Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Bret Baier (6pm)-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • James Murdoch: Fox News ratings stronger than ever after Roger Ailes exit.
  • On the Record video: on media abandonment of objectivity.
  • Wemple: Hannity does his first, and last, appearance in a video for Trump.
  • Bacher: The Andrea Tantaros saga, unfortunately as told by Andrea Tantaros.
  • Concha: Amid reports of Corey Lewandowski suspension, CNN issues denials.
  • Zucker play: CNN exec again sticks up for Lewandowski.  New CNN podcasts.
  • Yahr: How a celebrity chef went from CNN’s biggest risk to an unexpected star.

105 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Rather asinine for Hannity to appear in a pro-Trump advertisement. He should start wearing a Trump-Pence button on his lapel next. I am a fan of his but this is over the line.

    Jim Lehrer, who was criticized in 2012 for letting Romney talk too much, says attacks from either side can’t be a deterrent to aggressive questioning: “If you don’t want to be criticized, don’t be a moderator. There’s no way to do it without being criticized.”

      • To this day I still think — libertarian-leaning & ‘Senator Rand Paul loving’ — Candy Crowley probably voted for Romney after all was said and done.

        She got caught up in the moment correcting Romney about Obama saying terror.

        She followed that with a somewhat feeble attempt (in the moment) to cover her tracks…and did more pro Romney apologizing on CNN after the debate.

        In the months prior to the debate I watched her a number of times on her Sunday morning show where it was hard to spot any noticeable bias other than she appeared to be a fan of frequent guest Rand Paul. I never once came away thinking she was in the tank for Obama.

        Your mileage may vary.

          • Be careful of that right-wing media group think bubble, Mitch.

            Ask yourself, “Where’s the evidence she is a registered Democrat?”

            Don’t make a similar mistake as Donald Trump did when he assumed that because Lester Holt did the evening news for NBC he must be a Democrat.

            There’s the possibility that like many people – private citizens and public figures like Stacey Dash — Candy was once a Democrat and voted for Obama the first time, but became disillusioned during his first four years and became more of an Indepedent or a Libertarian.

            A metamorphism many current day Republicans (including a 1/2 dozen members in my extended family) are undertaking by supporting Johnson instead of Trump.

          • First of all, if she weren’t a Democrat, she would never have been hired in the first place. Haven’t you noticed that all of the hosts at CNN are very liberal Democrats? The CEO of Time Warner is a huge Hilalry Supporter and Democrat. But dream on , if it makes you feel better.

          • You remind a little bit of those ‘Hannity’ and ‘Drudge’ conservatives over at Mediaite 3-4 years ago who used to swear Howard Kurtz was a ‘commie lefty’ just because he worked for CNN.

            I can name 8-10 people over at CNN I could almost guarantee would never consider voting for Hillary. Or if they — e.g., John King, Dana Bash, S.E. Cupp, Erin Burnett and Mark Preston — are voting for Clinton, it is only because the alternative (Trump) is so nauseatingly unacceptable. A group who in all likelihood voted for Romney last time.

  3. How many times does a jury have to acquit police officers, before the media stops doing a rush to judgment?

    Officer Betty Shelby shoots Terrance Crutcher after he acts eradicably, tells her his stalled car is going to explode, and may have failed to comply with police commands, and then is tased or shot.

    We don’t know what happened, and again it has become an indictment against a police officer and our society that may, if history repeats itself, not bear out with a mixed race jury.

    She may be as guilty as hell of over-reacting or worse…reacting to…a black guy on a sunny day, but it’s amazingly indicative of the most hideously opportunistic of impulses to issue this sort of insta-judgment against her and the entire country in light of recent history.

    This is their narrative. Investigations, facts, verdicts, and lives be damned.

    • firm grasp of the sane. don’t bother being rational among crazy people for obvious reasons. you might catch it. get out while you still can. ever see a banana give birth? i’ll tweet a pic. i was walking out to the compost hole and a Colibrí, humming bird, hovered in my face and flew off. i wish the grandkid was here to see it. make sure you don’t build such a big wall people can’t get out.

  4. Debate Moderator Fun Facts.
    … Lester Holt is a registered Republican.
    … Chris Wallace a registered Democrat.
    Note that many people register to vote based on which parties dominate locally with contested primaries. I have registered Democrat before as that’s where the local action is.

  5. MEDIAITE Editor’s Note: Based on information from a high level CNN source, we initially reported that Corey Lewandowski was suspended from CNN. CNN has now gotten back to us and firmly denied that Lewandowski has been suspended, and said that he will be on air later today. We regret what now appears to have been an error and have made changes accordingly, but stand by our reporting that Lewandowski was pulled off the air this morning because of the brewing controversy.

    Whom do you trust?

  6. J$, pregunta:
    i know disgus has the ability to post pics and gifs. is it an off or on proposition? can you enable just the Mod to post pics and gifs? could you grant individual requests or take pics to see for approval? we live all over. i understand the not allow, just curious if the system allows any leeway. i would like MT to go to his fence and post some pics fo example.

    and no i do not mean meals

    • On Twitter a short time ago I took a shot at abortion on a DAILY KOS thread. Got a lot of attention. If you know anything about KOS people they love to do opposition research on the tweets of perceived enemies and strike with vicious retaliation. So, they saw I was a amateur wrestling fan and linked that via the logic of the left to Denny Hassert. Then, I kid you not, they went to the effort of recreating my Twitter profile image from a picture of the disgraced Speaker photoshopped with a beard.

      So, I can just imagine the mischievous temptations if images cluttered our beloved cult shrine to FOX /combination cesspool.

      • there is clearly a downside. however, taking advantage of the different locales and a moderating process would be interesting. my question. is it possible to enable and control? i do not know. Vice allowed it and removed it because it was disgusting. then they enabled censor language. so i get that. i just questioned about the variables available.

        • One can always set up a Photobucket or Flickr account for the purpose and link a picture. I’ve never see Disqus comments with pics.

          • it exists and it can be ugly. maybe you know how to create a pic page at one of those places for this blog that would have a permanent link here and J could filter it. i cannot even do one for me. remember i left pre-ipad. never touched one. iphone? not a chance, i use a $19 disposable.

          • TVNewser has the “Upload images” button enabled.

            But you’re right. There aren’t many sites that do.

            Like you said, link to a Photobucket photo — or even a Twitter photo.

        • Last time I checked it was all or nothing with pictures. I’ll look into it in more detail but graphics are a huge can o’ worms and I don’t think I need more of those at this time.

          • i understand the downside. from workload to baloney to obscene to spam. however, it could expand your reach around the world if you asked for specific items. obviously CNN and BBC dominate the englsih speaking news outside of USA. however millions of expats get FNS or watch it’s links and posts around the world and the world is following this election.
            all the talk about how strict Mexico is with it’s southern border, not once have i seen pics or vids from there. i last drove it in 04. San Salvador was a jewel then, now it is destroyed by the FMLN. things change and it would interesting to other people’s vistas….. if it could be controlled easily. i know i have interest in seeing things i cannot from where i am.

  7. Ex-Exec Sues ‘Paranoid’ Glenn Beck
    Blaze owner Glenn Beck has driven his media company ‘into the ground due to his own erratic behavior, excessive spending, and mismanagement,’ his former top executive alleges.
    (No link, what else do you need to know?)

  8. CNN has a guy who runs a HRC super pac……he sits on the same panels as Lewandowski……but that’s no problem… wonder its called the Clinton News Network by people left and right.

    I see once again Fox News showed both HRC and Trumps rally going on at the same time……oh that old ……..fair and balanced thing…..once again.

    • Damn that CNN with all those commie lefties.

      No…wait a minute.

      All of these CNNers may or may not vote for Trump, but appear more ideologically aligned w/GOP and more than likely voted for Romney last time:

      Brianna Keilar?
      Jim Acosta?
      Jake Tapper
      Jim Sciutto
      Erin Burnett
      Poppy Harlow
      Alisyn Camerota
      S.E. Cupp
      Tom Fuentes
      David Gergen
      Mike Rogers
      John King
      Dana Bash
      Bill Weir?
      Maeve Reston
      Sara Murray
      MJ Lee
      Jeffrey Lord
      Corey Lewandowski
      Ana Navarro
      Kayleigh McEnany
      Katrina Pierson

      * Question marks indicate a lower level of confidence. Yes, I am admitting I could be wrong about some of these like Trump was wrong about Lester Holt being a Dem.

      • I like how you complete avoided my point and went on some….well something about how you THINK people may have voted 4 years ago…..with zero proof of any kind what so ever……very disgraced stooge of you.

        AGAIN for the deranged…..most of those people are OPINION people..or at least the ones Ive heard of…why is it so hard for you Fox News haters to understand OPINION people give OPINIONS…..I was talking about the double standard…with .Lewandowski .nothing else……as a sane person….I expect OPINION people to be……wait for it………..partisan.

        • You called it the Clinton News Network. (How original.)

          All I was doing was pointing out how many people over there are (very likely) not Clinton supporters.

          I think your claim is silly and basless. But if that’s how you feel, so be it.

          I already conceded that I can’t attest to the accuracy of every name on the list.

          • CNN is the Clinton News Network
          • Fox News is pro Trump 24/7


          • “You called it the Clinton News Network. (How original.)”

            actually I didnt call it that…….seeing another J$ website in your head that only the stooges see… original.

            I said: “no wonder its called the Clinton News Network by people left and right.”

            • CNN is the Clinton News Network
            • Fox News is pro Trump 24/7”

            which you pointed out to the Disgraced stooges right???? Oh wait you haven’t………….BTW I agree neither Fox News or CNN are either of those.

  9. The Esquire Tantaros piece is poorly reported (shocking few here I’m sure), and reads more like a collating of other reports on the subject. It contains what I believe is a blatantly false and incorrect characterization that Tantaros was a permanent host on The Five. Wasn’t Kim Guilfoyle always the permanent “leg chair” resident from the start, and Tantaros was essentially her part-time substitute, appearing sporadically and on average maybe 1-2 times per week? The article reads like the show launched with Tantaros as a full-time host, because a central part of her narrative is that she was “demoted” to Outnumbered as retaliation for reports of harassment. But the reality is that she was part-time on The Five, and full-time on Outnumbered.

    Part of me thinks that if Tantaros had strong evidence on her side as Gretchen Carlson did, she wouldn’t need to stretch the truth like that.

    • Gretchen Carlson had tape recorded her phone calls with Roger Ailes, so she had the goods. I doubt if Andrea did, but if so , she might get a good payday.

    • Andrea and KG switched off as I recall. I never watched closely enough to know if the 3-2 divide was the same every week, but I had the impression they were more or less equal. In any case you are correct, AT went from appearing every other day to appearing on every show and being one of three (rather than five) de facto hosts. Plus she got a raise and got in on the ground floor of a show that’s nearly as popular as The5. This only a ‘demotion’ in the mind of a desperate plaintiff’s attorney.

      She clearly doesn’t have the goods. Some of her outrage seems to have surfaced retrospectively, and there are things in her pleadings that are demonstrably untrue. Plus, there’s a reason the lawyers settled with Gretchen, and with Andrea they decided let’s take ’em to court.

      • Tantaros did appear on the first episode of The Five. So, she was there from the beginning.

        Her saying that she spent three years building The Five is fairly laughable. Besides Juan, she probably had the least impact on the show’s success of the seven hosts. She did fine on the show, but the show was better on days when Guilfoyle was there. So, it lost little when Tantaros was moved to Outnumbered.

        Guilfoyle probably appeared in the “leg chair” on The Five slightly more, but Tantaros would also sit in some of the other hosts’ seats when they were gone. So, there had to be very little difference in frequency of appearances. They were equals on that show.

        Tantaros and Guilfoyle were both announced as hosts (two of seven) on Outnumbered when it started. The plan might have always been to choose one to be full-time on The Five and one full-time on Outnumbered or that eventually was decided.
        Tantaros showed to be a better fit on Outnumbered and Guilfoyle a better fit on The Five.

        Tantaros said that she got a new contract and a raise in September 2014. Sandra Smith announced in October 2014 that she was pregnant. So, it looks like they might have moved Tantaros partly (largely?) because Outnumbered was going to have one of its permanent hosts gone.
        So, she went from part-time on a show with seven official hosts to a show where she was going to be full-time as one of two main hosts for a while and eventually had just three official hosts.
        She was also usually the fifth-wheel on The Five and usually came across as the biggest focal point of Outnumbered.

      • The whole dispute was ill-advised. Ailes should have just suspended her for a month and then brought her back. She was a definite asset for FNC.

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