Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Megyn Kelly-Don Lemon 1-2-3.
  • Video: on media that buried a key fact in Charlotte story.
  • Ariens: Meet the newest members of FNC’s Reporter Training Program.
  • Joyella: Joe Scarborough’s son hospitalized, stable after ‘horrible accident’.
  • Maria Molina at CMU.  Jon Ostrower to CNN. CNN digital adds Mabry, Cline.
  • Watch What Happens videos: Tamron Hall.   Hall to host a ‘people’s revolution‘.
  • Welzenbach: Chris Hayes, corporate sock-puppet.  Thomas Roberts awarded.

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      • As a finale to his leadership role as head of something called the Purdue Peace Union, campus police raided my brother’s house and cracked his skull in the melee. I remember him looking like Friar Tuck for a while.

        • had a German puke hit me over the head with a full beer bottle from behind so hard it almost put out an eye on the other side of the bar. i didn’t go down. i do not know how, but man head wounds bleed. unbelievable how much blood i bled. feel bad for anyone seeing it because i think the memory stays a long time.

          • Glad I didn’t see it. In my one and only fight as an adult, I punched a guy in a bar with a right cross as hard as I could and it did absolutely nothing. Other than my hand I’m still thanking fate I didn’t get hurt. A valuable lesson.

  1. BIG dip at 11pm when Shep Smith took over coverage of Charlotte.
    I imagine there are a lot of Fox viewers, like me, that can’t stand Shep.

    By comparison, Don Lemon’s audience grew from 10pm to the 11pm hour.

    • Bet the family wins the lottery with a voluntary guilt civil pay off from the city plus all sorts of freebies and attention.

        • Hey, ease the load. GIve away some money. It’s just taxpayer money. The average public official isn’t designed to take heat.

          • even with the worlds largest oil reserve so matter what the price they should have plenty of $$$$. this is a perfect example of how a guy or gal can run up a huge debt before going banko. you have a huge cash flow people are happy to loan to you, even when it becomes way past the ability of the borrower, US, to pay. they just roll, and sell off and roll and sell off then there is a great cleansing war. about then you can realize how inglorious ww2 was. i told everyone, would they listen noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

          • mmmmm. well, lets look at an athlete that gets a big cash bonus and monthly checks commensurate with the worlds largest oil reserve vs say a college grad getting a profesional salary. as a % of income and projected income whom do you loan the greater amount? expressed in % of income? now, move to the USA. tremendous cash flow, and predictors show a slow and steady uptake but we have 70 years of a pretty good pay record. knowing the dollar and its world relation econ wise man we can raise our card limits for almost ever and we really have no means to pay i.e. not enough natural resources to extract like canada. ….or gasp Venezuela. so despite them ripping off almost oil service company in the world they just signed a new contract with SLB, the largest oil service company in the world.
            athletes lose earning power and go banko
            prof salary guy will likely not be loaned enough to do real damage.
            venezuela has declining production because they have nationalized, stolen, everybody’s stuff but can’t run it. and it has deteriorated to the point of tip point critical, worse than PEMEX even. yet because unlike Mexico they have huge proven reserves so can always find a new charlie brown to take a run at the oil football.
            the USA has nothing intrinsic that comes even close to what they owe, nor would 2% growth even keep close to paying unfunded future liability which needs to be paid in future values i.e. current value plus future inflation. all that supports it is belief. faith. all the state parks and fed parks and indian reservations sold off would not put a dent in our debt plus continuing unfunded future liability. we are further past the possibility of paying off our promises than Venezuela. because even at $15 a barrel, they can just sell more while contract all the expense out.

            oh, in the past history war is the usually scrub method for cleaning out all that irresponsible government behavior. look at it as kinda the repo man.

            so uhhhh hope that helps. how is your passport status?

          • I let it expire long ago. Never used it. If it comes to war to clean the slate, probably better off where I’m at.
            That did help.

          • War by the U.S. on a scale to erase all debt would be catastrophic world wide. Appalachian Ohio is as good a place as any. Water well, gas well, coal fired local power plant, whole house generation plus backup, a National Forest of 800 acres as my neighbor and other neighbors are farmers. Vicious doog for protection. Life expectancy only 15 more years anyway.

          • i do not think there is a century without one in human history, have to ask Nix. kinda hoping i hit the lottery born in between and die before SSI is worthless. tell you what, as D&S would say, if i was 18, i would be PO’ed

          • I have a married daughter. Her and her husband are working on making grandkids. My oldest daughter and her mother were killed by a drunk driver in December of ’82.

          • sorry to have dug that up. i have apparently had a lot of luck in life i do not acknowledge. life is for the living, as we say among the Greeks, so really your impulses to wipe out sections on the planet is likely not in your loved one’s interest. i can certainly understand the desire for payback but if you were a gambler and worked on the odds you would not roll the dice. so remember, grieve, but live too boss. epeopel are going to need you.

          • Wiping out some places is in everybody’s interest. If only we had nukes earlier in WW II and rained ruin on Nazi Germany. Evil should always be stopped.

          • I fell in the crack where I get social security, 401-K 25-year payout, and a pension. Ten years before I retired, the pension was eliminated for new employees, replaced by matching 401-k.

          • all i had was a SEP, self employed pension, i.e. private 401k. i paid both halves of ssi mediscare. as self employed you pay the employee and employer part about 15.7% of the first $110,000 back in 03. my ssi begins in Nov, 62 this september, $1,660 a month. i will have to live to 150 to get what i paid in. GWB, my hero, lowered long term cap gains to 15% so i sold a commercial building i bought long ago with a good down and ten years of payments and traded commodities which the IRS taxes the gain 60/40 long/short term cap gain. building paid off, commodities obviously ended in 07. i am a dividend trader today. recall the warnings i gave about the market here a few years ago possibly? if i had lived in the states i would have liquidated and bought rentals for cash after the subcime, i mean prime debacle. my money manager moved to texas with his surgeon wife they bought enough property cashing out to let the rentals be managed and still pay out over $20k a month net. they vacation a lot, and donate the top limit each year to kids and grandkids to avoid death tax. i have a hard time thinking that i could work for someone and he would manage my retirement. hard for me to see that type of employment as secure when you are not in charge yet the first think i hear when i suggest self employmentto someone is they like the “security” of a job. that sounds very disonant to me. i prefer being in charge of my own income and savings. secure job is a cruel joke.

          • Argentina was the best place in the world during ww2. hard to believe a country that rich can go banko again and again.

          • many Jews bought there way there, they worked both sides pretty well. big exporters. great resources. but nooooooooooooo!

          • They were friendly to Nazis and Jews. Peron worked both sides of the street and it did well for the country.

          • Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina remained neutral, Brazil sided w/ the allies late. unspoken or quietly spoken was their support for Hitler. it was more than making money. u know why?

  2. Today’s most popular links:
    5 corporate sock-puppet
    4 newest members
    3 Maria Molina
    2 hospitalized, stable
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Video: Howard Kurtz on media that buried a key fact in Charlotte story.

  3. I don’t know if Welzenbach is right about Hayes being a “corporate sock puppet,” but by his measure all anchors and pundits should be able to say whatever they want and to invite anyone they want onto their show. If you want to do that then you start your own network like Glenn Beck did.

    On a side note, Welzenbach noting the criticism of an anonymous DailyKos blogger is pretty sad.

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