Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: The the
  • Reliable Sources videos: Fact-checking; Trump the big liar; advice for Lester.
  • Special Sunday pre-debate programming: Fox News;
  • Impartial MSNBC anchor told Colin Powell Trump nomination was ‘awful’.
  • Factor video: on fair debate questions and fact-checking.
  • Concha: Anthony Bourdain’s behind-the-scenes story of dinner with Barack.
  • Q&A: Lisa Ling, Fredericka Whitfield. Wolf awarded.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Zurawik: ‘Serious clout‘ behind forces who want ‘new kind’ of Trump coverage.

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  1. Zurawik: ‘Serious clout‘ behind forces who want ‘new kind’ of Trump coverage.

    as a poll of one, let me be anecdotal. from the beginning i have despised that puke trunp and have so stated on multiple occasions that i will not vote for either.

    i still have a little time and everytime i hear some media fool i think maybe i should vote. not to elect trump or beat HRC, but to tell the media eff off!
    know what i mean

  2. Is this “How can I you look foolish on twitter day”?


    News anchor retweets fellow host……….that’s NEVER happened on any other network before…OH yea….it happens all the freaking time………notice he didnt point out that Hannity also works for Fox….just thats hes a trump supporter……..now why would he do that????
    Oh yea ….anything to make Fox News look bad to idiots who dont know hes a disgraced newshound and thinks they do “facts”.

    Then this


    Keep in mind that this is same guy who claims to watch Fox News…….who didnt know Karl Rove names isnt Carl Rove……….Disgraced Newshounds “writers” at their best.


    • When you have a list of people you keep calling “Trump supporter” who have never taken a position on who they are supporting, you have use pointless non sequiturs and if necessary lies to make the gullible think you are presenting evidence.

      • The obsessed stalker of course missed the point………big surprise there.

        He NEEDS everybody on Fox News to be Trumpers 24-7 and will go to great lengths to prove that…….but just makes himself seem more desperate.
        This is the same stooge that thinks everybody who thinks HRC shouldn’t be president is automatically a Trumper.

        Some people “think” that if a host thanks guests on twitter that means she agrees with them…….I see tweets of host doing that on ALL 3 news networks everyday…….but only Fox matters to the disgraced.

        I mean these are nuts who think CNN and MSNBC are filled with people who won’t vote for HRC…….the beer must be flowing strong in stooge land. They think i’m saying they can’t say the think they know who people support…..of course I’m NOT doing that…….just pointing out just how bad they are at it………and the OP on this didnt even touch that subject……they see a J$ in their heads that just doesn’t exist……but NO obsessed stalkers in stooge land of course.

        I said it last spring…..this election has turned some sane people nuts and made the crazy……be out of their minds more than anyone could imagine……….when will it end…Oh yea 40 days………..the Fox News haters are bad at that job and even worse trying to combine Trump hate with Fox Hate.

        • When someone tweets (or the cumulative thrust of their tweets) is that in their opinion [insert Fox News host name] is probably a Trump fan — not sure why that should bother anyone.

          The exception would be if you thought it was a totally illogical conclusion based on hate and insufficient evidence. This seems to be your position.

          Then aren’t we left with dueling opinions with a little name calling thrown in for good measure?

          Not sure what purpose that serves. Why not rebut what was tweeted instead? You seem to take it as a personal affront.

          A lot of people like to point out biases they perceive on cable news.

          Something we discussed here about two months ago.

          • I see you typing but the words dont make any sense…..I didnt even talk about whether Uma Pemmaraju is biased or not….I dont watch her show…..so I dont know….any better than you do about Harris….a person you have admitted YOU dont watch and didnt even know what shows she was on…..I guess you see me talk about the disgraced racist stooges and you just go into defense mode…..but could you at least READ what I wrote next time…..now J$ did talk about whether she’s biased or not…..talk to him…..he would know….I wouldn’t……dont watch FBN and unlike you dont comment on subjects I know almost nothing about.

            My comment was just about the fact that they called her biased based on the fact that she RT a fellow news host from her own network and thanked guests who had been on her show……something EVERY other channel has hosts that do the same thing.

            As for 2 months ago…..why does it bother….or frankly surprise you that Fox News OPINION hosts have OPINIONS? That’s why they get PAID……That’s what I dont get about the disgrace racist stooges…….do they NOT get that OPINION host are paid to give their OPINIONS? if you notice most of their “complaints”are about OPINION hosts and black guests……whens the last time they complained about Shep??????

            Oh and nice smear about us being paid for defending Fox News from lies and smears…….funny the real MT discounted that just a few weeks ago..just how many of us do you believe are on Fox News payroll fake MT???????

            Oh and since I dont have twitter I didnt Block Icehead…..but its hilarious that he blocked that account (according to him….he lies) he said like a year ago……..Now I dont believe in blocking people……..you can tell that because I haven’t blocked your nonsense here.

            ….now I know this was longer than 140 characters…..have your master MOE read it to you…..LOL

          • do you little eyes hurt?

            why are you bothered by how many words I use????? the fact that you count……..doesn’t of course mean you are obsessed…..LOL.

            Notice you didnt say anything about the facts I typed…..to many big word I guess.

          • “Why are you bothered by how many words I use?”

            Because your verbose ramblings remind me of a spousal argument over some minor grievance where one of them brings up (or vents) every past grievance they can think of. The time you failed to put the cap back on the tooth paste, your snoring and your refusal to put the toilet seat down.

          • 2 thing wrong with your nonsense.

            1. my disagreement is not only NOT WITH YOU….YOU has nothing to do with it…..

            2. Is your block button not working so you dont have to see so many words…..do I really have to point you to posts YOU made that were long?

          • is there a chance i can respectfully request you 2 take your fight somewhere else. i do not think anyone is interested in 2 adults having child’s sandbox fight. after all the BS u 2 have flung i do not think anyone wants more. begone.

          • Good idea.

            You hear that Gatxer? Unblock me and Ice from your Twitter account so we can debate on Twitter instead.

            We should debate, discuss, mock and praise public figures and blogs here at J$P — not private figures with less than a 1000 followers on Twitter.

          • Sorry but I’m not setting up a twitter account just so you and the rest of the disgraced stooges can fight……..I have no interest in that.

          • NOPE….no one obsessed in stooge land……..nice that you retweeted your own post with a fake one………..I love being told I have a fake twitter account by a guy with at least 4 fake disqus accounts and at least two twitter accounts that we know of……….get a life….I’m done with you for today…..ask you masters what to do now. Still can figure out why you would care if I have a twitter account to begin with…..or why on earth you think I would lie about it if I did.

            Have bad night.

          • Two Disqus Accounts (only)
            One for J$P and one for everywhere else.

            Two Twitter Accounts (only)
            One general account
            One for accessing accounts that block me like yours and Eric Bolling

            BTW, glad you are finally ‘almost’ admitting that you have been lying all along about not having a Twitter account. Congrats.

          • Why can’t you just tell the truth????? You have posted with 3 different disqus accounts here alone in the last 30 days……..J$ even busted you.

            You are
            Gatxer Avenger
            Tom Bennett
            Michael T
            and maybe
            Tom G

            Let it go man…..nobody here was talking about you.

            I am NOT “almost” admitting that I have a twitter account because I dont…….get over it…..why do you care if I have a twitter account anyway????? Why would I bother to lie about something so dumb????

            Why dont you just ask the twitter GATXER who he is?????? and stop filling the boards with crap about a twitter account.

            I will post about the disgraced racist stooge Icehead while he “writes” for the disgraced newshounds……that’s what we do here……we talk about cable news and the people who talk and write about it……you might notice that I dont ever talk about the most other stooges here….no Andy or Laura…..because they private people.

            Now I’M going to bed….rant on……but it will be to yourself….i’m sure you are used to that.

          • You’re confusing Disqus accounts (same email addy and password) with Disqus names for the same account.

            I am surprised at you since you’ve done the same with your Twitter account which used to be somebody named Richard with a surname beginning with S.

            Earth to Gatxer:
            No one believes that is not your Twitter account. You even even blocked Ice from accessing ‘your’ account. Why would you do that if it wasn’t your account? Unlike me he has never mentioned your account in his Twitter TL.

          • actually………. MT.. Gatxer.avenger….. Tom…..the only person who CARES that I dont have a twitter account is YOU…..you seemed obsessed with it……nobody else here seem to give a fu-k…….which is so unusually for a blog that talks about cable news that they dont care that I dont have a twitter account…..can’t understand that…..OH wait.

          • Calling someone racist over and over again is pretty reprehensible in the
            absence of convincing evidence.

            Stick to fact-based criticism without the name calling and I will have
            nothing else to say or criticize. Stalk all you want if that’s your thing.

          • “Stalk all you want if that’s your thing.”

            You really want to bring up stalking after your behavior the last few weeks………..please seek medical attention.

            “He just wants attention like he does at the Daily Kos. Maybe I should just give it to him.”

            That sure sounds like a threat of some kind

          • I would point out that unless he jumps into something NOT about him…..I NEVER bring him up…..for some reason he feels he has to defend people banned here or just afraid to come here……….but out of respect for you and the fact its a nice day….I will stop for the rest of the day.

          • Oh, I didn’t think that you had.

            I deleted the pointed words to you that I originally wrote in this space and wrote ‘never mind’.

          • No, GC, it is a troll over to agitate. For someone so disgusted that he left for good, he certainly posts one hell of a lot.

          • One promised never to return, then started posting more than ever. This isn’t GATXER’s fault, GC. It’s the damn troll.

          • You lie just like Gatxer.

            No promise was made to “never return.”

            I will call out Gatxer for his lies and misrepresentations just like I would expect him to call me out. But no charges of racism without evidence!!

            The problem is he misrepresents so many things and constantly moves the goal post and continues to debate previously settled issues it’s hard to conduct a reasonable discussion.

            He just wants attention like he does at the Daily Kos. Maybe I should just give it to him.

          • You certainly did, Mikey. Now I would appreciate it if you didn’t respond to me. I have no interest in conversing with you and all comments directed at me will be flagged.

          • 17 days ago I wrote:
            “Moving a copy of this (with corrections and additions) to Friday, since it’s most likely my swan song.”

            “Most likely” does not equal “never.”

            Pro-tip Nickie: Don’t question someone’s veracity without proof.

          • “Why does it bother….or frankly surprise you that Fox News OPINION hosts have OPINIONS?”

            NEWS FLASH:
            Uma, Harris, Bartiromo and Melissa Francis are not just opinion hosts. They actually anchor news shows — sometimes as fill-ins.

            Joe Concha calls some of them hybrids. Seems like a distinction without a difference. But I’m fine with it.

            Just don’t add another misrepresentation by suggesting Ice is criticizing “opinion hosts.”

            We can’t debate if you can’t stick to the facts. For example, no one ever suggested “MSNBC is filled with people who won’t vote for HRC.”

            Have a nice Sunday. Enjoy that new flat screen TV that someone from Fox News or a representative thereof shipped you. 😊

          • “NEWS FLASH:
            Uma, Harris, Batiromo and Melissa Francis are not just opinion hosts. They actually anchor news shows — sometimes as fill-ins.”

            Newsflash……..when I said OPINION host…..i wasn’t talking about ANY of them…….maybe I do need to cut down on the words…..you haven’t been able to respond right to one thing Ive said in days.

            You aren’t saying that Iceblock does not lie…I mean likes criticizing Fox OPINION host for their OPINIONS (Trump) are you????? Really??????

      • Of course they would…..notice how few white hosts or guest they attack on a regular basis………that seem to find fault with almost ALL of Fox’s women of color…..they post more about Harris than Hannity…..no reason to guess why……..nobody but a disgraced stooges would think Harris is more partisan than Hannity.

  3. MSNBC covers the protester news conference today……but skips the police chiefs news conference……lean Forward!


  4. The key to Monday’s debate won’t be the debate but the spin.
    AND FOLKS, you will see spin the like of which we haven seen since Sears took U235 out of the Kelvinators.

    “HIllary knocked it out of the park!”
    “Trump looked like a chump!”
    “NO CONTEST — the lady is the champ!”

    She’s won already and even if she doesn’t, the media will crown her the winner anyway.

      • Something like 70% of Democrats said if HRC was indicted by the Justice Dept…..they would still vote for her…..so of course no matter what the far left will say she won….no matter what………..its the center press I wonder about more than anything.

        If she collapses again this time on stage….MSNBC hosts will say how great she was doing before that and therefore won………and the collapse will send a thrill up somebody leg at MSNBC….LOL

        • Speaking of MSNBC, if you don’t know the answer, perhaps someone else can chime in.

          Both of these statements are TRUE. Yes or no?

          A. FNC has an indisputable right to claim they have more paid contributors from the Left than MSNBC has from the right.

          B. But for past and present post debate coverage MSNBC has Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace from the Right — but FNC has no one from the Left. (Pat Caddel doesn’t count. He’s no Dem.)

          • Four years ago they didn’t have Juan Williams? Joe Trippi? Bob Beckel? Kirsten Powers? Juan Williams isn’t on pre-post debate this year too? Are you just making this stuff up as you go along?

            PS: Two of the three MSNBC debate coverage anchors are partisan Democrats. The third is an arguably left-leaning nominally impartial journalist. MSNBC has not covered any major political event this year with only trained journalists anchoring. One or more partisan Democrats has always been there to serve as Brian Williams’s minder.

          • I was actually referring to recent debates as well.

            Frankly Johnny, I don’t watch as much post debate coverage on Fox News as I used to — sorry, but Bret Baier bores me.

            I did however watch live the entertaining showdown between Megyn and Karl. That was some mighty fine television if you ask me.

            I could have made myself clearer. For example, with all the recent Dem and GOP debates did Fox News (like MSNBC) have at least three commenters from the opposite side — i.e., the Left?

            You mentioned Joe Trippi. Good one — I had forgotten about the “Campaign Cowboys” of Wallace, Trippi and Rove.

          • I don’t know what you’re trying to pull. I don’t get why ‘three commentators’ is the magic number. Is that three out of four? Three out of twelve? Is that three opposite from the parties debating? Three of the same party? All the debates up to now have been purely partisan, not Dem/GOP as the next batch will be. Yet each should have three commentators from the opposite party?!?

            “FNC has no one from the left.” Juan Williams has already been announced as a main panelist for debate coverage, plus there are at least a half-dozen others who may appear. We don’t know yet. But for some reason here you are proclaiming “no one from the left” before the coverage airs, without even knowing who is on the primary panel. Some might see this sort of pot-stirring as classic trollery, though I of course would not jump to such conclusions.

            PS: Commentary panels have a relatively minor contribution to the overall coverage compared to the role of the main anchors. When two out of three of your main anchors are partisan Democrats (and the third is at least expected to be nominally impartial) that has a much greater impact on the coverage compared to the less significant impact of one member of a commentary panel.

          • “I don’t know what you’re trying to pull.”

            My my, touchy today aren’t we?

            If the post debate coverage on Fox News does not have as many from the opposing party, then I think that is just as fair to point out as is MSNBC not having as many paid contributors from the opposing party for their ongoing daily programming.

            Apparently you disagree. Okay fine.

          • “But for some reason here you are proclaiming ‘no one from the left.'”

            My mistake. I should have framed that as a question, which I thought I had done when I wrote, “Both of these statements are TRUE. Yes or no?”

            I can see now why it may have been misconstrued as a proclamation rather than a question. Oops.

    • Everybody spins I remember in 2012 there were people in the spin room saying Obama won the first debate……….even Democrat Chris Matthews was like ….no he didnt.

      While I think Trumps to evil to be in the WH….I’m starting to think it evil genius……he invited Flowers to sit in the front row…..now every news cast will be reminding people that the Clintons LIE…..making HRC trustworthy polls go even lower.

  5. Let me pose a less controversial question for the group.

    Combined viewers (all networks and channels) for Monday’s debate is over 80 million? Whaddya think?

    I know I’m intensely interested, but what about the 90% of the country that don’t watch cable news – or are totally repulsed by both candidates?

    There’s also competition from Monday Night Football and Dancing With the Stars in some time zones.

    And I suppose we can’t discount all those who elect to watch it later online, on DVR or a replay on one of the channels.

  6. after the LA Times endorses Clinton saying Trump would be a “catastrophe” and Clinton would “sober, smart and pragmatic”, they write an article belittling Trumps assertion that education is the civil rights issue of our time.
    Trump may be a punk, but belittling everything he says is nothing more than a knee jerk ignorance indicator.
    it was Condi Rice’s convention speech before the Romney nomination.
    it was Mr. and Mrs Friedman’s life work.
    it likely reflect halfs the sermons every sunday in every inner city church in the USA.

    consider: every public employee unionized teacher is either far left or hiding in secret. fearful of being outed for not being a socialist shill. studies are showing that each successive generation is less educated. maybe someone’s dummy light needs to go on. who cares how many left or right wingers each media outlet has when ALL our public schools loaded with teachers all to the left of Bernie Sanders and producing graduates predominantly incapable of their rear ends? maybe you like all your engineers, scientists and doctors being Indian and Chinese.

    • I won’t know who to support until the Washington Post makes its endorsement. I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for their decision.

      • Frankly, I don’t know how we can expect any media entity to endorse either candidate other than saying ‘At least he/she ain’t a Republican/Democrat’.

        That works better for bloggers than for newspapers.

        • we have ample evidence that limiting the choice of parental private control or govt run education to people that can pay for both, i.e. school taxes plus tuition, is a fairly important long standing issue. my point was not the endorsement. it is how the trump topic contradicted their endorsement so they responded with childish belittlement.

  7. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 Anthony Bourdain
    4 preview
    3 Fox News
    2 was ‘awful’
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Zurawik: ‘Serious clout’ behind forces who want ‘new kind’ of Trump coverage.

  8. is it just me or does everyone see Howie having a hard time finding the cam that the switcher has on. he is using a prompter so he has 3 shots of getting it right. the cam light, the prompter direction, the producer can use non-verbal from the floor. yet over and over. like he community college crew is on today and hung him out to dry. surely after all these years he knows what cam is on air.

    • haven’t watch today’s show yet but weren’t they outside? If so I imagine things might have been different then normal……I can’t remember ever seeing him do a live outside show before……but I’m NOT a regular viewer…………MY guide says no repeats today….kinda sad about that…..just glad I DVR it this morning instead of watching the 4am repeat.

      • he reads from the prompter, all have either a light or number indicating which cam is airing and he continues to talk to the off air cam. he has been in the biz forever, so you have to guess the producers screwed the pooch and he was getting false direction. the link is above. i felt like i was watching a community college production..

  9. I like SPECIAL REPORT on Sundays. At least I get the national news at suppetime when football, golf or racing push broadcast news out of the lineup. Too bad this ends after the election.

    • i can get anything from free sites on the net, including pay per view, but i cannot get FNS. no other net is as tough on us free streamers.

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