Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday numbers: Debate/CNN-Debate/FNC-Post-Debate/FNC 1-2-3.
  • Acrimonious squabbles erupt between CNN, ABC over Sunday debate.
  • Concha: Quijano’s bias of omission conforms to Lester Holt’s playbook.
  • CNBC icon loses the week to Fox Biz.   How CNN beat MSNBC and Fox.
  • Kelly File video: Panel and moderator Elaine Quijano.
  • No Live with Kelly: Coop signs long-term CNN deal, allows for 60 Minutes.
  • Wemple: CNN should hire Pence.  Harris, Hasbro settle.  Today’s outrage!
  • Confessions of an MSNBC intern.  Ass-iest Chris Matthews tv moment ever.

65 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Erik Wemple must think Pence won the debate.

    Why else would he deflect from that via such a fatuous column.

        • considering the candidates and the certainty of the massive wreck coming and nobody being able to avoid it. i find ignorance and absence are the only safe refuges. speaking of which. the migrant train is growing and “your” damn country is throwing them the bait that drags them through my house.

          Migrant flow in the thousands continues unabated
          By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

          Migrants who have money continue to move through Costa Rica and to the countries to the north even though Nicaragua officially has closed its border.

          The Costa Rican government is providing temporary shelter now with the help of the United States.

          The attraction is that once across the porous U.S. southern border the migrants can claim refugee status. Reports from the border say that eight out of every 10 illegal border jumpers claim this status and are allowed to remain in the United States.

          The migrants are a mixed bag. More than 8,000 Cubans who had a legal right to enter the United States based on a Cold War law already have arrived and have been airlifted north by Costa Rica and other governments in the region. Nearly all already are in the United States.

          The International Red Cross said that in September there were about 3,000 migrants in Colombia and Panamá, 4,000 in Costa Rica and about 2,000 in Honduras.

          That migrants can transit Nicaragua was proved by the accidental deaths in August of seven men and a woman in the Río Sapoa and a woman and two men in Lake Nicaragua. The deaths were reported by the Policía Nacional there.

          Border crossings usually are lubricated by bribes.

          Despite official prohibitions, migrants have been able to use locals both in Costa Rica and in Nicaragua to continue their journeys. In one case, a group of Haitian or African migrants overnighted in Barra del Colorado in extreme northeast Costa Rica and then walked to Nicaragua along the coast.

          Fuerza Pública officers from two stations declined to respond to the situation, and the migrants had to walk near an existing law enforcement facility.

          The Cruz Roja Costarricense has been maintaining two migrant shelters, one near Golfito in the south and one at El Jobo, La Cruz, in the north. The Cruz Roja Hondureña has a shelter at Choluteca on the Nicaraguan border.

          Sarah Saldana told Congress a week ago that some 40,000 Haitians are making their way north with the United States as the goal. She is director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and her comments were made to the House Committee on the Judiciary.

          She identified southern California as the migrants’ preferred entry point. An estimated 5,000 illegal Haitian immigrants already have entered the United States this year, her agency said.

          Jeh Johnson, secretary of Homeland Security, said last month, too, that Haitians would be deported. That was a change in policy that allowed illegal Haitians to remain in the States after the devastating 2010 earthquake in the Caribbean country.

          It turns out, however, that there are other U.S. rules that make Haitians a protected population immune to deportation.

          Official U.S. protests to the contrary, the government actually seems to be helping the migration. Two new migrant camps at the Nicaraguan border in Costa Rica feature large tents donated by the United States. Officials claimed at the time of the donation that the tents were for potential natural disasters. No one, except A.M. Costa Rica, suggested the possibility that the real reason was the migrants.

          The 141 tents, most likely military surplus, were valued by Costa Rican officials at $724,000

          In a separate development, Costa Rica has agreed to provide temporary housing for more than 100 Central American youngsters the U.S. government wants to bring into the United States with the theory that they are in danger from criminals in their home countries, mainly El Salvador.

          But Costa Rica is a destination, too. Official figures say that 2,313 persons from the northern triangle of Central America have requested refugee status in Costa Rica this year.

          The International Red Cross said that the migrants in Costa Rica are also from Africa and Asia. Once they enter Costa Rica, Panamá prohibits them from returning.

          Because of the protective status for Haitians in the United States, migrants have an advantage in claiming to be from there. On the other hand, Haitians have an advantage in claiming to be from Africa because of the expense officials would shoulder in attempting to deport them. The bulk of the migrants have no official documents, and Costa Rican immigration workers have been trying to create some sort of identification data base.

          Newspaper readers have reported a number of languages being spoken at the various refugee camps near the border with Panamá.

          • ” i find ignorance and absence are the only safe refuges.”
            Speaking only for myself I am NOT ignorant of anything that is happening politically in my country. Absence from 1 event does not make me not interested. I’d prefer you not make judgements about me that are so condescending.

          • i think i understand and respect the diff, but i miss how i am speaking about you? not intended. pretty general comment about the election train wreck and enticing migrants through C.A. .

          • seguro. wait till you try and import or export something somewhere. oh yeah baby. what fun. need direct burial aluminum cable for finca in costa rica. not for sale there. hoping to find some big enough gauge in Managua to slip into costa rica to use. 140 meters is a big gauge for aluminum. so do it legal or slip a guy $40? hell do it legal still requires $40 chorizo/direct pay:) plus days of forms, stamps and affidavits. not just here. everywhere. so how do you sift the direct burial cable from dirty stuff? well first, let good stuff be easier to move. called profiling. not too many 62 yr old gringos smuggling drugs or guns. their worry. but making good stuff easier allows for more focus on the bad stuff. make everything a nightmare, well you will get one.

          • I read about half this, but I must stop and ask what was that stuff the other day when you were doing your usual number of running something up the flagpole and saluting it (in that case open borders) and yourself?

          • not sure what you are referring to. my consistent position on borders is that they should be open to people that have certain qualifications. i listed multiple times no need to repeat. that would make it easier to concentrate on people that do not qualify. current law is deficient and this admin has made crazy decisions so no now everyone that should not be entering is heading there quickly before an admin change. i have never advocated being able to show up and say special words and you get in. that is what is happening. it is bait for the worst. those views are not contradictory. and since they are passing right through me to get there i especially am not appreciative. not that hard to put rfdi chips in a passport and pass a simple quality/reason check for entering. good for business. good for reputation. as i have testified with visits to foreign embassies. they are running a clown show, and all they are guilty of is following stupid orders. contradictions i have posted many times. just really dumb bunny stupid stuff. great, keep out someone that wants to buy a condo cash, live there and not become a citizen. then, let anyone in that says “hey, i am a refugee.” right now that is “the law” hows it working for ya?

          • oh, and i posted it because it contained accurate info and specific numbers and locations. most US reports i see are at the border, not further south and east and over oceans. seemed sensible.

          • Just what and who do you think we’ve been criticizing but Obama and his treatment of the borders when you’ve responded to posts about the lack of law enforcement there with “bah”, etc.

            Glad you’ve finally read something that’s opened your eyes.

          • Oh, today we were informed about how “refugees” coming up through your neck of the woods is displeasing to you.
            When others have said voiced that same notion, you’ve voiced your support for open borders.

            Yes, you do lecture. You do get on a high horse and frankly now I see it’s because when some gringo says “black” on a blogboard, you just want to yell “white!”.

          • Well, it’s interesting that everyone here has voiced support for legal immigration, some with the caveat of reviewing the process for people coming from particular countries in the Middle East, yet you’ve still lectured us on open borders.

          • Oh, you’ve done that at most of the complaints about open borders here, where law is flouted, and now you’re giving us the facts…

          • apparently you see acid in my posts and i see it in yours. i look above and see quotes and numbers not covered well except Miami Herald. you see a person you do not like. ok.

          • No, I see a person who has voiced general disagreement about criticism over what has been a central issue in this election cycle.

            I don’t see “acid”, I see disagreement simply for the sake of disagreement and being high handed.

  2. Why the heck would Anderson go to a morning show that has zero substance from where he feels he makes a difference? Neil Patrick Harris turned the job down, too. Maybe Kelly is not the cat’s pajamas that she thinks she is. After she treated Michael Strahan as poorly as she did why would sign up for that possibility to happen to you?

  3. I had never heard of Elaine Quijano but I could have predicted her role. She got her mariachi band marching orders and stayed right in step.

    • The sad part is that Comey gave in so freaking easy on the DOJ making those kinds of decisions. At some point in your life your own dignity and sense of responsibility to your country should come into play. If you decide to take on the role of the head of the FBI you should have some sense of country first. IMO

    • agreed, since i have built every thing i live in i make it impossible to lock the door without the keys being outside. if i may, a tip that helps avoid a terrorized child. make sure the locks on you bathrooms and bedrooms can be opened by adults from the outside. even if you do not have little ones they can visit. kids want to play with locks and once they feel they can’t open the door the fear that gets them makes it impossible for them to follow instructions. i had to ruin 2 separate lock sets before i learned that, and breaking in to “save” them makes them feel even more afraid.

      • There’s a special bathroom door lock available with an ‘unlock’ key; actually a piece of thick wire, that you can push through a small hole in the center of the outside knob to unlock the doorknob. If you lose it, a straightened paper clip will work. It was original equipment in my house. I’d use the same if I had to replace them.

        • selection here is limited to what people think they need to import and sell. ultimately used lock sets that allow a screw driver to unlock from the outside. just a small slot center handle on the outside.

        • My bathroom door lock can be opened from the outside with a dull knife. I have rescued screaming children a couple times. I also keep a extra set of house keys hidden outside the cabin (no, not under the doormat or in the potted plant). A few people know where they are. My gas&oil buddy ran off the road in a snowstorm a couple years ago and hiked to my cabin exhausted. Saved him from having to kick the door in. Locking the liquor cabinet would been a bad idea too.

  4. fox should show some more love at perino and stirewalt. hell, those 2 could start a cable news channel. would love to see their hires.

  5. rain from Mathew just blew through. opened the house, double doors in front, back entirely open to garden all the time. clean the air beautifully. trees an bananas ate it up. loving it. glad it took the right turn. sorry for Haiti but it could have been us. again.

    • About 79.9 million homes while CNBC in over 93 million. that is the 2015 numbers so it could have gone up or down a little.

  6. Fox Business has been covering the election stuff more than CNBC so that does give them a bump and has been since late last year. CNBC still doing more business focus so less bumpy.

    • as an active investor i find both useless except for news posts required by law all of them provide the same stuff online. bloom, yahoo, etc no one buys opinion when putting cash down. just the facts please. cnbc, is left except for santelli, FBN posts i have seen are much more political with less financial content. that being said the financial people on bloom, yahoo and cnbc are so left that it colors what they see. professionals i speak wih disparage it all.

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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
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