’t laugh ….much.

          • Reading comprehension not your strong suit eh?

            I said “looks like.”

            This is an English expression (in case English is not your native language) which is synonymous with expression like “has the appearance of ” and “strikes one as.”

            Therefore I was saying that based on the opening segment my best guess is the two of them “have the appearance” of changing their attitudes about Trump.

            Stay with me now Sparky, because this is the really important part.

            “Having the appearance of” is not equivalent to saying with certainty they have changed. It indicates a supposition — not an assertion.

            Caprice? Or was it over your head again?

      • well if i was like you and thought wealth needed to be distributed differently not created or earned i would think all capitalists sound alike too. certainly you occupy types all sing the same whine.

        • You’re an angry obnoxious cuss. I was just making friendly banter. Jeez.

          I see why you’re an expat. You had no friends left in Oregon who could still tolerate you or your negativity and the financial ‘sky is falling’ proselytizing. 🙂

          • the blues had a babies called rock n roll, country, motown, funk etc. BB played the same. Bonamassa and Buchanan played pauls at various as does Haynes. albert played a tele, the other albert a Gibson flying V. bugs played a PRS. i myself collect strats. i have played them all, if you do 3 and 4 hour nights the strat and tele are the lightest because it they others are very heavy and it is physically hard work.

  6. Some free advice to Trump surrogate / campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.

    You’re a hard worker with a thankless job. But please stay off the Today show if you are going to try to con or finagle a smarter lawyer.

    You attended George Washington University Law School. Good on you.

    But the woman you tried to outthink — Savannah Guthrie — graduated from Georgetown Law School and had the highest score on the bar exam in her entire state.

    In your partial defense you hadn’t had much sleep.

  7. Wow. Ron Fournier, writer for The Atlantic really lit into The Donald.

    “Donald Trump knows he won’t be president. He’s now in full carnival-barking, network-launching, party-nuking mode — a scowling, pouting menace who threatened during a nationally televised debate to throw Hillary Clinton in jail and called her husband the most sexually abusive man in political history.”

    Footnote: Ron Fournier almost volunteered for the McCain campaign and has been a frequent guest on Fox News and other cable news channels where he seems to defy party labeling as a Repub or Dem.

      • Really?

        I see him more like a strange hybrid of Kurtz, Rivera, Megyn, Scarborough and Shep Smith — in that they get attacked from both sides, because they criticize both sides.

        Back in August Joe Scarborough opined, “Think about who Hillary’s main opponents have been this year, the people that have been hammering her the most — The New York Times, Bernie Sanders, Ron Fournier, a Democrat who is, well maybe he’s an independent.”

        • Fournier is just smarter than Hannity.
          It’s astounding how freely journalists feel they can act like they’re part of the Hillary campaign on twitter.
          However, no one short of an internet troll rants about a candidate (who they ostensibly should be able to impartially cover) as Fournier does Trump.

          • He hates ’em both Cece — not unlike Maureen Dowd.

            He just dislikes Trump more.

            I’ll have to revisit his Twitter TL. You said, “feels they can act like they’re part of the Hillary campaign on twitter.”

            I haven’t seen that. But I could have missed it.

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