Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Maddow-Lawrence O’Donnell 1-2-3.
  • Concha: Stelter’s reporting compromised by pro-Clinton partisanship.
  • Rothstein: Stelter not alone in towing Clinton camp’s line on coverage.
  • Video: Courtney Friel … to reveal she is seven years sober.
  • good week for Bill, Megyn, and Rachel.  Adams: O’Reilly tackles WWII.
  • Wemple: Mr Murdoch goes to Washington.  Will FNC swing to the center?
  • Olby resurfaces.  CNN hires Melissa Bell.  Bourdain awarded.  This is CNN.
  • CNN soft-sells Hillary medical incident, scolds channel that scooped them.
  • Profile: CNN exec Tony Maddox.  Sabin: Greta does first post-Fox ‘broadcast‘.

49 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Has it occurred to anyone that EVER soviet leader got pneumonia right before they left office? The should have stuck to the BS story of overheated… was bad…..but she was holding children after she knew she had pneumonia is much worst IMHO……yet the media is like …..oh she has pneumonia…..knew for two days and didnt tell us……….even after the coughing attack……nope no real story here……….if Trump had brains (which he doesn’t) he would just play that video of her being held up and the barking like a dog video till election day.

    This country is so screwed this year.

    • This morning on Fox And Friends Trump said that he hoped she was feeling better which was the smart move. If he wanted to turn off more voters than he already has he would do what you suggested. I get what you are saying in regards to Clinton and secrecy and so forth but Trump doesn’t need to come off any nastier than he has over the past year.

      • Let’s focus discussion on HRC and her consistent lying about her health. First it was just coughing, then allergies, then overheating, and finally pneumonia. She lies, has her staff lie and in turn her media supporters lie. She has told lies about her emails from the beginning-never mentioned she “lost” over 10 devices with classified information on them, didn’t know some random guy from an IT company deleted emails after there was a congressional subpoena on them and she knew nothing about it? What employee would do that except to know someone higher up the food chain would cover him. She couldn’t remember things in the FBI interview because of her “concussion”. There are so many more lies it would take YEARS to cover them all. This is exactly how her administration will behave and it disgusts me to my core.

        Let’s focus on Hillary’s disgusting behavior for once and ignore Trump.

          • They will just not play it straight. It’s not in them.

            FDR was handicapped. She’s no FDR, of course, but why not appeal to the public with her positives?

            People with illness should not to excluded from the presidency on that account alone. People with illnesses can be brilliant, incredibly gifted, etc.

            Clinton may have to sit down more often. She may have to conduct business from a quiet place niw and then. However, she brings the indispensable asset if being the best person for era….(and then describe that)..,

            This approach is straight forward and appeals to the best in everyone.

            Is possible that they could ever ever do anything as honest with the voters as that?

        • agreed, we are awash in the scum of the worst type of candidates and we have no one to blame but us. the electorate has consistently voted for biggie size big Macs and McNuggets with grande sugared cokes since the 30’s. we deserve this.

          • Yeah. The Clintons are Machiavellian to the core. The media will allow itself to point this out and then invariably follow that by saying “but they’re our Machiavelli”.

            Now it is entirely possible that there could be a scenario where that would not be enough to save Mrs Clinton.

            Even as I’m titillated by that possibly my head reminds my heart that the result then is only Trump.

            What a season. God is mocking us.

        • Trump has finally been corralled. We’ll see for how long.

          After the video, the media made a beeline to him and it’s the first time he hasn’t facillatated them in deflecting negative attention from her onto himself.

          She is such a weak candidate. She’s outspent him in advertising, fund raising, etc, and he is still breathing down her neck.

          He better pray that she’s not so ill as to be forced out. Trump wouldn’t stand a chance with anyone else.

        • I don’t refute anything you said about Clinton. However I was responding to the idea of Trump running an ad of Clinton being held up and tying it with the clip of her barking like a dog. That’s not good advice. What Trump is doing right now is the smart thing which is to get out of the way.

  2. Good to hear about Courtney Friel – I forgot who that was and had to watch the video to remember. She was real green on Fox And Friends and clearly wasn’t ready for the job. I wonder if her drinking played a part in her getting sent down to the minor leagues.

    • It’s long been the case that our media watchdogs doze at the gate and only issue low gruffs when poked awake.

      No one more so than Kurtz.

  3. This past weekend represents why FNC is both so wonderful and so hated. It’s simply that FNC reports truths that other media don’t and don’t want you to hear.

  4. “President Obama, North Korea is a nuclear state. I don’t have the answers. I don’t know what to do. I didn’t ask to be president of the United States,” Greta said. “That’s the president’s job. And he better step up first by admitting the obvious. North Korea is a nuclear state.”

    Takes Greta to say on FACEBOOK what should be shouted from every rooftop.

  5. What I find so disturbing are the instincts of the media these days to either viciously attack or defend. Yes Mrs. Clinton’s health became an issue when she was filmed, I repeat filmed, having trouble standing up. That is newsworthy and dismissing it simply will not do. It is a fair subject to be covered and debated. No histrionics.

  6. CBS THIS MORNING broadcasting today live from the new Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. Opens to the public tomorrow. Great addition to the National Mall. Museum has a nice mix of content and, to my eye, wonderful architecture. Hope to get back to the Mall someday.

  7. i see Trump suggested unmoderated debates and i agree. there are never moderators in formal debate in any setting, whether it is civil or criminal court, legislators, intercollegiate Forensics. in all places and formats of debate, Crossx, Evaluative, National topic or LD, Lincoln Douglas, ALL, there is no moderator. there are topics chosen. there are judges. there are time formats. arrangements of time for presentation, crossx, refutation and summation. judges flow chart the argumentation and rules of evidence apply. no moderators are there for any reason other than nets pay a lot $ to these faces and want them used on their Net.

  8. The Twitter thing seems to that before vid it was sexist to say Clinton was sick because she’s a woman.

    Now after vid it’s sexist to say it because…wait for it…she’s a woman and she’s sick…

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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Video: Courtney Friel resurfaces…to reveal she is seven years sober.

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