Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Adams: Ignore the lies, Fox News is not ‘imploding’…in fact, it’s surging.
  • Outnumbered video: over Trump ‘birther’ press conference.
  • Concha: Stelter should apologize, CNN should consider suspending him.
  • Concha: Brian Stelter claims Hannity may be rooting for Hillary’s death.
  • Trump unhappy with debate moderator from the ‘Clinton News Network’.
  • Katz: I’ll Tell You What aims to be ‘fair-minded, kind, respectful…and fun’.
  • Newsers gripe they got ‘played‘ by Trump again.  Today’s Wemple O’Whine.
  • Mohr: Lauer ‘hung out to dry’ but (MS)NBC exec Lack was calling the shots.
  • Nolte: CNN’s collapse typified by two screenshots.  Audio Q&A: Brian Stelter.
  • Factor video: Bernard Goldberg of the Presidential election.

174 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

      • Good piece:

        Sorkin rightly asked Stelter about the contention that the media haven’t done their jobs — that organizations like Judicial Watch do the heavy lifting. Stelter responded that it was good for self-identified politically left or right media outlets to exist, like Fox News and Salon, but intimated that the New York Times and CNN weren’t biased.

        Sorkin turned back to Shapiro, saying, “Ben, I’m assuming you think nobody comes without a point of view.”

        Shapiro proceeded to eviscerate the argument that any outlet offered a balanced perspective:

        I think, obviously, trying to separate, using Brian’s language, Fox News into the “opinionated basket” and CNN into the “non-opinionated basket,” anybody who objectively views both networks understands that there’s an editorial bent to both of those networks. When it comes to “let a thousand flowers bloom” when it comes to the media, obviously I agree, but I would point out a distinction: Brian, you sort of shifted away from the fact that Judicial Watch was named there. Judicial Watch has done most of the heavy lifting of a lot of the Clinton documentation here. Judicial Watch is not a media outlet; Judicial Watch is a 501c3 organization that FOIAs a lot of these documents from the federal government. And why The Washington Post wasn’t doing that or The New York Times or you at CNN weren’t doing that is a question that really ought to be looked at.

  1. “I don’t think Anderson Cooper should be a moderator, because Anderson Cooper works for CNN and over the last couple of days, I’ve seen how Anderson Cooper behaves,” Trump said. “He’ll be very biased, very biased. I don’t think he should be a moderator. I’ll participate, but I don’t think he should be a moderator. CNN is the Clinton News Network and Anderson Cooper, I don’t think he can be fair.”

    Trump should skip it. Toss all his chips into the last two. Gen up the excitement to the stratosphere. Screw CNN.

  2. How does Jake Tapper and others think they have any credibility when, halfway through Trump’s event, they declare that Trump “played” them when he merely waited until the end to do the “Obama is a natural-born citizen” thing that they have been after him for weeks to say?

    I find it difficult to feel sympathy for Trump given how often he has put his foot in his mouth but in this instance he can’t win. If he continues to say “I’m not going to talk about that” he is blasted for keeping the whole thing going. If he calls the press to hear him say it but front loads the event with military endorsements then they “got played.”

  3. OK….I do NOT want to discuss the birther issue…it was crazy in 2008 and crazy now………however I caught this just now on somebody’s TL…as a RT……no need to think hard about whose. It’s a lie….so it’s a disgraced stooge.

    “Again – the first public mention of the Birther conspiracy theory was at Free Republic in March 2008: @DynaMoChen”

    only…there’s this from 2007.

    Where Chris matthews…says:
    But didn‘t Hillary dump on Obama a few days ago for playing up his Indonesian roots? So, what is she up to here? Is she pushing how great he is for having been born in Indonesia, or what, or simply reminding everybody about his background, his Islamic background?

    so can we stop with HRC NEVER questioned where Obama was born?

    • yeah, wouldn’t be sketchy atypical parenting, upbringing and vague Indonesian and American school records, it was that darn “social media”. i do not blame people for not believing anything and it is not racist, or anti left or right. look at the lies. so many flat out crazy lies. it easily can be said that there is nothing vaguely honest about any political candidate. so how is O special?

      • Always bothered me how just raising the question was met with such outrage and charges of racism. That kind of behavior created a if-there’s-smoke-there’s-fire reaction. It was a legitimate question to ask. Now I’m glad Trump can stop paying the detectives in Hawaii. One of them, Poncie Ponce, was just a cab driver wannabe detective.

          • lol, no doubt trump was nutty, but not believing politicians is not prima facie racism, leftism or rightism, it is hatred for the political class and it includes the media enablers as Gallup has shown.

          • I had to YouTube that one.

            Connie Stevens was adorable, but that has to be the worst tv show theme song in history.

            A young Robert Conrad had an energy about him that you knew he’d either make you happiest woman alive or dump you off on the sidewalk in your bathrobe and never look back.

            That didn’t translate so well as he got old. Just faded to crotchety.

          • I was able to save a few Hawaiian Eye episodes when Warner’s streaming service was showing them. Plus I downloaded a bunch from people who recorded them off air or from 16mm copies. It was a show I enjoyed back then in a similar vein to 77 Sunset Strip. I wouldn’t be surprised if they used each others’ plots more than once over the years.

    • Just trying to give you a helping hand here Gatxer. (Tongue in cheek of course.)

      Here are two (less or fewer) tweets by peeps you stalk…er, I mean track on Twitter you won’t have to bother hunting down.

      Complimenting Leland Vittert:

      Complimenting Jenna Lee:

      You’re welcome.

      As Chevy Chase used to say on SNL, “Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow.”

      • Not sure why I should care… Ive said here forever…..and in conversations with Ice himself…………if the disgraced stooges dont lie about FOX News or target people of color………..their names will NEVER be typed by me……..none of the links you sent do any of those things are far as I can see……..I’m well aware that they praise Fox People when the do something they feel is favorable to their side…I even pointed that out once or twice here….it’s the going back to calling them goons the next week that gets my attention………you really can’t understand that we call out anti-Fox bias here can you? Dont lie and have a bias and you dont come up…..from me at least

        I noticed you like to complain about people here talking about the disgraced Newshound comments section…..I’M guessing that you have no idea why………it because the disgraced newshounds have spent years whining about Fox News and Fox Nations commenters………….they expect Fox to MOD their boards with thousand of comments per day……when the disgraced Newshounds cant MOD their own board when most stories get less than 15…….its call hipcrosity.

        OH BTW: congratulations……….you are the very first person I have ever seen that was so desperate for people to agree with him…….that he liked one of his own tweets……with a fake account of his own…..and you wonder why people here dont listen to you or trust you…..of course lying about the fake account here didnt help matter either I would think,.

        • I have a repy as soon as Johnny pulls another one out of the Disqus spam black hole.

          Stick to fact-based criticism without the name calling and I will have
          nothing else to say or criticize. Stalk all you want if that’s your

          • I will continue to call them out for their racist attacks and lies if I see them…….if you wish to criticize that….no problem…….as for stalk… mean like create 3 different accounts…..and lie about if they are all me…… watch a blog I said i’m done with every hour or so in case somebody says something about my racist friend…change my icon to match someone i disagree with multiple times everyday and talk about them somewhere they dont have a account so they can’t talk back……and drag people into the discussion they have nothing to do with….even after they asked me to stop????? No only someone mentally ILL or with the mind of a 5 year old would do stuff like that

            BTW: since the day that I proved the Disgraced stooges target blacks on Fox News…..the 24 to 11 day……I guess blacks have pretty much disappeared from Fox…..because there have been few and far between in the stooges time line……except for Harris of course……that just to much to ask.. I going to lay down now…..please feel free to use anyone of your 3 fake accounts to rant on……but I won’t be responding till Sunday.

          • Got it.

            Ice can never criticize Harris Faulkner — in your opinion – because he’s targeting black people. A point we’ve argued ad Infinitum

            BTW, you do realize that for every time Ice has resorted to name calling I could find 10x as many examples here at J$P. In fact, I don’t recall any name calling in at least the last month.

            That is probably not a point you should be making from a glass house.

            Name one instance in which you were criticized for calling out anti-Fox bias? There has been basically one major beef since the beginning. Namely, your incorrect and unwarranted attack on Ice where you deliberately choose an inflammatory word like racist.

            How would like it if someone here referred to you using the slur for gay men that rhymes with maggot?

            Calling someone racist over and over again is pretty reprehensible in the absence of convincing evidence.

            Stick to fact-based criticism without the name calling and I will have nothing else to say or criticize. Stalk all you want if that’s your thing.

          • “Name one instance in which you were criticized for calling out anti-Fox bias?”

            are u kidding???? We are called a cult anytime we suggest that Harris might not be a “Trumper”.

            Here one where I criticized something they said untrue about Fox News…..take a look at the dry drunks response……..I went back to last year………so you can’t claim it’s because I called them racist first….all I did was show they said something untrue…..I hadn’t even noticed the racist pattern yet……….. In fact MOE claims he doesn’t know who I am…..never mind that we talked on a regular basis on ICN………nope no brain damage there.


            things the dry druk has said about me….again way before I even came to the conclusion about the racist things.

            “Hey, that maggot Gatxer is reading our tweets now. Dishonest fuck can kiss my ass.”

            “Where did he get “they” out of one comment from one person? I dare that fucker to face me here. Bitch.”

            “Who the fuck is Gatxer? Dude who’s never there suddenly shows up to talk shit about me. Bring it to my TL, bitch.”

            “If he can find me there, he can find me here. Pussy.”

            so dont give me the BS about the poor stooges are being picked on….I had never used that language to talk about them here……it NEVER would have made it pass MOD. All I did was point out something they said about Fox News wasn’t true. Evil little me.

            BUT here’s my favorite ICE lie.

            @laura_lrnzo @JosephRemiB Exactly. I don’t go around checking other peoples TL’s so I can correct their cable news comments.

            Yet he does that everyday. in fact he does that with Trump and his people all the time when the talk about the media.

            You think Fag*ot and Racist are the same thing????? One is a factual description of an action……one is a slur…….not even in the same ballpark……one can get you arrested for a hate crime……one is used all the time almost everywhere…… know all the words Ive used about the disgraced stooges……have been used by…..wait for it……the disgraced stooges about other people first………they have called people…….disgraced…….racist……stooges……I dont think I have used a word to describe them…..that they didnt use to describe a Fox Host or guest first…….so how can the possibly complain……now of course you called them out on those things when they did them right???? Oh that’s right you didnt… only care that I use those word on your friends……

            BTW: this post is in MOD because I reposted what they have said about me….think about that.

          • This blog talks about anti-fox news bias… might know that from the lack of comments about cooking………..the disgraced stooges are a small part of that…….Ive talked about many other things here… Mediaite…..ABCCBSNBCMSNBCCNN….other twitter users and other blogs….in fact they only reason the disgraced stooges keep coming up here lately is….well you……….Ive made just one or two comments about something they said in the last week……but tens of comments responding to your foolishness…………….better question:

            Why do you care that we talk about 3 people on twitter when you aren’t even one of them? There has to be many other place you can whine about things.

            I read somewhere @ 25 to 50 twitter TL a day that are media related…….depending on the day………..I read countless media blogs everyday pro and anti-fox and ones that could care less……it’s what I do….I enjoy it………..I won’t even go into how many star trek sites I hit everyday…..but we dont talk about religion here….LOL

        • “Dont lie and have a bias and you dont come up…..from me at least”

          One more time in decipherable English please.

          • easy…read slower….if the stooges didnt lie about Fox News or target blacks over whites…..I would NEVER bring their names up here…….you can tell that by the fact that other than for those reason I dont bring them up now…….unless someone else does.

  4. Most news channels and tv channels don’t implode well except Current , they take a hit and restructure through it that’s how TV works The only way it would be bad for FNC is if everyone between 5AMET-11PMET quit , which very much won’t happen.

      • i am a trump hater and find Megyn more grating and phony as she goes along. needs to take some perino tutoring.
        think hannity is likely a fun guy at an outdoor cookout but he is a toadie.

        • I too find her hard to watch… just very intense and aggressive sounding.

          But that said, most Trump supporters hates Megan because they’ve been told they should. They are nothing if not loyal.

          • really. i know a few of them and i do not hear that at all. i have friends, a couple, drive around the Nicaraguan expat community with trump stickers. very loyal to trump and fox in it’s entirety. trust me that takes hair here. sounds to me like you are wishing. the people in here voting for trump just hate him less than clinton. i see zero rah rah anywhere except bolling and hannity, and the border wall crazies.

          • Well here on J$, you are right. But I’ve been around enough, met enough intent people, and read enough websites to have seen the “Trump is Lord” folks.

            I can’t identify with that level of political admiration.

          • i doubt you could get a serious gaggle of them together. the trade thing is the biggest joke. the only GDP growth we have had in 25 year is export and government so let’s kill export!!! yeah!!! TPP, we don’t need to sell to stinking asians. just raise wages and buy lousy American cars and TVs…. oh, not a single TV is built here, we sucked at it…. just like K cars.

          • Go read the folks at Weasel Zippers! Trump is their Golden God… even during the primary. And what about Breitbart?

            It hurts my soul to see these people I previously agreed with look so foolish by their own hands.

          • This National Nervous Breakdown tears at me, leaving me unable to sleep. How in the hell did we end up with Clinton and Trump? What did we do to deserve this?

          • you are kidding right? no idea? come one. i know you know the story of the goose that laid golden eggs. well, been eating on her for a while now and surprise, no more eggs. who could have known? reminds me of the Treasury committee hearings in 37 when unemployment climbed back up close to 20% and the sec of the treasury testified under oath that all the plans and money we spent did not work. that is why we ended up in a world war. gonna do it agin, sure as shooting.

          • Most of the credit for that war in Europe needs to go to the guy with the funny mustache and one testicle.

          • ok, so let us walk through a little Aristotle. if Hitler had never existed and all other circumstances remained the same would a European war engulfing all the euro states occurred? yes, and it was FDRs policies that directly caused the exporting of economic failure that is the cause of necessary war.
            if FDR has lost in 32, would there have been a ww2? No. the economic provisions for recovery where in place before he took office and it was specific New Deal and trade legislation that was the predicate for exporting economic trouble. his stupid racist Asian policies would have been replaced by anyone with a brain and utilized Japan’s expansion to occupy Stalin and go to war against Mao.
            Just like today, without Obama and GWB’s reactions before leaving office, Bernanke, the bailouts, Tarp, stimulus, QE 1,2, and twist a bottom and recovery would have occurred long ago, obama care and the rise of regs would not exist and dodd frank would not exist. the pressure to lower the dollar’s value would not exist because there would be no need to maintain employment and monetize debt with central bank and political fixes.
            always fear the cures.

            so uhh ask R.E.L. when you see him if he still thinks the south would have won Gettysburg if Stuart had returned in time to recon the surrounding area. Petey Longstreet knew offensives were done due to war tech. he talked Lee into a prepared withdrawal to sucker the Union back towards the potomac into a killing field. engineers scoped the best area and set up positions for artillery to back into to. never used. unable to see, unable to know. Lee did not know the Union replacement Meade was savvy. Lee did not know that Union reinforcement and supplies were just over a few hills. his Cavalry screen he used for recon was out raiding and returned one day late. Lee failed because he did not do what he even knew was the way war needed to be fought in 1865. despite this he was suckered into charging up a hill into unknown resistance. maneuver not direct assault was the win side throughout the war, still true in the early 19th century as it killed hundreds of thousands in ww1. not until air assault and tanks were mass offensive assaults successful again. small changes, big results. what if France entered the war on the confederate side on a play for Mexico as discussed? what if the Brits had helped the south in more than just ship construction and had recognized the south and given Lincoln a front to his north? fun stuff.

          • i guess we will not see how really destabilized the world is until after Obama, but GWB and Obama have left a mess that surely must be cleaned out. whether we are washed away with the dirt? TBD.

          • What if the Confederate officer hadn’t wrapped the orders from Lee around the cigars, them promptly lost them? I love alternative history.

          • i do too. a lot of it is serious and i like it. war gaming at APL is very interesting what you can actually read about.
            according to a book i read on the character of the civil war generals both sides. Lee’s orders were always vague and left a lot of room for his commanders to interpret. the Calvary thought it important to disrupt and steal supplies, recon got left out. their return time was to be prompt with no exact time sent. Pickett’s charge occurred before their return.

          • Don’t know if “we” did anything “to deserve this.” It happened because one party’s leadership worked to nominate their preferred candidate and the other party’s leadership worked against nominating their eventual nominee.

          • i have no idea what a weasel zipper is and Breitbart died. have not been there since. maybe you have indigestion. be more careful with your diet.

          • Okay, what about Hannity?

            And you’re unfamiliarity with those sites I listed is your issue, and does nothing to invalidate what I’ve been saying.

          • i said hannity was a toadie. sorry, it does invalidate your point, weasel zip and hannity are a minute % of voters. do left wing wackos and bombers make up the HRC coalition? the vast majority of voters are not rscist, do not like either candidate and now so not like either party and do not believe any media, just like i do not believe or buy what you are saying.

          • Well, I think you’re right about the “vast majority. ” But that does not invalidate the fact that there are people genuinely excited by Trump… for some reason. His rallies aren’t sparsely attended.

          • more sparse and less excited than occupuke and BLM demonstrators. the only thing yuge about trump is the hatred the progressives and their media enablers feel toward any perceived threat to their government animal farm.

          • the people in Detroit think they caught a bad break, good lord, they put the country out of business. all the time i was growing up manufactures went on strike. people forget so easily.

          • I had one. After trading in my AMC Jeep Cherokee Chief, I want to tell you that Dodge was God on wheels by comparison.

          • The main difference between liars Clinton and Trump is Trump knows he’s lying and knows you know it and figures you don’t much care. I personally can’t imagine people getting enthralled by him, but never underestimate the tastes of a nation that made THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES twice ranked as the number one series of the year, with a number of episodes that remain among the most-watched television episodes of all time.

          • I think Clinton believes that if she says it, it is not a lie. Much like Nixon “when the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.”

          • People watched it for Ellie Mae. And they later elected Jethro president. And now, Miss Jane is running.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 it’s surging
    4 Trump unhappy
    3 should apologize
    2 may be rooting
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Nolte: CNN’s collapse typified by two screenshots.

  6. For some reason your comment was diverted by disqus into Spam holding, the category which it doesn’t show the mods a count of the contents so I don’t know anything is flagged until I happen to look there. Don’t know why this got flagged, don’t have any control over it. Maybe the multiple links but spam filtering is a Disqus mystery I haven’t solved.

    • TY for the information.

      Spam filtering is indeed a mystery.

      I will now delete the comment that did not include Harris and leave the one below which did.

      BTW, kudos to Leland Vittert, Jenna Lee (I’ve like her since Imus) and yes, even Harris — for a job well done.

    • If you post the same exact comment twice within so many minutes with links it gets flagged as spam…..which is what he did…..and why it happened

      • False.

        The reason I posted again was because the first comment was flagged as spam.

        With over 14,000 comments I am familiar with the Disqus rule that to post the same comment on two different web pages (e.g., The Wrap and Mediaite) you must alter the first sentence or first word.

        • Well….you can’t be too familiar…..both got flagged as spam….what a hoot remember……just tell the TRUTH……..I have never had one flagged for spam……and.only sent to MOD….when I post comments from the disgraced newshound site because J$ does not allow those kinds of words.

          You should have just posted with one of your Fake accounts… would have been fine then.

  7. Sure he can….Ive criticized Harris myself………….it’s when you do it everyday….and skip any of the white hosts…….never miss a day for weeks…posting at least 5 post about that one hour……..then one day Harris is out sick and you post NOTHING……that gets the attention.

    I admit ICE isnt that bad………on the name calling………it’s the dry drunk that mainly has called women of color goons………he NEVER called out Moe for that…….IF people here started calling women of color….or women in general goons……..if J$ didnt say something……and he would….I guarantee I would………..and again its their disgraced hipcrosity…..they have rightly called out Trump for how he speaks about women….but ICE just ignores Moes comments.

    BTW: I have NEVER seen him call Moe out…..maybe he did….i’m not as obsessed with them as you are with us and me.

    • Congrats.

      That was a well reasoned and thoughful comment for the most part — comments about Joe Remi notwithstanding.

      I don’t have to 100% agree to recognize that is your opinion based on your different perspective about Fox News and I need to respect that.

    • You really don’t know the difference between accusing someone (whether true or not) of cherry picking and accusing someone racist comments do you?

      Try this on a more neutral site like Mediaite, The Wrap or The Hill and you’d be shunned and ridiculed into submission.

      How far did you say you went in school again? I don’t think you ever answered my question. Your reasoning and writing ability is very suspect at times.

        • Silly girl.

          That is exactly why I listed three sites. Because I knew some petty commenter would take a jealous cheap shot at Mediaite because they have far more commenters with far more wide ranging views.

      • If a cop pulls over 30 cars in a day in a mostly white city…..and 28 of them are driven by people of color…..couldnt that be seen as racist? If a guy walks into a county music bar with 40 whites and 10 people of color…..and shots 9 people of color and 1 white……might you question if he’s was racist? How is it different if the disgraced racist stooges have days when they make 40 posts about Fox News hosts or guest and ALL 40 or even 38 of them are about people of color? I have my opinion….you cant even consider it……fine…….but you aren’t changing my mind….I didnt come up with it lightly…it took me months to come to the conclusion that I did…..I based it on what I saw.

        • Over a year ago the jabs at each other by people here and the Newshounds folks was hot and heavy. (Perhaps it was even over two years ago.)

          On an almost daily basis you would see comments posted here using substitute mocking names for Newshounds. Some of them were actually quite funny.

          But the back and forth sarcasm and name calling and charges of being a paid shill for Fox News dissipated over time and everyone has moved on months and months ago. (Caveat: Occasionally someone might take a shot. But it’s very infrequent – less than once a month.)

          Everyone but you that is.

          I would have moved on to avoid being labeled obsessive. But you have chosen not to. So be it.

          • Yes because my TWO comments about the disgraced stooges have caused your obsession this week…….1 made like TWO starter comments ….everything else has been because of YOU…………if you dont think you have been obsessed over comments NOT even about you……just look at your 3rd screen name this week’s icon……..Really??

            As for the paid shill…..there were those charges…..wait for it…..just last month during the Ailes thing……..forgetting that they only people getting paid for their comments on either site…… the Disgraced Newshounds………think about that for a minute

            J$ does not get paid to do this…..Spud doesn’t get paid…….only the Disgraced Newshounds have every gotten money to do this.

            Again…..if I see a “writer” for disgraced Newshounds…..or any other place write stuff about Fox that I dont think is true….Im going to talk about………its what we do here…….you can rant all you want…..its NOT going to change…….unless J$ decides he doesn’t want to cover what other sites say.

          • Name a recent week when you didn’t post at least one comment about what you childishly refer to as the “disgraced stooges.”

            No one else does that. Moreover, in most instances no one here comments with support and reinforcement.

            It’s what you enjoy doing. Namely, obsessing over certain Twitter timelines.

            Why not own it? Many of us have weird hobbies.

          • Only YOU could think a few comments…..out of what a thousand a week on this site are such a big deal….they aren’t even about YOU!

            Ice “writes” for a known blog…..that makes him fair game………I read his TL for laughs…..and when he post something really bad (lies) I do point them out…… I do for other sites… what we do here……..if that bothers you….I would suggest the block button or maybe just not reading a blog you said you were done with days ago…..but you just can’t let it go…….

          • I’ll consider your comment non-responsive.

            You did not rebut my assertion that you post about what’s on the Twitter TL of a handful of people despite the fact no one else here does that.

          • you might want took below….J$ is talking about a stooges comment just 5 min ago…..

            Feel free to make up a fake screen name and icon to look like J$……that should go well.

          • FALSE.

            J$ is responding to existing comment(s) in a thread.

            This is different from coming here (as you frequently do) and introducing a comment with an OP (original post) about the “”stooges.”

        • “If a cop pulls over 30 cars in a day in a mostly white city…..and 28
          of them are driven by people of color…..couldnt that be seen as

          Most experts agree that while racial profiling may be objectionable to many people, it is not racist per se.

          The same could be said for Bob Somberby is not homophobic just because he often writes articles critical of Rachel Maddow. Nor are those on Twitter who criticize the politics (but not the race or ethnicity) of an Hispanic, Muslim or African-American TV co-host.

          • Yea….maybe ask the US Government Justice dept civil right dept or BLM…..see what they say.+

            ACLU agrees with me


            “Examples of racial profiling are the use of race to determine which drivers to stop for minor traffic violations (commonly referred to as “driving while black or brown”), or the use of race to determine which pedestrians to search for illegal contraband.”

          • Wow. You really exposed the constant flaw in your argument over these many weeks.

            The paragraph you so proudly posted does NOT say it is racist. It says it is “racial profiling.” A difference apparently lost on you.

            It is really tough debating with someone as unskilled as you. You’re decent at research — but unbelievably weak at logic and sorting out persuasive arguments.

          • That’s interesting, because just the other day you were saying that we, like our hero Bob Somerby, were singling lesbians out for potshots.

          • Oh, was that the reference to:

            the homophobic cabal of Johnny Dollar, Larry, Cece and their love for Bob Somerby and The Daily Howler “We loathe Maddow” blog…They are nowhere near as vicious and ugly as when attacking a lesbian IMO #Scumbags.

            That couldn’t be what you’re referring to, could it?

          • A poorly phrased comment and a failure to remember qualifies?

            Wow. Those must be some pretty crowded annals based on some of the outrageous things I read (almost) daily here at J$P.

          • Yeah, it ranks right up there with your comments about Trump & the alt-right & white nationalists.

            I feel honored to share the sage with you.

          • Only wish you were that diligent about Gatxer using “racist.”

            Obviously I did not remember having said that.

            We all use hyperbolic rhetoric to make a point at times. Especially when we’re angry or upset.

            Some of us correct it. Some of us don’t.

            I should have used softer language like “seem to be a homophobic cabal” or “seemingly a homophobic cabal” or “what sure looks like a homophobic cabal” instead.

            My apologies.

            Now I am waiting for a similat mea culpa from Gatxer about using “racist.”

          • “Now I am waiting for a similat mea culpa from Gatxer about using “racist.”

            You wont live that long……..I have reason to believe what I do about the Disgraced stooges……you had NOTHING to base your post about people being homophobic here…………..J$… homophobic that he lets me post here……sure……really?????

            People like you are the reason people like me have a hard time convincing people of homophobic attacks when they really happen.

          • Why is it you have this penchant for arguing settled issues?

            I said the vitriol showed toward Rachel compared to others like Mika gives me pause. But I can’t know for sure that they have any homophobic tendencies.

            Please try to keep up and pay attention please.

          • and yet if I said:

            “I said the vitriol showed toward Harris compared to others like Scott gives me pause”

            would never enter your mind…….

            its like talking to a senile wall……..I’m done with you for the day………rant on……..oh and change your icon again…….you look silly..


          • BTW, where did you get my statement about a “homophobic cabal”…It was part of a private DM conversation on Twitter.

          • How about ‘homophobic cabalesque”?

            I’d suggest that what would really help is if you were more stealthy with calling us names in private that you deny thinking in public, rather than screwing up on Twitter.

            Too late now.

          • Remember when he left for good. Or, I guess one of his personalities did. This guy has more than Sybil.

          • I made no claim to not being offensive.

            My only claim was that some of you act like bigots and homophobes on occasion.

            This doesn’t mean you are. It means some of your comments raise (unproven) suspicions.

          • Well, that’s a caveat that isn’t built in to actually being called a homophobic cabal and scumbags who target gay media members for opprobrium.

          • I said I should have more carefully worded what was in my DM and subsequently tweeted.

            Why are you beating this point to death?

            Oh, I forgot…it’s Cecelia.

          • Wow.

            Now I have some research to do.

            I need to get a hold of Twitter and find out how people are reading my private Direct Messages TL.

            Pretty invasive there Johnny.

          • Don’t be silly. Or don’t pretend to be ignorant, whichever applies. People can’t read your DMs, and neither can I, unless you send them to me. The one I quoted you were kind enough to post on your public twitter feed.

            Some day I’m going to understand how it is ‘stalking’ or ‘invasive’ to read things peop[e post publicly. On second thought, I’ll probably never understand that logic.

          • Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea máxima culpa!

            I searched Disqus and Twitter first to see if I could find where you pulled it from.

            No wonder a search wouldn’t find it…I posted it as a screen shot.

            Mystery solved.

            Good find on your part.

          • It wasn’t much of a find. I do follow you on twitter. It’s no great feat to read the timelines I’m following. Even though in some circles that’s considered ‘stalking’.

          • Speaking of homophobic and scum bags, how about trying to find out if someone might secretly have a Twitter account, finding one under the name you’re looking for, and pointing out to anyone who happens to read you that the tweets are of gay porn?


          • Actually it was a line of attack I found on Twitter dating back multiple months. (I came into the back-in-forth very late after finding a little about the history on Twitter.)

            It was used against him to counter his lies about Ice being racist.
            Such as,

            His opponents tit-for-tat, if you will. “You wanna lie about someone being a racist and you not having a Twitter account, how do you explain @Gatxer on Twitter?”

            I simply picked up on what was being said here and on Twitter.

            It was you who commented about not caring whether he lied about having a Twitter account.

            I countered with this.

            If you want to make a big deal out of a refrence to ‘gay porn’ — but have no issues with Gatxer repeatedly and falsely accusing someone of being a racist, so be it.


            The only person who seems to have a issue with gay porn is YOU…….I said if that was my account….Id say so…….I dont see anything there to be ashamed about…….it speaks volumes that YOU do.

            What is it there that YOU think someone should be ashamed of anyway??????

            Is it possible that you are MOE……….. and MT is just another Fake account????? Only person I have EVER seen this obsessed with another person was the dry drunk.

            Hang around with bigots…..sooner or later… was going to happen.

          • Once again you totally mised the point of my comment/tweet.

            In the tweet I teased her about the fact most conservatives — especially evangelicals — have some serious issues with the LGBT community.

            That is not an anti gay comment…quite the opposite.

            Kind of like criticizng Harris Faulkner and Stacey Dash for supporting a bigot with only 6% support from African-Americans.

          • I think I can judge a anti-gay comment better than you…..but hey if MOE knows more about black people and native americans than black and native americans….I guess you can play a gay expert on the internet.

            Cecelias right about what you said and what you meant.

            You know….nobody seems to understand anything you mean to say……after a while shouldn’t you question if its YOU with the problem?


          • “I think I can judge a anti-gay comment better than you.”

            Obviously not.

            Anyone else at J$P care to opine.

            This Gatxer person seems out of his league.

          • “Anyone else at J$P care to opine.”

            yea because that’s always worked so well for you here in the past……lets ask a bunch of ST8 people if the gay guy should have been offended…by your homophobic attack….and why can’t YOU answer the question what on that guys twitter page is there to be ashamed of??????


            Oh and change you icon to mine for the 5th time today… just look silly being off.

          • Sometimes comments address issues that don’t exist and are so out of touch with the flow of the conversation they almost self rebut.

            This is one of those times.

            Say good night Gatxer — or Richard if that’s your real name, which you seem to be hiding from.


          • well….Michael…..tom….racist defender….I mean avenger…….wonder when you will begin to wonder why no one can understand what you trying to say……hint… isnt everybody else fault.

          • No, you assumed that I would have a problem with it. It’s why you tweeted me the link to the guy’s Twitter account.

            I didn’t even click on it. So after a day or so you then gleefully referenced the feed contained gay porn.

            You hoped to embarrass both me and Gaxter.

            In the course of trying to defend your Twitter pals, you’ve tried to gay bait. You’ve lied about your identity, going as far as to request that your ISP be checked. You’ve called me a racist and a homophobe, smeared Larry as being worse than I am, when he has made no remarks about Gaxter’s claims of racism, and smeared Johnny and his blog.

            Hope it was worth it. Frankly, I don’t think your behavior here has a damn thing to do with Gaxter.

            I think you’ve been radicalized in a sense by the heat of a very contentuous election and by your highly excitable buds.

            This is the last I’m saying on the subject. There’s nothing more to say to you.

          • “No, you assumed that I would have a problem with it.”


            Just having a little fun stereotyping you. I refused to believe that you wouldn’t be at least curious why Gatxer wouldn’t admit to having a Twitter account regardless of what was in his TL.

            Did I also think a white Southern conservative Christian (probably an evangelical) might also object to what was in the TL?

            Of course. But that was not my primary motive — which was to challenge your assertion that you had no interest in why he wouldn’t admit to having a Twitter account.

          • Yeah, if all you’re doing is following certain Twitter users so you can find trivial negativity.

            Then going to a blog to gleefully exclaim like a 3rd grade tattler, “Look what I found” — (n my best Jeff Foxworthy voice) “You might be a stalker.” 🙂

          • I was making a larger point about some of the prejudices that exist here and the fact there seems to be a special vitriol toward certain people (e.g., Rachel more than Mika).

            If you construed that as meaning you are homophobic, that was not my intent.

          • Did you not mean your comment about our supposed homophobia to be in a private DM rather than you’re doing an Anthony Wenier thing and putting it out on your public TL?

          • I mean on September 10th I made and tweeted an image file of what I had written in a DM since it was longer than 140 characters.

          • I stopped following you on Twitter after that. I figured being described as a part of homophobic cabal and a Neo-Confederate might be a sign… That it meant that there was nothing we had to say to each other via Twitter and I had never had an inkling of who you are in the first place.

            In the meantime, you’ve been countered down here and that alone is more than generous considering your behavior with the supposed Gaxter Twitter account and the insults you’ve personally issued at me and to the ‘cabal’

            You’ve got people here who now won’t give you the time of day via reply.

            Again, you’ve been treated more than generously by Johnny.

  8. This wasn’t flagged for spam but rather put in moderation queue for objectionable language. Sometimes putting a bad word in “quotes” when you are not actually using it to name-call will satisfy the language chip.

    • Senior moment.

      I knew the gay slur was likely one of the forbidden words and didn’t have the presence of mind not to change it.

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