Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Megyn Kelly-Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • New Fox News leaders Shine, Abernathy signed to multi-year deals.
  • Lachlan Murdoch: ‘It would be foolish‘ to change Fox News’s ‘voice’.
  • Concha: Evidence, facts rebut ‘laughable’ Amanpour sexism sermon.
  • Out# video: Powell emails reveal ‘smack talk’ re Hillary
  • Grinapol: Gloria Borger previews her CNN special Almost President.
  • Concha: Despite MS, cancer, heart surgery, Neil Cavuto perseveres.
  • Kelly File video: on Clinton’s emails, and his new book.
  • Fox News lawyers vs Fox News lawyers.  Two Ailes houses go on the market.
  • Darcy: Anti-Trumpers have Hannity ‘backed into a corner‘.  Q&A: Chuck Todd.

144 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Ailes houses for sale: clicking through the pictures I see guitars in a few pictures. Think it’s Roger that strums those strings? The very first song that came to mind when I saw them was “Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley”.

    • First one is a 12 string steel string acoustic with an aftermarket pickup installed correctly, 2nd Classical nylon string. Neither old, collectable or rare, both in playing condition. so have to assume they get played and are not Art or a collectible. Does he live alone? just about everyone his age played at least a little guitar at some point in their lives but if he has a kid, grandkid etc. so could be anything, i am sure not Tom Dooley though or other stuff. Maybe a John Fahey fan.

  2. Spud added an update to his post ‘rebutting’ a tweet of mine. It managed to completely overlook the whole point of my twitter comments on this subject: namely writers using a discredited source (Think Progress) that in this case manufactured a phony quote that O’Reilly didn’t say. Bill’s comments were carefully phrased for a reason, and everyone just bought into the meme TP started with its counterfeit quote. (Dylan Byers is another, but what would you expect with him?)

    • If Spud has ever attmitted he was wrong about something, I don’t remember it.
      Possible, but not on my simm module.

    • I wouldn’t last three seconds in public life, because if someone chided me for defending a boss who I considered a friend and a mentor, I’d tell them to go jump in the lake.

      Unless it was my job to investigate the matter, I would not apologize for having thought the best of them, or having taken their side, even if it turned out that they had not merited that trust.

      I’d say to Gretchen that I’m sorry my friend/leader treated you like this. I’m sorry I was wrong about him, however I do not regret my impulse to defend him.

      You can witch-hunt people who have defended others in error till the cows come home. You can lecture them that they should have kept their mouths shut and that the workplace is not private life, etc. All you’re doing is building an environment even more political and stilted.

      Let it go villagers with torches. She was affirmed.

      • Was once an elected Publc official. The worst people are reporters who pretend they are not reporters but are taking notes furiously while you are having a private conversation. Actually ripped one reporters notebook out of his hands and ripped up his notes. Felt good at the time. Guy always introduced himself at every function after that. Once chastised a TV reporter wanting to do an interview about a school issue that it was obvious he had done no research on. Drove straight to the TV station and plunked myself in lobby until general manager came out to talk to me about his lousy reporter. I don’t suffer fools lightly.


    Lead with nasty Powell Trump quotations.

    Quietly slip in nasty Powell Hillary quotations.

    Goes on about what an influential Republican Powell is without mentioning he hasn’t voted for for one on the Presidential ballot since, as best we know, he voted for his old boss.

  4. Sorry Mr. Concha, I won’t be reading your Amanpour piece. A sermon by her would make me as nauseous as watching David Brock’s hair.

  5. Smack-talk deep thoughts:
    1. Powell to my knowledge hasn’t met Trump.
    2. Powell to my knowledge has spent more time with Hillary than he can stand.
    Your assignment is to google “informed opinion”.

  6. “multi-year deals” and “would be foolish”. Two good articles for those who see the departure of Ailes as the end of Fox News.

  7. let’s talk about the outrage of hacking… let’s not and say we did

    In one blunt 2014 email with Democratic donor Jeffrey Leeds, Powell had this to say of Clinton: “I would rather not have to vote for her, although she is a friend I respect. A 70-year person with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy,not [sic] transformational, with a husband still d**king bimbos at home (according to the NYP).”


      All carried each and every Powell anti-Trump quote.

      Only FNC provided the “bimbo” jewel. Not like knowing Bill Clinton is still up to his old tricks might alert us to high drama to come in a Hillary administration.
      “Who the hell let Miss Teenage America ride in the back seat with him?!”

      • “Madame President, your husband was found wandering the hallways at a local jr. high school with his pants around his ankles.”

  8. Re: Multi year deals : Guess that puts to rest any Zucker going to Fox News rumors…
    long pause*
    or does it!?
    ehhh maybe

  9. Today’s most popular links:
    5 would be foolish
    4 vs Fox News lawyers
    3 Neil Cavuto perseveres
    2 on the market
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Darcy: Anti-Trumpers have Hannity ‘backed into a corner’.

  10. Creepy Clown is still at it. Claims to be searching for my Twitter address. Good luck, fool. I don’t do Twitter, or Facebook, for that matter. I’m too old and cranky to deal with that (feces).

    • I couldnt figure out why the stooges and now MT were so set on me having a twitter account……until today……..the one they demand is mine has gay porn in it…..and he thinks that would turn people here against me. But nope no reason to think the stooges might be bigots in some way.

      If anybody cares…..and I dont see why they would…….yes Ive watched gay porn before……..and the only person that I would care if he were upset about it died over two decades ago and is the man I will be buried next to someday…..and I happen to know he wouldn’t care.

      Why the obsessed ones care whether people here have twitter accounts and facebook account is beyond me……and why he’s dragging other people into a disagreement with me (at least I think it’s just me he’s all over the place) is crazy…..he did the same thing last week with other people.

      BTW: I checked this today:

      and there are gatxers at places Ive never even heard of………but they must be all mine because who else would use that name? What nuts.

      • Larry Kelley was the first player to be awarded the Heisman Memorial Trophy under that name, but didn’t know the proper way to spell his name so nobody should follow him on Twitter. Oh, and he is dead.

      • I’ve found someone with my name on twitter. He’s younger than my grandson.
        He uses the full given name; I use the nickname. We follow each other.

        • It’s amazing how people concoct conspiracy theories based on something so easily duplicated as an internet handle. I still can’t have the twitter handle @johnnydollar because somebody else has it who’s tweeted all of once in the past ten years. I ended up with johnnydollar01 and for consistency used it on gmail too.

          • I thought about getting one once using GATXER01 or something but I just dont know what I would use twitter for. Their new excuse for why it must be my twitter account is he (I Assume) is gay likes Sen. Sanders and star Trek and garfield. and Fox News…..although I can’t see any evidence that the GATXER account does……… other words a gay person likes Bernie who had a huge gay following and he likes some of the most popular things………the persons has posted like 3 things in 6 years and just RT’s porn…………He thinks I’m denying it because I’M embarrassed……… it’s 1950 or something…………WHY would I deny it? It makes about the same sense as MOE’s theory that i’ve been playing a fake Democrat for @ 10 years here and ICN and KOS……..I mean c’mon why would I do that.

        • BTW folks….this is MT…..speaking of lies……….he uses the same screen name at ICN…..if he delusional about this what else is he???

          • So, the “gentleman” can’t rebut on his own? He hasn’t been banned, he’s free to offer his side. Instead he has someone else, who just happens to have an ASU Sun Devil avatar, post a response.

          • Yea he just also happens to use the exact same word that MT does when talking about me saying I own a twitter account I clearly dont.

            Fake MT: Own it.

            “real” MT #OwnItDude

            who uses “own it” anymore??? and dude for that matter?

            #Own it dude has been used twice in the last year…..and one of those was used by the “real” MT..

            How many minutes…..till he calls me a goon?

          • I suggest u check w Johnny. Different IP addresses. BTW, still need explanation why ur Twitter account also uses so many ellipses. Talk about a smoking gun. Haha.

          • Oddly enough, until this very comment where you claim different IP addresses, they weren’t different but were identical. Adding to the fantastic nature of this coincidence, I was informed by another blog of these matching IP addresses months ago. So there it is.

          • And this is important how?

            If someone is ashamed to have his Disqus name associated with the J$P website, so be it.

            Aren’t we seeing the exact same from Gatxer? He is embarrassed to be associated with his Twitter account.

            At least I am willing to admit it.

          • I’m considering going Cecelia 2.0.

            Instead of being an over-the-hill smack-talking empty-nest seamstress, I’m going for Melania Trump twin and Olympic swimmer.

          • I look at that twitter account….I dont see anything there to be embarrassed about…….what do YOU see that a person should be embarrassed about? NOT Homophobic are you?

            If the account was mine…..I would say so….even MOE says he can’t see a reason to lie about it…………nothing there…as far as I can see that I would be embarrassed to have posted…..but since I dont have a twitter account….maybe i’m not seeing everything……care to point out what I’m not seeing………maybe with you real name.

          • Love those ever present ellipses (both on Twitter& Disqus) don’t you?

            Who does that? Show me an example. I can wait.

          • The GATXER twitter account has posted like 5 times. in 6 years…not counting RT….so your evidence is a few tweets in 6 years used ellipses????

            Thats your proof…….but you cant see the disgraced racist stooges target blacks???????

            But here’s one who uses …..between words ST8 from the account you claim is mine.


            Am I also Fox News now?????

            SEE this and have your master MOE READ it to you…….
            Why everyone and your mother started using ellipses … everywhere.


            NOW….dont you look and feel dumb.

          • Gee, our dearly beloved Gatxer sure seems to know a lot about that Gatxer Twitter account’s six-year history doesn’t he?

            Does no one here have the cojones to call him on it? Or are we one big homogeneous group on the issue of Twitter and “racist stooges”?

            “He hates Newshounds, so we protect him.”

            Okay, I’m done. Over 90% of you must know he’s just making sh*t up.

          • My neighbors are too old for sex.

            Lawn bowing, cleaning their cat litter boxes and early bird specials are more their thing.

          • All much healthier hobbies than trying to expose the Twitter accounts of their internet political opponents.

            Take a page from their book, Mr. Busybody.

          • If you call my Twitter friends “racist stooges,” I’m coming after you with both barrels blazing.

            Take no prisoners and don’t back down. Something many of you at J$P applaud Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump for.

          • ummm….you posted the link in your TL…days ago….so I went and looked…..not hard to see that the person only RT. for the most part……..the FAKE MT sure seems to know a lot about the GATXER accounts 6 years old history….wonder why???

            Hint….it says right there that the account is 6 years old and it took me no more more than 3 min to read all of his tweets since I only see about 5 of them and a bunch or RT…… aren’t very good at this.

            Amazing someone who has a virtual circle jerk with the disgraced racist stooges thinks people here wont call people out.

          • Wow that was really weak.

            Sometimes you get a base hit with your rebuttals. But that was a pop fly to the pitcher.

          • But he’s NOT obsessed now is he….in fact there also this..


            on ICN Fake MT gets into imnotblue and then the real MT asks on twitter this:


            Wait for it……just 10 minutes after sending a answer to imnotblue…..

            If my using ……. is his evidence that that twitter account is mine…….I’m hardly the only person my age to do that……he really can’t be that crazy. I dont even know why I do that….I only do it on computers….I figure somewhere I pick that habit up from a computer game or App…..but since Ive been using some form of computer since the Vic20….I cant remember.

            Thanks J$ for the IP info…….I knew it was him months ago from a conversation at another blog he complains about Fox News on.


          • It just Michael T spare account… about honesty…….guess what happens when you click on his account at ICN….it takes you here.


            A Mike from san diego……NOT a guy named Tom….a guy named MIKE…..from the same town MT lives in and just happened to go to the same school MT did…..and he has the nerve to call me a liar based on MOE theories…………..what a puppet he’s become.

            Can you say BUSTED???


          • Is it a capital offense if someone doesn’t want their Disqus name associated with the J$P website?

            I know someone who is embarrassed to have his name associated with his Twitter account. So much so that he goes to great lengths to lie about it.

          • If I was embarrassed to have the twitter account…..wouldn’t I have named it something different than GATXER?

            Please for the safety of people around you seek mental help ASAP!


          • “If I was embarrassed to have the twitter account…..wouldn’t I have named it something different than GATXER?”

            And with the benefit of hindsight don’t you wish you had?

            Despite attempts to conceal evidence — e.g., changing avatars, who you follow and what your real name apparently is — some of us are not fooled by your chicanery.

            Nice try though.

          • This from the guy who has posted from 3 different accounts here and denied it till BUSTED by the site owner..

            Funny I had @ 1000% more stuff to prove the disgraced racist stooges were targeting people for color….and you couldnt see that……but you come here and pretend you are someone else and you want people here to believe anything you have said????? I think that boat sailed when J$ himself called you out for your lies.


          • No, it’s not. It’s not bad to have two Disqus accounts or Twitter accounts as long as you’re not talking or tweeting to the people who know you under one name as though you are someone else.

            Which is exactly and expressly what you did.

          • Good point. But you got my motive wrong.

            As I explained — based on past experience where over a year ago someone at Mediaite told me to “STFU and go back to your J$P cesspool” — I no longer want my Disqus account I use at Mediaite and elsewhere to be associated with J$P, even though I have no lingering issues with Johnny, Larry, Marty, Mike C., Homemaker, Grandpa D and gcblues.

          • I just said there’s nothing wrong with that.

            However, you expressly lied to us here.

            Yet here you are pointing the finger at someone who hasn’t done anything like that.

          • Hyperbolic alert from a hypocrite that never comments that Gatxer is lying about both Ice and his G’s Twitter account.

            You’re a piece of work Dana Loesch copycat…or is it Michelle Malkin who you are copying your snark from?

          • I’ll settle for the truth, which is that I’m someone way smarter than you.

            You lied about who you are to the point of asking Johnny to compare IPs.

            That’s a fact.

            Your statements about Gax and Ice are completely self-referential.

          • Mountain out of molehill alert!

            Yep, some of us fess up when caught trying to hide our identity (for reasons I explained) and others deny it for weeks.

          • For the sake of argument lets pronounce you correct.

            He would still have only done that because you exposed him as having an alternate Twitter account.

            I don’t care if people have alternate Twitter accounts to tweet to their friends and families, lovers, business partners, or in Larry’s case…Roswell Alien Watchers.

            I don’t care.

            I do care that hideous people like you try to expose them and therefore make the need for such privacy apparent.

          • Expose him for the liar and the fraud he is.

            But wait…I forgot. He gets the attention he craves by commenting about Newshounds and Ice who occasionally writes for NH.

            He’s playing you all for suckers — especially you and Nixon.

          • “Okay, I’m done.”

            Just another lie from you today……

            “But wait…I forgot. He gets the attention he craves by commenting about Newshounds and Ice who occasionally writes for NH.”

            except for the hundreds of post that have absolutely nothing to do with the Disgraced Newshounds or the disgraced racist stooges that Ive made.

            Are you EVER right about ANYTHING?


          • His opinion is that Ice singles out minorities for severe opprobrium when they don’t tow an ideological line.

            Your conjecture is that he lied about possessing a Twitter account.

            Oh, the humanity…

            You, on the other hand, tried to defame him with us by exposing him as a tweeter of gay porn ( as though that would be any of our business) and tried to pass yourself off as someone who isn’t Michael T.

            Which action is worse? Having a Twitter account you dont wish to be public, or lying about who you are and abridging people’s privacy?

          • My question is: Who in the hell cares about someone else’s sex life? I guess some people have nothing better to do.

          • “His opinion is that Ice singles out minorities for severe opprobrium when they don’t tow an ideological line.”

            Then single Ice out for what he (incorrectly) sees as Ice cherry picking black conservatives. But don’t call him a racist and expose yourself for not knowing the meaning of the word.

            BTW, as I have said many times about Ms. Faulkner, “Ice s well as others have called out Harris for being a biased Trumper. Her race had nothing to do with it.”

            As for other black conservatives like Sheriff Clarke and Allen West, name me anyone from the left who doesn’t think they are a disgrace to the vast majority of their fellow African-Americans.

            So why single out Ice except to curry favor with Johnny Dollar because Gatxer is starving for attention.

          • I’d venture that it’s because Gax sees that act as being racism, as stunningly revealed in your statement of the left’s eschewing of the sort of diversity of opinion among people of color, that is rightly and naturally taken for granted among Caucasians.

            I’d venture too that no one here is unfair enough to the left as to think that you are their spokesman.

            Why not stick to that sort of argument (as shockingly illogical and chauvinistic as it is) rather than trying to dig up dirt on people?

            No one here expects intellectual rigor from you. We do expect human decency.

          • Oh my. I thought you were smarter than that.

            But noooooo!!

            You don’t know the definition of racism either. Wow. I’m stunned.

            Racism — prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

            A white man criticizing a black man or woman for their politics is in NO WAY making any suggestion that this ‘white man’ feels his own race is superior. Ice was referring to their politics not their race, gender or religion. OPEN YOUR EYES.

            Fox News people like Hannity have been using this pathetic false racism charge for years — and now you just joined him.

            I can’t believe how dense some of you Gatxer defenders are.

          • Oh my. I thought you were smarter than that.

            But noooooo!!

            You don’t know the definition of racism either. Wow. I’m stunned.

            Racism — prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

            A white man criticizing a black man or woman for their politics is in NO WAY making any suggestion that this ‘white man’ feels his own race is superior. Ice was referring to their politics not their race, gender or religion. OPEN YOUR EYES.

            Fox News people like Hannity have been using this pathetic false racism charge for years — and now you just joined him.

            I can’t believe how dense some of you Gatxer defenders are.

          • No, racism, sexism, nativism are all partly defined as assigning/insisting upon certain behavior and ways of thinking based upon race, gender, ethnic origin.

            No, you don’t have to believe in a racial superiority to be a racist. The mindset of ‘separate but equal’, is racist in its insistence upon an exclusivity of the races based upon the attribution of mental and physical characteristics inherent in each race and the proper preservation of these distinctions.

            Pigeon-holing people based upon immutable characteristics is a form of racism, and one that we all have likely engaged in to one extent or the other.

            Get some perspective, and find ways to channel your anger over the election that aren’t tyrannical in their impulse.

          • Cece, I notice that he left you and me off of that list? What did we do other than disagree with him. Or, mabye in my case, he just doesn’t like indians.

          • First time any of my commenters blamed dishonesty on peer pressure. But I guess acceptance by the great minds who frequent the Mediaite comment threads is something we all aspire to.

          • first time Ive ever seen an obsessed person change their ICON twice to match someone they dont like…….and he couldnt even do that right.


          • Michael T could post at Mediaite under the name of RepugsSuck and I wouldn’t care.

            As long as he wasn’t commenting here or tweeting us while pretending to not be Michael T.

          • Silly girl.

            Go back to my OP. I added ‘tsk tsk’ to clue people in that I was not speaking for a ‘friend’.

            If only Gatxer was 1/2 as honest.

          • Oh, a minute ago I had a point a point about your intentional deception, but now I’ve obtusely overlooked your dead giveaway of tsk…tsk…

            You have now completed the transmortification into utter trolldom.

            And Michael,….stick it where the sun don’t shine.

          • “And Michael,….stick it where the sun don’t shine.”

            he would have to move MOE’s hand first…….seems clear he’s trying to get banned so he can then play the victim like the stooges do.

          • How many times do I have to tell you, “I unfollowed him” — not the reverse. Although I think he reciprocated later.

            Got it?

            Please don’t make me say this a third time.

          • C’mon silly rabbit.

            You certainly know what ‘unfollowed’ means, don’t you?

            It means you were the first to disengage.

            Your comment makes no sense.

          • At least opposing views (Fox News pro & con — CNN pro & con) are expressed there Johnny.

            Not sure why someone would want to primarily hang out almost exclusively with people they agree with. Boring.

            Am I the only one in America who used to watch KO and BOR nightly? Both well produced, entertaining top rated programs on their respective channels back in the day.

          • At least opposing views (Fox News pro & con — CNN pro & con) are expressed there Johnny.

            Were your comments censored here? I’m the only person here with that authority and if you’re suggesting that happened, it’s another lie.

          • Oh, not by any means am I implying censorship.

            What I am saying is that — unlike Mediaite, The Hill and TVNewser — there’s not much (interesting) diversity of opinion at J$P.

            Most of you basically love and hate the same media types, politicians and TV channels. Not very stimulating to be reading different ways to call non FNC talent childish names.

          • Well, you stuck around here for years, and even now are displaying an intense involvement with us that is not the case with you and Mediaite.

            “Body language” speaks volumes over verbal communication, Michael T. as to which site you’ve truly found compelling.

          • “…you stuck around here for years.”

            I went to Mass every Sunday for years as well. Doesn’t mean I liked it.

            Sometimes we Homo sapiens do things we regret later.

          • Remember the entity Formerly Known as Michael T. wrote that he would have to return to Mediaite because of the brouhaha here.

            Body language… Didn’t regret it enough to shove the hell off years ago… still hasn’t…

          • He didnt want his “real” screen name Micheal T associated with this site…….yet he posted as MT for what months here…..till just today when he has used two fake accounts………that makes zero sense……yet seem just @ right coming from a disgraced stooge.

          • IMHO It won’t be long before MOE and others get company on the island.

            The breakdown is coming at warp speed.

            He really set up a disqus account to look like mine? NO….no obession with us by the stooges.

          • It’s easy….MT is the soap charter now played by the third actor………I keep waiting for J$ to say…..the character of Michael T is now being played by Tom Bennett….I remember they did that once with one life to live.

          • A genre that’s ebbed in popularity. If you were an EDGE OF NIGHT or SEARCH FOR TOMORROW fan, you know that. When I was in high school, I rushed right home to watch DARK SHADOWS. It was among other things, hilarious ?. Not live, but taped during a transition period when mistakes were almost never reshot.

          • according to my mother I also ran home (I dont run) to watch Dark Shadows…….but I dont remember doing it………somebody uploaded the show a month or so ago….I tried to watch it but….wasn’t interested in it……..makes me wonder how I could love a show like that…..when I have hated Horror movies since I was a kid

          • I must be the old man here. I was CE at a small market ABC TV station when “Dark Shadows” aired. I remember seeing bits of it occasionally on the monitors. Thought it looked really dumb but it got good ratings.

          • Well…..not to wanting to make you feel any older….but…….I wasnt in school when it aired first run….I was watching re-runs……I was only like 5 went it went off the air on ABC.

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