Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Don Lemon-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Krinsky: Fox News on target to make 2016 the ‘biggest sales year ever’.
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live videos: Mr Bill O’Reilly
  • Discovery CEO: News channels are ‘eating cable tv‘.  Today’s conspiracy.
  • Battaglio: More reasons why ‘Trump TV’ is little more than a pipe dream.
  • Ellison: Roger Ailes final days, from the suit and the strategy to the lockout.
  • Kelly File video: Charlotte clash to the West Bank.
  • Warren: Is Brian Williams’s 11th Hour his path back to respectability?  More.
  • Dana Perino, a ‘thoughtful optimist‘ who eschews Sunday show talking points.

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    • Saw that yesterday. Would think this is new info for the FBI. I’ll bet they know little about Reddit. I hope the FBI does have a clause that says if you lie we can rescind your deal. We need to hear more about this whole scheme.

      • If you lie to a prosecutor, the deal goes out the window. But this isn’t a normal case. They’ll ignore it.

        • there are a lot of people sitting jail that lied to prosecutors, indeed any Federal law enforcement agent. which is why you never speak to them. ever. for any reason. pound sand fed!

  1. Instapundit, long-time, savvy internet opinionizer, had his twitter account suspended. They won’t reinstate it unless he agrees to delete a tweet that advised people trapped on the freeway by rioters blocking their way to just press forward, even if it means running them down.

    A little harsh perhaps, but from a personal safety perspective, what other choice do they have? Sit there and wait for the windows to be smashed? Let the rioters beat them up and take their car? Submit to an aggravated assault in the hope they’ll let you live? After a career in law enforcement I’m astonished at some people’s notion that the best way to counter violent thugs is to surrender, even though you have an obvious means of escape.

    I’m not impressed by the Charlotte victim’s family either. Their said that the guy didn’t have a gun and was just reading a book in his car when police came up and executed him. Leave aside the illogic of such a chain of events, not to mention how the guy could be packing a gun, and holster, with nobody in his family aware of it. The bigger point is they weren’t there; they didn’t see what happened, so how could they possibly know? Not to cloak it in euphemisms, they made up a lie. And their lie was the flame that lit the fuse for two nights of violence. There is much blood o their hands.

      • With the right cause, a political meme that turns police shootings of black people into a media driven “epidemic” on the order of shark attacks, statistics don’t matter. Recent claims of such cases which don’t stand up in juries, don’t matter.

        Burning doesn’t matter. Looting doesn’t matter. Violence upon innocent people doesn’t matter. Rhetoric that inflames all this doesn’t matter.

        What matters is if you don’t tow this line. Then you’re in trouble. Then you’re a pariah. Then you’re a callous cracker.

        That is the only thing that matters.

      • don’t make too much fun of this. while it is true rioters are criminals and the anti-cop stuff is insane, that does not preclude insanity on the other side of the coin. truth is, there are a lot of lousy cops. ask J$. lying cops, cops cruising for a pension, criminally corrupt cops etc. there is an issue with PTSD and civilian cops being combat soldiers earlier. race is a part of our emotional being, to the point where an empathetic cop could be killed for trying to be PC, and an angry cop with 2 divorces under his belt could make decisions that are instant and wrong. it is a complicated deal and as long as both sides think the other is crazy this is not going to change. i think for positive change you need a positive process for dealing with this. Cameras and transparency would 9 out of 10 ten times help the cop side and ease the feelings on the anticop side.

          • agreed. however i would also like to see better vetting of who is a cop. if it is important for immigrants surely it is important before we send a cop out on the streets. background checks, stress analysis and training can all be improved. i do not know why a cop gets a gun on day one. partner em up and let them ride for 2 years. vid everything. have a national data base on most effect evaluation methods. Firemen get much more training.

    • I think that instructions like that could go without saying.

      Best thing to do would have been to say to stay off the freeway, and to do what you gotta do if you’re trapped.

      • Gregg Jarrett just had one of the sharpest insights I’ve heard on this whole mess. Wondering why the police chief refuses to release the video, given that it would likely defuse all the uproar over the incident, Jarrett said maybe the video shows the guy was armed but didn’t actually point the gun at the police. (Though police aren’t going to wait for someone to point it if they are refusing to drop it, the general public might not be familiar enough with procedure to recognize this as a threat to the officers.) This was an especially keen insight because when he said it I flashed back to the chief’s description of what was on the tape and recall the wording about the guy brandishing the gun was a little fuzzy–as I recall the chief never actually said he pointed it at anyone. I didn’t think of this until after GJ brought it up. He may be right. That may explain the reluctance to release a tape that would back up the police and establish that they acted within the law, but to laymen inclined to oppose cops might still be condemned as excessive force. Couple this with the inept, modified let-it-burn style riot management, and city officials have made this whole deal much worse than it needed to be.

        • It flabbergasts me that there really could be adults on earth who think that police officers are taught to hold their fire until a gun is pointed at them.

          • People think movies and tv shows are real, where cops and criminals sometimes point weapons at each other for minutes at a time while they chit-chat…something I’ve never seen in any real-life case.

          • i took a 2nd unrequired CC course because of who it was taught by because of her fields of study and hobbies. we covered so many things that people do not instantly think of with firearms. i get hints you prosecuted so you know a lot of stuff like this. Geometry and proximity variables determine accuracy. how do different body parts react with a heart rate of over 200bpm. that a shooter who is not an active combat participant averages over 250bpm. average distance between person shooting and person shot is under a meter, however the geometry for missing increases as you get closer to your target. not to mention the different type of rounds used studies and how they work after contact. broad field so it is not surprising people’s understanding of actual armed conflict is not very good. i see “why can’t they shoot to wound junk posted everywhere”. silly.
            p.s. the best things i learned had to do with defensive retreat. good way to stay off of FNS.

          • Why, that’s not good enough. The gun has to be fired. And something bigger than a damn finger hit!
            Oh yeah… one more thing: request the gun to examine to be sure it’s not a toy or BB gun, return gun if real, then shoot.

        • frankly as we saw in the Rodney King tape the tape can easily be inconclusive. i would guess that is behind the refusal to air.

    • Too many people took a screenshot of his “offensive” tweet for it to disappear. The lefties go all crazy when someone advocates that you protect yourself when the world around you goes nuts. Plus, as is evidenced by his temporary suspension, they are very good at playing the “I AM OFFENDED” game.

  2. Hillary, your supporters are in the street. You should go greet them. Don’t cut yourself on the glass entering Walmart. Grab Bill a flat panel while your at it.

  3. I’m reporting on Rogers final night at FNC:
    “Henry,” he .said, “you are not a very orthodox Jew, and I am not an orthodox Christian, but we need to pray.” AIles got down on his knees. Kissinger felt he had no alternative but to kneel down, too. The two geniuses bowed before the portrait of Rupert Murdoch and made their peace. By morning, they were gone.

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    1 Dana Perino, a ‘thoughtful optimist’ who eschews Sunday show talking points.

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