Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Bill’s
  • Reliable Sources videos: Trump’s whoppers; Trump’s taxes; Trump’s polls; critics.
  • Concha: Fox & Friends interrupted with cries of ‘Bill Clinton is a rapist!’
  • The house that Ailes bought: $36 million Palm Beach oceanfront mansion.
  • Railey: CNN’s shoddy non-coverage of flooding in NC.  Profile: Jeffrey Lord.
  • YourBuzz videos: the
  • Wemple claims Megyn ‘an island‘ of Trump scrutiny at FNC.  Sunday talkers.
  • Who’s ‘in the tank’? FNC Trump coverage fairer than CNN, NBC, CBS.

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          • nice open floor plan. the modern art and cold steel modern furniture mixed with dead wood is disgusting. fake canopy bed, expense for nothing. the recessed lighting functional, but the lamps butt ugly. as are the paintings, in fact everything artful comes across as rental clutter. clearly decorated metro sexual blah. needs a full time pool cleaner, maybe 2..

          • It’s done in mid-century modern meets 60s Regency.

            It’s not something I would build either, but it’s a great house, with some great design elements and a style suitable to regional history. Deco is done to death there.

          • “It’s not a “fake canopy bed”, it’s a design element to add architecture interest to what is pretty much a white rectangular box of a room. It’s well executed.”
            when form has no function it is fake bling. i find it laughable and ugly. i too like the open layout, but it seems full of junk like someone threw it all in just because they could charge a lot for it. my personal tastes decry the lack of classic form and material, but i did not put my personal tastes in my post. i only commented on useless ugly, contents that conflict with each other and the amount of work needed to keep a pool no one will ever use maintained. ugly is no fun.

          • the place is full of foo foo. FLW did some great stuff, but a lot conflicted with need. like a flat roof in snow and rain areas. sensibility over style.

          • beauty has a variety of objective qualities, one of which is function. easy to test. is something that is dysfunctional beautiful? never. something that has no practical function, is it beautiful? sometimes, but it has to have a measurable effect of most people sensing the beauty over time in all types and all places. beauty is universal or close to it. not something that effects just a few. but a consistent majority across time and culture. a few people might find stretched ear lobes beautiful but that would not be seen as beautiful across time and culture. sunsets, the Mona Lisa, classical music have no necessary function except their beauty. each pass the test of close to universal perception, across time and culture. if you leave beauty to simple a personal test you dead end in the stupid alley. beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, it is a quality that is measured, to disagree you have to believe in nothing. this is not me speaking. this is basic 101 western philosophy thoroughly discussed in Plato in Socratic dialogue and has been reviewed consistently and challenged by subjectivists and disproved repeatedly. you may want to challenge that, however you are challenging analysis that has had consensus for several thousand years in the west. address their arguments not mine. i am just reflecting consensus.

          • Well, you say that you’re addressing western philosophy toward beauty in that it isn’t utterly subjective– utterly dependent on any eye without anything else to recommend it.

            There’s a world of ways that people have added the interest of beauty to otherwise blank spaces, for no other reason than just that. That is enough.

            There is a ton of devil in those details in the higher principle of “adding interest ” to a void and those details ARE subjective.

            You may not care for beds with high beams that are not curtained. You may have filled the void some other way.

            I might too.

            I like the geometric aspect of the uncurtained lines of the bed. A curtained bed would have been too stuffy and a bed without an upward focus would have left the room a box no matter what shape was added via adornments to the wall.

            That’s the truth and we all know what the West says about truth being beauty.

  1. I saw a woman today that looked like Deborah Kerr in her late 30’s. I thought for a minute that I had died and gone to heaven.

    • 1) war on fat people
      2) war on smokers
      3) war on homophobes
      4) war on Christmas
      5) war on Confederate memorabilia

      … and they’ve all started.

      • i was thinking positive because everyday i read about new medical discoveries, but sadly you are correct. by the way coca and poppies are similarly composed of complex alkaloids that are not researched and likely hold serious benefits undiscovered. in a world with so much disease and defect i cannot understand why the relatives of people who have had family members die ugly are not leading the war to legalize everything and anything and letting people find their own ways.

  2. so parades of Sandinistas have been going all week due to November election. here in the south where the support for the canal is low because it is seen as a theft by the chinese sandinistas are torn. at this moment the loudest demonstration i have heard this week is in front of my house. it is the PLC, when you see all red flags ellos es liberales. liberal in America Sur es la derecho, no es la izquierda. despite the volume of noise there are many fewer people and too many people with cameras for some of them not to be “watchers” making lists. this is instructive why? because law and order is never neutral. cuida con su desos.

      • i watched until i was noticed and like my neighbors closed the doors. the smoothie place and luperia are all that stayed open. everyone on my block is Sandinista including quite a few vets. i can hear and tomi tells me what i can’t understand. you know if you think to post civil war USA you can get the familial issues that get mixed w/ politics. it is not simple. i am close friends with a family of such. papito the vet, son in law captain in the army. we talk, but he cannot speak of his work, and i do not ask. he insists the army is apolitical. true to a degree. there are police that are federal, like our fbi, but handle everything the is a felony, involved with drugs, or political. they are the head busters for demonstrations. they do not use the policia publica, or transito for that. nor do they use the army for that. however the checkpoints looking for immigrants are a facade and manned by the army and policia fuerza, or publica as you would think of them. i just hope for no change. which is impossible. like we say in business, there is no treading water, you are either swimming or drowning.

    • Where do you live, gcblues? I live in Patzcuaro, Michoacan. Also very crazy right now. Stay safe.

      • te amo los caldos de mariscos, drove the coast in 04 but did not go to Patzcuaro. too far east. lots of French Colonial left though si’? i live in Rivas Nicaragua. very safe if you are clean.

        • Mexican cuisine is the best! Pozole blanca, chiles rellenos, tacos! Very beautiful architecture here. Patzcuaro is a “Puebla Magica”. Wonderful buildings and gorgeous squares/plazas.

          In 2000, drove down the coastal highway from Mazatlan to Acapulco. Fantastic vistas. I wouldn´t attempt to do that today. Youth! So fleeting.

          • i drove from oregon to costa rica ready to do it again. i have been through mexico over a dozen times. no probs out of the ordinary.

          • I have been all over the world. However, as I get older, when I go south of Indianapolis, it seems like a foreign land to me.

  3. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 talkers
    4 Chart
    3 an island
    2 interrupted with cries
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 The house that Ailes bought: $36 million Palm Beach oceanfront mansion.

    • so i guess that proves we are no better than the political class say we are. bling chasing self absorbed fools. #guilty.

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