Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday numbers: Debate/CNN  Debate/FNC  PostDebate/FNC 1-2-3.
  • Q3 numbers: Fox #1, viewership sets records; CNN, MSNBC improve.
  • Out# videos: Bret Baier et al size up the debate
  • Megyn Kelly salutes Don Lemon, as Judge Judy pays tribute to Megyn.
  • Klein: Fox, the ‘Never-Trump Network‘.  ICN: Fox, the Trump Network.
  • Ariens: FNC, CNN share honors for debate night.  Q&A: Chris Stirewalt.
  • Concha: Holt emerges from debate ‘bruised and partisan‘; record ratings.
  • HuffPo: See, moderators can fact-check.  Politico: Holt kept out of the way.
  • Kelly File videos: Kurtz says pundit panel
  • Greta honored for ‘fairness and honesty‘.  Martin Bashir resurfacesFlashback.

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    • it was so bad. nothing either of them said was true or relevant. lester may have received orders but trump acquiesced. as the quotes get looped ad infinitum i think he is on the road to Waterloo with no change.
      too funny. my trump couple friends posted how trump slaughtered hillary. tell me you are a trumper simply as a defensive vote i get it. tell me he is incredible wonderful and will teach (**(&s and flush out the crooks and on and on.#scary

          • good question and there is no good answer. i won’t blow smoke. however, if no one voted or the turnout went down to 30s in % due to utter disgust i fail to see how that would be worse than either of these 2 which we will be saddled with no matter you do with your ballot.

          • For that to make a lick of sense you have to rate them equally bad. If that’s not the case:
            1) hold nose
            2) vote
            3) then, whine your heart out.

          • not equally bad. there is another rational view i have posted before. we do not know which will be worse, only that both are even worse than Barrack and that is a very sad truth. depending on world circumstance and congressional make up there are many scenarios where each could be worse. how much worse? somewhere between doubling debt and the literal end of the world. true?

          • Use your best judgement and not back away — or others will make the decision without you having a say. That’s what Nix and I are doing. LIke Butch and Sundance we have decided and are talking the plunge. I can’t swim, but the fall will probably kill us.

          • sorry, suicide pacts are not part of my repertoire. if it changes i’ll let you know. i have never not voted, but then again before odummy care i had never not owned health insurance. today, i have never felt so liberated.

          • really could care less about their past except has what it has to do with what they can do, will do and might do. no clear worst loser to me.
            revenge has always served me poorly.

          • you won’t be satisfied until you breakkkkk my heart, your never satisfied until the teardrops start.
            scored in Fm, intro starts in Ebm
            this is a hokie version.
            origonal like this if you want to play with ella and louis,

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  1. Re: “Kelly File videos: Kurtz says Holt helped Hillary”

    It was interesting that FNC’s Stirewalt & Kelly made some of the same observations as CNN’s Axelrod and Tapper.

    • Trump did very well (especially on trade) in the first 20-30 minutes then somehow lost his way and missed several scoring opportunities.
    • Trump lost the debate overall.
    • Don’t underestimate how much Trump will improve in next debate.
    • Howard Kurtz made an issue of Holt interrupting Trump more than Clinton. Stirewalt, Kelly, Axelrod and Tapper seemingly didn’t think it was an issue worth discussing – although Stirewalt did make the point that some of the interruptions were because Trump wouldn’t answer the question(s).

    Next presidential debate on Sunday, October 9th in St. Louis – five days after the VP debate in Virginia.

    • Can you hardly wait for how ABC’s The View and FNC’s Outnumbered spin this?

      I didn’t think so? 🙂

      On the one hand you have Republicans Frank Luntz (and his group16-6), Brit Hume and Dana Perino saying Clinton won. You also have reports that even inside the Trump campaign there were expressions of disappointment.

      OTOH, you have Michael Moore, several snap polls and a CNBC poll showing Trump won. BTW, has there ever been a post debate snap poll at Drudge or Time that Trump didn’t win?

    • I didn’t watch last night and am trying to avoid any “morning after” bloviating. Also not clicking any link with the word “debate” in the URL.

  2. I think Holt did a good job , he stayed out of it mostly and let them have at it , though the timings got messed up. Though people with their views heavily invested in the candidates or sides will either think he did the best job in the world or the worst eve ,but I think he did a good job over all.

    • his aid for one or the other was not determinative of outcome, if anything people used his performance to reinforce their own views. anyway you slice or dice it his follow ups were more vigorous on one than the other, predictable after the laur deal. however, that assumes people are stupid moo cows unable to see their own interest. something i hear a lot about from dems wondering why poor people vote republican. maybe cuz they do not want to remain poor? who knows?

      • agreed , the candidates are the main part of the outcome.
        People have picked their sides , Holt had the hard part of trying not play into what the hard line side takers wanted him to do to make the other candidate they don’t support look bad.

        • didn’t seem to have a problem asking questions that have nothing to do with the job, seems he shilled as designed. doubt it worked. may backfire. but he shilled like a pro.

    • I do find it interesting that some of the same people who were defending Matt Lauer against charges he was too easy on Trump are now criticizing Lester Holt with charges he was biased against Trump and “emerges from the debate bruised and partisan.”

      I suppose it all depends on whose ox is being gored.

      • The Lauer thing was 1 hr for 2 Candidates (30 minutes each) so there was no time to aggressively push anything while taking peoples questions.
        But yeah it’s a team mentality , either on the team or against the team.

        • I don’t agree. It’s not my intention to be critical of Holt by saying that had Holt’s treatment of the candidates been reversed, you would have seen far more criticism and anger from his peers than you see now.

          Lauer was absolutely excoriated by his own media elite for not challenging Trump about his Iraq claim.

          • That’s true if it was him pressing more on Clinton there would have been a lot of backlash because that’s what happens now , like with Lauer, whom I believe did an alright job (B+ ) with both candidates ,but he got excoriated by his peers because apparently he was supposed be the Trump attack dog or something in their eyes.

    • Howie Kurtz said Holt interrupted Trump 41 times whiles only interrupting Clinton only 7 times. A few of Trump’s times were because he went over time. Still cutting back a few of those it sure looks fishy to me.

      Also mentioned were how many follow-up questions were to Trump versus Clinton. Once again Trump had substantially more than Clinton.

      Glad I did not watch.

  3. NYT
    Dear Times Reader,
    He lied about the loan his father once gave him.
    He lied about his company’s bankruptcies.
    He lied about his federal financial-disclosure forms.
    He lied about his endorsements.
    He lied about “stop and frisk.”
    He lied about “birtherism.”
    He lied about New York.
    He lied about Michigan and Ohio.
    He lied about Palm Beach, Fla.
    He lied about Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve.
    He lied about the trade deficit.
    He lied about Hillary Clinton’s tax plan.
    He lied about her child-care plan.
    He lied about China devaluing its currency.
    He lied about Mexico having the world’s largest factories.
    He lied about the United States’s nuclear arsenal.
    He lied about NATO’s budget.
    He lied about NATO’s terrorism policy.
    He lied about ISIS.
    He lied about his past position on the Iraq War.
    He lied about his past position on the national debt.
    He lied about his past position on climate change.
    He lied about calling pregnancy an “inconvenience” for employers.
    He lied about calling women “pigs.”
    He lied about calling women “dogs.”
    He lied about calling women “slobs.”

    So… who won the debate?

    Why the better liar, Hillary … depending on what your definition of won is. OR who is. OR debate is. OR so is.

  4. Mika Brzezinski Is Forced to Admit: Hillary Clinton Won the Debate, But…
    “I just wouldn’t be surprised if he came out doing better in the polls after this,” she admitted with a hint of glimmering defeat.

    • oil service and all energy down, big corps like PH and ETN up. they are exporting flow control parts for factories build world wide so clinton wins they win.

  5. The four broadcast networks were up 22% vs. 2012 in initial ratings.

    So simple math suggests the total (10 channels?) might be close to 85M, but nowhere near the
    100M some were predicting. (If 2012 drew 67M, then a 22% increase would be 67+15 or 82M.)

    Cable ratings should be available soon since it’s already past noon on the east coast.

      • And people like me just downloaded it to our computer to watch when we get around to it.

        I dont know who won last night but I know who lost……..the American people

          • I dont think Ive missed one since Reagan-mondale…….Im a nerd. I watched ALL primary debates but one town hall I didnt know about on MSNBC till the next day this year…….I enjoy them for the most part……but not ONE has ever changed my mind……I was looking for a reason to vote for one of the liars this year………not one debate helped. I decided early and never changed my mind.

            I wouldn’t be excited to vote for HRC or Trump if they made me their VP………..dont see anything that’s going to change that.

          • No I dont think so….not sure what you are talking about…….I remember us discussing some prof who said Sander was going to win who had called every race since 1960 or something during the primary……….is that who you’re talking about?

            Unfortunately he was wrong.

          • sorry thought he called trump like the wash prof w/ the also perfect record. be glad Bernie is down the road at the final beach house with moo moo mommy:)

  6. The newshounds writers who rarely miss an opportunity to call Megyn Kelly a racist will find their heads exploding of her longtime friendship with Don Lemon. So they’ll just pretend it doesn’t exist.

    • Other unexpected (even strange in some cases) cross channel (or network) friendliness.

      Don’t hold me to 100% accuracy on these.

      • Rachel Maddow’s seemingly friendly relationship (at least in the past) with Roger Ailes.
      • Sally Kohn speaking well of how warm and friendly Sean Hannity was to her when she was at Fox News.
      • CBS CEO Les Moonves was reported to have a somewhat close relationship with Roger Ailes, even meeting for lunch occasionally.
      • Don Lemon saying he watches the Kelly File on a pretty regular basis.
      • Megyn also earned praise from liberals such as Chris Matthews, Joy Behar, and Gayle King.

    • Didn’t help BO that he and sharpton went out to dinner often before he got a job at MSNBC………but Ive been told that if you have friends or followers who are black you can’t be racist……so my guess will be it doesn’t exist……or isn’t a real friendship.

      • I doubt any adult who has ever been in the workforce would be surprised that professionals of varying politics, religions, outlooks, whether competitors or not, would be friends.

        They share a similar drive and temperament, as well as interests, and pressures.

      • if he had energy would not have tanked. only a couple of MLPs held due to dividends, AEP of ohio got slammed, COP, SU SLP, UTG a utility fund, all sectors in energy except 2 of my dividend MLPS got slammed on a day ETN and PH higher than the dow or S&P. what do eaton and parker do? they make their primary profits as the 2 world leaders in flow control. now most people won’t say wow, until you try to build a factory without it. clinton won, the exporters won and energy lost. money walking and coming, best poll on earth.

  7. I’m kinda busy so I only watched the first segment of Outnumbered.

    But I must congratulate them on the opening extended video clip from last night’s debate.

    They could have been biased and showed mostly video from the first 20-30 minutes, when the consensus was Trump was at his best.

    But instead they showed some of HRC’s finest moments along with some of DT’s.

  8. Today’s most popular links:
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    4 tribute to Megyn
    3 Megyn Kelly salutes
    2 resurfaces
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Concha: Holt emerges from debate ‘bruised and partisan’.

  9. Nice column Joe Concha.

    Good touch pointing out that only 1/4th of the country watched 2016 debate vs, 1/3rd of the country in 1980.

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