Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Concha: Will MSNBC rebuke Dean for cocaine smear? ‘Of course not.’
  • Zucker play: CNN renders Lester Holt invisible.  The purloined graphic.
  • Factor videos: Debate analysis with and
  • Tied up in knots: FNC, Tantaros disagree about alleged settlement offer.
  • FNC veep cautions staff about online surveys.  Today’s Wemple O’Whine.
  • Andy Lack calls BriWi’s credibility issues ‘ancient history‘.  ICN disagrees.
  • Sunday showdown: Media Buzz beats Reliable Sources.  Weekend numbers.
  • Impartial CNN anchor: Maybe Trump broke the law.  Q&A: Richard Quest.
  • Fox Business hits new highs.  Steinberg: CNN greenlights Shades season two.

47 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. So who do you all think will end up the victim of a fatal car crash, robbery, or will commit suicide?

    Gary Johnson or Jill Stein?

    • an election where people refuse to the point of 30% turnout is the sole hope. delegitimize the state. not like it is the land of the free anymore unless it is defined by looters, occupiers, and militarized cops. you guys sound like venezuela, or Managua on wednesdays.

        • why should this year be any diff than all the others? if didn’t have fantasy, i wouldn’t have no dreams at all ….. wrote a song about it. rest assure he may put troops on the border but immigration will increase exponentially to economic growth under either. the sole diff may be on mid east refugees which is stupid because the big move right now is haiti, China, India and africa, not to mention guat, salv and honduro. you’ll love that. the haitians and africans will hook up with the jamaicans and party on and odummycare will all be staffed with Indians and Chinese. reality fantasy reality fantasy. what options. plus, with more mexicans leaving than entering you’ll have central american fare at all the carts. yuck! i don’t need no reality.

          • agreed. however whacked Pat Caudill , SP, he is correct that the electorate is on the precipice of rejecting the political class it is just a matter of how. the world’s history of change and revolution has not been gone liberty’s way in a very long time. like said, glad i am not 14, please Daniel, live to be 100! wow, i am eating my smoked beans and enchilada lunch and i just ate about half a tree pepper. yipeeeee.

      • Not in my nick of the woods. We still make apple pie, salute the flag, and respect the sheriff deputies & their one K-9 — which the grade school kids adore. People in my county wave at each other as we pass by in our cars — even strangers. Been that way for my forty years in the area. LOVE THIS PLACE!

        Love the bake sale and lunch at my voting station.

    • my fondest wish. HRC pres, legislation proof congress and senate, Ginsburg dies rebalancing the court correctly. a graham rudman type pact re-emerges. then if she is neutered in foreign policy, is overridden on her veto of executive order restrictions both of which are needed and have majority support. i would vote for her 2nd term. as it sits on immigration, foreign policy, and trade they are both ignorant clowns.

      can i have a witness for GRIDLOCK?

    • CBS this morning has a well done ship it’s not fake , if it is they are good actors and need some Tony awards and some Oscars. The only national morning show ,where I feel the host is genuine would be HLN’s Robin Meade, though if you believe the rumor maybe Joe and Mika have a little more than just chemistry.

      • Well Mika did say, after Joe’s son took a fall, that “we” we’re at he hospital & everyone was do great or something to that effect. But she definitely said “we”. Why would she be at the hospital if there wasn’t something going on?

        • I don’t think that’s unusual for a coworker. One I know came to my ICU and even brought his priest, though I’m not catholic.

  2. ICN is right ,The Brian Williams thing was never really shuffled away , they just kind of hope it would go away and begin the Reformation of Brian Williams with out dumping every thing out let people see it , get bored then reform him.

  3. Today’s most popular links:
    5 new highs
    4 rebuke Dean
    3 broke the law
    2 purloined graphic
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Zucker play: CNN renders Lester Holt invisible.

  4. I’ll be curious how my Facebook friends react to this post I just put on Facebook.

    I have so many close friends and relatives from both major parties, that I seldom ever post anything political. But this just blew my mind.

    Talk about breaking with tradition.

    The Dallas Morning News is endorsing a Democrat (Clinton) for the first time in 75 years.

    The Arizona Republic is endorsing a Democrat (Clinton) for the first time in their history dating back to 1890.


    I suspect some of you are thinking, “Who really pays attention to these endorsements any more?”

    Okay. But it’s still pretty surprising to me.

    On a personal note, “Can’t Obama and Romney run again? They don’t look like such bad choices by comparison, do they?” 🙂

      • I want it to be clearer than your use of the passisve voice makes it. You deleted these comments, not me. You chose not to wait until I reviewed them. The moderation ‘black hole’ you referenced in most cases lasts less than an hour, but you deleted within roughly 30 minutes of submitting them. Your choice, not mine. I approved them moments ago but apparently you had already acted.

        Particularly in cases of deleted comments, I greatly prefer that people post who deleted the comments, not just that they were ‘deleted’ by a mysterious somebody. Because 90% of the people will assume that was your fine site administrator..

        • Well, that was an unexpected hold. It’s never happened before except when I had a senior moment and stupidly used a gay slur in a quote.

          It happened once at Mediaite as well…again a failure (aka brain fart) to use quotes around a forbidden word — or use a substitute – bit me like a snake.

          I fully understand why you want people to know who deleted a comment. (I got a little frustrated because unlike in the past the DELETE button wouldn’t appear — so my only option (or so it seemed at the time) was to delete the text in the comment.)

          Oh well. Less than 5 issues in 14,000+ comments is fine by me.

          • I read over the originals twice and still can’t figure out why disqus put them into the moderation queue. If you get impatient when this happens ping me via email or twitter. After working on the blog for most of the day I tend to take a break post 8pm and am usually not monitoring the comments closely.

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