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  1. Would have been nice if Scarborough had articulated the misinformation he claims is in the CNN article that reports he and Trump are making nice-nice.

    It certainly wouldn’t surprise any observer of MoJoe if this were the case. Is there anyone in the media more inclined to sucking up to power than Joe and Mika?

  2. Joe Concha got a shoutout from Hannity last night for his article about CNN lying again about Trump calling for “racial profiling”.

  3. Queen told this reporter, “I have no doubt Gabriel Sherman, in the interest of journalistic integrity and fairness, will,” report on the proceedings.

    BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! What an ultramaroon!

  4. http://www.kusi.com/story/32776009/special-report-border-crisis-reality-check
    KUSI San Diego
    thinking government has answers is kinda irrational. that is ok, displacement, whether Labor, Capital, or living quality is a fact of nature. pour water on the table it goes to where nature pulls it. as fast as the USA is going down Mexicans already are leaving more than entering and as soon as the USA is worse off than all those other places the people will go elsewhere. as it is we make it close to impossible for good folks to enter and we pay the scum of the world to live and be cared for by USA debt. what could go wrong? i wonder when the dummy light goes on “doh, social services and welfare statism make the worst dependent and keeping the folks with money and skills limited to a few.” yeah, smart stuff gringos. wach a local high school let out and see what comes out. there is your future. HA. larry says i can’t vote because i live out of the USA when he lives a lot further from the border than i out in the middle of fly over country. so i should just shut but keep sending tax money every year to a government out of control that causes the problem. really? people with no experience crossing borders, shipping internationally, and not bothering to look at how other countries manage entry and leaving should setting policy? again, how could it not go wrong?

      • now you were just joking i believe. my mention is solely to point out that immigration opinion tends to divide like that. i was not offended because i know you know better. the visceral response from people not directly involved though tends to be like that. it is easier to say stuff when it does not directly effect your life.
        gcblues Larry Kelly • 14 hours ago
        apparently i was there and did not know it.
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        Larry Kelly gcblues • 14 hours ago
        You don’t count. Santanistas arent allowed to vote for Trump.

        • The thread was about Hollywood being isolated as Frank Luntz asked the HBO group if a single one of their 20 closest was a trump supporter. Didn’t really have anything to do with voting rights. I was joking as you did understand. An affectionate pulling of the tail.

          • agreed. you joked that my Anericaness is diminished by my status. it is a harmless rib poke. my point was simply that your barbershop discussion group is less connected than my experiences. so it is easy to just make remarks xyzabcdef with no real thought of consequence. it is part of the problem because all we can really see is tv and the net. yet, not only do americans have opinions but they effect them with their votes while the info and experiences available do not weight the deciding process. now i am not suggesting that anything should change on electing side but to me it is clear that immigration and welfare policy have created the problem and “its the law folks” is not workable. two immovable forces lead to can kicking while the dynamics evolve, i.e. new types of people, new threats, and because we have fumble f’ed for so long resolution is no longer possible. why? see above 2 immovable forces. so the curt humor and sweeping general emotional statements just push along with nothing ever getting better. applies to a lot more than the border btw frustrating election is gonna make even more cynics.

          • No. I think if you’re going to express you thoughts on a blog (and I am interested in them) then you should use punctuation so people aren’t confused.

            I’m not a writer. I don’t write or spell well. I don’t always punctuate correctly.

            I do use caps and punctuate the end of sentences so I am comprehensible– generally…

            However, you do as you wish and if it requires a lot of work to read, then I won’t. I’m lazy.

            So we’re good.

  5. What a piece of work is CNN.

    Trump uses the example of Israel profiling people and CNN says that racial profiling as if Israel could engage solely in that without targeting Israeli Jews.

    • Objective viewer to CNN, “I think that the reports that you provide to us really require the willing suspension of disbelief.”

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