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  1. OK…..I dont like EX-MSNBC employee Ann Coulter…..I can’t think of one thing she has ever written or said that I could agree with…..and while I admit that Khan put himself out there in the political world………..this is just…..well crazy. MY guess is she did it so she will get booked on MSNBC more and sell more books but she should be ashamed IMHO…….I know some here probably like her………but this is over the line. Maybe she did it to distract from the Rob Lowe roast…….but it was on comedy Central……most people won’t ever see it and few would care.


  2. This is way off topic but…if J$ will allow…………I can’t believe how many TV and movie stars from my childhood have died this year. Seems like 1 week.

    • I think Fox wants to get all this harassment stuff cleared out before the election coverage gets serious. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Tantaros lawsuit is settled soon.

  3. Can’t say I’ll miss Greta on FOX as my day with FNC regularly ends at 7:00PM, and I’ll still read her wonderful blog which I’ve read for a very long time.

    • i do not think Brit wants to work that hard. he is in his 70s and wants family time. he is pure quality so Fox is lucky to have him for the election but i think FOX would need to send the brinks truck to have enough to keep him after the election working that hard.

  4. In the Larry World a will come when Gabe Shermman and Nick Denton are at neighboring bar stools, crying in their beers.

  5. I wish Fox would give a show to Joe Concha and John Ziegler as cohosts.

    Both are straight shooters who aren’t in the now ubiquitous advocate/cheerleader mode.

    Concha has the analytical clarity, and Ziegler has the street savvy.

  6. What do you all make of the quote from Greta that Spud just posted at ICN?

    “Fox has not felt like home to me for a few years and I took advantage of the clause in my contract which allows me to leave now. The clause had a time limitation, meaning I could not wait.”

    My first reaction was, “Not felt like home?”…how can that be…just recently you were quite public in your support for Roger…and then the other day for Chris Wallace.”

    • You can like and admire your employer and the people you work with while not being entirely at home with the direction the company is taking or some aspect particular to your job arrangement.

      • Point taken.

        You think there’s any chance that this is a “soft landing’ scenario negotiated between Greta and Fox News?

        This is often my default position where Elisabeth Hasselbeck leaving ruined my perfect (or close to it) record of seeing through the corporate speak following the departures of Behar (ABC), Dobbs (CNN), Hasselbeck (ABC) and Beck (FNC).

      • You can like and admire your employer and the people you work with while not being entirely at home with the direction the company is taking or some aspect particular to your job arrangement.

        That is an excellent description of why my daughter resigned her commission and left the Air Force. She was afraid that she’d eventually go over the line, insult the Commander in Chief, and get court-martialed.

    • Spud’s reaction seems at least possible.

      “The timeframe Greta cites is going to raise some eyebrows. ‘A few years’ could put her show being moved out of primetime into play as a contributing factor.”

          • It’s like Andrea’s claim that she was demoted when she moved to Outnumbered, even though she went from being on every other day to being on five days a week. Doesn’t make sense unless you leave out the ‘every other day’ part to make it sound like a demotion. Greta went from a primetime slot (as defined on broadcast tv) to what cable calls ‘early prime’. But she was bigger at 7pm than she was at 10pm. Leave out that one fact and yeah, it can look like a demotion and who knows, maybe they figured Hannity would do better at 10pm. They were right about that, but Greta also did better at 7pm so they were right to make that move too.

    • Spud has a point in the “for a few years” time frame being close to when she lost her real primetime slot. (I don’t recall the actual date that happened.) But she seems like a real team player who supports the team, even though she wasn’t very happy in her circumstance.

      • I doubt that phrase means what Spud thinks. 1. She had openly speculated on her blog about the wish she had an earlier time slot because of the late nights and difficulty getting guests to appear live. B. Her show was more successful and higher rated at 7pm than it was at 11pm.

        • Maybe it’s part of the ole Trump Conflagations – Fox hates Trump and is the megaphone for the establishment vs Fox loves Trump.

    • Didn’t Greta & Wemple have a big fight a while ago re: Roger Ailes? Wemple is unhappy Brian Stelter seems to get more scoops than he does so to get the clicks he has to be nasty. IMO

  7. I like Greta. Sorry she’s leaving. What’s has my curiosity piqued is the recent exodus of female talent. Anna Kooiman, JoNo, Maria Molina, Jedidiah Bila, Kirsten Powers, and now Greta. No male talent leaving that I am aware. It might all be total coincidence but the timing is interesting given the sexual harassment complaints being investigated.

    • I did pose a question yesterday wondering if Anna would have left if not for being passed over for the F&F weekday curvy couch slot.

      Someone disagreed by citing the fact her husband has a great opportunity Down Under.

      To which I replied, “Her hubby can’t find a job in the states when his wife would be pulling in 6 or 7 figures and had realized what may nave been her dream?”

  8. Wonder who will fill Dr. Drew’s slot long term on HLN?

    Gee, try as I might I can’t seem to come up with any names. /sarc

    Just havin’ a little fun following the news about Greta, who may have grown tired of politics (Haven’t we all…lol) and want to try something different.

  9. Based upon what I am reading on Twitter, ICN and TVNewser I’d like to pose the following question:

    Why did Greta fly the Fox News coop?
    1. It is for the stated reason that she has not been happy for a ‘few years.’
    2, It was driven by her disappointment (or anger) over Roger Ailes ouster.
    3. She was let go because of low demo ratings and she and FNC negotiated a soft landing scenario for public disclosure.
    4. She was upset about the ‘culture’ Ailes created.

  10. Do you ever get frustrated with yourself because you can’t find a web page you had visited — or a matching sock for that matter?

    I had found a site recently (seemingly non-partisan) that listed both liberal and conservative media outlets in two columns. It appeared perfectly legitimate. Wish I could provide a link to it.

    What surprised me was it confirmed something I had just assumed (with Jon Karl at the helm) about ABC News for some time. Namely, that unlike CBS and NBC it was listed in the column with conservative media like Drudge, Fox News and Hannity.

    It’s on my DVR and I noticed that last night they used what some might view as over-hyped language and graphics to highlight a single poll that showed Trump improving by 4 points — closing the gap to 6 in the last month.

    Mind you this was a single poll — not the polling averages at RCP. This gave further evidence of cherry picking when you looked at the pollster next to it where it was Clinton who showed a two-point improvement since their previous poll.

    Larry Kelly mentioned the other day his increasing disappointment with NBC News. He night want to give ABC a try unless he can’t stand David Muir — and I understand there’s some of that out there.

    • I watched ABC quite a while when Diane Sawyer was there and found myself grumbling. It’s been a year since I sampled Muir, but it seemed ABC was doing too much Entertainment Tonight celebrity junk. To me he’s just a pretty face. Not as pretty as mine which you could see if I give up coffee.

    • I do hate when I can’t remember a website that I visited,I usually try to save a link in my giant document of links or click the star but sometimes I don’t and forget where it was if it’s one of those long links.

      Also how what’s your thought on CBS News then?

        • CBS Evening News is alright, it’s much more hard news focused than ABC , NBC is in the middle of CBS and ABC in their news content. Scott Pelley seems alright anchor as well.

          • I found CBS EVENING NEWS repetitive of CBS MORNNG NEWS after I watched it for a year. Except you had a better chance for something with a Republican slant in the mornings. I finally came to believe Scott Pelley and Obama were gay for each other and switched to NBC right after Brian William’s copter crashed.

  11. Roger Ailes may take Susan Estrich out for a drink and pick up the tab as he isn’t paying Gretchen a cent.

  12. People are speculating Greta to HLN, Greta to CNN…funny, I thought Fox News personnel had such a bad ‘stigma’ that when they left Fox their careers were over because nobody would hire them,

    Or was that last week’s meme?

  13. Today’s most popular links:
    5 never about money
    4 Erik Wemple headlines
    3 in their contracts
    2 statement
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Greta invoked contract clause to renegotiate.

  14. Gee, Kristen Powers on an AC360 panel of nine plus Anderson. Maybe Coop should invite the Notre Dame marching band.

  15. Ailes should takeover OAN & bring over BOR, Hannity & Greta

    Little by little see who else from FOX News wants to come over

    In a few years Murdoch will regret making Ailes resign lol

  16. Bret to Brit on SPECIAL REPORT, “when I took over for you in 2009, I never thought I’d be tossing to you at seven”.

    (Both said Greta was a friend and that they will miss her.)

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