Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Megyn Kelly – Bill O’Reilly/Maddow (tie) 1-2-3.
  • Rothstein: So what exactly happened between Brit Hume and Kucinich?
  • Concha: Pence-Kaine VP showdown unlikely to be a ratings blockbuster.
  • Sunday showdown: Reliable Sources tops Media Buzz.   Weekend numbers.
  • Joyella: Andrea Tantaros resurfaces…on GMA.  Today’s Wemple O’Whine.
  • Kelly File video: Media launch on White House candidates.
  • Blue Lives Matter claims CNN deceptively edited Charlotte shooting video.
  • Howard Stern says CNN made up a headline out of something  he didn’t say.

67 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. CNN “deceptively edits” and “makes up headlines”. The day I would watch CNN is long gone. Well, New Year’s Eve maybe.

    • Why does upper management continue to let this happen? Are standards so lax there that staff feel there are no consequences to this kind of behavior? Have any heads rolled from prior instances? I’m not surprised by this story but amazed this continues to happen.

      • Upper management at CNN/TimeWarner are all liberal Democrats, or didn’t you notice? They want Trump to lose.

      • The only reason I see them doing that is because they have already shown the full video repeatedly and cut it down later on and kept what they felt are the relevant parts but that is where any network will get into trouble.

        I don’t think it’s the type of deceptive edit that we saw with NBC and the George Zimmerman 911 call audio.

        • Sorry, don’t buy your interpretation. They didn’t shorten the video they removed the police officers words telling the guy to put his gun down while still having the wife’s voice yelling. That’s very different than editing for length.

      • The ends justify the means……notice its NEVER the other way around….they never seem to ever “edit” videos to make BLM look bad or the police look good.

  2. Andrea Tantaros now says she was forced by her publisher to compliment Roger Ailes in her new book? Was she also forced to have pictures taken of her all tied up?

    • She was suspended for months before she filed her lawsuit.

      As for the why, that depends on which side you believe. Both sides have dug in their heels and it looks like this will go to court.

      • I do think there are a lot of her fans (and Trump fans) who ask the same question Mitch posed. “Why not a short suspension rather than a lengthy (paid) suspension — or firing — for a ‘book vetting’ violation?” (Was there more to the reasons FNC chose to do what they did? I’ve lost track of this convoluted mess.)

        As you suggested, there are definitely two sides.

    • Andrea could’ve settled that book deal pretty quick but then I read she had to drag FOX’s Roger Ailes problem into it, taking advantage of FOX’s problem
      Now I don’t see how Andrea ever comes back to FOX

  3. RE: Concha: Pence-Kaine VP showdown unlikely to be a ratings blockbuster.

    I definitely don’t disagree with Joe.

    Things I don’t like to do, but would prefer over watching the VP debate.

    Wait in line at the DMV.
    Do my taxes.
    Get a root canal.
    Listen to Glenn Beck on the radio.
    Watch Morning Joe.
    Watch Cris Matthews.
    Watch Sean Hannity.
    Watch Judge Jeanine Pirro.
    Watch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
    Read a column written by Tommy Christopher.
    Read a column written by Betsy Rothstein
    Visit the comments section for Breitbart[dot]com.
    Have dinner featuring food from India.
    Attend a Kanye West concert.

    What are yours?

    (No snark please. I’m just having a little fun sparked by Mr. Concha’s valid column.)

  4. Could it be that the Disgraced newshound “writers” are so upset about Fox news saying basement dwellers…..because they are basement dwellers?

    • I’m trying to think of a lamer thing to label a “Fox lie” but I can’t think of one. Dwell and live are synonyms according to the dictionary. Just how in the wide world of sports does that make it a lie? Are people supposed to say ‘basement livers’? That sounds like an especially unappetizing dinner course. When synonyms become lies, we have arrived at Peak Hound Derangement.

    • Found it:

      Anyone else notice Megyn pushing back harder against perceived Trump fans like Griff Jenkins and Howard Kurtz?

      I’ve wondered for some time if she has any lingering resentment toward Kurtz who has not exactly been all that critical about one of Megyn’s chief critics/antagonist/detractors — namely, Mr. Donald J. Trump.

      Footnote: J$ raises a legitimate point about whether calling Mr. Jenkins’ comment (which Megyn corrected) a “lie” — although it is arguably inaccurate. Apparently, “basement dweller” has a negative connatation that was new to me. We don’t have basements in SoCal. Homeowners can barely afford what’s above the ground.

      • Yea…but .it’s always weird if you use someone you called a goon to prove you right…….that’s what this election has done to some people.

        • Opinions change, don’t they?

          Many on the Left used to be huge fans of Olbermann for example.

          Megyn has had her rough spots with “white Santa” and “reports about Colorado election ballots.” But anyone who doesn’t recognize her as one of the most talented hosts on cable news is deceiving themselves.

          The gal has game!!

        • Yeah, that’s certainly the mantra by the Hannity and Trump fans at Breitbart[dot]com and some at TVNewser.

          Not so much here at J$P where it’s hard to find either a diehard Trump fan or a diehard Hannity fan.

          • You missed it.

            I said the other day I’d prefer Romney and Obama run again.

            Try to keep up if you going to stay in attack mode.

          • Did you notice no one has made a single attack on another commenter for at least the last 12 hours until you snuck in the doggie door that someone left open?

            Go away pooch and play in the street until you can be civil and respectful of others’ views.

          • i have been gone all day, got back from playing out and drinking tequila, niether of which you can do, so eat me. you made your loser bed, now live in it.

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      • Miami University has a close relationship with our tribe. It is a nice town, unlike a certain one in a Communist country in Central America ran by one of the Smothers Brothers.

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          • You wouldn’t understand. The area around Oxford, and Dayton for that matter, is part of our ancestral homeland. It means more to me than all the money in the world, all earthly goods; it is spiritual. It is my heritage.

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        • My earlier partner’s son got his undergraduate architecture degree there. Actually learned something too. So did his wife. She became Oprah Winfrey’s architect. Revamped her Chicago apartment, then built her girls school in South Africa. The two feel in love while building my first cabin.

      • People in my neck of the woods are leery of anyone north of route 70 and east of 77. I’ve had property here for over forty years and they still barely trust me. They can process an entire flying pig leaving only hoves, snout and tail… and feathers.

  5. Last VP debate I enjoyed was Chaney-Lieberman. Joe whipped so bad he eventually started endorsing Republicans.

  6. I believe Dennis Kucinich left his ventriloquist dummy at FNC and Brit was just playing around with it.

  7. VP ratings: Well there is a AL WildCard game on tonight Toronto vs Orioles so people have other options. I don’t think the ratings Kaine do it, but the debate could get as Pence as the game.

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 O’Whine
    4 deceptively edited
    3 made up a headline
    2 between Brit Hume
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Joyella: Andrea Tantaros resurfaces…on GMA.

  9. “Mike Pence is winning because Tim Kaine cannot debate like an adult without interruptions,” Frank Luntz tweeted.

    CBS one sided moderation so obvious it’s hurting too.

    • Almost Unanimous Assessment at CNN

      Indiana University Law School’s (and former Irish Catholic Democrat) Mike Pence apparently beat Harvard Law School’s (and current Irish Catholic Democrat) Tim Caine in the VP debate.

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