Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Rachel Maddow-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Say What?! Brian Williams thinks he coined the phrase ‘runaway train’.
  • Wemple takes shot at James Rosen, gets a doozy of a rebuttal in return.
  • Megyn to Hillary: You keep using my name, it’s time to come on my show.
  • Sept numbers: Hannity-Megyn-Bill 1-2-3; Brit lifts On the Record; ranker.
  • More than mere media? Brian Stelter given title: ‘senior correspondent‘.
  • Factor video: Bernard Goldberg to smear Brit Hume.
  • Intramural battle royale: MSNBC analyst calls CNBC colleague a ‘jackass’.
  • Concha: Trump targets Lemon and Joe S; snarky CNN chyrons spare Hillary.

33 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Phill Griffin never tolerated family fighting in the past. Don’t expect him to like the Rattner-Kernen shots.

    • Will be interested to see the fallout from that. Think Steve is getting anxious that HRC doesn’t have that 50 point lead all Dems thought she was going to have?

    • For all the Mediaite headlines of “epic take-downs”, “destroying” people, schooling them, “eviscerating” them, etc… I’ve only seen that actually done once.

      They took down, schooled, destroyed, and eviscerated celebrity cook Paula Deen.

      For answering in a deposition that she had once said the n-word in 1983, and once considered a wedding with a southern plantation theme.

      Mediaite has done the work of the angels…

      • I always liked Paula. Anyone who says, “My best friend is my fork” can’t be all bad.

        • She turned being southern into schtick and she’s bought into into the utterly woeful notion/denial of a sappy/happy zippity do da antebellum era, but, yeah, she sure didn’t deserve the gutting she got from the media.

  2. Concha: Trump targets Lemon

    Answer: Not enough to make a difference.

    It would have taken years of not seeing gold as being the gold standard, for those within the Trump rank to have mitigated that.

    I’ve yet to hear of one influence that could have instilled an iota of a counter to that trump standard.

  3. RE: “Brian Williams thinks he coined the phrase ‘runaway train’.”

    Was Brian Williams using the second meaning (below in italics)?

    While I think most of us think “to coin a phrase” traditionally means “to create a new phrase.”

    These days, “coin a phrase” has also taken on a new meaning, first documented around the mid-twentieth century: “to introduce a cliché sentiment.”

    The Cambridge Dictionary appears to agree.

    If so, then The Daily Caller’s Christian Datoc may have some ‘splainin’ to do.

    Or maybe not.

    • I don’t subscribe to the theory that people who use words wrongly should be accommodated simply because there are a lot of them. ‘Proverbial’ does not apply to cliches but to proverbs, yet Olbermann would use it only to apply to cliches, like closing the proverbial barn door after the horse is gone. Coronated is not a word just because zillions of people think it is. There’s a telephone call for Mike and I – no, it’s Mike and me. And ‘coin’ has meant create, mint, as in your example ‘to create a new phrase’. It has never meant to copy someone else’s phrase, and the Cambridge Dictionary is off my approved list. My paperback Webster’s from grade school is still on my shelf. That said, it was a somewhat petty complaint to use against BriWi; but it was accurate. A professional journalist of national repute should have higher standards than some guy on a bar stool griping about the watered down beer.

      • The politics editor at the D.C. Bureau for Time magazine seems to also take a view that differs from Christian Datoc’s — seemingly suggesting that Williams was quoting someone.


        A thought that occurred to me when I heard Brian utter the words, “It now appears — to use the phrase of one of our witnesses from an earlier interview.”

        Remember when Don Lemon was excoriated for his ‘black hole’ comment. Then we learned that he was actually quoting someone?

        Here’s his tweet:

        Doesn’t mean he’s necessarily right. But it could mean his part-time job as a journalism teacher at Georgetown could be in serious jeopardy if he’s wrong. /sarcasm

        • It appeared to me he agreed with Datoc: To quote something someone else said is not ‘coining a phrase’. That’s almost exactly what I said earlier. Plus this is a separate instance of BriWi doing the same thing. So it’s a pattern. BriWi clearly thinks reiterating an old cliche is ‘coining a phrase’ Your tweeter and Datoc and I all agree: that is NOT coining a phrase, Brian.(I’m typing this but who knows when anyone will see it with the site down. Because of my moderator superpowers I can still see the disqus comments even when the site is offline.)

          • My mistake. Sorry for taking up ur valuable time with that.

            That tweet I cited was from July and was not about what Datoc wrote about Williams. (It was uncanny that it was also about saying, “To coin a phrase.”)

            Whether he was defending or criticizing Williams in that (July) context is unclear to me with absolute certainty. Although I tend to agree with you that he appears to be criticizing Williams.

    As he prepares to retire at the end of the year, NBC News’ Jim Miklaszewski has been enjoying quite the farewell tour…

  5. We’re back! Saturday’s post will be delayed but I have a special Kelly File video for your viewing pleasure until I’m able to get the weekend links up and running.

  6. Friday’s most popular links:
    5 targets Lemon
    4 lambastes attempts
    3 coined the phrase
    2 battle royale
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Wemple takes a shot at James Rosen, gets a doozy of a rebuttal in return.

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