Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Perino/Stirewalt podcast leads to a Sunday 5pm election-themed show.
  • Baier, Hume helped lead crushing FNC win; Cavuto sets records on FBN.
  • Concha: How a smartphone video changed cable news’ Clinton coverage.
  • Q&A: Greta talks about Hillary, the media, her future.  Weekend numbers.
  • Wemple calls O’Reilly historical book series ‘moribund’: #1
  • Videos: Bill O’Reilly talks politics, Ailes, and more on Today;  on F&F.
  • Echoing Brian Stelter, another CNN host paints Hillary as a victim of sexism.
  • Kelly File video: What impact will have on the campaign?
  • What WebMD learned from CNN.com.  HuffPo: There are no journalists on tv.
  • Wemple: University to de-Ailes its newsroom, but the scholarship he funds stays.

70 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

        • And he’d end every comment with either “eye of the beholder, right?” or “agree to disagree” followed by a string of happy emojis, then go elsewhere and call us all a basket of deplorables.

          • Remember when every stooge and most of the media went into heavy defense mode for Obama about not wanting to say radical Islam just because the GOP wanted him to….Ive watched both CNN and MSNBC today…..funny how that changed with deplorable and David duke.

          • Pence says he doesn’t want Duke’s political support or the support of people who think as Duke thinks, but wont use his status as a VP candidate to personally condemn a citizen as being a monster.

            This stance is then contrasted with the excruciatingly disingenuous media meme that by Trump saying rapists and murderers were coming across our southern border, he was saying that every man, woman, and child who cross over illegally is that. So if Trump can call everyone south of the U.S. Border those things, why can’t he call Duke a deplorable human being.

            Putting aside the ridiculous contrivance that Trump was pejoratively labeling everyone south of us, calling someone who has committed murder a murderer is not the same thing as a condemnation of their person. Commit murder, you’re a murderer. Rape and you’re a rapist.

            I think a theology and a culture that stipulated that women were not intellectually capable of voting, or of participating in higher education, or of owning property is wrong, unfair, woeful, and deplorable. I stop short of entirely condemning the personhood of the people who historically and who currently believe that.

            I believe the harboring of the sort of ethnic hatred we see between Arab and Jew or among people in Eastern Europe, is deplorable. I don’t go as far as to say that the people with these mindsets are a basketful of deplorable people.

            I make distinctions too between individuals who think the whole of the U.S. Constitution should be shucked and replaced with the system in Taiwan, or Sweden, or Saudi Arabia, from individuals who plot to accomplish this unlawfully outside of our democratic system.

            These are sophisticated distinctions that our society has traditionally asked average adults to make for the purpose of facilatating a respect for the freedom of individual conscious to simultaneously exist with the ethos of the majority. By doing this we aren’t reverencing an individual, but an individual right. Even when that individuality is represented by very wrong thinking.

            Again, this traditionally was what thinking adults demanded of other average adults, let alone from those who wish be leaders of the entire citizenry- those right and those wrong– of a nation.

  1. Here’s what happens when you hang out with Haters and racist bigots………..

    Some thoughts: I dont ” visceral ” hate HRC…….If she moved back to IL I might vote for her for Congress. I dont think she should be President….for reasons below…….I certainly dont hate women…….I dont know any gay man who hates all women……but it explains a lot that MT hangs around with people like that.

    I wonder what MT and the disgraced stooges response would be if some one on Fox said they went over to their black neighbor to find out what all black people think? The guy is trying to out drink MOE for some reason…….not only do I not hate women….I support my current congress person who happens to be a woman and I hope is our next Governor…..Ive voted for many women including I might add that my very FIRST vote was for Mondale who had a woman as his VP.

    I dont want HRC as President because of many reason I won’t list here……but the top few…….I know she did the private server to avoid FOIA laws…….everybody know that…..no other reason makes sense……….She’s actually a bigger liar than Trump IMHO….which is a big thing to begin with……….I can’t trust what she says she will do…..she doesn’t flip-flop……that word doesn’t even begin to cover what she does………completely changed on….IRAQ war…….TPP…….gay marriage……DOMA…..DADT……NAFTA……1994 crime bill……single payer Medical care……Keystone XL pipeline……..The fact that I’m gay….has nothing to do with it……Ive agreed with HRC on almost every issue…..the problem is…….she keeps changing her mind.

    I supported Bernie early on because while Bernie was supporting gay people since the 70s…..clinton couldnt even come around on gay marriage till just a few years ago………..I agree with Bernie on most issues……….he didnt change his mind on 95% of major issues…..he was right the first time.

    This is also good.

    Seems he got his new attitude from us being vitriol ……but of course the disgraced racist stooges calling black women goons on a regular basis…..did nothing to him………the bar must be open all night.

    This country is so screwed this year.

    • I don’t understand what any of this is about.

      Did you get a Twitter account?

      Creepy Clown is ccing me in your convo for what reason?

      • No….I didnt……I dont know why he’s going on and on and including my name and you when talking about larry and larry and you when talking about me or J$.

        I dont understand all these attacks from him either. He now thinks I hate women……which I can’t think of one woman I hate in the world……..i half wonder if MOE hasn’t taken his account over………what with all the attack on J$.?????…all of a sudden…..just because he got into a fight with JC from the hill?

        • So he’s not even talking to you, but pretending to talk to you and then ccing that to me.

          What has happened to him?

          • He knows I read the stooges TL for laughs……so he’s doing it to get my attention….he’s been using my name but not talking to or about me for days just like he’s doing to you now………as to what happened……I’m guessing the real him could be held in no longer……kind of sad….I liked the fake MT sometimes…..he gave some insight to things I hadn’t thought of……….I said it months ago…..it’s all a game to them……..who can make up the most outrageous lie and not get called on it……nothing else makes sense.

            He’s working himself up to a Spud or MOE like blowup…..really sad.

          • Seems sad, no? When he was pretending to be mr. hail-fellow-well-met he brought some debate here that was interesting. He never could do that again.

          • Nope he’s still talking on twitter today…….just making stuff up…..and still CC: everybody he can for the obsession he has………..he’s still claiming I have twitter account because the screen names is gatxer……because the person is gay……..like @ 10% of the population…….likes Star Trek…….which is hard to believe since they have only had 13 movies and @ 7 different TV series for a total of at least 29 season of TV….oh and the person likes garfield…..you know the most popular comic strip in America…..and was a Sanders supporter……..who had a great gay following…….I’m guessing his brain is dead like the dry drunks……..I’m so sorry to disappoint him.

            Even after reading what I wrote he still thinks I hate HRC……I dont….in fact I dont even disliked her really……I just dont think she is qualified to be President…….simple as that. AS I said…..they see a different J$ place in their head than we see on the internet.

            I do NOT have a twitter account because…..why would I? I dont run a blog or business and I dont have anything I want to say to anyone……….and IF I did….does anybody think I could stop myself from pointing out the disgraced racist stooges lies?

            Funny when ICEMAN denied a account with the same name was his…..nobody here even questioned him………these nuts see lies everywhere with anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

          • Creepy Clown is still ranting and raving that you are the Twitter Gaxter. So much for Mr. Nice Guy. He’s turned into an evil Mr. Rogers.

          • I don’t know why he thinks I’m supposed to be involved in that dispute.

            I don’t care if anyone has a Twitter account, doesn’t have one, or has six.

        • Unlike that weird bunch and their addiction to this site, I don’t care what stooge and company say about me. I have MT “muted” to not see his comments. The rest are blocked I think. That said, if I hear what they are saying indirectly, I’m usually amused.

  2. Love the Greta quote: “In 2000, when I was standing down in Florida at the recount watching through the glass window people looking at hanging chads, I thought it could never get weirder than this … Well, I think we just matched it. I have no prediction on this.”

  3. i looked at 3 lines from MT’s tweets posted here and i am no doctor, but i think decent people will back off and leave him alone. i will not suppose or guess. the tweets suggest something fairly severe emotionally. enough.
    he is ok with me.
    nothing online can be worth scoring points at the expense of someone already not happy.
    corny. but sheesh.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 learned from
    4 Greta talks
    3 smartphone video
    2 crushing FNC win
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 CNN host paints Hillary as a victim of sexism.

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