Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Probing media
  • Reliable Sources: Manipulator Trump plays the media, requires more scrutiny.
  • Concha: CNN edits Hillary statement, removes reference to ‘bombing’.
  • Cable news nets priorities.  Video: is back on Fox…sort of.
  • Q&A: Soledad O’Brien on mentoring.  Video: So you think
  • Stelter: Greta may be only exit using ‘Ailes clause’.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Gahr: Ed Schultz resurfaces, charges at female reporter ‘like a hippo on PCP‘.
  • Your Buzz videos: Trump seeking

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  1. If you think the working union man deserved a better champion than Ed Schultz then you probably keep your hippo away from the PCP.

  2. With a propaganda machine that only a billionaire can buy, Everytown for Gun Safety and its affiliated organizations continue to spread the falsehood that the anti-gun movement is gaining ground in the state legislatures. As part of this “story of success,” they also attempt to argue that the tide of public opinion is shifting in favor of so-called “common-sense gun reform,” and that a majority of Americans support further restricting a fundamental right.

    Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20160916/second-amendment-keeps-winning

  3. Do we know how long Fox News talent have to use the Alies clause? If Greta’s was 60 days won’t they ALL be 60? Anybody know how long it’s already been……seems like forever already.

      • Well it said in the link story that her husband said 60 days.

        “Van Susteren’s clause afforded her a 60 day window, according to her husband, lawyer John Coale. Van Susteren reportedly sought to renegotiate her contract using the clause as leverage. Murdoch rebuffed her, so she used the clause to exit with years left on her contract.”

        it hasn’t been 60 days though right? Seems to me that everybody would have had the same time limits…..isnt that how lawyers usually do things? If so when the 60 days are up….we will know for sure.

        IMHO…..nobody else in Primetime leaves…….but Ive been wrong before…..I just dont see them getting a better deal anywhere else……I doubt Great will either.

      • Said it before…i’ll say it again………you dont leave the #1 News network to go to the guys fighting for 3rd place unless you really have to.

        Nobody who works at a 5 star restaurant leaves to work at McDonalds if they dont have to

          • Greta tried to get more money….she admits she didnt leave because she wanted to…..and Garrett did NOT go to another news network…..he went to National Journal.

            Im saying you dont leave #1 Fox News to go to fighting for third place CNN or MSNBC……..and definitely NOT CNNHL…………now going to ABCNBCCBS is different.

          • Not sure….she not talking……but from what I heard..and what her husband said..she tried to renegotiate her contract…..Fox said NO….she said she would invoke the Ailes cause and Fox said fine….here’s the door.

            Personally I hope she goes to CNNHL….and does a legal show without the politics.

          • IMHO….and I could be wrong………she thought the would renegotiate with her……..she was wrong……..it’s not the first time somebody did that…………the whole Alies cause thing is funny to me anyway…..they act like s its never done…….it is….I did something similar when I was in retail when they wanted me to take over a failing store.

          • Major claimed he wanted to get back to his reporter’s roots and left FNC for National Journal. His roots must not have liked that soil because he was at CBS and familiar WH Correspondent ground pretty quickly. Been following the Trump campaign for CBS and seems to regard Trump as much an enemy of all that’s holy as the rest of CBS.

          • I think Major was a liberal who hated working at FNC. His gig at National Journal was just a timeout to satify some kind of contractual holding period.

          • Actually the most recent surprising moves with the most publicity are two that occurred in the sports world.

            Arguably both of these men inexplicably left a higher profile position for a lower profile one — presumably for more pesos IMO.

            Skip Bayless after 12 years at ESPN moved to the lower rated Fox Sports 1 claiming that ESPN, owned by Disney, was too conservative and he wanted more freedom to expess himself. (I suppose this must make sense to some.)

            Mike Tirico, after 25 years, left ESPN’s flagship iconic program – Monday Night Football — for a lower profile lesser role at NBC Sports.

            Both of these veteran TV guys cite multiple lofty aspirations for leaving a higher profile position (as did Tapper and Stossel when they departed ABC). But IMO it was mostly about a bigger paycheck. But I could be wrong.

        • to be honest i find his disdain offensive as i find Hannity and Bollings toadiness. all presume we are too stupid to decide with just the info, we have to put up with listening to how they think the world has to spin for them to think it sane. put BOR in there too. i really do not care what any of them have concluded. despite Perino and Stirewalt having specific views they are able to paint more than one side without the venom. the others spit like Camels and think it is poignant. it ain’t.

          • word.
            and another thing i am tired of segments that i could write in advance. there is way too much going on in the world to keep having to say the same d&*^&*( thing over and over and over night after night the same topic bahhhhh.

          • There’s this thing. When people get on TV they think they’re important and we can be persuaded by whatever outrage they muster. Maybe true once. Hasn’t been for years. It’s been played out.

  4. i get a little frustrated that the moral equivalency game is used by people that want to take my money and run my life. i just want them to leave me alone. i would ink that deal and live in the E.E.U.U. tomorrow and contribute to the economy. just leave me alone unless i hurt someone. the bill crowd wants a village and you may not say no. i include most repubs in that book. not only do they want my money but i need to speak only English and a few other things i will not even bring up. i want a just leave me alone party. trying to equate demands out of my wallet with wanting to be left alone is moral baloney. i want an opt out clause.
    Bill Clinton: Americans Have One Remaining Bigotry, We Don’t Want To Be Around People Who Disagree With Us

  5. DUMPSTER BLAST the prayer of Democrats and liberal media allies:
    “Lord hear our prayer, let this be the work of deplorable, alt-right Trump supporters, and if not, at least let it be domestic terrorism… except the #blacklivesmatter crowd, of course. Amen.”

  6. Re: Conch:CNN edits Hillary’s statement

    The media seems to be having a collective nervous breakdown.

    We have long reached the era when media types covering candidates don’t hesitate to show their bias for or against them, but it was done with a certain wink and nod humor or even a noblesse oblige condescension toward the pol.

    Now they are just in a freaking frenzy.

  7. Does this mean what I think it does…..there getting rid of paper diaries and going all electronic……….wont that make things more accurate……and Ive read that people put down watching PBS and other channels when the never do…….might a rating shake-up about to happen?

    Nielsen to abandon paper diaries to see what TV shows play in Peoria
    Posted Sep 15, 2016 at 8:01 PM

    By Steve Tarter
    Journal Star city of Peoria reporter
    PEORIA — It’s the end of the line for the diary. No, not the one you keep in that left-hand desk drawer but the one folks still fill out to establish TV ratings.
    The Nielsen Co. recently announced plans to eliminate paper diaries for computing ratings in the 210 largest TV markets in the country by early 2018. Nielsen has already gone to electronic “people meters” in the nation’s 70 largest markets.
    A new electronic measurement system “will incorporate return path data from set-top boxes, and other electronic measurement in local services,” noted Nielsen in a release earlier this month.
    That means Peoria-Bloomington, presently ranked as the 118th largest TV market in the nation with 235,000 households, will no longer be measured by random viewers that keep a week-long diary to jot down the shows they watched.
    Peoria-Bloomington, like Eugene, Oregon (the 117th U.S. market) and Traverse City-Cadillac, Mich. (the 119th largest), will no longer be measured just twice a year — in spring and fall “books.”
    The new service will measure the television audience “on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, 365 days a year” in all 210 markets, stated Nielsen.

  8. http://nypost.com/2016/09/18/i-played-stoned-some-nfl-players-love-getting-high-before-kickoff/

    so now this is getting fairly official if it is in the NYpost. Article also elesewhere today on people preparing with the vote in Cali in Nov to go straight into full bore all product type fabrication. when i was in Eugene over a year ago now every emptied warehouse whose business had died was getting rewired and EWEB, local utility, had a backlog for hook ups. the state was selling licenses for outdoor low thc, high Cabinoid production. that is just one of many of the many Pharma waves coming out. it is becoming really diverse and we do not know what will be discovered next. with an aging population and the promise to replace a lot of opioid medication for many people you know who will die this seems fairly obvious.
    but wait. it is a federal class 1 narcotic, despite the fact that the US government holds a variety cannabinol patent medications. billions of dollars are being exchanged. every single person involved to any degree is required to include this financial activity on their federal IRS returns, yet there is no way to actually do so. since all activity is illegal federally no expenses are allowed and theory is, tax is due on the entire gross de facto ending the likely sole booming USA industry.
    yeah baby, it’s the law!

  9. CNN the most trusted name in news.
    MADOFF the most trusted name in investing
    VOLKSWAGEN the most trusted name in automobiles.
    SAMSUNG the most trusted name in phones.

    Trust changes based on experience.

  10. Just watched Stirewalt and Perino’s program really enjoyable program it had nice mix of information and Stirewalt and Perino get on real well . Glad I checked it out.

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