Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Concha: Reliable Sources coverage of NYT/Trump taxes omitted key facts.
  • Freaky Friday numbers: Rachel Maddow-Anderson Cooper-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • CNN hires Andrew KaczynskiBuzzFeed team. Contessa Brewer resurfaces.
  • Fox Report video: A former over the fight for Mosul.
  • Willens: Soundbites, salacious quotes…how Fox News surged on Instagram.
  • Sullivan: Who’s responsible for the rise of Donald Trump? CNN’s Jeff Zucker.
  • Geraldo sues over water damage to Upper East Side pad.   Q&A: Hala Gorani.
  • Darcy: Hannity’s ‘on an island’…because he disagrees with some others at Fox.

82 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. CNN is in the stretch of aiding their Presidential race hopeful. Omitting key facts will be the least of their transgressions.

  2. This morning we learned that Donald Trump is apparently being accused of the same boorish behavior as Roger Ailes was accused of pertaining to Andrea Tantaros. This happened during Trump’s years on Celebrity Apprentice.

    Namely, asking a subordinate female to turn around so he could ogle her figure.

    There must be a handbook available to the media elites in NYC with a catchy title like, “Things you can say and do without raising a red flag with Human Resources.”

    Or perhaps the handbook is called, “Turn around, bright eyes” — based on Bonnie Tyler’s 1980s hit song “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

          • no, i am not bothered by it. i am bored with your senseless bitch*ng. it has exactly zero to do with the financial future of the country. i am disgusted by both candidates, the press and you. i have made that clear. so why question me about it.

          • by the way. i do not appreciate the insult about me and women. you don’t know me. i raised two women from 14 mos and 4 1/2 years of age as a single parent. i have a wife and daughter in a 2nd family, and your assuming disgusting things about people because of their politics is pure insulting cr@p. by your reasoning i could assume you must hate women to support a women that enables a rapist and sexual predator like bill clinton. however i would never post anything that stupid. i’ll leave that to you. seek help.
            i will not take *%(U^% from you

          • Maybe you’ll think twice next time before replying to a comment I made with your snarky “Yawn.”

            I’ve never attacked one of your comments with sarcasm George. It was not appreciated.

          • Maybe you’ll think twice next time before replying to a comment I make with your snarky “Yawn.”

            I’ve never attacked one of your comments with a cheap shot George. It was not appreciated.

          • I just find it hilarious you’re accusing people of using multiple screen names in The Hill comment sections.

          • Mountain out of molehill alert!

            As I explained 2-3 weeks ago I have one Disqus name for J$P and one I often use (when I can remember to do so) at most other sites.

          • Most days I just lurk and read the comments. But this one made me laugh out lous at the end of a very long, stressful day. Thank you!

          • So now quoting an Associated Press article is “trolling” (according to Nixon) and “senseless bitch*ng” (according to gcblues).

            You two are quite the pair.

            There’s a reason they both have fewer up votes than they do comments.

          • I let that slide the first time.

            Where’s your evidence I ever did that?

            You have no proof and you know it.

          • Oh, don’t be silly.

            That was me changing from a more public WordPress account to a more private one.

            So I made a ‘dummy’ comment as a test just like I did one time on Twitter to test if certain features were working for both of my Twitter accounts.

            It happen once in multiple years on ICN. My reasons for multiple accounts (two on Twitter and two on Disqus) is well documented. I also have four email addresses. You wanna stalk those as well? I’ll give you the addys.

            So sue me, stalker. Pretty lame stuff.

          • You as Gatxer Avenger was agreeing with you as “Tom Bennett.” So now anyone who disagrees with you is a “stalker?” Take GC’s advice and seek professional help. Your personality has taken a strange turn.

            Not that it matters. I have no intention of interacting with you.

          • You’re right. I should have simply written something like, “This is a test.”

            Instead of, “Ur right Tom. One is enough. Haha!”

            But I do enjoy mixing it up with you, gcblues and Gatxer.

            You three are my low hanging fruit.

            At least when compared to the more intelligent and rational LK, Cece, Concha and Johnny — with the more readable and rational comments. Although as I’ve said before, Cece often sends me to Google with some of her unfamiliar terms.

            Enjoy your evening.

          • i stand by the senseless bitch*ng, it is all you have done for weeks. it is a change. at one time you were sensible. i do not know what happened to you in your personal life, but unloading it here does you more harm than us. we can’t help you. see someone who can please.

          • No one in their right mind (and I worry about terminally angry people like you) would ever think my OP was anything other than a lighthearted (with a song reference) attempt to comment about Trump embarrassing himself.

            Come out of the darkness and enjoy life. You’re tied with the other attack dog Nixon for the “grouchy ol’ man’ award.

          • I think this election has made people particularly tense.

            A week or so ago when I saw a tweet saying that Kim Kardashian was endorsing Hillary, I tweeted two responses to it and to her (the original tweet had included her) that made me ashamed. I know she probably never saw it, but it was uncalled for. All she had done was to support a candidate.

            My impulse was to delete the tweets, but then I thought, no, let them stand. I need reminding.

          • i generally try to avoid all things Kardashian; however, her being robbed and tied up in Paris was a damn shame. Nobody, and I mean nobody, deserves that kind of crap.

          • I especially agree with your first sentence.

            However, for me it was a little different.

            I used to attempt to respect the opinions of all those who comment here — just like I do with my right-wing cattle rancher brother.

            But i probably overreacted when no one would come to my defense when I took on Gatxer for constantly calling Ice a racist.

            I expected better from some of the folks. But I am sure there must be some blue blogs where there’s some group thinking taking place as well.

            Oh well. In retrospect I could have played my hand better. One day of disagreeing with Gatxer should have been enough. I’ve had my say – now move on — should have been my mantra.

          • sorry. i agree in general, but in particular the change has been pretty darn dramatic. look at his response to me below. i am hardly the angry guy here, and i have avoided the long crazy strings others seem to not have a prob with. his relief will not be found here. i hope he finds some.

          • “I think this election has made people particularly tense.”

            I think this election has made people fracking nuts!

        • I’ll have to go back and look. I didn’t see that coment and didnt even know I had been snarky.

          I’ve gotten so good at it I don’t even have to try.

  3. Those are some Freaky Friday Numbers : Hayes beat O’Reilly In the Demo and MSNBC except at 8pmet beat CNN in total.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 surged on Instagram
    4 resurfaces
    3 Geraldo sues
    2 omitted key facts
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Darcy: Hannity’s ‘on an island’…because he disagrees with some others at Fox.

  5. Anyone know what happened to Deirdre Bolton? She’s been MIA from her FOX Business show for like 3 weeks, contract not renewed?

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