Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Concha: MSNBC catches flak over on-screen graphics mishaps.
  • Friday’s numbers: Megyn Kelly-Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Videos: Bill O’Reilly talks with and
  • Maria Molina at CMU.  Coop at Stambaugh.  Carlos Watson resurfaces.
  • Gahr: Why does Dylan Byers think perjury by Phil Griffin is ‘not a story‘?
  • Steinberg: Ad on CNN looks like real newscast; Lester Holt’s difficult task.
  • Kelly File video: Panel explores how for the debate.

77 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. R.I.P. Arnie.

    87 years is a pretty good life.

    You were my favorite golfer as a child and it took many years not to resent Jack for dethroning you and to also accept him for all his greatness.

  2. i find it disturbing that to get detail i need to read a pure propaganda rag from Russia because American media are too bz playing the same trite crap over and over and over and over. Charlotte really? a national issue that must be run into the ground? i can’t get Cspan, i guess i could go to government sites and read committee testimony word for word. if i could navigate a congressional site, if i could see a schedule to testimony, if i did not mind that it is never posted for 2 weeks to several months after the fact. anyone else have a clue as to what testimony is being presented to congress RE: US armed forces in the Middle East? i get most of it from Vice videos and RT. sick man. why? because gringos don’t give a &*^^5 about foreign policy that does not fit into a one sentence screed. no, we want to debate how many racists fit on the head of pin ad nauseum.

    • “because gringos don’t give a &*^^5 about foreign policy that does not fit into a one sentence screed. no” — TRUE!

      The few of us that do at least watch PBS NEWSHOUR.

      Actually, most gringos don’t give a &*^^5 about the news period. As the repairman from Directv explained to me, “I never watch that stuff. It’s depressing and I can’t do anything about it anyway. I just watch local news.”

          • Yes. It was an animated series created by Matt Groening and ran on Fox from 1999 to 2003, and Comedy Central from 2010 to 2013, with four direct-to-video movies in between. Bender was voiced by John DiMaggio, who is also Jake the Dog on Adventure Time, among many credits.

          • Mike, honestly? really? man you know a lot of stuff. are you not aware of your vast repository? try it on reruns i would be curious. i bet you would do very well.

          • Mike i do not know your total condition, but if you can somehow swing it, take a bus that goes to Houston then dallas left at Phoenix, a day in Tucson then on to Guadalajara and hang out in parque Mariachi and eat tacos Al Pastor. what i am saying is with your cam you would really have an eye opening trip. stay in Houston, i’ll send you the name of juke joints, go watch music at the Dallas Armadillo cafe, in Mexico, only eat from street venders that look popular. i kinda have actually done that trip, slightly different route and much longer stops. when you get back go to SF and take a bus from there over the golden gate, then north along the coast, you can stop at the Olympic pen far northern tip of Wash and whip back to seattle and fly back to long island. it will still be there.

          • Did you ever make it over to St. Pete? My grandparents on my dad’s side retired there, and I still have some relatives there.

          • My partner’s cousin was a multiple Jeopardy champ three years ago. Because it was taped, he rode his Harley to Niagra Falls to watch the tournament of champions with his cousin. He was a mechanic by trade but knew all kinds of thing, and could, most importantly, handle the pressures.

          • His wife and he have been co-owners of my cabin since we bought it twenty years ago. He’s the handy one in the partnership. Took the tractor back north Saturday to get it fixed.

          • i know 5 guys that went together and like 20 years ago bought a closed health clinic on 7 acres bordering Indian Creek where is meets the siuslaw and goes to the ocean. Chinook, Blueback and major steelhead runs. seen black bear eat huckleberries. they turned the lab into a kitchen changed the waiting room so french doors opened to a deck looking over the river. drive into Florence buy fresh tuna oysters we crab for Dungeness, dig for razor clams. razor clam potato and egg breakfast. big butt waiting room has a bar, pool table, long table that can seat 20 wood stove all done in Uof O duck gear and has animal heads and skins everywhere. 2 of the guys are serious bow hunters and bid for permits all over the USA. i need to find the pics i am jealous as hell. so all the exam rooms are bedrooms with bathroom. they got like 20 bedrooms. it is very cool.

          • panties on antlers, boar heads, bighorn sheep tusk. cool stuff. the 2 bow guys are very quiet and serious. they were all county employees in diff depts. fished together, saw the deal and stole it. you see the pics they have prime river front,

          • will find some pics. i took tomi there. it is beautiful. i have eaten hundreds and hundreds of pounds of fish and game from that area. you need to see an Elk herd. smaller than a Moose, but not by much. you can dress a 1,200 lb bull. i need to pic hunt. Halibut taller than me.

        • YES to the top link, no to the bottom. NEWSHOUR has limited resources compared to decades ago, but they do a lot on Syria and have their own people in Aleppo. Margret Warner is pretty knowledgeable and seems to work her butt off.

      • i hope you are not offended by a “rib poke” ’cause i wanna do it again. you know my voting agony. i feel each hand is leather strapped to a different Jack azz and people are enticing both in opposite directions with handfuls of sugar. so. i am thinking you and nix should be known as trumper 1, and trumper 2. by others self adding it would be interesting ro see how high we get. you know that is legal now in Oregon.

    • That was a reason why I watched AJAM when it existed because they didn’t just focus on the same trash the other channels did.

  3. Jane Pauley has been named the new host of CBS Sunday Morning. A handoff happened Sunday morning as Charles Osgood signed off the morning show after 22 years. (TVNewser)

  4. Former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather will launch a new weekly show on Sirius XM Radio, Dan Rather’s America, debuting Sept. 27 at 10 a.m. ET. (TVNewser)

    Working on my anti-satellite rocket but local technology is lacking and North Korea won’t take my DISCOVERCARD.

  5. insiders is getting shorter and shorter. boot the boot, send pat to live with his grand kids. send the brinks truck to ed rollins house and pair him with schoen. combined IQ approaching 300.

    • Oh I get it now.

      When I read “Times” I thought of a different newspaper.

      After about 15 minutes of searching it occurred to me — oh, gc must mean some writer (Charles Hurt) from the Washington Times.

      A link would have been nice. But that seems to be an omision several commenters her make. Not sure why.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Ellen de Generes
    4 Charlie Rose et al
    3 resurfaces
    2 Maria Molina
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Gahr: Why does Dylan Byers think perjury by Phil Griffin is ‘not a story’?

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