Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: MSNBC forum-Megyn Kelly-Maddow 1-2-3.
  • Brit boom: On the Record ratings jump, topping MSNBCNN combined.
  • Tuesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: Kids on bikes elderly Chicago man.
  • Concha: Matt Lauer bullied and shamed for not ‘taking down’ Trump.
  • Grynbaum: Lauer performance panned by ‘critics of all political stripes’.
  • Hannity tells Wemple: ‘The difference between me and you is, I’m honest.’
  • Greta to FNC: Can I have my pictures back?  Maryanne Rafferty resurfaces.
  • Grove: The only person who needs Brian Williams’s show is Brian Williams.
  • Flood: Without Ailes, FNC scores five weekly primetime cable wins in a row.
  • Kelly File videos: Analysis of ‘Commander-in-Chief Forum’
  • Guthrie: Gretchen Carlson settlement could launch ‘repositioning’ of Fox News.

132 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. When a idiot claims that mediaite is Far right wing…….I laugh because of thing like this….tonight TV feed …..ALL Trump stories negative……….NO HRC Negative stories.

    Trump Calls Old Tweet About Inevitable Sexual Assault in the Military ‘a Correct Tweet’
    Donald Trump Just Admitted He Has No Plan For Defeating ISIS
    Trump Revealed on O’Reilly That His ‘Audit’ Excuse for Not Releasing Tax Returns is a Fib
    Lauer Presses Trump on His Claim He Knows More About ISIS Than U.S. Generals Do
    Van Susteren Takes Necessary Steps to Prevent Greta.Com from Redirecting to Fox News Site
    Matt Lauer Pushes Trump on His Big Fancy Plan to Beat ISIS (Asking Other People For Help)
    Newsweek Writer Destroys Trump Supporter’s ‘Nonsense’ Arguments Against Releasing Tax Returns
    What the ‘We Hate Trump, But We’re Voting for Him’ Crowd Doesn’t Seem to Get
    When is the NFL Going to Do Something About All the Fan Fights at Their Games?
    Trump Supporter Sen. Jeff Sessions Struggles to Explain Trump’s Reversal on Defeating ISIS
    WATCH: CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Sits Down With Children Who Lost a Parent on 9/11
    Updated: Senior Trump Adviser Says It’s ‘Unfair’ To Judge Trump’s Foreign Policy Until After He’s Elected
    CNN Panel Explodes Over Trump’s History of Race-Baiting and Trutherism
    Amy Schumer Swears Anyone Who Doesn’t Like Clinton is Simply ‘Uninformed’
    How to Watch Tonight’s Commander in Chief Forum With Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
    Unprepared Hillary Surrogate Whiffs on Question About Hammering Blackberries
    Guess Which Got Covered More: Trump’s Media Blacklist or Hillary Not Having Press Conference?
    Chuck Todd: Republican Party Has Been ‘Taken Over’ By ‘Anti-Intellectualism’
    Man Punches Baby in the Face Then Gives the Best Possible Explanation
    Bakery Apologizes After Denying Teen’s Request for a Trump-Themed Birthday Cake

  2. Hillary wearing an earpiece to get fed answers like a faithhealer con man. Matt Laurer assaulted for grilling her on email. Interesting day.

  3. “Without Ailes”
    Larry’s Issac Newton take: Fox will continue at a constantly velocity until forces intervene. (FIrst Law).

  4. I don’t see O’Reilly leaving. Hannity may be gone sometime after the election (maybe pushed out by Fox). Megyn Kelly will be there as long as she is willing to stay. Some lesser names like Steve Doocy and Geraldo might be in peril.

    • My total speculations say Hannity stays put (neither he nor Fox is likely to better what he’s doing where he is ratings-wise) but the show gets tweaked. Megyn re-ups with the most generous contract in cable news. O’Reilly leaves but to retire not to go elsewhere; may become a contributor or analyst. Doocy similarly may retire but won’t leave for another job. Geraldo I dunno; he’s already little more than a contributor no matter what they call him. Shep will look around for sure; FNC will try to keep him but he might jump to another cable news channel with more letters than FNC has.

      • If there is a Trump TV I could see Hannity going there as well as Bolling, Kilmeade and Doocy. I’m not sure Ainsley would follow them. Maybe Aly would leave CNN and join them. I could see Shep regaining his 7 o’clock show, and possibly Kimberly Guilfoyle going to prime time.

      • MSNBC would benefit having Shep be a news anchor and their breaking news anchor, BW can do an evening show , But I would say he should stay at FNC where he is more top dog (per say) of anchors compared to MSNBC/NBC news where he would be one of many. Or he could replace Wolf on CNN 😉
        I don’t think Hannity has anywhere else to go on TV (unless HLN is going to grab everyone else’s people) would cost too much for OAN, I don’t think GB would want him now (but what do I know?)

  5. I think Lauer was supposed to call Trump a bully and a racist.. then hit him with a pie. Somehow he never got the memo.

  6. I hear Matt Lauer is being transferred to Brian William’s new show origionating from Saint Helena Island.

    • Strange new respect Levin will be getting from folks who wouldn’t give him the time of day before now.

      Levin can make the point that Trump is doing the party no favor by alienating a growing demographic, and that Trump is not president material. He’d be right.

      What he can’t do is to just disagree with people without calling them xenophobes.

      Why? Because he’s Levin.

  7. Re: “Concha: Matt Lauer bullied and shamed for not ‘taking down’ Trump.”
    GOP consultant (and no Hillary fan) Cheri Jacobus had a different take than Joe — on Twitter.

    Eye of the beholder I guess.

    Calling out every single one of Trump’s lies during an interview can be a daunting task as ABC’s David Muir discovered the night before when he failed to correct Trump’s lie, “We’re leading in Ohio.”

    • So she’s accusing Lauer of being in cahoots with Trump because they have both worked at NBC.

      How many second before Lauer is accused of flying the Confederate flag?

      And Zucker’s a Trump guy too for that reason.

      Two months ago no one had heard of the Alt Right and now they and their enablers are everywhere.

    • Trump was leading in a few polls on Ohio when Muir asked the question. There’s one from the Plain Dealer that has him up four today.

      And if Cheri has an issue, write a column. 140 characters or less is a lazy, ineffective way to make a comprehensive argument.

      • I think we both know Trump was suggesting he’s leading the polling averages in Ohio. This is what “leading in a [name a state” means to most of us.

        • The RCP average is exactly a one-point difference. Last three polls have Trump leading one, a tie and Clinton leading in one. You’re going to characterize that as a “lie”?

          • Spin? That’s not patronizing. I’m using actual numbers. What should I let go?

            Here. I’ll make it easy for you. RCP is an average of polls.


            And there’s a poll just out not factored from Quinnipiac that has him up 4.


            So adding it up, no spin needed, is Trump leading in two of the last three polls with another at a tie.

          • Only in the New England Pariot’s locker room were you hearing opposition to what the rest of the NFL locker rooms pointed out. Tom Brady cheated.

            Might the J$P forum be the equivalent of the Pat’s players? Perhaps.

            I’ve noticed as a win in November looks a little better but still much more bleak than it did in early August you are seeing more and more attacks on others, tribal bias and fact-free arguments here and elsewhere — with people like Bolling, O’Reilly, Hannity and Joe Concha in the unenviable role of trying to defend the orange-colored bigot’s candidacy.

            Good luck. Losing is never fun says this long time Chargers and Padres fan. I feel as pessimistic about the upcoming NFL season as many of you must feel about November 8th.

          • Looked to me to be a dispute about whether a reporter was incorrect, not an endorsement of Trump’s candidacy.

            I think you’re pretty safe in your prediction here and your spiking the ball for our benefit, but you never know.

          • No. It was actually about Mr. Concha’s insistence in the face of contrary polling data that Trump was not lying when he announced to an unchallenging David Muir, “We’re winning Ohio.” Not unlike the unchallenged lie he told to Matt Lauer last night about being against the Iraq War.

            The truth is he’s had the lead in Ohio once in the last 15 polls. It was a total lie by him and Matt let it slide.

            That’s just tribal bubble thinking plain and simple. Of course, no one will take him on here including you.

            You used to have misgivings about Trump. What happened to you? Where did the reasonableness go. The man is clearly a con man with exceptional marketing skills who has 10 or more Foxes from FNC and FBN totally bamboozled.

          • What has he lost? A bet? His glasses? Your respect?
            Don’t think Michael ever has that. In his defense, he makes cogent arguments and isn’t a bomb thrower. He isn’t a troll. He has a differing opinion. I know. He consorts with the enemy!

          • Insulting how? He responds to the licks you(collectively) give him because he tweets with the loser morons. So what. I’m aware of the history so you don’t need to repeat all the crap from another blog. Jeez. He argued with Gatxer because he didn’t agree with him. Neither did you and so it goes.

          • He decided to bring the other stuff up, and is utterly ignorant about my people. He simply is a proxy for others. I no longer answer him. He isn’t my problem.

          • Why should that bother them? They chat about us and call us cult members, etc , yet it’s wrong for us to joke about them?
            I’ve been blocked on twitter by all three at one time or another, so it’s not like they’re open to having us defend ourselves.

            They simply can’t have it all ways.

          • He can tweet all he wants with the loser morons, just don’t bring their case to us for them.

            They can do that themselves and when they can’t as in Joe’s case it’s a decision he expressly made.

          • I don’t so much see it as a Trump devotee problem as it is the age old media bias complaint. I believe the media has hammered Clinton pretty heavily over her email issues. Trump gets hammered for the bs statements he makes. Could it be that it’s a problem of frequency- Trump gets more negative attention than Clinton. Gored oxen and all that.

          • Golly gee whiz- thanks. I like to think I’m reasonable. I haven’t been around here for some time and the truth of is that I know if I posted half of what I really think I’d probably get the same flak. I was waiting to see how long it would be before you said adios.

          • Was I talking to you? Was I talking to you?
            Pay attention.
            Who said, “Chin up Trump devotees and defenders. A year from now your lives won’t be significantly different. “

          • Yeah, defender (not devotee) of Trump and many of his acolytes like Harris Faulkner, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Joe Concha, Bill O’Reilly would have been more accurate on my part. My bad.

          • Again- provide actual examples of me being a Trump devotee regarding his policies or campaign. Pointing out polls showing a definitive trend in his direction doesn’t count, by the way.

          • Used to have misgivings about Trump? I’ve expressed misgivings as recently as today.

            I don’t understand how adults get into the mode of thinking that any defense of a candidate or their supporters equals championing them, etc.

            I’ve said many negative things about both Clinton and Trump, but I don’t have to run down their supporters. I don’t attack them as being deficient in some way.

            You haven’t been treated badly here in your support for Clinton.

            I’ve jumped on you for being Moe’s spokesperson and for maligning Trump supporters, but has nothing to do with your supporting her.

            That’s your right. I have no issue with that.

            I think you need to check your own sense of perspective.

          • People can make up there own mines by checking your comments the last 24-48 hours about Trump, his campaign, the alt-right and white nationalist movement where you are at odds with many major news outlets from both sides of the isle.

          • That’s okay, Michael. Not accepting that Trump supporters are a bunch of racists and part of a group with a name that wasn’t in the general parlance until Ms Clinton spoke about it…is okay.

            There are racist groups in this country but they are marginal and marginalized.

          • Cecelia, I have never seen you post one racist thing, or refer to any racist group. There is no damned excuse for anyone saying otherwise, except to lie and cause trouble.

          • Again, my argument is based on data. Trump trailing by 1 point in the RCP average and most recent polls showing him up in the state cannot be characterized as a lie.

            If it makes me a Trump devotee to point out a fact, then you really have no idea what you’re talking about. Have fun in your safe space.

          • If there is a Trump devote here I’ve missed him/her. I’m voting for him, but holding my nose. My dog still barks at him.

          • TY for helping to prove my point about how hostile to opposing views this forum has become.

            Even Johnny took a couple of shots at me today.

            Before I return to Mediaite I wanted to speak my mind.

            You are definitely among those I will miss the least.

          • I did? When somebody posts links in the comments that I’ve posted in the main article and I catch it I call ’em out on it. There’s a reason why I don’t want that as I’ve explained in the past, but it’s actually codified in the rules of posting for this site. I know sometimes they are honored more in the breach but when I’ve had something up for hours and people are still posting the same link in the comments, I let them know. If that’s ‘taking a shot’ at you then I plead guilty, but really, considering how wild comment threads can get, that shot was with blanks.

          • A totally valid pov if your link wasn’t so vague about it coming from the NYT and being the same article I was linking to.

            It was over the top and petty to call me out under those circumstances IMO.

          • When there is room on the line I include the name of the author – that reveals not only who wrote it but the source publication, for whose who know the name. Sometimes I’ll just put NYT when space is at a premium. Sometimes I won’t cite the source at all, for the same reasons.

            Wait a minute, how was it vague? Is there some other news source that employs Mr Grynbaum? I’m not aware of it. Does the link misstate the thrust of the piece? No, it even quotes from it. So that’s a pretty lame reason to violate a site rule when you just could’ve said ‘the NYT link (Grynbaum)’ without violating anything. And fewer characters too…a win-win!

          • With the growing hostility and/or intolerance of opposing views, will this site go the way of ICN with only commenters like Cece, Larry and Nixon posting with any regularity after the election is over. I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility.

            You certainly didn’t do anything to deserve that cheap shot, Johnny.

          • That’s small potatoes compared to associating Cecelia with David Duke. (You know where that came from, I’m sure.) It’s as low-class a insult as I’ve seen from Mr Reasonable.

          • Mr. Reasonable has such a way with words. I wonder if he ever considered writing children’s books?

          • Usually he just runs after being called out with actual facts with smiley faces and a dismissive “We’ll agree to disagree.”

  8. Just read the Concha piece. Boy, does he have it right.

    People have lost all sense of perspective.

    It is ridiculous out there.

  9. Sean Hannity thinks having Julian Assange on his show is petty cool because he he’s got the goods on Hillary. And he “interviews” Trump. And he’s honest by God!

  10. I think the mainstream media have really done themselves a disservice in being so outlandishly biased against Trump. Anything they now throw at him just gets shrugged of by a public who have figured them out.

  11. Today’s most popular links:
    5 ratings jump
    4 resurfaces
    3 pictures back
    2 could launch
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Hannity tells Wemple: ‘The difference between me and you is, I’m honest.’

  12. So far the FNC winner of the month: Ed Henry
    Runner up: nobody (no, not Brit, he’s supposed to be semiretired).

  13. News Alert: North Korea appears to have conducted its fifth nuclear test.
    Great job in Aisia, Obama. Enjoy the flight home. Great job by President Clinton and Madelene Halfbright too. Peace in our time. BIg boom later.

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